How to Clean Memory Foam Pillow?

Pillows are regularly used items in every home. These seemingly ordinary sleep accessories actually are responsible for our sound health. Since pillows cradle our head 365-days a year, hence, these deserve especial attention. 

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But how?

Through comprehensive cleaning job.. of course! 

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The key to clean, hygienic pillow lies in its regular inspection. You must clean interior material as well as exterior cover at regular intervals no matter if it is solid memory foam contour pillow or shredded memory foam pillow. However, to clear any confusion you may have, this article offers comprehensive information on how to clean memory foam pillows without causing any damage. Read on to find out about harmless ways of cleaning your adjustable pillows

Why Buy Adjustable Bed Pillow?

First, let’s check out why it is important to switch to adjustable bed pillows

We spend hours pressing our faces up against a pillow every day. Therefore, we must select one of the best adjustable pillows for optimal comfort and personal wellbeing. If you haven’t started using pillows adjustable to bed, this piece of information will definitely convince you into buying one.

Reportedly, around one-third of a traditional pillow’s total weight is made up of dust mites feces & dead skin. That’s gross… isn’t it?

Dust mites can cause all kinds of allergies like sneezing and coughing whereas traditional pillows provide an ideal breeding environment for their growth. Dust mites can reach memory foam contour pillows surfaces too but cannot burrow inside, while shredded memory foam pillow bamboo material is even harder for them to invade. 

Hence, using the right type of pillow is important. Those who already use pillow shredded memory foam can breathe sigh of relief because they have made the right choice.

An important aspect of buying contour memory foam pillows or shredded memory foam is choosing one that comes with removable, washer/dryer safe cover made with breathable natural fiber like bamboo or cotton. 

How to Clean Shredded Memory Foam Pillow?

It is true that maintaining a memory foam pillow is relatively easy as these are naturally hypoallergenic, but even the best memory foam contour pillow need cleaning once every month. Though both solid and shredded memory foam bamboo pillow can resist the growth of bacteria and dust mites, however, regular cleaning keeps them hygienic. Clean them especially after staining or spills or when someone gets sick.

Rules of Cleaning Adjustable Pillows:

  • Never wash contoured or shredded memory foam pillow in washing machine.
  • Never opt for solid or shredded memory foam pillow dryer for cleaning.
  • Never use any type of scrubber for cleaning adjustable bed pillow because memory foam material is too delicate.
  • Don’t soak memory foam pillow in water.
  • To dry an adjustable pillow simply lay it out in the sun for some time. 
  • You can hand wash or machine wash bamboo pillow with shredded memory foam cover.
  • If you spill something on memory foam pillow, don’t twist or fold it to wring out liquid just press any clean paper or bath towel over the spill gently.

Cleaning the Pillow:

Washing memory foam contoured pillow or shredded bamboo memory foam pillow is not recommended at all. You can remove hair, dirt, or lint from the pillow using vacuum with soft brush extension. Always run the vacuum at low power setting when cleaning memory foam pillow.

How to Remove Stains?

If shredded memory foam pillows stains don’t soak it in water or machine wash. Instead, create a stain removing solution by mixing 4oz gentle, hypoallergenic laundry detergent (120ml) with 8oz tap water (240ml).Spray it onto the stained area, use soft towel to soak up liquid. If traces of stains are left, repeat this process until stain is gone.

For stubborn stains, mix one-part baking soda with 2 parts normal tap water. Using circular hand movement, apply it on the stain. Make sure that it penetrates deep inside. Leave your memory foam shredded pillow for 30 minutes. For removing the solution rub any soft-textured damp cloth over the stain. Soak up any remaining liquid using clean bath towel.

After cleaning, leave it in direct sunlight. Do not use it until it is fully dry if you want to prevent growth of mold and mildew.

Cleaning Spills:

In case of accidental spills, take clean bath or paper towel, press it all over pillow shredded memory foam wet part until towel is fully saturated. Repeat if there is some liquid left. 

For food or blood stains/spills, use an enzyme-based cleaner for adjustable pillow. These cleaners dissolve organically while effectively remove spills without causing any damage to memory foam structure. Simply pour it on the spill, leave pillow for 15 minutes then blot using a towel.

Ideally, you should vacuum your memory foam contour pillow once a week or every time you change bed sheet. Spot cleaning should be done at least once in a month for removing any sweat residue or dead skin, whereas deep cleaning should be done once in two months.

Difference Between Contour Memory Foam Pillow and Shredded Memory Foam:

A contoured memory foam pillow contains slight dip in the center for contouring natural curve of your neck and upper spine. Sleeper’s head is rested in a hollow dip while there is slight elevation around their edges giving support to neck. Their conforming design naturally helps in spine alignment. 

Shredded memory foam pillows don’t have similar ergonomic design, yet sleeper’s head & neck will still be perfectly aligned with sleeper’s spine in an ideal posture for encouraging superior sleep quality. 

Both are different types of adjustable bed pillows so, you can adjust their firmness or height as per your preferences. Normal pillows cannot offer similar level of comfort, relaxation, or positioning as pillow adjustable to sleeper’s upper body offers.

Choose Adjustable Bed Pillow for a Good Night’s Sleep:

Both solid and shredded memory foam pillows are a great choice as these are affordable, comfortable, and reliable for all types of sleepers, while being fairly easy to clean too. However, to enjoy all their health benefits, never compromise upon quality. Buy Royal Therapy Memory Foam Neck Pillow if looking for an adjustable pillow to alleviate neck and shoulder pain and Royal Therapy Shredded Memory Foam Odor-Free Pillow for perfect sleep posture. Royal Therapy Pillows are filled with CertiPUR-US memory foam and come with a washable, heat-dissipating, odor-free, and removable bamboo cover. Check Royal Therapy Adjustable Bed Pillows reviews to find out how these are helping people enjoy enhanced sleep quality every night.


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