Which Weighted Blanket Should I Get?

Weight blankets offer many amazing health benefits from treating anxiety to addressing sleeplessness. However, before buying any blanket with weight, there are certain aspects buyers must consider. Here are all those necessary facts about weight blankets you need to know.

Why Weighted Blankets are Better?

Blankets weighted are better because their construction is based around deep pressure therapy principles. Studies revealed that pressure calms our nerves by activating parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which lowers heart rate as well as encourages feeling of calmness. Weight blanket does exactly this job as it exerts just enough pressure on our body that is generally created when someone hugs, squeezes, or strokes us. 

Weighted blankets concept is science-backed as research suggests that pressure therapy is suitable for people experiencing certain mental health issues, for instance, depression, sleep apnea, insomnia, or autism spectrum disorder. 

Pressure of a blanket weighted as per our body weight triggers release of happiness hormones (oxytocin & serotonin) which further improves sleep quality besides increasing sleep duration. 

However, not every product is built similarly; therefore, it is better to invest in the best brand. Royal Therapy weighted blankets are an ideal choice in this regard. Filled with odorless, non-toxic, and eco-friendly glass beads, offering many weight options from 5lb and 7lb to up to 30 lb weighted blanket, Royal Therapy makes it so easy to buy weighted blanket for toddlers, elderly, and adults just choose the right size. 

Weighted Blanket Benefits Uses for Improving Sleep Quality:

Weighted blanket target the entire body and offer an extensive range of health benefits along with improving quality of sleep. Some weighted blankets benefits include:

Increase in Serotonin:

Serotonin generates feelings of happiness and calms nerves, which is important for encouraging deep sleep. Working under same principle, weighted blankets create just enough pressure on body that can create similar feeling as a hug generally encourages, which naturally increases serotonin levels. 

Stress and Pain Relief:

Blanket weighted as per individual needs of a sleeper creates same experience as one is being swaddled or held. This encourages production of oxytocin, also called cuddle hormone. When oxytocin is produced, our immune system receives an instant boost, thereby relieving pain and stress. All these actions collectively help in falling asleep quickly.

Anxiety Relief: 

Many people complain that as soon as they lie down, thoughts start racing in their mind, keeping them awake all night long. If this happens with you, buy blankets weighted produced by Royal Therapy. With regular use of weighted blanket anxiety gets reduced considerably leading to uninterrupted sleep cycle.

Prevents Restlessness:

People who toss or turn a lot while sleeping make nighttime sleep difficult for their partners or spouse along with affecting their own quality of sleep. To eradicate this issue, simply order weighted blanket weight. These blankets contain evenly distributed weights, which offer a gentle downward force all over our body. This force deters unnecessary body movement besides encouraging stillness when you sleep.

Choosing the Right Weighted Blanket:

Weight blankets contain special fillings, mostly plastic pellets or glass beads. Out of other options glass beads are ideal fill because these do not make much noise. Moreover, their density is higher than poly plastic pellets while being less bulky than other materials despite having similar weight.

Royal Therapy weights for weighted blankets contain nontoxic glass beads, which is why these have proven ideal for those facing issues like sleep apnea or anxiety. Royal Therapy offers blankets in diverse weight ranges starting from 5lb to 20 lb weighted blanket, 25lb and 30lb weight options. Besides, these are available in different sizes including king, queen, and twin, so, selecting blanket that meets your individual needs becomes extremely convenient. For instance, you can buy king sized weighted blanket, queen size, or medium-sized weight blanket for toddlers in 12 amazing color choices. 

Weighted Blanket What Weight?

Choosing ideal weight blanket weight depends upon several factors such as bed size, or number of users, however most important of them all is user’s bodyweight and size. Weight amount varies considerably for every user. As a rule of thumb, weight blanket should weigh around 10% of sleeper’s body weight. For example, for a person weighing 150 pounds, 15 lb weighted blanket is an ideal option. 

However, it isn’t necessary that you be 100% accurate when choosing weighted blanket weight. Anything between 7 to 12% of total body weight is perfect. Just avoid buying oversized weight blankets.

While deciding between king or queen size weighted blanket keep in mind bed’s dimensions. Weighted blanket shouldn’t be larger than your bed because its weight may force it to fall off, which will disturb you while sleeping. Therefore, buy weighted blanket that’s smaller than the bed.

Buy Best Weighted Blanket for entire Family:

Never compromise upon weight blanket quality for enjoying its truly varied health benefits. Whether you want to buy weighted blanket for personal use or for your family, Royal Therapy offers an ideal range of high-quality weight blankets.

Royal Therapy Weighted Blanket with Glass Beads is available in different weight options ranging from 5lb – 30 lbs weighted blanket. Featuring an innovative 7-layers design, high-density glass beads filling with polyfill padding for extra comfort, soft, breathable, hypoallergenic outer cover with Royal Therapy brand logo R printed on top, these are undoubtedly best weighted blankets available in the market. Check out Royal Therapy weighted blanket reviews from happy customers to make up your mind.


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