ROYAL THERAPY Queen-Size Professional Bed Pillows (2-Pack) – A Set of Premium Plush Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Hypoallergenic Bed Pillows



  • ROYAL THERAPY 20×30 Professional Pillows Premium Style are engineered for hoteliers or home-use. The Premium Pillows are an elegant all-in-one solution with protection integrated with a quiet, cool plush comfortable pillow. This pillow for sleeping graces the beds of many hotels worldwide providing medium to firm support and is ideal for all sleep positions
  • 1100 fill power white feather-like down is what gives our fluffy pillows the luxurious, supportive-yet-airy quality that makes them so comfortable and therapeutic
  • This adjustable pillow is part of our luxury bedding collection which is crafted with a 300-thread count, 100% jacquard cotton cover, elegantly embroidered logo, and edged in gold cording. For your convenience, both the pillow and cover can be machine washed and dried
  • Experience the royal feel of down without the odor, allergens, and sharp quills. The gelled microfiber mimics the soft feel of down and provides the same customizable versatility that makes this pillow universally comfortable for any kind of sleeper
  • Each pillow has a unique small zipper closure which allows you to adjust the amount of inner filling according to your sleeping choice. By removing some of the filling, the pillow can be adjusted to the perfect balance of height and firmness (thin or full) to suit individual preferences. Something, not every hotel pillow brand can be proud of.

Royal Therapy Queen-Size Professional Bed Pillows (2-Pack)


  • Some of the dreamiest bed pillows to be found anywhere are at Royal Therapy.  Our down pillows are prized for luxurious softness and loft, with fill power as high as 1300.
  • Royal Therapy Professional Hotel Pillow is one of the world’s most luxurious down alternative and loved for its unmatched comfort and hypoallergenic properties.
  • You will get a unique blend of ultra-fine fibers engineered to-mimic all the desirable attributes of down.
  • Royal Therapy fill is recognized for its loft, lightweight feel, and durability. Our luxury pillows allow allergy-sensitive sleepers to achieve a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Full, fluffy and our medium to firm density Royal Therapy pillows provide a soft yet supportive feel with a low-profile, great for a stomach sleeper or someone who sleeps in a variety of positions.
  • These hotel pillows are machine washable for easy care.


  • Is a sensitive sleeper and is allergic to down, latex, or wool.
  • Wants a  pillow that will accommodate a variety of sleeping positions.
  • Likes a softer feeling pillow but still wants it to be full and lofty.
  • Is looking for a big luxury pillow that is hypoallergenic, cooling, easy to clean, and designed to last.

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337 reviews for ROYAL THERAPY Queen-Size Professional Bed Pillows (2-Pack) – A Set of Premium Plush Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Hypoallergenic Bed Pillows

  1. Stephanie Ortiz

    Amazing!!!!! The quality is much Better than I thought. It worth much beyond the price

  2. MiMi

    My husband loves his pillow!!!

  3. Cynthia Macaskill

    Searching for perfect pillow?? This is it!!!

  4. 2222323

    Very nicely packaged. Seems like good quality. Comfortable.

  5. Lynn

    This product is full firm and appears to be of good quality.

  6. Kelci

    Gift for my parents – they love them!

  7. catherine s fisher

    I was sceptical about buying a pillow online because you never know. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. Super comfy!

  8. Deborah J

    My daughter loves this pillow

  9. Kindle Customer

    Nice autumn accessory.

  10. Christine R.

    Finally found a pillow with great neck support!

  11. SG

    Improved sleep quality and reduced neck pain

  12. sharon c

    exactly as described. I love the pillow

  13. JS

    Such a great pillow

  14. Melissa Davis

    Very high quality, I was impressed. Girlfriend loves it.

  15. LRG27

    Good quality good price.

  16. Laurie

    Great product, super comfortable.

  17. Jim Newlin

    It’s sooo comfortable best purchase I’ve made

  18. Melissa Davis

    Didn’t disappoint

  19. Lisa Eason

    This pillow does everything the description mentions. Extremely comfortable and a great size.

  20. Beatrice Rice

    Very happy with my purchase

  21. Carol F

    Great pillow for people that have back issues. Support is great!

  22. K

    Nice and cushy

  23. Carmon

    This pillow is very comfortable

  24. slh

    These pillows are fantastic it’s some of the best night sleep that I’ve had in a while

  25. Lisa Phillips-Nostrand

    Very comfortable.

  26. Shannon

    Love the support to my head AND neck, based on 3 nights use.

  27. Melissa Davis

    I love it, really deserve 5 stars

  28. Mt

    It’s was very soft and comfortable. I have been sleeping (on my side) very well ever since this pillow came in pora!

  29. Margaret D.

    Nice pillow

  30. kathy motley

    Awesome product. Came well packed and great attention to detail. Very well made and comfortable!

  31. Melissa Davis

    Quality and firmness

  32. Ken lovesit

    Great firm but comfortable pillow. So far it has held its form very well.

  33. Diane

    Legit best pillow ive ever owned.

  34. WandaLovesMakeup

    Pillow was received promptly. Made such a difference that my neck didn’t hurt after sleeping on this pillow. Well worth it!

  35. Vt

    I use this for my neck and shoulders I’m actually able to sleep a lot better now that I have this pillow

  36. Lucy

    Love that it really support my neck and is a great quality.

  37. Lgreeves

    Beautiful pillow cover.. It is well made and easy to put your pillow in.

  38. Nasus

    My wife loves this pillow. She says it’s the best she’s slept on. When I get the chance to try it out when she’s not using it, I’m more comfortable than I’ve been in ages.

  39. Tom

    Great pillow at great price! I got this for my 11 year old and he loves it

  40. Tigg1

    Amazing value

  41. GMAW

    I bought the king size. fits perfectly and great quality 🙂

  42. Chris Babcock

    LOVE!!! I have had neck pain for years and finally found a pillow that helps! My husband has a MyPillow and is now jealous of this one!

  43. MBaker

    Super comoda!!

  44. Mand

    I’ve been sleeping amazing no neck pain! First pillows to help me definitely a repurchase!

  45. Patty in Redlands

    Watching it inflate was pretty cool, but giving it a squeeze after it fluffed up and I got my silk pillowcase on was even better! I’m excited to go to bed haha

  46. Robyn

    This is a beautiful, high-quality pillow cover. Goes perfect in my teen daughter’s shabby chic, pink and gray bedroom. Both she and I love it!

  47. Sheri M.

    Awesome pillow if you like a firm pillow! Perfect for me

  48. Melissa Davis

    Best pillow that I have ever purchased. Great neck support.

  49. Lrg Cat

    After first night of sleeping on it felt very comfortable.

  50. John R. Hinton

    I love the way that you can adjust the firmness.

  51. Molly Franko

    These are exactly as pictured and are of beautiful quality. These will brighten my home through the summer days.

  52. Blackdog

    I love theses pillows. I had neck pain for years and one night of sleeping on these pillows it’s gone.

  53. Angela Green

    This pillow is exactly how it’s described! Feels fantastic and I love the material!I ended up ordering 2!

  54. Sherry Holmes

    Stunning pillows. Pictures does not do the pillow covers justice

  55. sandra carter

    Amazing! Perfect neck support and good balance of soft and firm

  56. Rania

    Mattress pad is very well made, and fits my thick mattress. Very comfortable. I would definitely buy it again

  57. NC BUYER

    My daughter loved the pillow. Very good construction, washable on gentle cycle looks like new.

  58. Nate Gardner

    Great pillow

  59. Ann H.

    Enjoyed a great night’s sleep!!! Would buy these pillows again.

  60. Sandra

    Best pillow ever

  61. Happy Mom

    Really happy with this wonderful pillow. Will purchase again.

  62. Mitty Mit

    Bought two and they are incredible. We sleep better, feel better. What a difference memory foam makes.

  63. Lori R. Townsend

    Really happy with my purchase and memory foam was very comfortable and I think it also helped with my husbands snoring 😴

  64. Vincent

    Love this set!

  65. Maryann B.

    better than expected!!!

  66. Sarah M. Kilpatrick

    Really nice quality product

  67. Bsunlite

    Great pillow, sleep very well with it.

  68. chiara sipes

    Great pellow its definitely my style frim

  69. Margo

    This pillow is amazing comfortable!

  70. Cora Bishop

    Very high quality pillow that never gets hot. Constantly cool so no sweating while sleeping.

  71. Em

    Product expanded almost immediately – which was surprising. I really appreciate that it has a removable cover, as well.

  72. We Luv Boba

    After 2 nights of sleeping with the pillow I would recommend to all my family and friends. I slept amazing well.

  73. Elizabeth M. Roddenberry

    I have neck and headache issues. This new pillow gives excellent support.

  74. Vinny

    I use this on our vacation rental properties and everyone loves them. Easy to launder and super comfy!

  75. Allan Underwood

    Deep pockets fit my mattress perfectly. Very attractive and comfortable. Looks like it would be long wearing.

  76. Dubausu

    Great product!! Sleep so much better, no more neck pain.

  77. Lisa L

    Very cute and very good quality

  78. Adam

    Very well put together no strong odors like others I’ve purchased!

  79. Misti

    Absolutely love this pillow! Was going to buy a more expensive temper pedic pillow but thought I’d try this one first. I’m buying a few more now.

  80. Melissa Davis

    I really like the packaging of this product. The material feels very soft to touch

  81. CHEVYS


  82. Shobha Mahabir

    Nice support for neck

  83. Summer Hawk

    Amazing pillows, love that they say “Royal” on them

  84. Pearl

    AMAZING PILLOWS‼️ They are perfect for comfort for any type of sleeper!!

  85. Diane Evans

    Bought as a gift and the girlfriend was over the moon with how well she slept that night because of it.

  86. Kathy

    I’ve tried a LOT of pillows, but never have I been so impressed! This pillow looks and feels like I’m royalty. Love it!

  87. Alyssa Coveyou

    Very cute touch for our living room and extremely affordable!

  88. Johnny Love

    Great product. Needed a new pillow, nice and comfortable.

  89. KekePouliot419

    I like the size of it, it’s soft,yet support I’ve.

  90. kandy chavez

    Love this pillow! As a side sleeper I prefer a firmer pillow and this memory foam is perfect! It’s soft but firm and contours to my sleep position. Has a removable cover so it’s easy to wash too.

  91. stanley winkelbaum

    Nice pad very large on sides

  92. T. Abshire

    These are really nice pillows. I would order again and definitely worth the money!

  93. Marrissa

    So comfortable and fluffy!!!

  94. Melissa Davis

    I love everything about it.

  95. Artistarama

    This beautiful pillow is a great value for the price and very well made! I love it!! And am looking forward to adding more holiday pillow covers!

  96. Melissa Davis


  97. Daniel

    Super fluffy and very soft. Took no time to fluffy up and be ready for use. We love them!

  98. Michele

    Good pillows

  99. thomas helms

    So soft and comfortable, fits my deep corner king mattress perfectly, helps hold sheets in place.

  100. Sherri B. Hendrix

    Best pillow you will ever have! Great for a bad neck!

  101. Jeremy Crandall

    Sleep quality and support.

  102. calicoignition

    I like the fact you can remove some of the foam to adjust the pillow for your sleeping comfort.The pillows are very well made and attractive. I would buy these again.

  103. Brad Hunter

    This pillow has an elegant design and will make you feel comfortable when you’re sleeping.

  104. LOLA

    Great pillow for the money

  105. Kswa

    Very nice and comfortable Foam Pillow. Greatly recommended and will buy again. Thank you

  106. Melissa Davis

    Soft and cool

  107. Christopher

    High quality! If you are looking for a firm pillow, look NO further!!! I love this pillow.

  108. A. Wilson

    Firm yet squishy! The perfect pillow for someone who likes being propped up and wants amazing comfort.

  109. Jim MacDowell


  110. Sandra Haws

    I have had the best sleep since I have been using these pillows, great comfort.

  111. Jillie K

    Great support, I use it as a back pillow when watching tv in bed. Only quips is that the zipper stuck the first time I opened it to “fluff” the foam stuff inside and I thought it was going to rip.

  112. Melissa Davis

    Taking my old pillows to look new again was wonderful! The quality of the pillow cases were everything I wanted to complete my entryway bench! Don’t like the throw will change out to a blue throw. Beach living at its best!

  113. Brambo937

    Great pillow with great neck and shoulder support. Highly recommend to all!

  114. Kelly Mitchell

    Very comfortable and firm

  115. ronnie baird

    Really liked this pillow from night one

  116. Barbara

    I friend had it thought it looked comfy. I bought it and must say it’s more than comfy. I was able to sleep better compared to a regular pillow. All I have to say is that I’m getting one for my mom.

  117. Cassie

    Great pillow. Soft yet firm

  118. Warren

    My neck does not hurt when I wake up

  119. Shah Naqvi

    A little expensive but hopefully it’s worth it.

  120. Ed

    Presently supervised how much I like this pillow

  121. FB

    I buy pillows very often and this pillow is very comfortable. I would recommend it to everyone.

  122. Victoria

    I purchased the grey and was SO pleasantly surprised by the elegance, beauty and quality! They add just the right touch to my romantic-themed bed. I will definitely be purchasing more designs from this seller.

  123. SG


  124. BeeK

    This pillow is awesome. It’s a perfect combination of soft and firm and the outer fabric is nicely pleated. I’ll definitely use these on my bed and my guest bed.

  125. Shadow870

    So far so good

  126. John

    Amazing product right out of the box! Beautifully packaged and soft to the touch! I can’t wait to try this out and maybe even order another set!!

  127. Melissa Davis

    My new memory foam pillows arrived and I am definitely pleased with them. The quality is top notch and they’re amazing to sleep on.

  128. NotYoOrdinaryPotatoSalad

    My wife Loves it, it’s exactly what she needed.

  129. Bob F.

    great quality, looks very classy, perfectly done

  130. Marie Scelfo

    This is a wonderful mattress pad, soft and comfy.

  131. Andrea Ford

    It can sleep well with this pillow. Nice quality

  132. Susan Hogan

    It is so soft ! It amazed me when you take it out the bag it was so flat and within 5 secs it was all puffed up !!

  133. Pankaj

    Bought this pillow for my 2 yo son, he loved it as soon as he saw it. It’s super soft and perfect for him to carry around with him and his blanky. its great for his naps and just laying around. It fits nicely in his bag to take go some with us.

  134. Tammy


  135. Carly

    Appearance and quality are both up for the name….. Royal. The way my wife embraced this pillow….. Wow!

  136. Asia

    Very nicely made!

  137. JP

    Never goes flat best pillow ever!

  138. Monica

    Amazing comfort. Best pillow I’ve had in a long time. Good comfort and keeps its shape.

  139. William J. Mangan Jr.

    Quality pillow that are exceptionally comfortable

  140. Shane C

    Baby loves it.

  141. kimberly bell

    I have only had this pillow for a week but I like the support and the coolness (temperature) of the pillow.

  142. prenston gale

    Amazing support and sleep quality is great.

  143. Paul

    Very comfortable pillow no more neck problems

  144. Stefania Schmidt

    Looks so luxurious!! Haven’t sleep in it yet.

  145. Gopal

    Keeps cool and supports the neck

  146. T. Page

    Good quality and support from the seller.

  147. S


  148. Alicia Erazo

    Love it. Good quality, beautiful colors but bit small so make sure its the exact size you’re looking for. I just shoved my filler into the case.

  149. Sandra Teagardin Thomas

    I love these pillow covers! So nice and exactly as pictured. I purchased them for a beach house and they look perfect. Great quality too – highly recommend.

  150. Amanda

    I’ve gotten the best sleep of my life since getting this pillow. Highly recommend!

  151. Marilyn

    Good pillow, sleek design very firm good for back sleepers

  152. Katina

    Last king size pillows lost their support. Royal pillows arrived promptly and the support was much better! Sleeping much better at night now!

  153. Sal

    My wife loves this pillow, now I’m thinking of buying me one.Great Great Pillow.

  154. ashley b.

    Very comfortable

  155. Celeste Rhone

    Great pillow. Seems very well so far. I’m ordering another

  156. Sharon L. Heath

    Also liked how much cooler this pillow feels.

  157. Krystal Ladner

    its goood it feels good also

  158. Andrew brogdon

    Love it!! Cute characters, good quality, and very durable. A perfect fit for our toddler pillow, he loves it!! You pay for quality!! Shipping was fast, than you!

  159. bookworm

    Excellent product and beautifully made!

  160. Rosita McDonald

    This is crazy comfortable!

  161. christina carreon

    The past 8 months I have had the worst neck pain, so I have decided to purchase a new pillow. So far so good with this one. I still have the pain, but my neck is not as stiff when I wake up.

  162. Aaron Danielson

    Very nice people to deal with. Quality product.

  163. Raul Payan

    My husband’s favorite pillow. He sleeps on his back and says it supports his head perfectly -at the right height.

  164. Carl S.

    wonderful pillow

  165. Elisa

    Slept with no tossing and turning or neck pain! Great pillow to get good rest.

  166. Emasts

    It’s a great pillow! Very comfortable.

  167. Caleb

    Beautiful accents for my apartment

  168. CLKMMW

    Alleviated my neck pain!

  169. Melissa Davis

    Amazing love it

  170. Valerie

    Very comfy

  171. LTL

    Great gift for my daughter’s birthday. Good quality at a great price. I would buy again.

  172. TrumpsAjoke

    Very nice product

  173. Rinat Ismaev

    I love my new pillows. Within one sleep my neck pain is gone due to these very Lush pillows. They are very comfortable and they do work well for side sleepers like me.

  174. Corey Lawson

    Its good i had to get halft of the ptoduct because its big , u can move it how you like,Try it.

  175. Melissa Davis

    Thanks to the pillow, both of my sleep and K/D in COD have improved

  176. Cindy D. Pitts

    My new favorite pillow

  177. Taylor Bailes

    This is by far the best pillow I’ve ever had, and I’ve been on the perfect pillow quest for a long time.

  178. Sue M

    These pillow covers are beautiful. Pics do not do them justice. Very pleased and look beautiful on my bed

  179. Correy Yoder

    This product was packaged very nicely!! And is extremely soft!! Can’t wait for it to finish filling out so I can sleep on it

  180. EMSCVS

    The pillow is well made and super soft to the touch. I love it!I machine washed and dried on delicate cycle and it held up just fine.

  181. Isac Urbina

    Great pillow! Perfect balance of comfort and support

  182. Wonder Woman

    Pillow is so comfortable slept like a baby!

  183. Demos James

    They are Great

  184. Customer

    As advertised. Confortable.

  185. Marty C.

    Really soft, great support. Night 1 best sleep from a pillow I’ve ever had!!

  186. Richard Aguilar

    Absolutely loved this pillow ! It’s a high quality & comfortable pillow! I had a good nights sleep …

  187. Melissa Davis

    Super thick

  188. Pegah

    Best sleep ever since I bought this!!!

  189. George Moore

    This product meet our expectations

  190. Lauren

    I absolutely love this

  191. Lindsey M Blacharczyk

    Looks and feels premium

  192. daniel

    Great pillow. Looking forward to many nights of great sleep.

  193. Melissa Davis

    It’s nice and fluffy, no weird smell. So far so good.

  194. Kelly Anderson

    It’s a wonderful, large pillow!

  195. Martha Montejo

    I absolutely love these pillows 💕 you can add or remove foam to make a perfect pillow 🥰

  196. Anthon Cruz

    Love this, fits great- deep pockets. So comfy!

  197. Diana


  198. Desoto


  199. Melissa Davis

    This pillow is exactly what I want in a firm pillow. It is still soft but firm enough so that my head doesn’t sink in too deep.

  200. Caroline

    This pillow is so comfortable and gives me lots of support while I’m sleeping. My husband has complained of shoulder pain but since I bought this pillow, all I hear is snoring. He loves it as well.

  201. Alana DeMorris

    Absolutely life changing! These pillows are amazing! Best sleep I’ve ever had!

  202. CamBam51

    Literally the best pillow ever! So comfortable, helped me sleep better.

  203. Melissa Davis

    Love this pillow and the hat was a real bonus!!!!

  204. That one guy

    Best sleep ever! Thank you!!


    They make you feel happy!

  206. Kelayda

    Beautiful pillow

  207. Melissa Davis

    Great balance of softness versus firmness

  208. Melissa Davis

    Had my doubts but as soon as my head hit the pillow it was instant comfort.

  209. Maulin Raval

    I love it so much.Not very soft, but very comfortable 🙂

  210. luna


  211. John K

    Very well made. Fits well.

  212. Keith Stepniewski

    Loved the comfort justNeeds more fill!

  213. Tiffany N. Thorne

    It’s adjustable so you can find the right comfort

  214. Midgie

    Great pillow. Sleep well. Supports my neck well.

  215. Celia M Hansen

    Unique packaging. Very neck supportive.

  216. hunter damm

    Best pillow I have ever owned love it

  217. Marcus

    This product is heavenly soft. Love love love it!

  218. Melissa Davis

    We were tired of always buying new pillows after they lose support in 2 months. These pillows have helped both of our quality of sleep greatly. Definitely worth the money. They have held up great ever since buying.

  219. Adrian Mora

    adorable pillow cover-well made and cute as can be for the holidays!

  220. Terry Bacorn

    The comfort and pliability of the pillow is on point. I don’t foresee any problems.

  221. Cindy

    I wanted a firm pillow and this is it

  222. hyeoncheol gwak

    Not used yet

  223. Diane M. Marenkovic

    Very comfortable

  224. Sharon Weber

    So soft. I thought I was back in Europe.

  225. JJ

    I love this pillow comfor and support as described

  226. Jose zuniga

    I tried this product for a week and I must say the pillow is absolutely comfortable and exactly what is needed for neck balance with sleeping.I am very happy with this product:-)

  227. Melissa Davis

    Great pillows

  228. julia

    Great product, slept like a baby. Very supportive on the head.

  229. David Parra

    It was a great nights sleep!!

  230. Kassandra

    Very good support, very high quality.

  231. RAINH8R

    We struggle with firmness. I like how form the pillow is.

  232. bijan Khorsand

    Super cute.

  233. Austin P

    Great product!

  234. marc doane

    Great product, helped with my neck issues, I think I’d definitely buy again!

  235. Michael Brennan

    This is a King size mattress pad. It’s very well made. Also the product is high quality which has a good sense of touch. Comfortable and easy to put on.I love it!

  236. Melissa Davis

    Super heavy weight pillows, did not know they would be so sturdy! Great buy for me!!

  237. Kayla F Jones

    Good first impression. Royal feel and seems to be a good quality.

  238. Angelica M Lemos

    Awesome pillows definitely worth the buy

  239. Melissa Davis

    The bestest pillow of my life on earth

  240. Michael McCarty

    Great towel

  241. Carol Dombrowski

    The pillow wasn’t too firm or too soft, just the right support! If you don’t like the firmness of your pillow you’re able to remove some of the inside or add more.

  242. emily

    Firm and supportive

  243. Jake R.

    This is a very comfortable pillow . I recommend this pillow,

  244. Melissa Davis

    I love this pillow!

  245. Niki Ripple

    This mattress topper was as described. I am happy with the product.

  246. Rachael Godaire

    Husband loves his new pillow

  247. Vinnie


  248. Alexis Duarte

    My prior mattress pad was almost impossible to get on. I even ripped it trying.

  249. Jason Young

    I love this pillow so soft and supportive absolutely love it.

  250. Pamela Carson

    It has a really nice design 🙂

  251. susan bussell

    Sleep quality comfort support

  252. austin watson

    Elegant embroidery

  253. Esteban Ramirez

    This pillow is great. Its just like my temperpedic pillow. Great price as well.

  254. Niece

    Pretty nice pillow ,You are able to take as much foam as you wanted to, and make it as comfortable as you like.

  255. Ana

    Nice quality and an excellent night’s sleep.

  256. Raylon Aquiningoc

    I had a strong neck pain. Magic, but the pain just disappeared after 2 days of using the pillow. I would highly recommend this pillow if you have neck pain.

  257. roxann

    Surprisingly nice. Good quality, vibrant colors, true to size. Looks like the picture. Fast delivery.

  258. alleyne ducreay

    Works very well washes very well, recommended to all looking for this type of product

  259. Sathya

    This mf pillow is the best I’ve had in a while. You gotta fluff it up yourself but other than that it’s money well spent

  260. Dani-jewel

    Its adjustable

  261. Francesca Ortiz

    I used on my sofa. Very cute

  262. Alex H.

    A bit to hard

  263. Faye

    My pillow just arrived yesterday and I have to say, last night was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages!!

  264. Martin A. Leeke

    perfect padding and great fit, easy to wash ,too

  265. Melissa Davis

    Love love love this pillow!

  266. Melissa Davis


  267. Giants Whiskey Girl

    This pillow covering is so vivid in colors. Can’t wait to decorate for Christmas

  268. whizkey

    Comfy pillow

  269. Velma

    Love it sleep better


    Not sticking at all

  271. Erick

    Quality item, nice pillow

  272. j

    Product was packaged really well and is super comfortable!

  273. Jeremy Glass

    Very nice, thick, durable fabric, well tailored, colors are gorgeous together. Prettier than I expected.

  274. Melissa Davis

    Best pillow I’ve ever had.

  275. Zachary Boyd


  276. Melissa Davis

    Very comfy

  277. violeta gates

    Great pillows. Plush and soft but firm enough. Love them. 10/10

  278. Tanisha A. Pryor

    I’ve been looking for the perfect side sleeper pillow. Found it, it’s perfect

  279. Bobbi

    I have a total of 3 of these now and they have kept shape so far!

  280. christopher jeffers

    Loved it

  281. Michelle Fletcher


  282. Jerylin Custer

    First night sleep without pain in years

  283. Melissa Davis

    Nice mattress pad. Has a good amount of cushion.

  284. Fernando Madrid

    Love this pillow ❤️❤️❤️

  285. Donald E. Epling

    Very comfortable and just the right height to replace my old pillow that had flattened

  286. Melissa Davis

    I love the pillows the packaging was amazing and pretty!

  287. BLanders

    The show

  288. hanah

    These covers fit perfect over my pillows. Just love them !

  289. Jon

    Great pillow. Have only used it a couple times but my neck feels much better

  290. Melissa Davis

    Great fit on extra high mattress

  291. Dan wescoat

    The Royal Therapy pillow was everything it was advertised its very comfy and I would recommend anyone that loves to sleep comfortably.

  292. Nathan

    Used the pillow for the first time last night and enjoyed it very much. I would recommend to everyone.

  293. Yolanda

    Im finally getting the sleep i so desperately needed thanknyou for these outstanding pillows

  294. Miguel Madera

    Desde que las uso descanso muy bien.

  295. Kindle Customer

    Very nice pillow cover

  296. Sillynlove

    This is a high quality pillow. Great quality material and the presentation is cute. I can’t wait to take a nap on the pillow tonight, it came In one day.

  297. Andrea Kuac


  298. MommyTingz

    Love everything about theses pillows, soft to the touch, and very comfortable to sleep on them.

  299. sharon wood

    It’s lights out with my new pillows.

  300. Chris Kinzig

    Very hard to stay on mattresses.

  301. Maura

    I bought this for my family room and love it….fast shipment, great price and great quality!

  302. Kam Singh

    Nice quality! Would buy again!

  303. Melissa Davis

    My neck and shoulder pain is a lot better after using this pillow!

  304. Dalton

    Very comfortable.

  305. Baleigh

    You’re head seems to melt but still firm. I’m literally in love ♥️

  306. Amanda

    Where has this flipping wonderful pillow been my entire life? I have been searching for the that right pillow to help with my sever pain and scoliosis. I finally have some relief!

  307. Brandy Welsh

    The most comfortable pillow I’ve ever had!

  308. TE

    Great product

  309. Ichi

    Love the cover and better than picture. Fits perfectly

  310. nANCY

    The pillow cover is great, but I did not receive the witch’s hat that was supposed to come with it.

  311. Leah

    I was looking for a pillow as a back to side sleeper that did not cause my arms to go numb in the night. So far 7 days with the pillow I can sleep uninterrupted.

  312. Michelle Walker

    This product was the perfect amount of firm and comfort. Best memory foam pillow I’ve ever had.

  313. Michael Carr

    Exactly what I expected. You have to buy a filler (these are just the cases not a fluffy pillow) but the very soft cream color and blue are great. Zippers and material is good.

  314. Jim Nielsen

    Best pillow ever !!!

  315. Z. Woody

    Very awesome pillow!

  316. Brandy A.

    These pillows are amazing if you are looking to invest in a pillow that you plan on keeping for awhile. Very good quality and makes for a good night sleep

  317. Cheney Rutherford

    Beautiful. I am happy with my order.

  318. María Caballero

    They are so comfortable and not too full.

  319. Rachael Hadden

    Its only been a few days but I’m loving this pillow. Its awesome how its not to soft or too firm.

  320. Devon A. Hairston

    i love this pillow so much , no more neck pain and am recommending it to others , it works for me thank you

  321. Kenny

    I love this! Print exactly as shown, colors are great, quality is great, just perfect for Halloween decorating! Highly recommend!

  322. carlos gomes

    My wife loves it

  323. Hannah

    Great pillow, I just bought a second one today

  324. Elizabeth Gamble

    Really nice quality set.

  325. Jessica Burch

    Very comfortable, very well supports my head and gave me some of the best quality sleep. This is a great purchase!

  326. Lehua

    Better than the pillow I had before. Good price

  327. Dhari ALSulaili

    I like it a lot

  328. Mary M

    This pillow took me a night or two to get used to, but I wake up feeling refreshed.

  329. Melissa Davis

    Goes perfectly with the Rosetta Comforter set ……Have received so very many compliments on the set. One of the best sets I have bought from you. I just ordered the purple pillow covers to go with these because I am using the purple sheets

  330. Cj531

    You can feel it puff up in your hands as you first open it. Looking forward to using this pillow.

  331. Melissa Davis

    Super cute!

  332. Mi Tesoro

    love it just wished it came with 4 instead of 3!

  333. Sharon Forbregd

    Nice feel to the fabric. Beautiful shells. Size as expected for decorative pillows. Easy to stuff.

  334. Mustafa Al-Nomani

    Great quality!

  335. Megan

    Its been a month I am using this pillow it’s very comfortable and soft to sleep, the quality of pillow is well made.

  336. Mayrin Martinez

    I love the way this pad fit over our deep mattress…room to spare!

  337. Ginger Shapardon

    Plenty of filling.

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