ROYAL THERAPY Queen-Size Professional Bed Pillows (2-Pack) – A Set of Premium Plush Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Hypoallergenic Bed Pillows



  • ROYAL THERAPY 20×30 Professional Pillows Premium Style are engineered for hoteliers or home-use. The Premium Pillows are an elegant all-in-one solution with protection integrated with a quiet, cool plush comfortable pillow. This pillow for sleeping graces the beds of many hotels worldwide providing medium to firm support and is ideal for all sleep positions
  • 1100 fill power white feather-like down is what gives our fluffy pillows the luxurious, supportive-yet-airy quality that makes them so comfortable and therapeutic
  • This adjustable pillow is part of our luxury bedding collection which is crafted with a 300-thread count, 100% jacquard cotton cover, elegantly embroidered logo, and edged in gold cording. For your convenience, both the pillow and cover can be machine washed and dried
  • Experience the royal feel of down without the odor, allergens, and sharp quills. The gelled microfiber mimics the soft feel of down and provides the same customizable versatility that makes this pillow universally comfortable for any kind of sleeper
  • Each pillow has a unique small zipper closure which allows you to adjust the amount of inner filling according to your sleeping choice. By removing some of the filling, the pillow can be adjusted to the perfect balance of height and firmness (thin or full) to suit individual preferences. Something, not every hotel pillow brand can be proud of.

Royal Therapy Queen-Size Professional Bed Pillows (2-Pack)


  • Some of the dreamiest bed pillows to be found anywhere are at Royal Therapy.  Our down pillows are prized for luxurious softness and loft, with fill power as high as 1300.
  • Royal Therapy Professional Hotel Pillow is one of the world’s most luxurious down alternative and loved for its unmatched comfort and hypoallergenic properties.
  • You will get a unique blend of ultra-fine fibers engineered to-mimic all the desirable attributes of down.
  • Royal Therapy fill is recognized for its loft, lightweight feel, and durability. Our luxury pillows allow allergy-sensitive sleepers to achieve a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Full, fluffy and our medium to firm density Royal Therapy pillows provide a soft yet supportive feel with a low-profile, great for a stomach sleeper or someone who sleeps in a variety of positions.
  • These hotel pillows are machine washable for easy care.


  • Is a sensitive sleeper and is allergic to down, latex, or wool.
  • Wants a  pillow that will accommodate a variety of sleeping positions.
  • Likes a softer feeling pillow but still wants it to be full and lofty.
  • Is looking for a big luxury pillow that is hypoallergenic, cooling, easy to clean, and designed to last.

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1402 reviews for ROYAL THERAPY Queen-Size Professional Bed Pillows (2-Pack) – A Set of Premium Plush Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Hypoallergenic Bed Pillows

  1. Rock

    They feel great..better than My Pillow..One of the best purchases thus far..

  2. Wendy

    Love these pillows so much.Best pillows I have purchased to date.They were vacuumed sealed and started to expand once opened. I have let them sit before using to come to full thickness. Slept on them the past few nights, really love them. Incredibly comfortable, not too high and stiff to cause neck problems and not too soft that there is no support. Queen size is large enough for side sleepers,and they fit my queen size pillow case perfectly. Considering buying a second pair.

  3. Scott Linson

    comfy slumber follows my ordercompletely happy with these so far. soft and adjustable up to firm as needed. I have the back and side sleeper type, my old pillows were bricks compared to these.

  4. Noodles

    Slept like a baby with this pillow…Every happy with these Pillows. I’ve been sleeping on two old pillows and waking up sometimes with a cramp in my neck or even headache. But sleeping on just one of these pillows for two weeks I can total feel the difference when I sleep and wake up. I feel much better and get a good night sleep. This is a pretty good deal. I only hope it stays fluffy for a long time.

  5. Patrick Swan

    About as firm a pillow as you are likely to findDelivered On time and with high quality as promised

  6. Royal Therapy Customer

    Cloud HeavenSuper supportive and cloud fluffy pillows. Very full and nice material

  7. Mariam

    Sleep wellI recommend to everyone

  8. Amanda Colon

    Great SOFT pillowsThese are great pillows. I’ve had great sleep for weeks since purchasing them. They really do feel like hotel pillows. These are on the softer side, so if you like a firm pillow I would suggest another kind.

  9. Bigeasha

    That this pillow keep your head elevatedI want these pillows for my husband and he loved them he said that they are so comfortable nice and fluffy he said that his head just melts inside the pillow way better than other pills because it’s our pillows were very flat and I will be buying myself 2 more my nine-year-old son was laying on his dad pillow and he said mom can you please buy me one because these pillows are so comfortable and then he fell asleep on the pillow and woke up and said Mom that’s the best sleep I ever had laying on a pillow I would recommend this pillow to family and friends

  10. Lynn Hutchison

    Great pillows!Really great pillow for the money! Very comfortable!

  11. Royal Therapy Customer

    PillowsGreat pillows, very comfortable!

  12. Kim M.

    Good support for my neck. Comfortable.Arrived promptly. Very comfortable. Little odor, now gone. Relief for my neck pain. Recommend this pillow.

  13. Joanne C. Kelley

    New Queen-size pillowsThe pillows fit on the queen-size bed, and I can use my regular-size pillow cases on them. They’re soft but give me the support I need for my neck. They’re comfy and help me to get to sleep quickly.

  14. DanniJ

    Good, Soft PillowsThe pillows are very soft. I orginally bought them to use at the head of my bed. However, because they were just a little softer/fluffier than I anticipated, I use them daily to prop up my feet. So, they will get regular use. ?

  15. Diane Peter

    Would buy againLarge and Fluffy yet keeps its form. Great pillows for the price

  16. gman

    Packaged very well!I thought the company did a great job with the packaging. The item arrived on time and looks great. My only dislike is that it is very soft….wished it had been a little firmer. But, my mistake. The pillows will do the job!

  17. ark231

    My favorite pillow.Really happy with these pillows. Very comfortable with my sleep. Right thickness and variations from weight.

  18. Leaux

    Awesome pillows for great priceVery soft, but firm pillows!

  19. Paul Barnett

    Awesome.Perfect. This our second set.

  20. debatina

    Great pillowsShould have gotten king size, but these are nice queen pillows. I bought satin sheets for the pillow. Sweet!

  21. Deborah Watson

    GoodI wonder where these pillows come from have they been stored in a.warehouse for a long time I had a problem after I bought these I am not sure if they cased it or not

  22. scott wohlfeil

    Gret PillowsI sleep better then I ever have on these pillows.

  23. Kay W

    Perfect comfortability. Perfect value.These pillows are amazing and are at a great value. It was not uncomfortable, provided great support, and does not make me too warm at night. They come vaccuum sealed, but caused no flattening.

  24. Jessica Judy

    Great pillowLove it

  25. P. H. Caccioppo

    Very comfortableSo soft!

  26. Royal Therapy Customer

    Serious sleep comfort!We have been sleeping on these pillows for about out 2 weeks now, and oh my goodness, what a difference! These are so comfortable and supportive. Bought king size, now going to order the queen size for another room! Seriously…these beat My Pillow all to heck!

  27. Victoria Brandt

    Love it!!! Worth the moneyAbsolutely LOVE these pillows. I was nervous when they arrived because they were completely flat in a vacuum sealed bag but they fluffed out very quickly and they’re so comfortable. My 2 year old sleeps so good now (we co sleep)

  28. Mike B

    -these pillows are ok, not quite as firm as I would like them

  29. Sue

    Good price. Good itemComfortable. Great size. Pleased with product and price. We do not like really soft pillows. Packaging ridiculous. Difficult to open

  30. Halie

    Great buyJust got these pillows a couple days ago and they are so far incredible! They came double bagged in a vacuum sealed bag, rolled up into another, and then boxed. I was surprised my pillows came in such a small box! They fluffed up within minutes and were ready to use by night time. The ones I got are queen sized and I’ve never had pillows this big! They’re fantastic! I can only hope they don’t fall flat ?

  31. Chelsea

    Cozy fluffI like light weight, plush, fluffy pillows. If that’s your jam, these pillows are a good budget buy. They came in a vacuum sealed bag, so I was skeptical before opening but they instantly inflated and fluffed up.I had trouble leaving bed this morning, not because I had the morning grumps but because I was happy and I didnt want to part with these pillows!

  32. L. Carleton

    Good nights sleepBest I have ever had in my 76 years

  33. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great valueAwesome pillows!!

  34. Kindle Customer: JC

    High quality pillow worth every penny.I love these pillows. My husband hasn’t stopped thanking me for getting them. They are hotel quality and softness.

  35. Kay Car

    Very comfortablePillows are great. It has taken after 10 tries to finally found a pillow that helps my neck.

  36. Yesid Higuera

    ComodidadSon muy comodas u el material es suave

  37. Halloween lover


  38. Diane

    Great pillow at a great pricePuffed right up after opening the vacuum pack. Nice weight and loft. I use 2 pillows, 1 feather and 1 not. This is the “not” and adds the amount of firmness I need. I’m a side and back sleeper, and this pillow works great.

  39. Carrie(Vicky) Walsh

    No headline.Replaced old pillows. We are pleased with the appearance and softness.

  40. Kindle Customer

    Go to targetNormal pillow

  41. Danilo Kacic Muñoz

    Last Night sleeping like a babyLove my pillows.

  42. Royal Therapy Customer

    Really good pillowslove these pillows. Very soft and fluffy. my head doesnt sink in after laying. Yet it huge my neck and head perfect.

  43. Royal Therapy frankie 69

    PillowsGood pillows definitely worth the price

  44. Gloria

    HappyI cannot do feathers or foam. I can do your pillows. I love them!

  45. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great qualityII bought these pillows to fill up the shams that match my new bedspread. They did a beautiful job filling up the shams and nice and full and fluffy.

  46. Royal Therapy Customer

    This pillow is awesome.From the first night my wife and I have had amazing deep sleep. I’m not sure if it is all the pillow but that is the only thing we have changed so it must be. I can’t believe a pillow can make that big of an impact but the sleep results are legit.

  47. Ricardo

    Recommend theseBeen using it almost a month (5 days left) & these pillows are really comfortable. At first I thought they were going to be too soft but they’re actually soft & firm. So far nothings bad with them.

  48. TeeP2

    Perfect Puff-Up!Very soft. I was surprised by how much they puffed up once out of their vacuum-sealed bags. I’ve had mine for a week now and if anything, they’re even fluffier than they were the first day. They provide good head support (I’m a side sleeper) and perfect back support when stacked together.

  49. Royal Therapy Customer

    Nice PillowJust received and still letting the air out. They have a small smell to them, but hoping with a couple days to air out they will be perfect. They feel alot better than previous pillows I have purchased. Will right another review in a week once fully aired out, but so far really liking pillows.

  50. Susan D

    Good nights sleep!?Good nights sleep! ? Thank you!

  51. Jacqueline McNeiley

    Royal TherapyI want to extend my happiness with these queen size Royal Therapy pillows. My sleep has improved 100%. I do not exaggerate. I am a retired medical professional and knew I needed a “bed” overhaul. I started with these pillow and then bought a memory foam mattress topper. I am thrilled with “no more” hip, shoulder, neck” aches or discomforts. I went on and bought 2 more pillows as I love this luxury. I now m the proud and happy owner of 4 of these. Great product. These are keepers!

  52. Amy Sugaski

    Really enjoying these!Really enjoying these pillows. They are perfectly soft and sturdy at the same time. I can’t stand extremely soft pillows where my head almost “falls through” but these are NOT like that at all. Loved that it came as a two pack as well.

  53. JENNIE


  54. Royal Therapy Customer

    ComfortThe pillows were better then expected

  55. gdsgrl

    Nice pillowsI am a pillow snob, they have to be just right. My husband gets made because we have an abundance of pillows in the house I have purchased and did not use cause they just aren’t right. These are good, soft but hold their shape and support the neck. I would purchase again . Also I cant use two like I have for years because they hold their shape and there is no need for two pillows.

  56. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great Product??

  57. Kindle Customer

    Nice Fluffy Hypoallergenic PillowThe media could not be loaded.  When I ordered this product I was specifically interested in the fact that is Hypoallergenic. There are lots of people in our family who have allergies, and also our extended family have allergies so it’s nice to have pillows for our children’s room and also guest bedrooms. As you see in the video my teenager is used to a memory foam pillow. She said these pillows were not hard enough but that’s because of what she was used to. My son loved him and he now uses them. The pillows are exactly as they are advertised. If you let them decompress for 24 hours they are good size pillow. I’m very satisfied with them.Update: A couple days after trying it my daughter who didn’t like the pillow at first, said to me, “I like it now! It’s like putting my head on a cloud.” ha ha!

  58. don burns

    Great for the neckWonderful polos they are you comfortable I would buy again had a great night sleep

  59. Royal Therapy Customer

    nice piloi like nice

  60. Erin

    Nice comfortable pillowsThese pillows work great they hold their shape when you sleep on them all through the night. When they arrived I did have to fluff them up because they were a little flat due to packaging and shipping but that’s understandable. Since I gave them a good fluffing up they have held their shape and been very supportive. I am a side sleeper and it can be difficult to find pillows that don’t have me waking up the next morning with neck pain or a headache. These pillows are nice and supportive to my neck and I don’t wake up with any pain.

  61. Steven Dziobak

    Most Comfortable Pillow I’ve hadcoming from a guy who spends time at hotels for work, this is great item to have when i come home. Not big on writing reviews especially positive ones. I will be giving to friends for their birthday gifts going forward, a pillow good enough for birthdays.

  62. Jethro’s Dad

    Too soft for me…These seem to be well-made pillows, but they are softer than a politicians morals. I’ll have to look for something more supportive.

  63. Arturo Davila

    great sleep pillowsgood product

  64. Doris M. Collins

    These are quilityI bought these for our guest bedroom, while our company was visiting, they told me they had not slept so well for days. I give the credit to the pillows after their comment!! I changed the pillows with the ones we were using, we both like them better than our others. I may buy some more!

  65. Royal Therapy Customer

    Love these pillowsI ordered these because I had been having neck pain with my previous pillows. One night on these and I could immediately tell a difference. I am always nervous ordered a product like this unseen but I was pleasantly surprised. There was no chemical smell to the pillows and after 24 hours they were fluffy and supportive. My neck pain has improved drastically. These are really great for such a low price!


    Great comforting pillowsGreat pillows. Very comfortable at a great price. Sleeping much better. I like the height, I like the level of softness.

  67. Momof3

    Excellent quality, a little too firm but still great.Excellent product, I would recommend if you like firm pillows. They do soften with time, so it really does not bother me. purchased 6 of these to replace the ones I had.

  68. Kinny Mark

    Great soft pillowBought it for my wife as she likes hotel pillows. Had this for about 3 days and get good sleep every night! Soft enough and my wife can also hold one when she sleeping!

  69. Sheri2222!

    Fast shippingComfy

  70. clem

    comfyso far…comfy


    Product as described. Presentation was also good.Nice and fluffy! Great for those with allergies!

  72. Jane

    Good priceWoo~I can not believe that I could have such great pillows in good shape. My husband loves it, he said it makes his shoulder feel relaxed!Also,he falls in sleep quickly ~~ Totally, I recommend this to you guys!

  73. Tammy

    PillowsThese were great for my spare bedroom. Would buy again.

  74. C.L

    Great Pillows!Great buy! They are very soft, fluffy and comfortable to sleep on. The pillows came in with no chemical smell and great packaging. I was first a little worried because these pillows are very soft but after a few days of sleep on these, I very much enjoyed these because they are very supportive. I’m a side sleeper and these pillows work great for me, I am very happy with the purchase.

  75. lucktlynda

    What I needed.We bought for our guest room. Guests thought they were very comfortable.

  76. zhaoyang

    Comfortable pillowVery comfortable pillow at a reasonable price. It feels so great. Would strongly recommend to my friends:)

  77. Reina M

    Excellent buyMy guests have all loved these pillows. They are a little larger than a standard but look puffy and soft on the bed. They have not flattened at all. Would definitely buy these again.

  78. K.P.

    Thumbs up!Like sleeping on a cloud. You get the softness and great support with this pillow!!

  79. Karlene Zheng

    Comfy and puffyThe pillow were super comfy, I been using it for a while now still super puffy. made my sleep much better.

  80. Yiang

    Comfort pillows with good supportI decided to get those pillows after I found the current one having down out. This new pillow I have never used before but to my surprise it is very comfort but with good support. I am a side sleeper and have no issue with them.

  81. Royal Therapy Customer

    Good pillow!This pillow is very comfortable and softy. My parents really like it. Good pillow with good price. Really support our neck when we sleep. And it’s also easy to wash and dry.

  82. Brenda Bell Chute

    Great QualityThese pillows honestly have to be the best pillows I have ever had ! I am mostly a side sleeper and they are soft enough to not put my neck in a kink while sleeping, while still giving support. I no longer have to sleep with my arm under the pillow to give me the support I need.My head stays cool while sleeping, no more sweating & waking up to turn the pillow to the cool side.Upon opening the pillows are very flat but within a few hours they fluff up to be ready to use. There was no odor to them as other pillows have had when new, I was able to sleep with them the first night after opening them.Great quality, I will be purchasing more for other members of the family !

  83. ahsanomar

    They’re GoodPillows were as described. Delivered quite compact.

  84. michigander

    Very fluffy and doesn’t become flatVery comfy pillow! Fluffy and nice! It is with super good quality! Like the one we used to have in the hotel! What a wonderful product! Thanks Royal Therapy for having this nice product! Really enjoy sleeping on it!

  85. Wealtha Bragg

    Thank you for the discount/saleI’m happy I bought this pillows, I usually don’t like pillows but I had to try this one because it says soft and I’m happy with my purchase.

  86. Casey M.

    They’re great!These pillows are extra big and fluffy! I love them

  87. James C.

    Love this productNice and fast shipping.

  88. Royal Therapy Customer

    Love them and would buy them againThese are the best pillows! The first night we had them was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in awhile. I would recommend these for anyone.

  89. JL

    Soft pillowThese pillows are sooo soft! Just FYI, these pillows aren’t high at all, if you like a lot of support, you probably want to skip this. But if you are like me, that liked low pillows, that’s the one.

  90. Jean E Ells

    Great support.Great product.

  91. Deedee

    Pillows Used for Inside Pillow Shams!I purchased these pillows to put inside pillow shams. They are thick and fluffy enough that they hold their shape well and look great!

  92. Brooke

    Soft and fluffySo soft and fluffy. Perfect for extra kneck support

  93. Marie

    WowI find myself questioning if I have ever slept before?? It’s literally “lights out” when my head hits these pillows. I would just want a little tiny bit more firm ..otherwise absolutely perfect!!

  94. erica unger

    Wonderful pillowsThe best pillows I have ever purchased.

  95. Victoria Steiger

    Very soft and comfyAbsolutely love these so comfortable ,soft, and cozy . Well worth the money I think I’m going to order a couple more.

  96. ann harrison

    Best pillowBest pillow I have ever had!

  97. Liz E.

    Comfortable!I bought these for my AirBnB room and my guests love sleeping on them.

  98. Cliente Royal Therapy

    SoftI find this pillow too soft, but I guess is a matter of habit.

  99. D. F. Carroll

    Nice!Nice buy! The pillows feel great as it contours to your head and neck.

  100. Sassy S.

    Still fluffyLike these pillows they are still fluffy. They are bigger than standard. Sticks out of regular pillow case.

  101. Mekhrochjon Ibragimov

    A++++Good and comfortable

  102. Fan Chen

    It ’s great to buy such a pillowIt ’s great to buy such a pillow, it is better than supermarkets and shopping malls. The pillows are good, very comfortable, soft and affordable! like it so much! Will repurchase in further! Express delivery is also fast! Good quality, this brand is trustworthy. Really recommend buying.

  103. hotaruai

    Thumps upI almost never review, but these are amazing. The pillows each come sealed and compact.

  104. Anon

    GreatGreat quality. Fluff for optimum plushness.

  105. Gville

    Very nice pillowsVery nice pillows, love them

  106. T. Thompson

    Lovely pillowsThese seem to be well made. Cozy

  107. Patti Robertson

    Pillow supportWanted a pillow not too thick but had support and soft

  108. Alice

    It’s a good nights sleep!Closest pillow I’ve found that resembles those at hotels.

  109. SuperShopperSuzanne

    Good value for the price.Very soft yet firm. Keep their shape. Very comfortable.

  110. Reba Timothy

    Plush and perfectExtremely plush and soft. Great for people who love super soft pillows. I pair mine with a firmer one for extra support. Great purchase for the price

  111. Devin P.

    Not for pillow fights!Have to be used for sleeping, no pillow fights with them!

  112. Chris P.

    Great pillowsVery comfortable, perfect combination of softness and support.

  113. Violeta Diaz

    Very cómodaSupport my head and softness

  114. Bill

    i sleep betterthought id try these ! very comfy and soft! I actually sleep better ! I have the king size too but have not tried those yet! different room!

  115. Kathleen K.

    Neck angle.The pillow was just a bit too overstuffed for my liking, but still a beautifully made item. I washed them straight away to remove the manufacturing smell and ithey came up roses.

  116. Kokomo

    Worth the moneyUsed for sleeping in queen size bed. Finally found pillows that satisfied with . Merchandise arrived in timely manner and well packaged. Would repurchase.

  117. Royal Therapy Customer

    Good qualityOutlast other pillows on market

  118. Joseph Easton Davis

    SurprisingThese are really fluffy, an excellent value.

  119. Baylee Leavitt

    Comfy! Not too softBest pillows I’ve ever had! Love them.

  120. EdwardsGifts

    Too largePillows were firm and oversized. Your almost at a 45 degree angle

  121. Sarah

    highly recommend!love these pillows! ive spent over $60 on one pillow from alot of different places, different brands, but they all end up flattening or just not holding up. I can finally say I found a GREAT pillow that I love! holds up great. doesnt stay flat . once I get up from laying on it, it puffs right back up!

  122. M and J Salgado

    Great pillows for the priceThese pillows were soft And comfortable

  123. Gretchen Mills

    Total comfort and supportAmazing pillows..slept on these on vacation and when I got home, I ordered some for myself. Best night sleep ever!

  124. Nicole

    Great purchaseAbsolutely love this pillow. I purchase a set for my son for Christmas and he bragged about these. Said that they haven’t gone flat on him and it’s so soft. I purchased a pair for myself and my son is correct. These pillows have held up for over a month. They’re not too thick nor too thin, just right for me. I don’t have to keep fluffing them up during the night nor do I have to fold it over.

  125. Texasmom

    PillowsI love these pillows! Best pillows I ever bought!

  126. Miss Lila

    Comfy pillowsPretty happy with the pillow. At first I placed this queen size pillow in a standard size pillow protector case that made the pillow too firm and uncomfortable. After 2 weeks of miserable sleep, I was ready to return the pillows and decided to change the protector to queen size – the pillow became looser and softer. Sleep, comfort, and support were much better. After 3 weeks it is still holding its shape and springiness.

  127. Royal Therapy Customer

    very nicenice

  128. Shannon L.

    Soft!Very soft and fluffy! Love!

  129. Jojo

    Great valueGreat for traveling

  130. Laura Wizda

    Great pillow for the cost!Great pillow for the cost!

  131. m

    HappyVery happy with these pillows. Big and fluffy.

  132. Crypto

    Nice pillow, nice priceNice pillows. Firm and supportive. Fun to watch “grow” when opened. Recommend king size covers, this will keep them clean and fully covered.

  133. Lisa

    Highly recommendUsed for first time last night and I truly love it. Just right. Not to soft or firm. My head was supported. Woke up no kinks or pains for first time in a long time. Highly recommend.

  134. QuiltQueen

    Love!I’ve been using these pillows for about 4 weeks now. They are medium firmness and PERFECT for me. I hate buying pillows because I go through about 4-5 sets before I find one that I can use. These I recieved and was nervous about it, but turned out to be the best buy I’ve ever done. I am a side and back sleeper and they work amazing. Not to soft where my head just falls down, not to firm where my neck ends up hurting. They have kept their shape for the 4 weeks I’ve had them. Super glad I bought these!

  135. Chev & Richard

    Totally recommend for all age group.Omg! These pillows are amazing! Check it out for yourself I guarantee it’s a like for you. They are very comfortable, supportive and soft.

  136. J.H.

    ComfortableGood pillows! A little larger than I thought, had to stuff them into my standard pillow cover but they are comfortable. I used these for guests.

  137. Pat Obrien

    Softness and SupportPerfect combo of softness and support. And the price is phenomenal.

  138. John Styler

    Nice pillowNice pillow. Maybe a little full with the filling. Hoping after more used it gets slightly better. Otherwise good product.

  139. Jason


  140. Shelby

    So comfortable! Regret not getting them soonerMy husband absolutely loves his, I’ve struggled with mine a bit more as it’s a bit more fluffy than I like, however, it’s very comfortable! Now that I have my body more aligned I’m not have the alarm pain I did as I’m a side sleeper.

  141. gilbert3070

    If you’re looking for a really firm pillow this one isn’t itThey are nice but not as firm as I hoped

  142. garrowood

    Great valueGreat value

  143. nesscakes

    No painNo neck pains

  144. Code

    awesome pillowsThese pillows are great. yes they have flatted a bit over time but fluff them every night before sleep and they are back to normal. these pillows have fixed my sleeping issues. i wake up with no neck pain and i sleep most the night…before i would wake up every two hours if not more. i love these pillows and will purchase them again when i need to

  145. Charles Griewahn

    Awesome pillowsThese are great unlike the ones I’ve purchased at Walmart. I love em

  146. Darline

    Great PillowsBetter sleep

  147. Alicia Winne

    Great valueSuper fluffy and full

  148. Jay

    Very comfyVery comfy

  149. Raissa Brooks

    Awesome!Looove these pillows!! I couldn’t believe how great of a price they were and how comfortable. Would definitely recommend!

  150. erik

    Nice pillowTook a little to expand but very comfortable to sleep on. No more tossing and turning.

  151. Lala

    SatisfactionBest pillow ever

  152. Love

    Batting 1000 on sleepful nights and comfortable days!I am in love with how absolutely comfortable they are. I bought 4 and im glad I did. I love the way they were packaged also…just awesome!!!

  153. Julia benitez

    It’s a good productI like the product

  154. Royal Therapy Customer

    comfortable and maintains it’s shapesee above

  155. ???Teresa Harris???

    They are so nice .they make you feel special just to have themI absolutely love these pillows ,I am 53 and they are the nicest most comfortable pillow I have ever had or sleep on ,I AM GETTING MORE ,They feel so nice you just feel like its you coming home

  156. James E. Greenup

    Yooo these pillows are AMAZINGWas kind of skeptical at first because of the low price, but these are soooooo good! LOVE them. No tossing or turning or fluffing needed. You just lay down and you don’t want to move. Great deal Fantastic!

  157. R

    I love it!Very Soft and Comfortable !!! ?? Makes me sleep for 15 hours a day!

  158. ifesinachi

    ZzzzGood for the guess bedroom. Would purchase again

  159. Vivian Pearson

    QualityThese pillows are extremely well made. They are comfortable and breathable. I would recommend these to every back and side sleeper out there.

  160. Mary J. Banta

    Comfy Soft Bedroom PillowsLove my new soft pillows for our bedroom! Now I will sleep comfortably:)Mary Banta???

  161. nancy mcclellan

    A must buy!These pillows are awesome. I unfortunately bought the queen size and I went back to a king. So I need extra pillows and totally forgot that I had bought these. There a must buy and very good support for your neck, if u have that problem.

  162. D

    A TRUE ”QUEEN” SIZEI don’t leave reviews .. but … this is THE FIRST pillow that says ”queen” size and it is exactly 20X30″ !! BRAVO seller. I have pillow shams that needed a true queen insert. When they say standard/queen … it is always a standard. So happy they fit my shams. Fluffed up- fast no need to wait longer than 10 mins if that 🙂 Least for me. Puffy, soft, firm and soft. No smell at all .. vacuumed sealed … One issue I have is the colored border around the gusset. I WISH people would just make it ALL WHITE!!! so annoying seeing dark line around the edges when you put a white or light sham over it. They keep making them with colors … really not versatile. SADLY I had to return … otherwise a PERFECT PILLOW and seller!

  163. Florence Rink

    Very nice pillowsI am glad I purchased them. They are soft and provide enough support.

  164. David Jeffers

    What we thoughtThey are fine

  165. Golden Eagle

    DisappointedWish they were firmer.

  166. Wawayanda Wanderer

    ComfortableVery nice pillow

  167. Lisa G. Walls

    comfort4-10-20 just purchased & am happy with the pillows

  168. Jackie

    Get these. You won’t regret it.These are amazing. Couldn’t be happier. Best purchase.

  169. Mitchell

    Very comfortableVery comfortable

  170. Rebecca A

    FantasticMuch softer than I thought it would be but honestly they are so comfortable. I usually get a firmer pillow so when these arrived I was a little worried about if I wasted my money. But they are so soft and plush and I’ve been sleeping really well lately. They came a little later than expected but with what’s going on in the world it’s all totally understandable. This nurse thanks you for a wonderful nights of sleep I have been getting.

  171. Heydy Marmolejos

    Top qualityI would highly recommend to my friends and family!

  172. Vivian


  173. Tasha Rodriguez

    The Best PillowsI have been suffering with neck pain for about 2 weeks! I found these pillows to be extraordinarily amazing! The packaging is great and it is the most comfortable and best sleeping pillows I’ve ever owned!

  174. Lost momma

    A new happy ending, to the day!My husband is like his mother. Seriously complains about everything- we have went through many types of pillows.. so far my princess has not found the pea. Thank god I can get some sleep. I plan on ordering more.

  175. Cathy

    Purrfect pillowsLove it perfect size and it’s very comfortable to sleep on

  176. Jaclyn Smith

    The perfect pillowsI was skeptical about buying these pillows at first because I prefer to feel and see the size of pillows in person before purchasing. The price was excellent for two pillows, so I thought why not. The description said “standard queen size pillows” and let me tell you, they are just a little bit bigger than I was expecting, but that’s okay! When I took them out of the box and packaging, they immediately fluffed up. I barely had to help plump them up. I thought they might be a little too fluffy for me, but they ended up being SO comfortable! When I lay down, I sink right into the pillow, but it still has enough comfort and support for my neck and head. I’ve noticed that I fall asleep quicker at night now that I have new pillows that are so comfortable and soft, yet still supportive! I will definitely buy more pillows from Royal Therapy in the future!

  177. Victoria

    thumbs upvery sturdy yet soft and comfy

  178. Sassy D

    Royal Therapy Queen PillowsI am glad that I ordered these pillows! I slept so good! Great value, well made and very comfortable!

  179. Niki

    An All in One PillowI needed something to really support me when i have to sit up and breath if i am sick and something to give comfort to my head when i have awful migraine , and this pillow does that they are exactly what i needed. They have been with me for about a week now and just awesome, i also bought pillow protectors, just amazing comfort and i have been sleeping through the night so far. i will purchase again.

  180. felicia

    Top notch in comfort!OMG super duper soft! Doesn’t lose fluff!

  181. Heather Erickson

    Perfect for my side sleeping!Have neck and back pain from being hit by two semi’s, now I finally have pillows that help so much!

  182. Memaw10

    DissapointedPreviously ordered queen size pillows and gave them a 5 star. Ordered same pillows in full and received different quality of pillow. The support isn’t as good and they loose their shape quickly.

  183. Kayla

    FluffySuper fluffy which I love but sometimes I have the squish or move the fluff around so my head isn’t to high if that makes sense, I sleep with my arm under the pillow so sometime that makes neck soar in the morning but other than that its perfect

  184. Crisha the retard

    Just don’t understand why they would ship them separately though lol.It’s a pretty good pillow….specially for it’s price.

  185. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great Pillows for a Stomach SleeperThese pillows are amazing! So soft and so fluffy! I’m a stomach sleeper and they’re awesome!

  186. laura inshetski

    Great pillows except for one coming apart at the seamsI love my new pillows but one pillow is coming apart at the seam they are probably the best pillows I got in a long time except for the one pillow

  187. Erika

    It’s pretty goodHad them 4 about 3 days… I will be back in about a week

  188. Lau Savage

    Love them!It took a while for these to arrive but completely worth the wait! I followed the instructions and fluffed them up upon opening. Then, them sit for a little over 24 hours and they were so fluffy! It feels like I’m at a hotel! LOVE THEM!

  189. Picky Nikki

    LovvveeeeOmg this pillow is amazeeeeee balls lol. For real it is so soft and made me push my old pillows to the side. I didn’t like the price but I see and feel why is cost that much.

  190. Emily R

    Big & fluffyVery soft & comfortable! Due to the extreme fluffiness, this pillow is more of a support piece than a pillow I can comfortably sleep on.

  191. Leeann Eagle

    Good valueGreat value for price. Comfortable pillow. Would buy again.

  192. jud

    ComfortableI have had a hard time finding a pillow that is comfortable for me. This one is great!

  193. Riri

    FluuffffyyyyyThese pillows are extremely fluffy and soft.We used to have just cheap whatever pillows and they don’t even compare to how large and soft these are. They’re literally marshmallows, I love them !!

  194. ken r. coleman

    PillowsThese are some of the best pillows I’ve ever had I recommend them highly

  195. DocB

    Good QualityREVIEW UPDATE:I originally gave a review with 1 star because as soon as I received my pillows, I unpackaged and washed them. One of the pillows ripped open and created a huge mess. I contacted the seller and they quickly responded offering to send new pillows, which are super fluffy and did not rip or tear in the wash.I received these pillows, vacuumed sealed, which was great. I opened them and they puffed right up, put them in the washer as I do with all my bedding, and one of the pillows burst open and made a mess. I literally just took them out of them packaging and put them in the wash.

  196. Felicia Pace

    Sweet dreams!I have only had my pillows for a week. So far I have been pleased with them. They’re fluffy and firm enough for me. I will buy them again.

  197. Memory

    Queen Hotel PillowsLove these pillows can’t wait to order more.

  198. Molly C

    Get a bigger pillow caseThese pillows say they’re queens but they’re a little oversized for a queen pillow case! I ordered some queen sized pillow cases and they stick out the ends a little bit. Not really a big problem but just be aware you may want to get pillow cases with a zipper on the end or buttons to hold these bad boys in.

  199. Alan Moore

    Love these pillowsI a these these m pretty fussy picking out a pillow and this is the first time I picked one out online. It turned out these are the best pillows I’ve ever had. I can’t express how happy I am with this purchase.

  200. Nora Alday

    PerfectLove these pillows, slept so good!Soft and light,Love it!

  201. denise sifuentes

    I will buy again.Great support.

  202. Royal Therapy Customer

    Soft and comfortingThese pillows are literally the BEST. I haven’t had pillows feel this great in long time.

  203. Kymberlynn Griggs

    so softI love them. They are soft but not to soft

  204. ANN

    ComfortGreat pillows great price

  205. Shanell hayes

    Great pillowsThe pillows are soft, yet firm enough to use as back support, or in-between the knees. I love my pillows.

  206. Nau

    Firm Yet Soft PillowsWe loved these pillows firm yet very soft.

  207. Alec Laracuente

    Nothing like a new pillowVery fluffy, comes in a neat package and within minutes fluffs to great support. With the money.

  208. Rosemary Baskakow

    Best investment I’ve made this yearBest pillows I ever purchased. Sleeping is so much better ?

  209. Stefilin

    Seem to be great for the priceHaven’t slept on them yet, but once they fluffed up, they felt pretty good. Definitely cushy, but nice. Will edit review after trying them.

  210. Lisa V.

    Setting the Bar HighIn my own opinion, words cannot express how truly great these pillows are. I apologize upfront for the length of this review, but I have to tell you the whole story. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), so restorative sleep is paramount. In the past I purchased other pillows from different stores and even from “as seen on TV” infomercial pillows supposed to align your spine and help with other “ailments.” With the other pillows that I purchased, I found that the muscle running down the center of my back began to ache and that affected everything that I did throughout the day. I already ache enough as it is with my condition – I didn’t want to add pain to it! After numerous attempts, I finally just gave up and went back to using my “ratty” looking ones. You know the pillows I’m talking about – the ones that have been used and washed so many times that even when you’ve made your bed, it still looks awful (yeah, those type of pillows)? LOL. As bad as that may seem, those were the only ones that didn’t hurt my neck. Whenever I purchase things regarding sleep (including mattresses), I like to physically see (in this case touch) the item prior to purchasing it. I took a chance and ordered these pillows (King sized) and I’m glad that I did. These pillows are so comfortable and soft and help with my sleep as well as my neck. I wasn’t sure if I’d like them or if the size would be ok since I have a Queen bed and not a King. These pillows are perfect and add a level of comfort to my bed that I have never experienced before (sad, but true)! I highly recommend these pillows for anyone that wants soft, fluffy and “luxury hotel quality” pillows. I loved them so much, I bought some for my guest bedroom in Queen size.

  211. Giada Elizabeth

    Comfy ?Very nice! Supportive yet soft! Not like, life changing ? But for sure comfy!

  212. chris

    ComfortableVery satisfied! I was skeptical when looking at the package, however, very happy with the softness and comfort. Good purchase!

  213. michelle thomas

    LovelyAmazing. So comfy. Firm but not too firm but I can tell they will not go flat anytime soon.

  214. Eden

    Love my pillowsExactly what I wanted

  215. Royal Therapy Customer

    Pillows are different from eachotherOne of the pillows is great but the other one is way to firm and full, I didn’t know they would be different.

  216. Karen

    Need to order larger cases for the size of pillows! :)Holy smokes! These queen pillows need king size cases! No joke!

  217. Nancy M.

    Fluffy excellent quality ?Awesome great fluffy Queen size pillows. Well made,excellent quality.

  218. Pantherboi

    Awesome pillows for the priceI haven’t slept so good before I bought these pillows that it’s almost hard to believe it. The pillows are well priced too, I will definitely order more for my guest room

  219. Jami P

    Overall greatbut could be softer

  220. Mariposa

    LOVE THIS PILLOWS!!!This pillows feels amazing, soft but at the same time firm, quality is a plus, and it adjust to my neck beautifully.Recommend it for back sleeper.

  221. Amber Barton

    Buying another set! Love these :)I am very impressed with these pillows! They are fluffy, comfy and not too hard or soft. I’m buying another set!!!

  222. Kayli H

    So much fluffSo these are probably exactly what some people look for. I did expect fluffy pillows but oh my goodness, these are more than expected. They’re pretty dense so the fluff stays, even as you lay on them. I’ve been using them as my sham pillows and mostly for support while awake. They’re hard to sleep on in my opinion which is why I removed a star. Not quite the comfort I was looking for.

  223. Gina Kim

    Love them!Great pillows! Super plush, medium firm, and still fluffs up when not using to tie in my beautiful bedding in the morning 🙂

  224. Loohh

    Very Comfortable Pillowsone of the most comfortable pillows i have bought so far, worth every cent

  225. Kate

    So comfy!!Just the support I need! So fluffy but firm! I am. Obsessed!

  226. Royal Therapy Customer

    ComfortableI absolutely love the the of pillows. It is very comfortable and soft. I am really pleased and satisfied! Well done!

  227. CCP

    Satisfieddefinitely hotel quality. Nice and soft but supportive at the same time.

  228. Christine Gosnell

    Wonderful! Better than I was expecting.These were quite a surprise. Amazing pillows soft yet firm. They look just like hotel pillows at a nice hotel. Absolutely love!

  229. Downtown Brown

    exceptional pillows i have purchased four so farexceptional pillows soft comfortable good sleeping

  230. Natasha

    Happy customerI will be buying more of these pillows they are so comfy and have not flatten at all I get a good nights sleep every night

  231. B. A. Corcoran

    Sry comfyThese pillows are super soft and comfy. They are so fluffy and puff up right after you get up from laying in them all night. I ordered a pair first and loved them so much I ordered a second pair for my bed then the comforter which too is so comfy!

  232. Courtney N.

    Good pillowKeep their shape and support

  233. Tahica Fredericks

    They are very soft, but in a good way.I am so happy to have found these pillows. The first night with our new pillows, I slept very well and I didn’t wake up with neck pain or a headache. We’re concerning another spare pair. I’ve often purchased pillows ‘firm’ with the hope they’ll last longer. Never again.

  234. RP

    ComfyGreat pillows

  235. Damon

    Very supportiveMy second best pillow

  236. donna lambertson

    ExcellentI love the pillowd

  237. Zack

    Some of the best pillowsIf you ever want to replicate that feeling of a super plush hotel pillows then this is it.

  238. Janice W.

    too soft for mesoftness would like a firmer pillow

  239. caladesta

    FunctionalYou can put it anywhere to support.

  240. Annette

    Perfect set of pillows!Love those pillows! They are stable yet comfortable not too soft just as I love my pillows to be. Great price

  241. Jairo Sanchez

    GoodFair price, good quality, good size

  242. Lynn

    Quality pillow for a good priceThis has been the best pillows. The hold their shape and is good for side sleepers. The first set was a King and decided to buy Queen pillows for our guest room.

  243. Nana

    ComfortGreat pillow

  244. Sharon Fisher

    Comfortable pillowsThe pillows are comfortable and conforms to shape with my body.

  245. trudyptoo

    Perfect for what I neededPerfect for pillow inserts

  246. Candace

    no more sleepless nightsLike laying on clouds, if its anything like these pillows. Its so cool when you take them out the pack. They slowly rise like bread dough. So comfy that you don’t wanna get out of bed.

  247. Deneisha

    Fluffy and comfortableIt is one of the most comfortable pillows I’ve ever slept on.

  248. Rosebud

    Great PillowsUsed these queen size pillows on twin size bed, fit perfectly, no rolling off the edge of the pillow. Would buy again

  249. Deanna Cote’

    RelaxingThe pillows are good quality. They arrived quickly in a fairly small box & fluffed up well as soon as they were taken out of the packaging. It would help to have the correct size pillow cases offered with the pillow at time of purchase since the pillow cases I have tried to use or either too small or too big.

  250. Robin

    Great PillowsI purchased these pillows a few months ago, and they’re fantastic; however, when I purchased my second set, I noticed that they’re not USA made pillows. I’m trying to support as many USA businesses as possible, so I returned my second set. I love the initial pillows I purchased, though.

  251. jade mckay

    ? unicorn , a cut above the restThese pillows are great !! I was nervous they would be big enough or soft enough but they are amazing I’m 5’2 I bought 2 of them it literally feels like I’m cuddling with a person , so soft and has the greatest support these are the best pillows I’ve ever bought not to mention how affordable they are .??

  252. Daisy’s Dad

    Best pillow I have ever owened.I got a new mattress and 2 queen sized pillows. The pillow are great, so great I don’t even care that I got a new mattress. If you need a pillow these are the best pillows ever!!!!

  253. Sade Oville

    Soft and Fluffy!!!The pillows are very soft and fluffy. They did not offer much support to my neck, but they were packaged well and made out of quality material! If you love large fluffy soft pillows, this will be great for you!

  254. L. Alfaro

    The most comfortable pillow I have ever slept onI’m a side/front sleeper, and this pillow is by far the most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on. I wish I’d purchased it sooner!

  255. Shante_Llace

    ”PILLOW SNOB” IN LOVE!!!!!!!?I absolutely LOVVVVEEEE these pillows! I am what you would call a “pillow snob”. I like my pillows to be fluffy and soft but also firm and supportive. I don’t like them to smush, get squished, or lose their shape over time. These pillows have been th best I have bought over the years by farrrrrrr! They’re so soft and fluffy but still solid and firm! They sometimes get a little “compacted” from continuously using the same pillow or sleeping in the same position over and over again(I rotate my pillows to slightly avoid this).. but literally folding the pillows four different ways(directions included) to re-fluff them back up works crazy good!! I’m amazingly surprised at how well they re-fluff up! The life just puffs right back into them with little to no effort!

  256. Dita Kaba

    MehThese pillows are nice but they are not down pillows

  257. Kyle G

    Soft and ComfySuper soft and as described! Definetly worth the money spent

  258. BigSexy

    PERFECTJust love it

  259. Shawnimor

    Perfect pillow!We love these pillows. Made of polyester but not lumpy at all. Great support but squishy enough for them to be very comfortable!

  260. Dana Owens

    Good pillows at a good priceGreat pillows! Nice and soft while still giving me the support I need.

  261. Amanda Elston

    So comfortable!Highly recommend, super comfortable, soft and great for side sleepers like me.

  262. Carla T.

    Love itGreat finally I found a comfortable pillow and at a great price too

  263. Kasie Miller

    Great quality!The media could not be loaded.  These pillows are soft, fluffy and supportive! They hold there shape and I loved that they came vaccumedsealed. You will be pleased if you get these! I genuinely love them, I hope you do too!

  264. VAO

    Nighty Night!According to my Fitbit, I had not ever had a good night’s sleep. Only fair to poor. Since I bought these, I have had several nights a week when I get good sleep. I don’t know if correlation is causation here, but it’s got to be a factor. These pillows are big and comfortable and I recommend them.

  265. Suzanne E. Jarnagin

    Big, Sturdy, and Soft. Perfect Pillow.In my dotage, I can say that I have never before claimed to love a pillow. Until now. I LOVE THIS PILLOW. It is my first queen-size, and it perfectly fits my queen bed. So, it looks great. It’s a full pillow – as huggable as my hubby. It feels soft, but doesn’t flatten out. I have two for each of us, and they are supportive and comphy enough for sitting up to read, too. If you like sturdy but soft pillows that keep their shape, this could be the perfect pillow for you.

  266. Cliffaredia

    Just what I needed.I’m in Love with these pillows. Soft and stays soft and fluffy.

  267. 47

    great pillowsexactly as expected

  268. Terry


  269. Kindle Customer

    Great value and quality.Amazing pillows, love them so much I bought two more, just for me.

  270. Bowerze2d

    Solid purchaseAt the price it’s a heck of a deal. Quick delivery. Opened them and let them expand from vacuum sealed packaging and shoved them into pillow cases and took a nap. She raced over hers and I like mine just as much. Solid deal if affordable servivable pillows are needed.

  271. Kathleen Z

    SO COMFY!!Finally a pillow that I don’t have to fluff throughout the night! Will definitely be buying more for the guest bedroom!Definitely let your pillows expand before using them..

  272. dale fronczak

    great productWith my old pillows I woke up every morning with neck and shoulder pain, within 2 nights NO MORE PAIN. Love them.

  273. Lilly Korkukluolgu

    durability, quality, safety and comfortSo far I liked the protection the pillow cover will provide for my sild pillowcases. I have not had it long enough to make a full determination.

  274. Jack C

    Nice pillows!We absolutely love these pillows. The best I’ve gotten in years! Am def going to order more.

  275. Mike-Winder GA

    Very good productSoft but still supporting

  276. GMarshall

    They’re pillowsDecent. Not totally supportful but they are just to go behind my main pillows

  277. Klimaxx Security Media System


  278. Royal Therapy Customer

    Comfort is key!Super soft makes you feel like you’re floating! Highly recommend buying these!!

  279. Jon

    Very Firm PillowsExactly as described. They are very firm and great for sleeping. Expect they will remain like this for a good year.

  280. Danita

    Side SleeperI’ve searching for a real side sleeper pillow. I was about to quit looking when I came by these pillows. After reading the reviews I decided to give them a try. I’m so happy that I did. They’re great, I finally had a good sleep without waking up tired and neck pain??????????

  281. Cynthia Woodard

    Luxury brought to my home.I love these pillows, they remind me of the pillows I slept on in Vegas at the Aria hotel..ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS ?

  282. UHmazing Me

    Wish I’d Bought SoonerThese pillows are exactly what I was looking for. I’ve had them about a month and they’re still perfect, unlike many others. For some after the first month or so they start to flatten. Very pleased with the support and firmness.

  283. Martine Clark


  284. Nellie– a blind shopper

    very niceI have been on the hunt for pillows for so darn long, and these are pretty close to perfect. They are very fluffy, but almost too much, or maybe too dense? I was worried about my neck hurting, but nope, it didnt. After laying my head on it for a few minutes it got more comfortable and kept my neck alined with my spine. If you saw these in a dpt store, they would easily cost at least twice maybe three times more. It is a great deal for only $14 each! I have the “my pillow” and these are by far nicer, and half the price! Buying some more for the guest bedroom.

  285. DryKhan

    Comfortable and Coolthe Pillows come Vacuum compressed so open them and let them breath. but ive used them now for a week and love them usualy pass right out once i go to bed.

  286. c. Jacobson

    Comfy and affordableThe pillows are very comfortable!

  287. Joseph Del Carmen

    Great Quality & ValueThese pillows are very nice quality and holds its shape. Highly recommend.

  288. Preston Crawford

    ComfyI would like to give a five star. I really like these pillows however one of the split the seam and I was unhappy with it since it split only a few weeks after receiving them.

  289. Rick Angelico

    A+great product

  290. Angela Smallwood

    Perfect softness but firmperfect for side or back sleepers


    ComfortableI bought the pillows for my 74 yr old brother. He called me and said those were the best pillows he ever had. That made me happy

  292. kendra

    Quality good, but not supportive enough.I gave this product 5 stars because i have absolutely no problem with the quality or anything. However, i read many reviews for these pillows before i took the plunge. A lot of the reviews said it was very supportive. And I’m sure for them it was. I just want to put this out there in case someone is on the fence about purchasing them… this is not supportive enough for me. I need a very supportive pillow, and it is probably time i check out the memory foam ones, but I’m cheap and wanted to see if anything else would work. This one was did not work for me. My neck has been killing me since i bought it. Again, the quality is fine and I’m sure it is wonderful or many people. Buying pillows online is tricky and i knew that going into the purchase so I’m totally not upset or anything. But if you need a lot of support in a pillow, keeping looking, these ones don’t cut it.

  293. Brinda Lamarre

    Great Pillows ??Perfect for pillow changes.

  294. Osama

    ComfortableIt’s so comfortable definitely would recommend it

  295. Tai Matautia

    these sum good azz pillowsthese mf pillows smack

  296. JolanD

    Great pillows but HUGE!They’re very nice and soft. Firm enough – not TOO soft. No nasty chemical smells when I opened the vacuum seal. But I wish I’d ordered standard size, these pillows are huge! I actually measured, they’re 18×30. Once I cram then into my pillow protector and case, I bet they’ll be like jumbo thick!Still, they’re great pillows. (The above is more an observation than a complaint.)

  297. Alicia

    Best SleepEver since I received these pillows I have been sleeping the best. I was uncomfortable at night before, now the comfort is so great that I feel like I sleep in a cloud. LOVE THEM!!!

  298. ddhunt

    Comfortable pillows, good price.These pillows provide good support and are a generous size.

  299. Goodlife0804

    Love my new pillowsWe was well over due for new pillows, and we were not disappointed with these. Enjoyed a great night sleep first night we used them, we willBe buying a second set soon.

  300. Michael J

    ImpressiveI was pleasantly surprised by these pillows but make sure to follow the instructions and let it rest for 24 hours before using, but wonderful full pillows with wonderful support and excellent quality

  301. G Gomez

    goodit is good, better than i thought

  302. Lady t

    Sleep well earnedI have the hardest time finding a pillow I am truly comfortable with. it starts out good then in 2-3 days, I find something don’t like. I save had these for 1wk, I look forward to going to bed. it provides a certain amount of softness, but at the same time not too soft. So it’s firm enough to support your head and neck but soft enough to let you drift. I have found my forever pillow brand.

  303. John Gordon

    My Bed PillowsThese pillows are much better than “my pillow” I had those for two years and they are not what they claim to be, I was never impressed with ‘my pillow’.

  304. Patty Voller

    best pillow yetTryed lots of different pillows this is the best yet.

  305. Dreamer

    nice pillowsit very nice pillows, good material, for my was to soft .

  306. Kitchen Cook

    So good…If you sleep on your side as I do you will really like these pillows..they fluff back up too. Nice and soft.

  307. amy eskridge

    Finally found the perfect pillow!!I have tried over a dozen pillows looking for “the one”. I love these pillows. Worth the money. I am a size sleeper and find these pillows to be just the right firmness and softness.

  308. Jimmie graham

    PillowPerfect for me

  309. missdee

    The Best PillowsI’ve had these pillows for 10 months. They haven’t even begun to flatten. They’re soft, but firm. The best pillows that I’ve bought in my almost 60 years.

  310. Horace Tanniehill, Jr.

    Perfect!Comfortable and fluffy.

  311. Kenneth Kurtz

    I LOVE THESE PILLOWSI have had them over a couple months already and I continue to adore these pillows. They are far the BEST pillows I have ever had in 75 years. Every night when I lay my head down on them I truly do think how wonderful they are, really EVERY night! I’ve had the pillows from that guy on TV, garbage!! I truly do LOVE MY PILLOW!

  312. Mysticmoods

    A good choice for a guest bedroomI liked the fullness and firmness of the pillows when we first unwrapped them. They made up beautifully. We had to put our guest bedroom together on short notice, but my sisters-in-law both assured us they’d gotten a good night’s sleep and found the bedding very comfortable.

  313. Caroline favata

    worth buying onlineNice and firm and correct size

  314. Scott

    Good dealThanks

  315. Diane Chandler

    Finally the perfect pillowJust like a nice stay at a 5star hotel

  316. Dianne

    Very comfortable!Like everything

  317. Nageen Shah

    Super comfortable. I love itI tried many pillows before but was never satisfied, finally got the pillows I loved. So comfortable, soft. I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud. I’m happy with my purchase, totally worth it.

  318. TAN

    Worth every pennySo comfy! Great quality!Happy with my purchase.Will buy again.

  319. Royal Therapy Customer

    Best pillow everI like the pillows. what else do you want me to say.

  320. Yuan Bo Meng

    Beautiful pillowsI’ve struggled for years to find good pillows. The ones I’ve bought are always unwashable, smell weird, or uncomfortable. These have been the best pillows I’ve had in years and I plan on buying more, highly recommend!!!

  321. Royal Therapy Customer

    Awesome pillowsAmazing pillows

  322. zdawg

    AwesomeThese are great, I think I’m going to order another set

  323. VSR

    These pillows are wonderful!These pillows are very, very nice. They are soft and nicely plump and provide great head and neck support, yet still feel cloud-like. The pillows arrived quickly and were packaged nicely. We will definitely purchase these again as the need arises. Great product and service! Thank you!

  324. Amanda F.

    Side sleeperIf you are a side sleeper like me who cannot stand firm pillows and needs something soft and thick, congratulations. You may now stop scrolling, you have found the pillow you were looking for.

  325. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great pillows.Comfortable pillows nice quality and great price but don’t rip tags off use scissors or you will be sewing like me!

  326. Rosa

    My husband loves itSuper good

  327. MaryAnne H.

    Fantastic Pillows!I absolutely love these pillows. They’re super soft and impressive for the price. I will be buying these again!

  328. Matthew Wiltshire

    Firm pillowUsing as a sham insert.

  329. Royal Therapy Customer

    GreatVery happy

  330. Mostaza

    Great itemComfortable pillows great price

  331. TallGirl69

    Love them!The perfect amount of softness and firmness. Super comfy.

  332. Jana Howell

    My New Favorite PillowsI have never written an Royal Therapy review before but these pillows are 100% worth it. I take my sleep and comfort very seriously so I was skeptical. Any other pillows I’ve bought have gone flat or are too lumpy. These provide the exact right amount of support and no matter what don’t lose their shape. I’m a side sleeper and usually I have to have two pillows to give me the support I want but I can actually take the crappy Target pillows off my bed and be happy with just one of these pillows. Take it from me, they are WORTH IT

  333. Boo

    BOOWonderful pillows! Just the perfect softness/firmness.

  334. Patti Coats

    Comfortable.I like that they kept their shape all night.

  335. Lisa. J

    Made to fit the bed and good supportThe pillow has firm support, but still remains soft. I like the Queen size that fits the bed like it should.

  336. Royal Therapy Customer

    Aesthetically pleasing for the hotel bed lookI purchased these to fill out my shams for aesthetic purposes only, so my bed looked like a fluffy hotel bed and they nailed that. I didn’t buy them for comfort or to sleep with. That being said, they are firmer and thicker than my sleeping pillows. I like my sleeping pillows super soft and cozy.

  337. RJ Hamster

    My Royal Therapy Queen PillowsThe Royal Therapy Queen Oillows are perfect for my bed in my guest room – from the price of the pillows, to the quality of the pillows, to the swift shipping of the pillows, and much more – there is nothing/nothing to dislike….thank you

  338. Floridagirl

    Nice pillows with ample supportGreat Bed pillows. Very soft but also give support. Nice price besides.

  339. Jennifer B.

    Very softI lii ok be the pillows but there is no support. If you like to have your head sinking into the pillow you will love them!!!!

  340. Samantha White

    Perfect Softness & FirmnessGreat pillow. Perfect amount of softness and firmness. Will replace all pillows in my house with these.

  341. Kelly Bailey

    Super soft – would definitely buy again!These pillows are so soft and comfortable!! So far they have stayed super fluffy and have not gotten flat!! Love them!

  342. Teresa Kunz

    Son Likes the PillowsI have not tried the pillows because they were for my son. He said he likes the pillow a lot, they are comfortable. They arrived quickly and looked fine upon inspection.

  343. Kenosa Okafor

    Very soft and comfortable. I love this productVery soft and comfortable. I love this product

  344. Grandma De

    ComfortableKeeps it’s shape all night.

  345. Christmas Decorator

    true sizeNeeded true queen size pillows for a queen size sham.

  346. Krystle brunette

    Love loveSo soft and fluffy!!!

  347. Julep roses

    Great value and qualityI purchased these pillows after seeing them at a friend’s house. They are so supportive and soft, very well made.

  348. Evelyn Kasama

    Love the pillows. It’s exactly what I wanted.Support is great.

  349. Royal Therapy Customer

    Cost and comfort resonableI would recommend

  350. Danyel L.

    Great pillows- Second set I have bought!The pillows really are very comfortable, soft and supportive.

  351. Darla Ziegler

    WonderfulThese pillows are fantastic. I’ve never bought pillows online before so I was Skeptical . But I was happily surprised when I Slept on them. Very comfy and supportive. Great quality.

  352. Dwight Fisher

    Quality pillowsThese pillows are very high hotel quality. They are full queen sized and fill the pillowcase.

  353. Joy Gobin

    Pillows are perfectComfy new pillows

  354. Importsport

    Great pillows for the priceGreat and inexpensive pillows, provide good support not to soft and not to firm, it meets somewhere in the middle. Me and my wife love them.

  355. Amber

    Best nights sleep in yearsWe’ve bought so many pillows in the last 2 years looking for good ones. These are the best pillows ever and cheaper than all the other ones we’ve bought

  356. Cyberwolf

    So nice! Great Comfort and QualityI have only had these for a week, but I am so impressed by these pillows. When they came they were totally flat and I thought – Oh man! Here we go. I’ve been ripped off! BUT NO. NOT AT ALL. They expanded and I’m so pleased with them. So far, so good. I will update this if they fall apart on me though.

  357. Alicia

    Amazing pillows!These pillows are amazing! I’m a side and back sleeper, I never loose support in them.I’ve had them for about 2 months now. When I first got them I threw them in the washer and dryer. They rumpled up, but I just used my fists to smooth them back out. They are wonderful pillows! I would buy these again.

  358. Royal Therapy Customer

    As soft as a cloudThese are the best pillows I’ve ever owned! I love them! Extremely comfortable and my head feels like it’s laying on a soft, fluffy cloud! I am buying more for my guest bedroom! You will not regret buying these.

  359. Rick O’Sullivan

    Pillows are soft but not as much support as I had hopedPillows are soft but not as much support as I had hoped. not completely dissatisfied but a little disappointed

  360. jill

    Painfree neck n backMy back n neck have been painfree w these pillows.

  361. bekker 1234

    Soft. Support ok.A little softer than I like

  362. Brooke M

    Best pillowAmazing pillows. Soft but supportive. Very happy.

  363. johnny mullins

    good productthese pillows are very good they hold their shape and are soft they are really nice pillows

  364. Bradley Chee

    Better sleepPillows are worth it. The wife slept solid

  365. cooper

    I love themI love it! It’s just as described

  366. Royal Therapy Customer

    Worth the moneyI slept like a baby

  367. NormaI Velázquez Rivera

    La calidad del producto es buena, me encantoMe agrado, para mi comodidad al descansar

  368. Diamond

    Plump back up?Although I ‘ve only been using these pillows for a short time. I do like them. I love the way they plump back up.With all my tossing and turning at night I’m not fighting with my pillows.. So I give them thumbs up for comfort.Thanks Royal Therapy.

  369. Ravikumar Somepalli

    Too soft*** Update 10/29/2020: the owner of the company reached out to me and offered a foam version of these pillows. Amazing customer support. Thank you.Too soft, not enough support. Wake up every morning with a headache

  370. Sasha W.

    Comfy sleeping pillowsI decided a few years ago to stop using down. This two-pack of down-alternative pillows were super comfortable and just the right size & support. Great price for two nice pillows.thx

  371. JOY PEASE

    Our favorite.Great for Gifts.These shipped fast.My daughter and I both got a set.We love them.They keep fluffy and full.lotts of support and So thick and squishy!

  372. Anne Thompson

    Very comfortableWe bought these for our guest room and they are perfect.

  373. Kaycee Eddins

    Love Love LoveDid I mention I LOVE these Pillows?? So Comfortable and they do not pack down, they just bounce back into shape!! Love them!

  374. Harry IK

    Very satisfiedBeen using these pillows for about a month. I am very satisfied.

  375. JKerr

    NiceVery nice

  376. patricia

    Worth the moneyNice and fluffy and stays cool

  377. Anthony Esoldo

    Best pillow ever.These pillows are awesome. So comfortable and keep their firm. Best pillow I’ve ever bought. Highly recommend.

  378. Sammy

    Do not flatten outVery comfortable

  379. Shannon McWilliams

    Great quality for the price.We are enjoying these new pillows.

  380. don’t use my name

    We love these pillows!Great pillows, soft but good support!

  381. Royal Therapy Customer

    Very comfortableI liked most the thickness of the pillow and it’s softness.

  382. TJEANS

    PillowsVery comfortable!

  383. John Mercieca

    Great pillows. Best price.Best i’ve ever had. Would recommend these all day.

  384. AMulls

    Great Queen pillows for back and side sleepers!Granted, I’ve only been sleeping on these for a week but so fare I must say that These are great pillows and at a great the price!I’ve only ever had standard sized pillows and thought what the heck, I’ll give the queen sized pillows a whirl lol.In my photos…the Queen sized pillow is in the white pillow case and a standard pillow in the blue pillow case on top. As a side sleeper, I love the bigger size and placing one between my knees for back/hip comfort as well. It’s long enough to hug the pillow and cushion my knees at the same time hahaha. I highly recommend. If for some reason they fall flat or get weird, I’ll update my review and score. 🙂

  385. boomsnatch

    Pillow PerfectionI have been on the search for the perfect pillow for years and these are it! I have always needed a more firm pillow for more neck support otherwise my sleep is ruined. Soft pillows never offered the structure I needed so I would never bother. I was majorly skeptical reading reviews on here about these pillows being both soft and supportive – like how can these two things exist in the same pillow? But it’s true! These are soft and supportive and I would but again in a heartbeat!

  386. Jill H

    Great pillowsGreat quality. I purchased 3 sets.

  387. Royal Therapy Customer

    ThanksLove it

  388. Carol Wallace

    NiceNice ??


    The best pillows!If you like pillows that are super soft, plush, and squishy then look no further! Loved them so much I just ordered four more! They come vacuum sealed. It was kinda fun to watch them puff up lol ?

  390. j mart

    Soft comfortable pillowVery soft, good sized pillow. If you’re looking for neck support probably not the best choice. Nice option for pillow sham filler but comfortable for sleep also.

  391. Mokey

    Great pillowsWell made and comfortable pillows, would buy again.

  392. Kathleen E. Truemner

    Great productGreat product, fast shipping

  393. VL

    Very comfortable pillow with enough supportVery comfortable pillow with enough support

  394. Ivan

    Good quality??

  395. Valerie L.

    Great PillowsI love everything about these pillows. Supper soft, fluffy and comfortable. Makes my sleep more enjoyable.

  396. Pogge

    they worhtheywork

  397. Royal Therapy Customer


  398. Emilio De La Torre

    NO COMPLAINTS!These pillows are so great, they fluffed up nice, and are very supportive fro me and my wife! Who sleep very differently!

  399. Kathy

    Cheap husband approved.I got these on prime day and they are totally worth it. I will be buying more at regular price.My husband and didn’t even fight me on it. Our old pillows that were previously deemed “perfectly good” have now been called “garbage.”So I will be purchasing more of these pillows ASAP.

  400. dona brimm

    Great qualityLike it’s helping my neck. Omg been two years to find a good pillow

  401. NativeGymnetics

    Great for side sleepersI’m a side sleeper. Very comfortable.

  402. Royal Therapy Customer

    AwesomeGreat full pillow

  403. Alejandra Pazmino

    Great quality for the price.Great quality and very confortable pillows.

  404. Frankie L Parks

    Very nice and comfortableThese would be perfect except for two things the first is the tags are big and noisy to sleep on. They really need to switch this over to tagless. You can’t rip them off with out ripping the pillow. The second is they are made in China so if that is important to you it is a thing. I couldn’t believe how small they rolled these up in such a small box, But once we opened the bags and pulled them out by day 2 they were full sized.

  405. Royal Therapy Customer

    Nice pillowsThey are soft without sinking in too much, they are fairly new for me, but so far so good. They are also larger than I expected.

  406. Gail Carrols

    Budget friendly and a good pillow.I like these pillows. They are large and nice for the price!

  407. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great pillow.Very comfortable.

  408. Gloria M Conrad

    Helps With Neck IssuesI had been having neck issues. I ordered these pillows and my neck feels so much better. They are very thick and have better support than the flat pillows I had been using.This pillow is like using two pillows at once.

  409. Liz B

    GreatLove these pillows

  410. Kathy Sue Roberts

    very comfortableWonderful pillow

  411. Rich Oh

    Great pillowGreat pillow and machine washable, too

  412. Barb

    Big squishy pillows!Very nice and sizable pillows! Absolutely no odor, used after 12 hours!Slept well!

  413. Joan Malone

    Comfort amazingFirm but soft, amazing

  414. Jackson Bailey

    IT’S OKAY. HERE’S WHY…I ordered two queen size pillows. They sent kings instead. I decided to use them anyway. After about a month of use, the pillow began to flatten out. It’s still fluffy and gives support, but I have a feeling this product will last no more than 6-8 months.

  415. Ray

    LoveReally like these, they are soft but fluffy.

  416. Jon and Danielle

    The perfect pillow!Absolutely love these pillows! It’s always been hard to find the perfect pillow until now! They are supportive, not too high, not too flat and so comfy. I’m buying another set for my husband. The only small issue is that they don’t feel in any of the pillowcases in my sheet sets. Probably because these are Queen and the pillowcases the sets come with are standard even though they are a Queen set. But not a big deal. Definitely give these pillows a try!

  417. Gary Levesque

    1st Class ComfortPillows are exactly as pictured. They are shipped highly compressed but with reasonable care are very easy to unpack and fluff. They pretty much fluff themselves when you remove them from the bag.Comfort is excellent, stitching etc is perfect and they are true to the size we ordered (Queen). They are completely without any odor or scent.

  418. beatleloverdon

    Soft pillows but I like two under my head SilkWhat do you think sleeping

  419. Julie McCutchen

    Always good to have a new pillow!This was a gift

  420. Cade

    very comfyGreat additions to my bed, I have slept much better since I got them.

  421. C. C.

    Best pillow I’ve had in a long time.Soft and just the right amount of support. Love it!

  422. Candi Sails

    Comfy pillowsVery comfortable and soft. Would purchase again

  423. Luciana

    AmazingThat’s worth buying it

  424. Poohbear21

    Love these PillowsI was amazed at the tiny box they came in. But I followed the instructions to poof them back up. They are by far the best pillows I’ve ever gotten. They had no scent that I could catch (which is my first thing to check). They poofed up nicely, squish nicely and poof back up. I’d definitely buy again and might do so soon.

  425. 3rdPerson

    Love these pillowsFeels great for me while sleeping on my side or back!

  426. Lisa G

    SoftVery soft and plush not as firm as I wanted but still good and comfortable

  427. Amy C.

    It’s a keeper!I’m a side sleeper and this pillow does the job it’s firm but comfortable.

  428. Pam

    Very comfortable sleepThe pillow is not hard or not soft, I slept very well!

  429. Elvia Cabrera

    Comoda!!Super comoda!!!

  430. Danielle Sekula

    SoftThese pillows are great! They are soft and durable. This is my 2nd set!

  431. Bartolome Pujals

    ExcelentesMuy buenas

  432. Charles Winters

    SupportI love the softness

  433. Deborah Lynn Webster

    Great buyVery comfortable

  434. Alicia Tesh

    Worth every pennyBEST purchase! I was nervous buying pillows online and was pleasantly surprised by these. Packaging was awesome. Vacuum sealed, two per box. Once opened they fluffed up quickly, no funky smells or anything. Literally worth every penny. Soft, supportive and HUGE! Great choice overall.

  435. Usman

    ConfortI love the product. .. i would recommend.thank you

  436. serenakbelieves

    Decent for the priceSo far so good, does not give me neck pain, so thats good and it is rather fluffy and thick so we will see how long it takes to flatten.

  437. leila

    High pillowsThe quality is good. But they are high pillow. Can’t really use them.

  438. Jones

    Very comfortableAt first I was thinking I wouldn’t like them, but I was surprised. They look firm but are actually quite soft. They plump right back up when you get off them. Only mistake I made was buying the 20×30 size. TOO BIG for my full size bed and have to buy larger pillowcases. I like them and would but again. Well made

  439. SAnderson

    Well worth it!These pillows have made such a huge difference on my neck pain as a side sleeper. I feel more rested and toss/turn less at night. My partner who got the other pillow says he sleeps better too maybe due to the comfort or maybe because I am snoring less.

  440. cblair

    Pretty comfortableI have a difficult time getting a good pillow for my neck issue. This one has been pretty good. I like that it can be washed.

  441. Michael Nichols

    Good productGood value for the money

  442. susan

    To softNot hard enough

  443. audweaver

    ComfortableGreat pillow! Very fluffy!

  444. Tracy Johnson

    ComfyThis pillow was really fluffy from the time it came out of the shrink wrap. We’ve been sleeping on them now for a few night and are very happy with the support that they’re giving.

  445. Laidy

    Restful sleepBest pillows ever!

  446. setula

    SoftnessThe softness

  447. EGN

    Pillow InsertsGood Pillows

  448. Melanie Blissick

    They are comfortable and bigTwo thumbs up!

  449. JDG1

    Fantastic PillowHave been using the pi[[ow 3 weeks now so far it is the best pillow I have found. Just the right softness and support. Have been having great sleeps.

  450. Patricia E. Gallagher


  451. Joan DeLorey

    A+++++ pillowsEverything wonderful about pillows!!!


    it is as advertisefor sleeping

  453. Doz

    Perfect amount of poofI’m so glad I bought these like 10 months ago. They’re super cozy and have held their shape. I ended up buying a second set now that I’m stuck at home. I don’t know if you’re supposed to wash them, but I’ve done it a few times and they held up just fine. I used to buy whatever pillows I could find at Target or TJ Maxx, and this is such a world better.

  454. JustAGirl

    Feels like sleeping on a cloudWow! This product is genuinely amazing. I’ve gone through several pillows over the years and never liked them. Both the husband and I are very picky. Initially we didn’t like this product. It felt very slim and hurt our neck. After about 48 hours letting it “air out” we’ve fallen in love. It’s now a couple months later and I’m still in love with it! Definitely beats the expensive brands. I highly recommend this pillow to anyone who’s picky and has trouble finding good, plush pillows.

  455. Tami Hall

    Big pillowsVery fluffy – firm

  456. Andrea

    Good qualitySuper soft pillow. Good support. Keeps its shape without flattening. Worth the price.

  457. Brian

    I don’t want to get out of bed!Best pillows I’ve had in a long time. Well worth the purchase.

  458. KB

    Nice pillowsI’m not a pillow expert but I’m sleeping much more comfortably than what I was using

  459. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great valueFor me these pillows are awesome for the price, I’ve spent much more for much less. So reading the low rating reviews I can understand that a smaller person may find them to tall or to fluffy. Either way I just ordered a second set for another bed, I love these pillows.

  460. Jana Emery

    Stop searching for other pillows & Buy these!You won’t be disappointed; these pillows are amazing quality.

  461. Edward C.

    Buy it you will get a good night sleepI really had a good night sleep for the first time in years

  462. Dee

    SupportFor support and comfort

  463. Orlando

    ComfortThey’re comfortable soft used for head support while watching TV

  464. She_Got_Juice


  465. Bri

    Comfortable and supportiveComfort and support

  466. Royal Therapy Customer

    very fine pillowsarrived in very small package- they expand when opened. amazing. these are super nice, are nearly body pillow size, and i think they will hold up realty well, good value.

  467. Marge Halvorsen

    Best pillows!!These are the most comfortable and supportive pillows I have ever slept on. I don’t wake up with a headache or sore neck!!

  468. Beau

    Great valueVery comfortable pillows and the price doesn’t break your wallet.

  469. Ali

    Give them one night…they are amazing!!!When I first took them out and allowed them to get to their full size, I did not think I was going to like them at all…they were so big and puffed up. But I love them!!! They’re soft but supportive, do not get too hot, and I’m sleeping so well/soundly, with little to no movement or need to reposition.

  470. Gerry

    Nice pillows for the price.I’ve only had them for a couple months but, they seem to be holding up well and are very comfortable. A good bargain. They shipped fast.

  471. harriet minick

    sizethe bed

  472. Royal Therapy Customer

    Super comfortableWell made soft comfy pillows. Love how it supported my head.

  473. Tiffany

    A DEFINITE MUST BUY!The media could not be loaded.  I had ordered this set because I was desperately needing new pillows. I was so happy that I had gotten these in the day after getting COVID. I had a rough night the day before and since switching to these I had slept GREAT! It was perfect timing and I cannot recommend these enough. The entire time I had COVID I slept perfect! It’s been a week or two since getting them in and they’re still perfect. These are so soft and balances firmness as well. My head doesn’t sink to the bed! I had issues with my old pillows with neck pain and stiffness and it’s gone! (Sorry for the messy background in the video it’s my parents workspace!).

  474. Melissa P

    Wonderful [pillowLoved the pillow. would purchase again.

  475. CurlyLox


  476. Roschelle C

    Hotel quality at homeOur pillows were in need of an upgrade and my partner (who is very particular with his pillow firmness) has always insisted to never buy pillows online. Despite his reluctance, I couldn’t stop myself from buying these after reading all the promising reviews, and we were not let down. The price point of these pillows is a bargain considering the quality and comfort… it literally feels like sleeping on giant, fluffy marshmallows. The pillows plump up and fill out our queen size pillow cases beautifully. It is almost a struggle (in a good way, like when you’ve had a 10/10 meal and struggle to pull your jeans up kind of struggle) to get the pillow cases on, compared to our last pillows that left extra pillow case fabric hanging loose on the sides.I found the pillows to be a little bit high initially to sleep on (as a side sleeper and being 5’2), but I quickly adjusted and now struggle to leave the bed each morning, buried in comfort and cosiness. My partner (6’2) loves the height, softness, and supportiveness of the pillows, and now has faith in buying pillows online. He often bends the pillows in half to further elevate his neck when watching TV, and the pillows retain shape and fluffiness perfectly.Like me, the only regret you might feel after buying these pillows is wishing you had bought more.

  477. Tahjae Lancaster

    It’s very comfortable!These pillows are very comfortable? Now, I don’t have to be crying for my neck anymore LOL.

  478. Chewie

    Good pillowsBigger than I thought. Great pillows

  479. Lathenas

    ??Better then I expected

  480. Puma

    Too full for sleepingThese pillows are nice and full. I like how they look on my bed but they are a little too high for sleeping.

  481. Royal Therapy Customer

    A fabulous pillowI’ve been searching for quite some time for actual Queen size pillows and none of this standard/queen shamble. Those are such a bunch of bull. These Royal Therapy pillows are just perfect. They come vacuum sealed and expand to a full-size queen 20 x 30 and oh, so plump! Can’t say as I’ve had a better night’s sleep. I’m so glad I found them. I’m a side sleeper and the support is great.

  482. Bek

    Great pillowsI was surprised that the pillows were good. I’ve had a lot of bad pillows for the same price. I recommend them to anyone.

  483. wawa14

    Great for back and side sleepersI have been searching everywhere for a back/side support pillow and everything I found was like $100+ but this pillow is PERFECT. Gives great support when I sleep on my back and it’s absolutely perfect when I sleep on my side. Totally worth the price.

  484. Jessie

    Nice pillows worth to buy itThis was my first night after 24 hours for this pillows fill it up. Honestly first impression I didn’t like it because they are a kinda high and I am not used to it usually I get flat pillows but I was looking for something like that. It going take awhile to get used to it. But in overall I like it this is very smooth doesn’t smell nothing like fabric. I highly recommend this pillows and was a great price too.

  485. The Prisoner

    super fluffy and comfybetter than expected. pillows ship vacuum packed and once opened increase to their full puffy size and comfort.

  486. Scott B.

    Good pillow.Performance is as expected.

  487. Moxxy546

    Great buyJust what I was look for in Pillows not to soft and not to firm …the right amount of balance

  488. Robert

    ComfyIt’s exactly what I asked for and expected.

  489. Shannon

    Very niceVery soft and comfortable to sleep on.

  490. Jonathan

    Just like advertisedLike them very much

  491. SiLoT

    Great quality, excellent support.These are fantastic quality with just the right amount of fill and support! Will absolutely be purchasing again.

  492. No Lo

    Quality matters!Good quality.

  493. David M.

    Couch pillows is what they should calledThe break in process for took awhile. Much larger in size then you’d think

  494. quentin gary gensler

    greatgreat product

  495. Tiffany

    Soft and fluffy!Very soft and fluffy. The only thing preventing me from giving these pillows 5 stars, across the board is that they are only minimally supportive. Great value for the price.

  496. Royal Therapy Customer

    FluffySoft. I need 2 for my head alone. Just nice for me.

  497. Christina

    Great comfort, incredibly soft.I was on the hunt for hotel quality pillows that felt like clouds and after ordering these pillows I had to look no further. My old pillows were worn out and cheap quality and it was time for something new. I love softness and this product is just that but still supportive. As soon as I laid my head on them I immediately wanted to fall asleep because they are that comfortable. The pillows are soft but not too soft to the point where I feel the mattress underneath them when I lay down. They have great support for your neck. I am a side and back sleeper and this was the best sleep I have gotten in months. You won’t be disappointed!

  498. GMANN

    Good PillowI was a fan of ” my pillow” but that guy is crazy and hate myself for giving that fool money. I burned them.This pillow does job.

  499. Lydia

    Good productNot sure why some reviewers said their head lay flat on this pillow. My two are thick and comfortable. Not perfect for me but still they are pretty good

  500. SLM

    Queen pillowsThe size and comfort.

  501. K. Nielsen

    Very full, plush, comfortable. Great support.The users who complained about lack of support must not have followed the instructions. I had no problem grasping the pillow with both hands and working the fiberfill material until it was nice and puffy. This is my new favorite for pillows. The cover material is high-quality material. It also has a double bead around the edge to maintain the pillow shape. Excellent pillow.

  502. Dolores H.

    A little softer than expectedComfortable

  503. Lillian

    Just RightI took a chance, and was rewarded have been using pillows for the past two weeks no complaints.

  504. mary bennett

    Comfort and supportThese pillows are amazing! I used to have a lot of neck pain, but these pillows provide phenomenal head and neck support so I awake pain free! They are the most comfortable pillow I have ever laid my head on. Will definitely recommend these to friends and family!

  505. Edward L. Foggs

    Enhanced SleepingThese pillows have substantially improved the comfort of my sleep! Best sleep I’ve had in many months!!!

  506. SDLoeven

    Great pillowsLove these pillows!

  507. Lou d.

    Good pillows.They’re to tall for my comfort. I have squeeze it and twist it and use a corner to get my head closer to the mattress .But if you want a tall pillow you foundit. Also good under the knees.

  508. Wayne Walker

    GreatGreat product very comfortable. Only negative was shipped via USPS, first shipment lost, but seller refunded price quickly.

  509. Gregory Montanaro

    very goodvery good

  510. Trinishana

    Super PillowI was pleased with my pillows. The level of comfort and softness is amazing. I damaged my C5-C6 spine and this just works for me…I highly recommend.

  511. Britt B

    great buyfeels amazing

  512. A.J.

    Luxe AFI have sleep problems, bad ones. These help A LOT. I bought a new mattress too, and combined with these, the sleep I do get is at least better quality now. I need longer pillow cases now, but what are you gonna do? Worth it!

  513. Ace Discount

    Good ‘n FluffyI’ve been using these pillows for a few months now and overall very happy. Give them a full day or two to expand and fluff-up before you judge them. They do not offer the best support as they are not very stiff, but they are very soft and fluffy and holding up well. They are so fluffy, they might be a tight fit in some Queen size pillow cases once they’re finished expanding.

  514. Bri

    Softness heaven!I absolutely love these pillows! They were just what I was hoping for. You you love a soft, super full and fluffy pillow, these are the ones for you! I had the best night sleep in a long time and did not want to leave the bed when it was time to get up!

  515. snorkler

    Would buy againDoes not go flat after use.

  516. DK530

    Pillow for Side SleeperBest pillows I ever bought. Soft, but keeps their shape. Great for side or back sleepers.

  517. Jec


  518. Atamien F.

    Great pillowGreat pillow

  519. Richard Burringo

    ComfyVery comfortable!

  520. Likanyang

    I love this pillow!It is so soft and comfortable! I will buy it again for our guest room.

  521. Kerrida Small

    Best BuyI love this pillow it’s surpassed my expectations ??

  522. Carlyn J. Rothlisberger

    Great supportAmazingly comfortable. Best pillows we have ever purchased.

  523. Rjfavro

    The Best, will outlast any pillowWell its been a year since I bought these pillows and they are the same as the day I received them!!! They are the best ever. Soft, squishy yet supportive. The fill doesn’t flatten or bunch up toward the outer edges. The seriously are the best pillows ever.

  524. Nicole Erisman

    Highly recommend!They really keep their firmness! Firm but soft and so comfortable. I am sleeping so much better with these!

  525. Lauren

    Best pillows everLiterally the best pillows I have ever bought in my life. Excellent value for the quality- provides excellent neck support while also being super soft. I feel like I’m sleeping in a hotel bed every night! Highly recommend.

  526. Kindle Customer

    LOVE ITHas helped my neck and back tremendously. Im a side sleeper and it provides great support throughout the night.

  527. Todd Welda

    Nice pillowBought for a guest room. Everyone slept well. No complaints.

  528. Nancy C

    Great pillows and pillow cases!I bought these for my husband. He loves these pillows! They support his neck and he doesn’t get hot! They are perfect! Thank you!

  529. Kindle Customer

    Great pillowsThese were so good we ordered more.

  530. Bonnie

    Nice Pillow!The pillow is nice and soft but I will need a more firm pillow for my neck for a more adequate support.

  531. Ray D.

    Very comfortableNice and soft

  532. Allie_NYC_83

    Big fluffed pillowsI love these pillows. I didn’t realize how big they are but I must say I got the best nights sleep! Highly recommend.

  533. Barbara M.

    Great pillows.Looking for support and comfort and we found them.

  534. Royal Therapy Customer

    Good pillowsGreat pillows

  535. Gene Neil Schneider

    ComfortableThese are the best pillow yet. So good I bought 4 of them. I have been using my pillows.cim pillows for years. These are by far way better. I wish they came in a body pillow size

  536. Hannah


  537. Hollie

    Perfect pillows!Instant love!!! These are the best pillows I’ve ever bought and I’m glad I did because I usually have to feel pillows and I’m pretty fussy about bedding.

  538. Regine

    Best Pillows!These pillows care BEYOND my expectations. I am very picky about the softness or firmness of my pillows, but these are just right! They plump up so big and fast. These pillows are super comfortable, fluffy and provide great support for my neck. Definitely will get more for each room in my home.

  539. ARSaltman

    ATTN Side and Tummy SleepersI bought these pillows after being tired of waking up with debilitating neck pain. My old pillows were flat and hard and could no longer be fluffed up. After scouring Royal Therapy I decided on these pillows. Everyone was talking about how fluffy these are and I was a bit concerned because I am a side sleeper. So, as an exclusive side and partial tummy sleeper I offer my review.The first thing I noticed about this pillow is that it is not standard size. When I look at pillow cases they often say standard/queen but my pillow cases don’t quite fit. Sure, I can get the pillow into the case but a portion of it is peaking out. Not having noticed this when I ordered I do not have a pillow protector on this pillow at the moment. It is just the pillow and a pillow case. Keep that in mind as you read on.Okay, so, these pillows are really, really, really fluffy. They are by far, the fluffiest pillows I have ever had. They are also fairly firm. When purchasing a pillow I usually find myself getting firm or extra firm pillows. These are definitely firm but I honestly think they are just right in terms of firmness. I fall asleep easily with these pillows. They offer a lot of support. When I say a lot of support I mean a LOT. I have always slept on my side and sometimes slightly on my tummy. I’m heavier so I can do that. The thing is, I always sleep with my arm up and under the pillow under my head/face sandwiching the pillow there. I cannot really do that with these pillows because they are so fluffy and firm. Putting my arm under them makes my head push into my other shoulder, so I have found that I wind up with my arm out in front of me rather than under me and my head is perfectly level.When on my tummy I find myself with my head a little to the side and hugging the pillow it’s so large. But, since I am heavier, I am never fully on my tummy, always slightly on my side as well. I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING THESE IF YOU ARE A STOMACH SLEEPER AND ARE ON THE THINNER SIDE. These pillows are too fluffy and too firm for that manner of sleeping. Choose a thinner or softer pillow for that.For all of you back sleepers out there, if I’m having back pain it’s easy to lay on my back and have this support my head so I’m betting you will love these.You will need to reshape the filling when making your bed. I find that the stuffing shifts during the night and that it has to be redistributed throughout the pillow when I wake up. During the night if it has gotten too displaced I just flip my pillow over to the fluffier side.I’ve been trying to find a good quilted cotton pillow protector for these and I expect that when I do finally find some that they will compact the pillow a bit and make them extra firm, but until then I have to adjust to having a very lofty, fluffy pillow. I do enjoy them and my neck and shoulder hurts less these days so overall I really like them.

  540. Miranda lowery

    NiceGood product

  541. Randy Hunyor

    Superb night’s sleepThe whole family loves these pillows. No more shoulder pain for me as a side/stomach sleeper and hubby doesnt snore as much as a back sleeper.

  542. ReBe & Kiba

    Love themI love these pillows!!!

  543. Cai

    Like sinking into a cloud!These are such great quality for the price! They are a bit larger than I expected, but that is a big plus for me. I did have to buy larger pillow cases, but it didn’t bother me. They are very firm, but also extremely soft. Your head sinks into the pillow as if sleeping on a cloud, while still providing amazing support to the head and shoulders. My neck is so thankful I finally invested in better pillows!

  544. Beverly G Boswell

    ComfySoft and Fluffy. A good night’s sleep

  545. gabriela duarte

    Very comfortableIs as comfortable as a 5 star hotel pillow, would buy them again if needed more.

  546. Jannyd

    Love these pillows!They arrived in vacuum sealed wrap but it only took a few hours for them to fluff up and smooth out. I’d buy them again!

  547. harpytrails

    awesome pillowsWe were looking for firm and supportive but soft and plush pillows to replace our old ones. Very happy!

  548. Jennifer

    Happy with productJust has advertised

  549. Pixelasana

    comfort, comfort, comfortFor sleeping and just watching TV, this pillow is it, and when company comes I’m buying two more

  550. Rodney Smith

    Amazingly ComfortableAmazing product would highly recommend

  551. Vikki Cristiná

    Pillows, soft & fluffy perfection!i’m definitely very picky about pillows & go through the same thing every purchase..i try to save a few bucks buying in the local home store-comfy at first & then they just disappoint after about a month or so.these pillows by far are the most comfortable and cozy. oversized (just right) they come packed shrink wrapped & then when opened up, they inflate & take shape. this in an of itself is amazing. When all puffed out, i inspected them thoroughly after routine airing out. No odors, brand new, i couldn’t wait to get my new eucalyptus sheets on them.I already have another box in my cart for my next order. My bed set contains 2 shams which give me an excuse for another set.Plain and simple-these pillows are very comfortable and i just know i will get my money’s worth. Get them, if you’re a pillow connoisseur like me, you’ll be very happy with!

  552. melody

    It don’t go flat the first time you lay on itLiked it

  553. Stephanie Holloman

    One Very Happy SleeperLove these pillows they give support right where I need it. They ate soft and very fluffy. The only thing I didn’t care for was having to wait a whole 24 hours to use them they were vacuum sealed and I had to fluff them up.

  554. mel

    Worth itWorth the price, best pillows I’ve had in a while

  555. amy christianson

    Soft and support. Restful sleep.After just one night I noticed such a difference in my sleep. These pillows are heavenly. BUY!!!

  556. Debbie Heishman

    Best pillows ever!!!Very comfortable!!

  557. Zuniga258

    Worth the moneyLove these pillow totally worth the money! They are big enough for a queen size bed. Not too big and they don’t go flat!

  558. lyndal

    Very comfortable, excellent for price.I’m always concerned buying pillows as a bad one will give me a crooked neck for days. These are great, have used on side and back with no problems.

  559. preach

    Super long but it explains!REAL REVIEW!!!I’m not going to lie.. I opened both pillows and they puffed right up! I was definitely sceptical. My pillows before are years, years old, I am to embarrassed to even say how old. So trying to find a pillow that was going to help with what became chronic left shoulder/ neck pain gave me a lot of doubt. For the first two days of using this pillow I absolutely hated it it was not giving me the support I was used to for years, I had to force myself to sleep with it the third night. My husband fell in love with the other one the first night he’s more of a soft pillow kind of guy. After about a week I started to love it and I haven’t had any pain maybe, I needed a little less support than what I was used to. Overall it’s definitely a nice fluffy pillow. If you are use to sleeping on a pillow as hard as a rock you will have difficulties with this pillow but give it a week or two. It still fluffs right back up, no smell to it, super soft a great cuddling pillow. I will say tho the material is gets warm from my head quicker than my old pillow so I’m curious on how that’ll go during the summer…

  560. Melissa basa

    Great pillowsThese pillows are amazing and so comfortable!!!!

  561. arlie

    I slept wonderfully on this pillow.Usually I have a couple night adjustment period, and this one was just lovely on the first night!

  562. Nan Srisuk

    Good for back sleeperBought it for my husband and he loves it. I tried on the other one that came with it (a pair) but I don’t like it as much. The pillow is not work as well on the stomach sleeper person like me. Overall if you’re a back sleeper it’s great. The pillow does have both softness and firm. Also holding its shape well but too high for stomach sleeper.

  563. Cesar Umali

    Good QualityI like it

  564. C

    SquishyVery squishy

  565. J. James

    These are not Firm pillows. Super soft.They are not firm. These pillows are SOFT!! They would make beautiful decorative bed pillows but don’t seem great for sleeping. I thought these pillows were firm. They are not!!! Too soft.Update:These pillows retain their shape and are fluffy and soft after 1wk of use. They aren’t bad for sleeping either.

  566. Fruit grower

    Very fullWe now own six of these. Comfortable, supportive, look very full in pillow shams.

  567. Lynnetta Lasher

    This pillow offers just the right amount of softness and support!Really like the support my new pillows give us. The pillows are just soft enough for a good night’s sleep!

  568. Christina

    ComfortableReminds me of the hotel pillows I love! They are a nice size and very comfortable.

  569. Brooke Roberts

    Best Pillows I’ve Ever Owned??First of all, WOW ! These pillows are sooo comfortable! Honestly, at the moment, they are the most comfortable thing on my bed.My head sinks in and I feel like im laying on a billow of soft marshmallows, shortly after, counting sheep.For someone who has struggled with insomnia and being on medication for sleep every night, these pillows really help and make a difference! As for longevity, I can’t speak on because I haven’t had them long.However so far, i am not disappointed!

  570. SarahSmile_xo

    Perfect pillowsExactly what we were looking for. Hotel-like pillows. Soft, comfortable and just enough support.

  571. Roddrick Merriweather

    Very comfyThey’re very soft and perfect for me. I highly recommend!

  572. Kathy

    You need these in your lifeThese pillows are perfect. They are soft, comfortable and so far has not went flat. I will be purchasing some for both guests rooms in my home also. My husband snores unbelievably loud, first night sleeping on this pillow, his snore was real quiet. I was able to rest peacefully. Thank you for making amazing pillows at affordable prices

  573. natureboyag

    thick but comfortable pillowsSo far, these are good pillows — plump and soft, but with enough support to make them comfortable

  574. Holly

    Most comfortable pillows I have ever bought.After trying over a dozen pillows over the last 5 years I finally found ones I love and they were so affordable.

  575. angelica anguiano

    Good qualityI feel they are very soft and fluffy at the same time. Very good and price is good

  576. Royal Therapy Customer

    ComfotBest pillows ever!

  577. christy

    Great soft support.Great soft support.

  578. Chris Stewart

    Not for side sleepersVery very soft and squishy. Great for back sleeping, not as great for side sleeping. Very breathable and doesn’t get hot like most pillows.

  579. Jackie B.

    Comfy!I love these pillows so much I ordered a second set for me and a set for my daughter.

  580. J_Nichi

    Yes!!!Super fluffy and offers great support for my neck. I’m more of a firm pillow sleeper and this was great! I originally bought this to just fill in space on the bed and as extras for guests, but I found myself preferring it over my favorite firm pillow? Highly recommend and well worth the money

  581. DayMichelle

    Great night’s sleep!Given as a gift. I was told they made for a great night’s sleep.

  582. Royal Therapy Customer

    love , lovenice and soft , but stays firm..very satisfied

  583. Kimberly G

    Just like new!!I’ve had them for about 10 months now. They still feel new. Use it every night. I would recommend if you like a big firm pillow.

  584. Royal Therapy Customer

    Very comfortable pillowsA bit of a squash getting them into normal size pillowcases, but they are very supportive and comfortable.

  585. Eunny

    Firm and thick ?It’s a little more firm and thicker than expected. But overall good quality.

  586. Stephanie Mejia

    Great Pillows, Excellent Customer ServiceThese are very soft and fluffy pillows. The only thing I didn’t like about them is that they’re way too high up. These are more for side sleepers than anything else. I’m usually a stomach sleeper, and my back hurts really bad from how high up the pillows are. So just keep that in mind.****Updating my review****Excellent customer service. They addressed my concerns, and sent me their newer version pillows which are WAY better for stomach sleepers in my opinion. I like that they’re adjustable so that they’re the perfect height for sleep. Thank you!

  587. Royal Therapy Customer

    I love them, will be ordering more.Not to soft or hard .good size.keeping its shape.

  588. Tywana

    I’m satisfied with purchaseI was worried when I first opened package but like the instructions said let the pillows ste for 24 hours and you have a really good thing going on. I’m enjoying the comfort and support from these pillows.

  589. StephiCastillo

    If you’re looking for great neck support buy this pillow!Super comfy! Gives great neck support and was well worth the purchase!

  590. Barbara

    Great for sleeping on your sideThey are tall enough for side sleepers. It is a bit high for sleeping on my back but it is okay

  591. David Coats

    Great item for priceSleeping

  592. Ju Ju

    nice qualityI like this pillow. I bought 2. Comfortable for my neck pain. Been using for 2 weeks. So hopefully I can update in a few more weeks to let you know

  593. Alabama

    Comfy and came earlyI love these pillows they do feel like hotel pillows, very comfy and it came early

  594. Rebecca

    They’re SO fluffy!!!I am a very picky pillow person. I love the feel of feather pillows, but they always deflate eventually. I don’t like the traditional “springy” feeling of polyfill. I was hesitant to order pillows online, since every pillow I have felt at the store I am disappointed with, but these had such good reviews that I decided to give them a try. They are amazing!!! They are SO fluffy. These pictures are right out of the box with a little fluffing. As they are expected to fluff fully after 24 hours, that’s saying something! They give nicely, but support similar to a dense down pillow or memory foam– NOT the shredded memory foam or dense memory foam… but almost like a “whipped” memory foam is the best way I can think to describe it. I haven’t slept on them yet, but I can tell already I’m going to love them. I definitely recommend them!

  595. cvgii


  596. Ashley

    Sinking softness but firm in the middleI’ve had these a month and a HALF and it’s still just as fluffy as when I got them. I let them expand for a full 24 hrs. They’re like a weird mix of firmly supportive soft-sinking fluff. I’m a side sleeper so I usually like thicker firm pillows. But his one feels like my head is sinking into the middle of a deep cloud but when it does get to the middle it pushes you up like a firm pillow. They are like an inch longer so when you put them in your pillowcase it might look like a can of biscuits until it settled.

  597. JimLil

    So far so goodOnly had this pillow for about a week. So far I love it. Provides excellent support while managing to be just soft enough. It says its queen size but is quite large, barely fits in our queen size pillow cases. I’m glad we chose these pillows.

  598. My reviews.

    Very comfortable!Love it!!!

  599. Lina

    Comfortable pillowLove this pillow. Very comfortable!

  600. Kathryn Brito

    Buy them for sureSo they come like vacuum sealed in a box and when you open them, they fluff right up and they’re amazing. Great value!

  601. Harrison

    Amazing – Like a Cloud, but firm enough to keep their shapeThese pillows are awesome, I unfortunately bought a size a few inches too big, but exchanged them easily for the correct size. They offer great neck support and feels like sleeping on a cloud.Great purchase

  602. M. Kuhn

    Go ahead and try them!These are by far the best pillows I’ve ever had, outside a5 star hotel.

  603. Autos

    Comfortable pillowsFluffy, soft, and reasonable price.

  604. Dominick

    This is THE PILLOW THAT MAKES DREAMS HAPPEN . LITERALLY.Ooh my goodness.the my pillow ain’t got nothing on these right here.fresh out the box they are fuller softer and more supportive than the 2 my pillows I have trashed within ordering more of these so y’all do me a favor and please save me a few of these .thank you and to those that see this and order ….you are welcome ???

  605. Lindsey I

    Great for the price!For the price of these pillows, I love them. They’re thick and comfortable. I wish they were a little heavier though. Don’t put them in covers that are too small for them because the pillows will be too thick to sleep on.

  606. marsha king

    great pillowsi love my new pillows. They are super soft

  607. Stella Donato

    FluffyIts is nicely packed. Vacuumed in a box. Really fluffy and soft. Very comfortable and cheap too! Happy with this purchase. I recommend!

  608. Nicole Ferguson-Rodriguez

    Not as softHoped it would get softer over time.

  609. Sheena Chanel

    Make sure you do research on the best pillow for the way your body feels when you wake upU mm mm mm FIRST OF ALL THESE THINGS MAKE ME SLEEP LIKE A BABY,I WILL BE PURCHASING A 2ND SET,I sleep on my side,and the current pillows I have are way to hard so I use those for decor but these made me fall asleep on my 30 min lunch break QUICK

  610. Justahappycustomer

    High tier softThe best sleep I’ve had in a while. Im grabbing 2 more and would definitely recommend.

  611. Nicole

    Amazing pillows I love it so does my hubbyBest pillows I’ve ever owned.

  612. Ian Clerget

    AmazingPillows hold up nicely and are super soft!

  613. donna

    Best pillow everBest pillow I’ve had in a long time it’s super soft and makes u feel like ur on a cloud I found my new favorite pillow

  614. Maricarmen Illueca

    Excelente y muy cómodaExcelente y muy cómoda

  615. brigmyr

    very comfortable pillowsFainally a pillow that offers a good nights sleep.These pillows hold there shape and sleeps cool.No more neck pain , great for side and back sleepers.Have only onwed for a week, but best night sleep I have had in a long time.Very happy with my purchase, you will be to.would recomend, would buy again, can’t go wrong for the money.

  616. Patricia

    ExcelenteTotalmente de acuerdo, está el la mejor almohada que he usadoLa recomiendo totalmente da un buen soporte sin ser excesivamente dura o suaveNo he amanecido con ningún dolor de cuello desde que las uso

  617. Moe

    so softexactly what I was looking for.

  618. kathy Brugge

    Recommend the pillowIt’s soft and keeps its shape, very. Comfortable

  619. Royal Therapy Customer

    PillowsLove it soft and nice

  620. michele flock

    Great valueVery nice.

  621. Brandy

    Comfortable and supportivePleasantly surprised with this pillow. Its supportive and I’ve had it for almost 2 months and it hasn’t gone flat yet.

  622. Julie-Ann forbes

    Best pillows ever.It feels like I’m sleeping on a hotel pillow. The pillows are soft and very comfortable.

  623. TC

    Perfect pillowsFluffier than I thought without being too firm and don’t flatten too much when using!

  624. JasonAnthony

    Great PillowsThis pillow is great for softness and comfort, however it lacks support. It’s a great snuggle pillow and it’s amazing for shams.

  625. Kap1247

    Love them!I love these pillows, very large and fluffy yet have good support. I was very surprised, even better than I thought they would be. There are 2 silica gel packs wrapped in with each pillow that I didn’t notice till they fell onto the floor, just in case you have pets. I highly recommend these pillows, they’re so comfortable!

  626. Jason leal

    Back 2 Cloud 9We love the comfort these pillows give! So spacious and deep! We love how they rise back to the occassion every night! It’s like sleeping on a cloud without the neck aches in the morning!

  627. Zachary

    Attention to detailGreat pillows, a little firm for my taste but the wife thinks they are perfect. Aside from them being literal foam (which is a down alternative) we were suspecting a faux down. (Darn wording)

  628. Jessica Dumesnil

    Love love love!I was very nervous about ordering pillows online, but after many reviews we decided to give them a chance. Let me just saw, WOW. Very thick but airy and soft. They support my head perfectly. They do not go flat in the night, or need to be flipped. Love these pillows!

  629. GRuocco

    One for sleep and double up to watch tv! AmazingSoooo super happy w these pillows!!! Best I have owned in years!! And I’m a tough critic! Highly recommend, and I’m a real reviewer. I always wonder who is fake or real.

  630. Royal Therapy Customer

    OK pillowProducts seems thick but doesn’t compress well to soft

  631. Claudette Queen

    Pillows were firm , yet comfortable which enabled to sleep better throughout the night.Used product for comfort, support softnessI now sleep like a baby??

  632. Dakota

    Makes the misses happyCame on time, fiancé’s happy, comfy. 5 Stars for me.

  633. Michelle


  634. Ce Ri

    Great comfort, support and softnessThese pillows are amazingly comfortable with semi good support (pillows are super plush) and soft. I was nervous at first because they were so flat when I first opened the package. They very quickly fluffed out. These pillows were worth every penny. I’m satisfied.

  635. mariah lewis

    Don’t know what u like in a pillow but these are great lolLiterally a crap shoot to buy pillows online but I did it anyway and these pillows turned out to be so perfect for me. Very soft with just enough support and they’re BIG! Love them!

  636. C. Mag

    These are the BEST !These are the BEST ! Firm but soft like a big marshmallow but it supports your head and neck at the same time ! I love my new pillows and at this price it’s in heard of ! I told everyone to get these ! I’m buying more so I can pretend it’s cloud nine I’m sleeping on !!

  637. The Flaming Delight Cafe

    Never lost their formOMG… these are the best pillows ever

  638. goddessb63

    Perfect!! Finally…Love, love, LOVE these pillows!! I sleep in various positions (side, back, and stomach) based on my exercise level and intermittent back pain. No matter what position I sleep, these pillows always seem to provide the perfect support with a certain softness.Highly recommend, and ordering another set!!

  639. charlotte brown

    Soft and firmThe feel is good they keep form.

  640. randolph castelli

    PleasantNice looking

  641. Iowa buyer

    Great pillowI like this pillow. Gives me perfect support without being too firm.

  642. Karen B Fowler

    Great pillow!Great pillow!

  643. Ken M

    ComfortGreatest pillows ever

  644. Jaylin Rhodes

    Amazing! Worth the Money!Okay, so I love these pillows. They are very fluffy and soft. My husband ADORES these pillows. My only issue is I was expecting something a bit firmer. So I have to fold the pillow for myself to be completely comfortable. Other than that they are great!

  645. Badstanford

    Comfortable supportLove these! Have been using for over a months and these are the best pillows I’ve used.

  646. Becky D.

    Best Pillows Ever- So farThe pillows came vacuum sealed flat in a small box. I followed the directions to fluff them up and sure enough they really fluffed up. I thought at first they might be too puffy, but when I took a nap, side sleeper and one between my knees, it really was like sleeping on a cloud. I not only picked these for the softness, but for the hypoallergenic part. I have slept with these for a week and I do not wake up stuffy at all. The only down side would be that my current pillow cases, queen size, i had to really stuff them in, so I bought some bamboo pillow cases a little larger and fit perfectly. I suggest buying the pillow cases that are recommended with this pillow.I highly recommend these pillows.

  647. Michelle Duchesneau

    Great qualityI’m a pillow snob, this is the absolute best pillow! Not too soft, not to firm.

  648. Harriet Staples

    The pillows were better than I expected.Most comfortable pillows I ever owned

  649. Cordarow

    Love itThe softness is amazing

  650. Rosa Hernandez

    Love my pillowsThat’s what I was looking for I really like this pillows . They’re really soft and do the job

  651. K. Albright

    ComfyNice and comfy! Bought these for our RV… makes the bed very comfy!

  652. Francia

    Firm pillowsVery big and for me personally not comfortable at all. Hotel pillows are actually soft this is firmer

  653. Josh Humphrey

    ComfortableVery good

  654. jill

    The pillow I’ve been looking for!The best pillows!!!!! So look comfy! I’m ordering more! Had the My Pillow it was horrible! Threw it out!

  655. AZ2MI

    Love these Pillows!Bought these pillows for my wife based on the reviews. She absolutely loves them.

  656. Andrea

    New pillowsGood pillows at fair price

  657. Heidi Greil-Imm

    Comfy and softVery comfy and soft!

  658. Dallas

    Get the pillows the pillow case that I got with them not a big fan of.They where a bit firm for my taste at first. But after having them for a few weeks They are much better.

  659. Happy Customer in NYC

    Great pillow.Very comfortable pillow. Just the right amount of neck support.

  660. Royal Therapy Customer

    Very comfortable w/ good supportVery comfortable w/ good support

  661. Cassandra Timberlake

    Doesn’t fitThe pillowcases doesn’t fit correctly, cannot close the side evenly.

  662. R. Schneider

    not all thatjust an average pillow, nothing special as described.

  663. D. Marsh

    Great pillows so farI’m very happy with these pillows so far. I don’t know if they’ll stay as soft yet supportive over time, but they’re definitely very comfortable as a new purchase. I’ve been using goose down/feather pillows for several years, but my body’s idea of comfort seems to be changing as the years progress. Right now, these definitely do the job.

  664. Effie Mae

    Great value, super comfortable but with medium supportThese are nice and the firmness and comfort are perfect. They are well made and offer the plush feel that we were looking for. The piping and seams are all even and stitched nicely. We are very happy with the size of these pillows. They are not too soft, not too firm.

  665. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great PillowsSupport and comfort are awesome with these pillows, they seem to deflate a little Just massage or punch them and they will come back to life ?

  666. DP

    Best PillowAbsolutely the best pillows I have ever bought. ?

  667. novelette Chambers

    PillowsI am very impressed..,The pillows were soft and comfortable..Beyond my expectation. I was so in love I went ahead a purchase another pair..

  668. Luis Fernando Perez

    Entrega a Tiempo y Producto esperadoEl producto fue el esperado cubre las expectativas

  669. kathleens


  670. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great serviceI love the pillows! Very comfortable!

  671. Jack Alan

    Happy with productA little thicker than I would have liked.

  672. Ryan

    Great buy!Luxury Hotel quality and super soft! Love it!

  673. Gerry B

    Great Queen size pillowVery Comfortable, just make sure you have queen size pillow cases.

  674. Brenda Gregg

    Best pillow ever!Best pillow I have ever bought! I bought the “My Pillow” and thought it was good. Then while redecorating the guest room I bought a set of these I tried one out and the guest room has one of these and the My Pillow. I’m not giving this one up. You can’t see but this is a hospital bed. Anything that makes me more comfortable is a true blessing. Will only buy these from now on.

  675. Ja’nay

    Military Son Loves ThemMy son is in the military currently stationed overseas and he doesn’t like to buy pillows, especially since he can’t read the labels. As a mother we always want to make sure our kids are happy, so I bought these and he loves them. I’ll try to remember to follow up for 6 month review. So far other pillows I’ve purchased have all gone flat with in 3 months and praying these last longer.

  676. Joseph Evans

    Comforting soft supportiveSoft, fluffy pillows makes feel like I’m sleeping with my head on a cloud. I’m a side sleeper and I love these pillows.

  677. Jackson’s

    Comfort , soft, sleeperBest sleep pillow I’ve ever had

  678. Sunshine ytlew

    great pillowlove it

  679. AH

    Decent supportThese offer decent support. I wanted something in between soft and firm, and this fits that want. Not quite as fluffy as a hotel pillow but might buy again for my guest room. I bought (2) Queen sized pillows.

  680. kym Billings

    Very well made!They are so fluffy that I feel like I have to smash it down! Hehe ? I really like them!

  681. nikki weed

    COMFYVery comfortable and quite fluffy. I will buy these again later down the road

  682. Rose

    Excellent, but….These pillows feel wonderful. I gave 5 stars because of that but the one thing that is a con is my queen size pillow cases won’t fit over them because the pillows are so thick. Usually pillows being thick would be a good thing but I bought king size cases to solve the issue and now they’re fine.

  683. Ar

    ExcellentThe pillow are well wrapped for protection and cleanliness, i will order again the product is excellent.

  684. Ashley

    Good pillowI received and have been using this pillow for a month now. For me, it feels semifirm and supportive while still being soft. My head and neck seem to sink in just right. It is decent alternative to a down pillow.

  685. Elisa Covarrubias

    great product and serviceThey look beauitful in my new pillow cases, and are very comfortable

  686. Heather Scott

    Love it great for the moneyLove my pillow

  687. T Hyde

    Big fat fluffy pillows :-DPlump fluffy pillows. They are Huge! If you like a fat fluffy pillow these are for you. I believe I will use them in the pillow Shams that match my Duvet.The covers on them are a nice good quality and they have the boxed edges which looks very nice.If you are looking for a set of big fluffy Queen pillows these will probably be a perfect fit for you to sleep on.

  688. M. Shearin

    Very goodI really like these pillows, they are super comfy and I sleep with them every night!

  689. Caitlin Michaud

    AmazingBest pillow I’ve ever had. Amazing. Extremely comfortable.

  690. Chris Lascano

    5 stars so farNice and comfortable, VERY fluffy and soft.

  691. Juan C. Ortega

    Calidadmuy bueno,y buena calidad

  692. Nikki F.

    Love itI actually really like this pillow. I have tried and hated many and would buy this one again. My husband likes it too although he thinks it’s a little firm I prefer firmer pillows. Floppy pillows are terrible and this one is a great firmness that is supportive yet still soft and comfy.

  693. Deb Saha-Simpson

    Stays soft and fluffyI must say these pillows are pretty good. I loved the bamboo pillow but eventually they got harder. I don’t like the idea of fluffing my pillow every morning. These are different for sure: the pillow is soft but provides me enough support. Stays fluffy.Bottom like I like them.

  694. NGUYEN T.

    My favourite ever!I really love these pillow. Last time I bought king size and this time queen. Perfect height and soft for sound sleep.

  695. countryliving

    Best pillow I’ve ever ownedThese are awesome! I’ve been searching for the right pillow for years & these are it! Immediately ordered another set for a friend.

  696. Warren Hope

    Nice PillowsThese pillows are comfortable and attractive at a reasonable price.

  697. edward f. zul

    Would buy againNice but a little to soft

  698. Linda Lou

    Beautiful pillowsThe second set I’ve ordered because they are of such high quality.

  699. Ella

    Full feelingRight on point

  700. Arianna Rivera

    FirmVery firm. Good for back and side sleepers as stated.

  701. Darrion

    I like themI think its got just the right support and softness, but someone who likes pillows on the little firmer side may disagree. For the money though…maybe I would of expected a little bit better of quality for the price.

  702. Teresa M Thayer

    Love the pillowsLove them nice and soft

  703. Lark Applewhite

    They workedMy old pillows sucked. Like bad. Couldn’t sleep well and I had no clue why. Pillows were to dirty to clean so I opt’d for new ones. I tried them out before bed time to see how soft they were. I woke up at 9am the next morning lights on & clothes on…. They work…

  704. Kasey

    Finally a great pillow!!I’ve had a hard time trying to find a comfortable pillow for awhile. These pillows are just the right amount of softness. Great for side sleepers. Make sure though you let the form for 24 hrs before use like the box says. Great pillow

  705. Donna Lee Vannoy Zeringue

    Great nights sleep!These pillows are super soft. When I opened them and laid them out They poofed up huge! They hold their shape beautifully too!

  706. Brittni huggins

    A DREAMThis is seriously the softest pillow I’ve ever slept on. I bought them because they are supposed to be like hotel pillows. Exactly like that. 5 star hotel pillows. They also come compressed so they expand once you open them which is fun to watch

  707. Royal Therapy Customer

    Very good pillowsThese pillows are firm. They are comfortable and large.

  708. Britt

    Great pillowsGreat set of pillows. My husband always complained about the pillows we had so started looking for new ones. Came across these and saw the great reviews so figured we would give them a try and so glad we did. Priced fair and very comfortable.

  709. Jonathan

    Love these pillows!These pillows are awesome I would recommend them to family and friends it says let them sit for 24hrs to expans if you follow the instructions they expand in just a couple of hours.

  710. Shirley Carter

    Very satisfied customerComfortable, stays intact the best sleep I’ve had in years

  711. DMS

    Good pillow for the priceGood pillow for the price

  712. Royal Therapy Customer

    Pillows to LoveI love love love these pillows!! They came vacuum packed, but after two days of “resting” the pillows plumped up nicely. While sleeping I do not feel them go flat, and absolutely no sweaty feeling!! Great product!

  713. Julie Langdon

    Very softVery durable

  714. Starr Brooks

    Great pillowsI love these pillows! I finally found what I was looking for… great support with a combination of firmness and softness.

  715. Courtney Fritz

    These are great!Best sleep EVER.

  716. Marline

    ComfortableVery comfortable and soft

  717. Rich74

    Great supportGood quality and support. Only problem is that I had to purchase extra large pillow cases or the pillow would roll up and be uncomfortable.

  718. Z

    PerfectThese pillows are exactly what I have been looking for! Actual queen size, perfect firm/soft ratio. Would defiantly recommend!

  719. Gina

    LOVE AT FIRST OPENINGOk. So I NEVER write reviews and I was going to originally write this as a Facebook post (probably still will) and then thought these are so good I really should write a review. Here’s what my post would be :Ok. So I’m currently redoing my boys rooms and got them a new bunk bed, new comforter sets all that. Then I realized their pillows were so old, so I hoped on Royal Therapy to search for new ones. Once they came! OMG! As soon as they come out of their package (they’re packaged very tight) you can literally see them grow into those big soft clouds. They are amazing!Long story short my boys loved them, I slept in my sons bed and used the pillow, fell in love and then order 4 for myself ?Not one regret lol

  720. Crystle Smith

    FINALLY!I should have gone to the expense of getting good pillows years ago. Always bought cheap pillows that felt good in my hands at the discount store. NO MORE! Best thing about these pillows are that they are so very comfortable, and appear to be holding their comfort level without becoming a stiff lump under your head. Every night, I look forward to laying my head down on these fantastic pillows! zzz zzz

  721. Brittany Macey

    AMAZING Pillows!! The perfect combo of soft and firm!I went in with low expectations but was shocked at how perfect these pillows are! My husband is a pillow snob and we’ve always had pillows that just didn’t fit what he was looking for. These are amazing and we will be forever ordering these amazing pillows! We sleep so much better and don’t wake up with migraines like we did with our old pillows. Highly recommend this pillow to anyone looking for a pillow.

  722. Alejandra

    Get them!We were in major need of new pillow because the ones we had were super flat or lost their shape and we would wake up with neck or back aches often.I’ve always been a fan of hotel pillows so I was in when I saw “Luxury hotel pillows.” Although I was skeptical cause some of the mixed reviews I still got them. And I’m so glad I did!They came air tight so I just fluffed them by hand a little and threw them in the dryer for like 5 min and they were already ready to use. We didn’t have to wait 24 hours.Last night was our first night with them and we can definitely feel the difference in our bodies this morning. No neck pains at all. SUPERRRR COMFY. They are super fluffy and when you look at them they kinda almost look like they’d be way too high to sleep with but when you lay on it your head sinks a little so your head isn’t gonna be at a weird angle or anything. Even though your head sinks a little it doesn’t sink all they way through so it still provides good support which is what we needed. It’s honestly my favorite pillow I’ve had. They feel super luxurious and they def feel like those fancy hotel pillows you always wish you can take home!I can’t speak on how well they last since I just got them but I’ll try to remember to come back and update my review in a few months.

  723. Lisa Shafer

    Very full pillowGreat pillow for support and comfort. This is a large pillow, very full. Wonderful for my neck. The price is very reasonable for such a high quality pillow.

  724. J. Gabler

    Happy with it and sleep greatBest pillow I ever bought.

  725. Marta Barraza

    It was greatly needed fo a good night sleepWe love our new pillows. Finally a good nights sleep. Cant wait to go to bed to sleep like an Angel.

  726. sherry glueck

    Awesome Pillows!Ordered 2 pillows to replace my flat ones and man did these pillows exceed my expectations. Super soft with just the right amount of support. After a few weeks they are finally “broke in” and I’m sleeping like a baby! Would totally recommend!

  727. Sophia

    HugeVery thick and big pillows after having them for a few months they still huge

  728. Dezarae Heavens

    fast shipping a very softTook it right out the box straight to sleep

  729. Alex

    too hightoo high

  730. Carlos A. Reyes

    Producto de Notable calidadHan hecho mis sueños mejores

  731. Flush Boy

    Comfortable and softComfortable.

  732. Bookworm1010

    Waited to review until I’d used them for a whileLove them!! I was nervous because I tend to get earaches with basic, normal pillows and I can’t stand the deflating effect of feather pillows. These are just what I wanted- soft, fluffy, comfortable, and pliable.

  733. Susan L.

    Good qualityThe biggest pillow I’ve ever used. Fits in queen cases.I like the quality of theses pillows I just wish I could fold the corners when I’m having trouble sleeping.

  734. Shahid

    As advertised.As advertised. I would purchase again!

  735. M.

    Great buy and even gift idea.Need a bit longer case for these queen pillows. Very comfortable.

  736. Kel

    Best Pillow Ever!Best pillow I have ever purchased! No more sore stiff neck. This pillow supports your neck and head regardless the type of sleeper you are. I highly recommend this pillow.

  737. 8115022

    Coussins souples Royal Therapy pour dormir 2 Pack Down Alternativeconfortable et douce ! j’adore! mon problème c,est que les taies d’oreillers Queen trop petites pas assez larges car l’oreiller est trop comprimé! on doit faire sur mesure

  738. edc

    Best pillow I ever bought.I have spent lot of money through the years trying to find a pillow that I liked. I sleep on my side, and pillows that I have purchased are okay in the beginning, and then they go flat. I would end up using 2 pillows to get the support for my neck and head.These pillows are the most expensive that I have purchased, but already I can tell they are also the best. I only need one to give the support I need and so soft. I would definitely purchase these again and highly recommend to other side sleepers.

  739. Robert Boston

    Very comfortable and softThese are full and soft pillows like you get in high end hotels! Very comfortable!

  740. Jamie B

    Good buy.So far so good. Actually had fun unboxing these pillows. No odor. Haven’t had any complaints about them yet.

  741. Tiffany Kimble

    FinallyThis pillow is seriously so great. I like a firm / soft pillow. And this one is perfect. As soon as you lay on it you kind of just fall into a comfort level that is like no other. My sister actually came in to my room and randomly just laid her head on my pillow as I was making the bed, and she was like oh where did you get this pillow. Luckily it comes in a pack of two and I was like I have one still in the closet in the shrink wrap you can have it. She agrees with me it is so comfortable. And it’s a pretty big size pillow. I’ve been sleeping on it for about 2 weeks and it has not gone flat it’s still holding its exact same shape, besides have not gone flat Or floppy the pillow is still great.

  742. Christopher

    So comfortableI’ve never spent this much in pillows before. I always just got the cheapest available. Never again. These pillows are so comfortable and have changed the way I sleep.

  743. Marah

    Great PillowsLiterally melt into the pillows they are so soft, big and fluffy.

  744. Sherry L Radauscher

    Supports your neckMost comfortable pillow. I have bought a lot and this one is amazing

  745. Katie

    Great pillowsThese pillows are the BEST!!!!! Soft yet firm and they bounce back into shape. Haven’t had a neck ache since I started using them. Perfect!

  746. Darrien

    ReliableThese are nice pillows, they keep shape, dont flatten very much, I prefer to have my head angled up a bit and these are great for that. My memory foam pillow was a bit too hard and was hurting my head but this is an awesome pillow, though my husband likes flatter pillows so he doesnt like them

  747. Kylie

    My Favorite PillowsI usually need two pillows to sleep comfortably but just one of these do the job. I have had them for a fee weeks now and they haven’t lost shape or fluff. They are a little hard to fit into a pillow case as they are so puffy but it is worth it. Sounds bother me and they don’t crackle or scratch. I only hear my hair against my pillow case when I toss about. They are not “firm” but they are totally supportive. It is a perfect combo between dense and airy while remaining soft and comfortable and my head doesn’t sink down too much nor is it propped up too much that I have neck pains.

  748. Alaskan Gypsy

    Best pillow EVERI have purchased dozens of different types of pillows over the years, and these are by far, the best pillows ever. I highly recommend them for back and side sleepers.

  749. Lakeisha Johnson

    Very comfy!!I have a really bad back and neck and needed a very soft pillow that don’t go flat. This is a very comfy pillow!

  750. Josh

    King Sized Pillows, Perfect for Queen Sized Bed. Side-Sleeper opinion.The appearance of the pillows vacuum sealed is always going to be comical. Watching those thin slivers of fabric expand to a pillowy cloud was very satisfying. I’m pleased to experience very little to no chemical smell coming from the packaging. The pillows themselves are incredibly comfortable, soft, yet firm enough to provide support- I’m a side sleeper and I’ve noticed the pillow hugging that pocket that’s created by side-sleeping. I’ve slept with these pillows for only one night and my gosh am I thankful! They PERFECTLY cover the width of a Queen Size Bed (I purchased the 2 King Sized Pillows). I’m very glad I made this somewhat impulsive purchase. I’ve needed new pillows for almost a year. Do your research on what type of pillows you need.. but I can assure that if you’re a side sleeper, these will absolutely do the trick. I wanted a sleeping experience similar to that of being in a nice hotel. These pillows have not disappointed!

  751. Shultzy

    Too much plastic in packagingSo much plastic in packaging!!! But after the pillows poofed out, after 24 hours out of their plastic, they are supportive for a side sleeper. Such an upgrade from my Walmart pillow and a great price!

  752. Maggie

    Comfortable PillowsThis is a standard pillowcase (32 in x 20 in) from Target and this is how the Queen pillow fits. I personally love this pillow and it’s fluffiness. I have no issues sleeping with it and I like the fullness of the pillow in the pillowcase.

  753. Fl.Girl

    Fantastic pillowsThis pillow is the bomb, we love them. At first they seem like they will be too soft. I assure you they are perfect.I sleep on my back and side. We sleep through the night. I was always turning my other pillows for may reasons. They would flatten or get hot. Not the case with these pillows. Try them I am sure you will be pleased.Only thing is of you buy the queen size, you’ll need a king size pillow case. Ours stuck out like 4 inches they fluffled up so nice.Will definitely buy again and recommend.

  754. Judith Maldonado

    LoveVery supportive.

  755. JAntu1

    Perfect support with right amount of softnessFinally found the perfect ratio of support and softness!

  756. Royal Therapy

    Love how big & soft they areMy queen size pillow cases almost too small. I love how big & soft they are. Even my dog loves to prop up against them. Would recommend them.

  757. AndersonG

    Good productIt a good pillow but with the time it become to be hard and lost the shape

  758. Sarah

    Best sleep I’ve had in yearsI have slept so much better since I got these pillows. A full nights sleep I usually wake up and move but not now

  759. PSE

    Like sleeping on a CloudIf you want hotel quality pillows these are the ones to get!! So soft So comfortable and fluffy I’ve had mine almost 3 months and they are still fluff

  760. Michael Jones

    GoodNot bad I plan to order some more soon because they are at least better then the ones I usually get in stores

  761. Miller

    AmazingBuy this. Put them in the wash and dryer. It’s the best

  762. S. Caplan

    WonderfulLove love love. I have had a difficult time finding comfortable pillows but these are wonderful.

  763. Tianna Stehle

    Comfort doesn’t lastThese were great when they first arrived. Two months later they became flat and uncomfortable.

  764. Anthony A.

    Good priceStays full for now. Don’t know how long

  765. PS5

    ComfortThis is an awesome pillow. I have been sleeping all night without waking up a bunch of times. 5 stars

  766. Royal Therapy Customer

    ComfySoo comfortable. I had low expectations but was pleasantly surprised. Best night sleep I have had in a long time

  767. K. Stewart

    ItSide sleeper: firm but I had to use 2 pillows to support my head.This is not a bad pillow. It holds its shape. I am a side sleeper and I didn’t feel like it had enough support to keep my head in the correct position.I normally use 2 pillows. A soft pillow on top of a firm pillow. This pillow is the “firm” pillow. So it works for me. I didn’t try to use both pillows at the same time.I followed the instructions on what to do to fluff it up. I massaged it to get the filling distributed evenly. I left it for 24 hours. The final product wasn’t much bigger than the original size but it felt more dense.

  768. Kindle Customer

    Owie ?Very stiff and very big, hard to be comfortable. It would be nice if there was a zipper to remove filling. I wanted these after trying the pillows at residence inn. These are not those pillows. Good for sitting on, though!

  769. Kayy

    Clouds of comfort.Okay so honestly I don’t know where to start. These pillows are worth EVERY PENNY. I don’t know how these pillows aren’t more popular. I took them out the bag & let them sit for a couple of days ( I was in the process of moving so I had the time). These pillows are soft but not too soft they have great support. Don’t even mention comfort. My nephew who hates naps because he thinks he’s going to miss something now just goes in my room get in the bed to sleep and sleeps longer. I’m telling you guy don’t hesitate buy them right now seriously you won’t regret it.

  770. monica chieco

    Good support and soft too!Finally found a pillow that doesnt hurt my neck. I have tried so many different pillows. This one is by far the best.

  771. Chell

    AmazingAmazing pillow. It’s a must have if you have neck pain or side sleeper

  772. mom3

    SizeThought I ordered Queen size but those look like King size…my queen size pillow case do not fit. Other than that nice pillows

  773. Weez

    Nice pillowIt was so nice to actually have a real pillow, finally!!!

  774. shelly montroy

    Very comfortable and wash wellHow comfortable the pillows are

  775. Royal Therapy Customer

    Any one would love to use these pillowsLove the sturdiness, just the right softness

  776. Rijad Dizdarevic

    Great buyBought these for our new house when we moved it and everyone loves it. The kids say they feel like they are on vacation with their new pillows.

  777. Kay Kehm

    Great pillow for great sleep!Pillow was soft and fluffy. Perfect pillow for a great rest.

  778. mill

    Comfortable beyond my expectations!I’m amazed and so happy. These pillows are just super comfortable. They are plush but not overly high. Your head sinks into them. They’re really a bargain for such great quality. The reviews were great but I was skeptical and so pleasantly surprised. Like most people, I’m super picky on pillows. I have neck pain so some bother me. Not these!

  779. Sheryl White

    Nice pillowsI hope they flatten a little. A little to high for me. But they feel great. Definitely a keeper.

  780. Valarie Stadnyk

    Very comfortableI love how soft these are. I purchased this not knowing it came with 2 pillows, so I was pleasantly surprised. It doesn’t take long for them to fluff up. Very nice and comfortable.

  781. Christina

    AmazingThe best pillow I’ve ever owned

  782. Heather

    Great purchaseThese are great quality pillows. They fluffed up nicely out of the bag and the fill is even throughout. They have a heavy density, which I like and they are not too firm and not too soft. I’m a side sleeper and I slept great with them so far. Great purchase

  783. Steven Sanchez

    It does what it says it does.The media could not be loaded.  My new favorite pillow! I finally found a pillow that doesn’t go flat. It keeps it shape and stays soft.

  784. Eric Hoetzl

    Great Pillows!Have had these pillows for about two months. And thus far I am loving them. I have a couple of neck surgeries and it’s very hard to get comfortable. And so far these pillows have been a blessing.

  785. Ariana Marshall

    Nice pillowsI’m super picky about pillows… but these are nice and fluffy… and super comfortable… I would definitely recommend.

  786. Caralea Strayer

    Super Plush and Luxurious PillowsThese are some of the best pillows I’ve had.Your head just sinks in, but still have incredible neck support. Great buy, would recommend! Super plush and luxurious feeling.Photo description: two pillows, top pillow appears to be double or more in volume than the bottom pillow (Walmart).

  787. Delta

    Very cushyThe came flattened in the package but fluffed up pretty fast. So comfortable. Very supportive when lounging in bed. Very nice to sleep with as well. Pretty happy with my purchase all in all.

  788. ChewTrain

    Stays fluffy but kinda uncomfortableSo the pillows stay very fluffy, but they’re kind of uncomfortable. I think they raise my head a bit to high, and when I sleep my head slides down. We just switched back to our old pillows after using them for 2-3 weeks.

  789. jessicalouise

    Don’t go flatThese are the best pillows I’ve ever bought. Ive always had an awful time with pillows going flat. I’m usually a two pillow sleeper and with these I only need one. These are far better than some of the much more expensive ones I’ve purchased over the years.

  790. obsessive buyer

    Don’t pass on this!This so comfy and amazing and hasn’t lost its shape like most pillows do. I’m going to buy more pillows and also already recommended to my family.

  791. Darlene Ingram

    Neck supportVery comfortable

  792. Jonathan toth

    So comfyPerfect

  793. Kim M.

    Highly RecommendGreat pillows. Would recommend

  794. Sarah G

    AWESOME Pillows!!Absolutely LOVE these pillows! Comfortable and soft, yet not overly soft. I recommend them to everyone!!

  795. Kindle Customer

    Great!These are great! Like sleeping on little clouds, yet just firm enough.

  796. SeekKnockAsk

    PleasedThese worked out great. Very nice and very comfortable.

  797. elizabeth corsino

    Always reshapes itselfPretty fluffy pillow

  798. Blanche Evans

    Luxury hotel qualityOur new pillows came packaged very well. Last night we slept on them for the first time. I must say they are very comfortable, nice support and soft as a cloud!

  799. Debbie Culley

    Wonderful PIllowLove these pillows. The quality is fantastic and worth the money.

  800. Ezra K.

    comfort and supportsoft comfortable and reselient.Highly recommend

  801. Frequent customer

    Nice pillows for priceComfortable with nice support not too firm, just enough softness

  802. C_Jameson

    Very fluffy pillows!Very fluffy pillows. They’re perfect for my 8 year old.

  803. Adrain Fierros

    LoveAwesome awesome awesome!

  804. Melanie Lovett

    Fantastic pillowsFirm enough to provide support even sleeping on your side, yet soft enough that you don’t wake up with a stiff neck.

  805. ArrogantLover

    A good pillow FINALLYI am really impressed with these pillows. They are firm and perfect for me because I sleep on my side. I have been trying to find a good pillow for awhile… I finally have and I do recommend!

  806. TSQ

    Too high for proper neck supportI really wanted to like these pillows because they do seem to be well made however, they are just too high. My husband and I both woke up with neck pain after sleeping on these one night. Sad to be returning these.

  807. MMH

    Perfect!Best pillow I’ve ever slept on! Just the right amount of support to keep my neck from getting kinked. LOVE THIS PILLOW!!!!!

  808. Jenna

    The BestUsed them for the first time last night and I haven’t slept that good in a very long time! Love these pillows and HIGHLY recommend

  809. GoddessTashia


  810. Cheryllyn Pyle

    The perfect pillowI am a two pillow sleeper meaning I need two pillows under my head to feel supported. Not with these pillows. One pillow does the job perfectly. With these pillows I only need one under my head instead of two. They are perfect and super soft! ??????

  811. Kayleigh K

    We ain’t lying! These are great!Bought cuz they had a good review and now I see why. These pillows are really nice! If you can’t say u like your pillow then you have never slept on a good pillow. I didn’t realize how much a pillow can effect sleep. Totally recommend!

  812. Cynthia

    + & -These pillows are beautiful, wonderfully soft! However, they are larger than queen-size. I needed to purchase king-size pillow covers, which are a bit overly long but @ 20″ wide, could be wider for these pillows & don’t fit in qu.size pillow cases.. The pillows hold my head up such that my neck hurts which gives me a headache. They’re not the rt sleeping pillow for me & my neck/headache issues.

  813. sam

    Very firm and will never go flat!I’ve had these pillows for a few months, and I can say I really recommend them. I’ve spent a fortune on other ones that go flat after a few weeks. These seem long lasting and durable.

  814. Tracy B

    Wonderful for stomach sleepers!!!!Love these pillows! They are so soft and comfortable. I am a stomach sleeper and these are the perfect amount of soft and fluffy. They squish down enough so my head and neck are not at a weird angle when Im sleeping. I ordered the queen and they are long but do fit in my queen pillow cases (barely, but they do). Side and stomach sleepers…..order these pillows, you won’t regret it!?

  815. Royal Therapy Customer

    Soft and supportiveAwesomeVery nice comfortable pillow.

  816. David

    .Not as firm as I was hoping for but they work an r still comfy

  817. DebRob

    AwesomeThis is my second order of these! Very comfortable & supportive. Would recommend!

  818. Carmen Julia Villarreal

    Best pillows I’ve had in a whileHonestly the best pillows I’ve had in a long time. I used to change my pillows really often since they would give me headaches but not anymore!

  819. Brett/Salena

    Big enough for my headVery comfy tbh

  820. Kenny

    Very comfortableSend soft and supportive. Great price

  821. Robert

    So comfy!!These pillows really are like sleeping on a cloud! They fit my queen pillow cases perfectly and stay fluffed up!

  822. Stephie Hope

    Great for supportThey are great support. I like a very soft pillow and this provides more support than softness, hence the 4 stars. Good quality, no bad odor.

  823. Ellen

    Comfortable pillows.What great pillows. Very comfortable and fluffy. First night sleeping woke up in morning with no pain.

  824. Spk

    Excellent pillowVery comfortable and useful.

  825. Xuberance60

    Very nice & comfy pillows are a good value too.So far, really liking them. Plumped up to a nice fullness when unwrapped.No ‘chemical smell’ to this new product; with my allergies, that’s something I really appreciate!

  826. Mray

    Holding up wellBeen over 2 months since receiving and these pillows are maintaining their shape very well. Excellent support and just the right amount of firmness (medium). Where I used to use 2 pillows to get the right height/support, one of these does the trick.Highly recommend.

  827. Deborah White

    Don’t stuff the pillowcaseI like the pillows very much I like them soft firmness of it meaning is not too soft and it’s not too hard but the only thing I didn’t like very much is the fact that I cannot find the pillow cases to fit the pillow but other than that I would recommend them if you find the right pillow cases.???

  828. andy233

    GoodIt was fluffy and soft and the firmness seems to be ok after 1 week

  829. Luanne Lombardo

    Most comfortable pillow.These are the best pillows I have ever bought. They never go flat, and are so comfortable. I have never had a pillow this great before. You will love them !!

  830. Jason Hartzer

    Lay your weary head to rest…Like sleeping on a cloud made from the entrails of your victims

  831. Mark

    Love it..Alittle back story, i often suffer neck stiffness, didnt know why, i had been using a memory foam pillow for acouple yrs which in theory should help, but i got to the point of having issues every 2 weeks,I desided to buy this based of some good reviews and Seriously, OMG, i feel like im sleeping on a cloud and the support on my neck, i havent had an issue in the 1 month of use.. hopefully it stays that way, just make sure u follow the directions before use and it does take alittle getting used to for the first couple sleeps, but i wouldnt go without it now that im used to it..

  832. ZenMan

    Plump Firm & SoftI read a lot of good reviews & some bad reviews but I decided to give them a tryThey arrived rolled up & compressed for ease of shipping but upon carefully removing the plastic they slowly filled up with life. I let them sit for about 8 hrs & that was enough for me. They are very plump with the right amount of both firmness & softness

  833. Kari Courchesne

    Great valueGreat for what they cost!!

  834. Joe Villeneuve

    Just what I’ve been looking for!Love these pillows. Very comfortable, just like a hotels’

  835. EW

    Great buy! We are happy with them!We received these April 23, 2021 and I gave them a couple weeks so that I’m able to give an honest review. They weren’t what I was expecting personally but they are not bad pillows at all… in fact, my husband loves them! I have awful back and neck pain which has subsided a great deal and I’ve found myself sleeping a lot better! They’re firm but soft at the same time and give so much support! Very fluffy! We would definitely buy again!

  836. Bruce Rowe

    Firm, but greatIf you like a pillow on the firmer side, these are just for you. The ship very conveniently in highly compressed form and need about 24 hours to plump to their fullness.

  837. heather

    SoftLove them so nice

  838. Brett H.

    Best pillowBest pillows I have ever owned… perfect size weight.

  839. Sandy Patterson

    Very happy!I’ve had these going on 5 months now and I am shocked that they are still fluffy! Usually when I buy pillows, they go flat within a month or so, not these! So pleased! If they start to flatten, just fluff them up. I wouldn’t mind if they were a little softer, but I’m very happy with them. I will never buy cheap pillows again. Spending a couple extra bucks was worth it for me.