ROYAL THERAPY King-Size Professional Bed Pillows (2-Pack) – A Set of Premium Plush Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Hypoallergenic Bed Pillows



  • ROYAL THERAPY 20×36 Professional Pillows Premium Style are engineered for hoteliers or home-use. The Premium Pillows are an elegant all-in-one solution with protection integrated with a quiet, cool plush comfortable pillow. This pillow for sleeping graces the beds of many hotels worldwide providing medium to firm support and is ideal for all sleep positions
  • 1300 fill power white feather-like down is what gives our fluffy pillows the luxurious, supportive-yet-airy quality that makes them so comfortable and therapeutic
  • This adjustable pillow is part of our luxury bedding collection which is crafted with a 300-thread count, 100% jacquard cotton cover, elegantly embroidered logo, and edged in gold cording. For your convenience, both the pillow and cover can be machine washed and dried
  • Experience the royal feel of down without the odor, allergens, and sharp quills. The gelled microfiber mimics the soft feel of down and provides the same customizable versatility that makes this pillow universally comfortable for any kind of sleeper
  • Each pillow has a unique small zipper closure which allows you to adjust the amount of inner filling according to your sleeping choice. By removing some of the filling, the pillow can be adjusted to the perfect balance of height and firmness (thin or full) to suit individual preferences. Something, not every hotel pillow brand can be proud of.

Royal Therapy King-Size Professional Bed Pillows (2-Pack)


  • Some of the dreamiest bed pillows to be found anywhere are at Royal Therapy.  Our down pillows are prized for luxurious softness and loft, with fill power as high as 1300.
  • Royal Therapy Professional Hotel Pillow is one of the world’s most luxurious down alternative and loved for its unmatched comfort and hypoallergenic properties.
  • You will get a unique blend of ultra-fine fibers engineered to-mimic all the desirable attributes of down.
  • Royal Therapy fill is recognized for its loft, lightweight feel, and durability. Our luxury pillows allow allergy-sensitive sleepers to achieve a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Full, fluffy and our medium to firm density Royal Therapy pillows provide a soft yet supportive feel with a low-profile, great for a stomach sleeper or someone who sleeps in a variety of positions.
  • These hotel pillows are machine washable for easy care.


  • Is a sensitive sleeper and is allergic to down, latex, or wool.
  • Wants a  pillow that will accommodate a variety of sleeping positions.
  • Likes a softer feeling pillow but still wants it to be full and lofty.
  • Is looking for a big luxury pillow that is hypoallergenic, cooling, easy to clean, and designed to last.

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312 reviews for ROYAL THERAPY King-Size Professional Bed Pillows (2-Pack) – A Set of Premium Plush Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Hypoallergenic Bed Pillows

  1. nicky

    Gave to my daughter she haven’t slept on it yet.

  2. Las Vegas Mommy

    Very nice. Comfortable

  3. Marie

    Best pillows I’ve ever owned! So comfortable!

  4. Jenn Gooden

    This is a awesome pillow. After adjusting it a bit (taking some of the foam out) I sleep quite well.

  5. greenthumb

    These are great for my daughter’s bed. She recently upgraded from a toddler bed to a twin sized bed and these make me worry less about her falling out of the bed. I find her some mornings hugging one, so she loves them too! They stay in place well.

  6. Goldie253

    I’ve only had this pillow for a couple of nights, but so far, I like. It’s firm, yet soft. It’s supportive and doesn’t go flat like other pillows. I look forward to going to sleep at night!

  7. Mary Sparacino

    I love how comfortable it feels

  8. Shernks

    I have one for my house and one for my moms house, when I sleep there. It gives me so much comfort and relief. Great for side and back sleepers. I highly recommend .

  9. Genevieve C. Lenz

    I have tried many pillows & this one, by far, is the best in every way!!!

  10. Gordan Freeman

    Most comfortable pillow I’ve ever owned!

  11. alan campbell

    I was a bit hesitant to try this pillow when it puffed up but I gave it a go and it soon cradled my head like I needed it to.

  12. 254mama

    Great product as described …

  13. Stacy

    I love that you can put in or take out as much stuffing as you like and the pillows puff up very fast after opening

  14. Rebeca Santana

    Sleeping great!!!

  15. Positivelypersistentteach

    My neck pain is gone and I sleep pretty well on it. Would recommend.

  16. Lynn A. Metzger

    I used this over a used pillow I had and it fit perfectly. Of course I measured my pillow first to see if it was the right size. The material is very thick like canvas. I loved it!

  17. emfl

    I have fibromyalgia and this pillow has saved me! No more waking up with back and neck pain. Best Buy of all time!

  18. Khill

    Great pillow! Slept my best in months. Bought for the adjustable fill feature and love it so far!

  19. Lee

    I just got it and so far I’m liking it. I absolutely love that you can adjust the firmness simply by removing some of the memory foam! In the past that’s always been an issue for me with pillows – if only I could have adjusted them a bit more they’d be perfect. I can’t wait to try it out longer.

  20. Natalie Nicole

    Absolutely love it. Comfortable, deep pockets and not too warm for people who like to sleep in cooler temps

  21. Megan

    Per doctors orders my infant needed to be slightly propped up at night to help her reflux. She recommended a crib wedge and we found this one. It gave just enough prop to the mattress without making it slope too much. My daughters night time reflux went away and everyone started sleeping much better.

  22. Melek246

    I like how comfortable this pillow us. I usually have to sleep with 2-3 pillows and still have neck issues but this pillow us plush and sturdy enough to give great neck support. If you struggle with back or shoulder pain this seems like a good pillow for you.

  23. Paula E

    Get pillow helps me fall asleep fast

  24. Sam1

    Great pillow for side sleepers!

  25. Blayke

    Love the pillow supports my neck very comfortable

  26. Darby Rose

    Love it. It was worth the money to me.

  27. Jan L. Kauffman

    I am hoping it can help with my neck

  28. kim taylor

    This is the right pillow for us. I’ve tried so many others but none like this. It stays cool and it supports your neck.

  29. YadW

    At first I didn’t think it was poofy enough and then I slept on it a few times and had to take some out. I don’t often wake up now with a stiff shoulder neck area. No weird smells either. Fits a queen pillowcase.

  30. Linda

    Great quality pillow! This has changed my sleep for the better. I highly recommend it!

  31. Eva Kay

    Best pillow I’ve slept on. Firm but comfortable. Everyone in my family wants my pillow!!! This pillow doesn’t go flat!!

  32. Gary James

    One of the best pillows I have ever used.

  33. John E.

    Worth the price. Removed some memory foam to make it perfect!

  34. EKGrammer

    This pillow is spectacular! It is worth the price. You don’t have to spend more than $100 to get a great pillow. But you also can’t cheap out on a $5 pillow – it is insufferable and bad for your spine. This pillow was about $50 and worth every penny. The thing I love most is how huge it is! It covers almost the entire bed. I love it! I’ve never had such a big pillow. 5 stars! No doubt. I recommend it. You’ll have a great night sleep!

  35. Burns

    very comfortable pillow good support.

  36. Jude Hanley

    Gives the perfect amount of support.

  37. P Johnson

    Don’t hesitate to order this pillow, if it’s to hard you can unzip and take some foam out for your comfort. I will order one more for my bed because the quality is wonderful.

  38. Hannah

    So far it is working well ,Made very well and breaks in fast

  39. Y. Dobiash

    Customized the fill, now it’s perfect and I could probably make a couple other pillows with the fill I removed. Very nice pillow with ultra soft case.

  40. Lana

    This pillow is fantastic. It has the right amount of support. I was waking up with neck pain before I had this pillow and I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after just one night with this pillow.

  41. Rachelle M. Gidney

    I liked the fact that you can take out the foam to fit your comfort level.

  42. Lynsey

    Neck support

  43. E. Bucci

    lo que esperaba

  44. Ron

    Good firm support for side sleeper.

  45. L L

    I had neck and head pain from arthritis and have found this pillow has eliminated it so far! It is a firmer pillow than I’ve used before but Ive had no problem getting used to it and like that I can remove some of the fill to adjust it if necessary.

  46. vdavis783

    I have been looking all over for a great pillow. I’m a side sleeper and always wake up sore. This pillow is soft, but not too soft. It’s supports my neck and I had a great night of sleep.

  47. Darlene

    This pillow gives my neck great support! I love it!!

  48. Anupam Rao

    It relieved the problem with my sore neck. I really like it. Nice size pillow and comfy.

  49. Melissa Davis

    Liked so much bought 4

  50. James W.

    I have been looking for a pillow for years. This is the best pillow that I have ever bought this is a great pillow.

  51. Salma g

    I LOVE this pillow!! It has plenty of cushioning and support for my head. So many other pillows are flimsy and unsubstantial. I have gotten the best night sleep in a long time – it is SOOO comfortable!!

  52. Lizzybee

    I love my pillow and great amount of neck support. Never slept better.

  53. Anne Ayotte

    Slept like a baby, didn’t wake up with my neck hurting or a headache. Love it

  54. Vance

    The person who this was given to loved the cover. Softness, comfort and coolness.

  55. Aimee Salazar

    I am a side/stomach sleeper and I find that this pillow works really well with my type of sleep. It’s not too soft or firm and has a good amount of support.

  56. Melissa Davis

    We’ve been using this towel for a few months now and it’s our favorite one, or daughter loves it. It’s soft and big.

  57. Drika

    soooooo darn cute. I am leaving them out all winter long. Easy to use and soft to lay your head on the pillow. Looks adorable for a winter decoration.

  58. Joanne

    We have been struggling to find the right pillow. This pillow was just what we needed, it is comfortable and provides a lot of support.

  59. Busymommyof5

    Nice and sturdy. It gives more support than I was expecting. 9/10 would recommend it!

  60. Momma Monica

    What can I say, we are dog people. With several dogs too many, I guess I would say, we are in the dog house. Sits on our couch in the family room. Seem well made.

  61. JewelHellcat707

    Pillow seems to be of good quality and is working for my needs.

  62. emillie

    Very pleased with this purchase

  63. Donald I Pirches Jr.

    Very comfortable and adjustable to what you like

  64. JL213

    This is a very nice pillow and even allows adjustments for comfort if it is too full or firm. I would recommend the pillow.

  65. Dustin Wallraven

    This is seriously the best pillow ever. I bought one to see if i would like it and it was great! Just bought 2 more

  66. GOT IT

    Great support

  67. Christy Rux

    My sleep quality has changed dramatically. I now sleep thru the night which hasn’t happened in years. Highly recommend.

  68. Kathleen Cummings

    Not much else to say.

  69. Cindy & Kim

    I got the king size pillow , it is really soft and comfortable straight out of the bag after you open the bag and fluff the pillow to activate the memory foam

  70. Derice Washington

    As advertised, this pillow is very comfortable and firm.

  71. stuart

    I’ve been using this pillow for more than a month and I love it!The memory foam bits really help to keep its shape and support my head when i sleep!

  72. Bea :)

    Awesome pillow. I slept good with no neck pain. 👍👍👍. Bought my mom 2 hopefully she will like them.

  73. DFrat

    I love it! Very good support on a neck and good size

  74. Elisabeth Lie

    I was looking for a larger towel for my growing baby that just turned 1 and this towel is the perfect size and super soft! Absolutely love the material!

  75. Anna Simons

    I have two bulging discs in my neck and this is by far the best pillow I have found to eliminate the pain. I like it so much I bought another. Very highly recommended. A++++++

  76. julie c.

    Like sleeping in a cloud!This pillows are very confortable. My husband is very happy, he is sleeping much better ever since I got them.I originally ordered the wrong size., no problem returning them.Melissa was wonderful, best customer service I ever received from a vendor in Royal Therapy.

  77. Tyrone C.

    This one is very, very nice. It supports the head and neck really well and does not get too hot.

  78. sam johnson

    Love this pillow

  79. Victoria

    great pillows,very think. i love them

  80. Vijay Mathura

    Best pillow I ever bought in my life! I have had serious neck pain for years. Tried dozens of pillows but all were the same. Not enough support or way too much. With this one you can adjust to get the perfect pillow for your sleeping needs and it feels amazing sleeping on the crushed up pieces of memory foam!!

  81. J. Johns

    It came right on time! It was rolled up in a box, which gave me pause, but it is the best neck pillow I have ever had!And it is cool. We are in a heat wave, and I sleep very comfortably. Highly recommend!

  82. Melissa Davis

    Quality pillow

  83. Angie

    Well made. Super soft. Washes well. Love it.


    Great pillow !

  85. Eric Easterling

    Haven’t changed pillows in 7 years. It’s so hard to find good pillows. WE LOVE THEM.

  86. Stephanie H

    These were larger than expected which turned out great. They are large enough to prevent my 5 year old from rolling out of the bed and don’t take up so much of the bed that she’s uncomfortable. It’s a great purchase to ease the transition to a big kid bed.

  87. Deeba

    I was having difficulty sleeping with store bought pillows, which go flat in a few months. So decided to order a memory foam pillow on Royal Therapy. This one does not disappoint, it has good breathability, is light and soft enough to sleep comfortably.

  88. Jamie

    This pillow came in a beautiful Royal Therapy container. You can adjust the amount of shredded memory foam in your pillow! Also, you can register for a 5 year warranty! Will buy again.

  89. BW Allison

    Amazing pillows! They have helped us sleep so much better and they are the perfect thickness

  90. Zyah


  91. Valerie Allen

    I been having neck and back pain from the normal pillow and trying various memory foam pillows and this one works and helped. This is really big enough as expected and too soft. Good quality

  92. Brad Lewellen

    By far THE MOST comfortable pillow I’ve ever owned. My neck stopped bothering me after the very first night.

  93. Dani F

    This pillow is exactly what I was looking for. Totally supportive, nice and firm, but a nice amount of squish. Best sleep I’ve had in years.

  94. Pam D. Schneider

    No rips, no stains….. just a nice cushion over a foam bed bridge. Very comfortable. Achieved what I wanted.

  95. Ethan

    For the first time in a long time, I have found a pillow that doesn’t make my neck and shoulder hurt. This pillow doesn’t flatter out through the night! Great find

  96. Kayycee

    I just got my Royal Therapy today it was very big and firmer and beautiful I love it .Thank u very much,but I will let you know if it sleep good to night.well I can say it sleep very good

  97. Customer

    Best sleep I’ve had in years! This is hands down the absolute best pillow ever!

  98. Lorena+Cade Sawyer

    Very nice pillow. Like the fact you can adjust the firmness. Sleep quality still in work.

  99. Sara Hayzlett

    I love my new pillows. They are awesome for my neck and help me sleep better than ever!

  100. Frank pena

    Omg I love these pillows,I now can sleep all through the night without having to move it around to find comfort.

  101. Zaida

    I give these pillows as presents, people love them.

  102. Jordan Root

    Super soft & comes with a matching wash cloth and 2 tub toys! Great value for the price!!

  103. S. N. Anthony

    I liked it very much, the packaging was nice, it came on the same day I ordered, and tried right away. I felt comfortable, gave the support my neck needed.

  104. Reader

    I have been using my pillow for 1 week. I have not slept this well in a long time. I don’t wake up uncomfortable during the night, having to toss & turn.When I first opened it, it has a weird smell, but I washed the pillow cover and set the pillow outside to air out. It was fine after that.

  105. Melissa Davis

    They provide excellent support but are not hard.

  106. Chad Mass

    Perfectly paired for our new firm mattress

  107. cami

    Love this product. I recommend this product for everyone

  108. JD

    I ordered 1 pillow and loved so much, I went back and ordered another within days. This pillow is amazing. Highly recommend!

  109. Kimberly

    Got this for my boyfriend for neck pain. He’s been sleeping so much better! He has no tenderness in the morning and wakes up in a better mood.

  110. Tina

    Did a lot of shopping around for pillows and bought these on a whim. They are amazing for back sleepers and the occasional side sleeper. Worth the money.

  111. Elizabeth&Chris

    This pillow is very big and soft! Very comfortable absolute must have for a good night sleep! I absolutely recommend for a soft yet firm memory form pillow it was my first one and I loved it!

  112. Johnny L

    I have struggled with trying to find the best pillow for sleeping my entire adult life. This pillow is unbelievably perfect!!!! It can be snuggled but has the support that I so need!

  113. Rebecca E. Chandler

    Was nervous about this purchase. Pillow arrived in a tube packaging with the pillow packed tight inside. But after pulling it out and allowing the pillow to inflate with air, it was surprisingly thick and comfortable. Feels great.

  114. julius montgomery

    I love this pillow. It is so comfortable and I wake up without any neck issues. It is a large pillow but on a queen size bed it fits fine. A great buy!

  115. Sharon Shopper

    Could be a bit more firm for me but overall I’m pleased with purchase. Will definitely buy again.

  116. Mordechay A.

    It keeps you cool while you sleep, and it conforms to your head and neck.

  117. Nadia

    My first night using this pillow I slept like a log! No neck pain, no headache. My husband now wants to try it. Thank you for making such a great pillow.

  118. Gorgeous Concepts Salon

    Pillow is so comfortable. It’s like heaven.

  119. debra jordan

    Great support with awesome comfort. Vet well made and plush removable cover.

  120. Juli Severson

    Very comfortable. My neck doesn’t ache anymore.

  121. Jose Maldonado

    Best pillow I’ve owned! You can create the perfect amount of support for the best sleep

  122. JFK

    Amazing quality pillows! Awesome!

  123. Melissa

    Firm and high quality pillow.

  124. K. Chavers

    Loveeeee this pillow! I struggled for a while finding a pillow that suited my needs. This one is finally it. It is so comfortable while still being supportive. I did unzip it and remove a small amount of the stuffing and it works better for me.

  125. A. Webster

    Took a couple days to get it to fit for me, now I love it!

  126. Melissa Davis

    Nice firm pillow

  127. Frank V Voudy Jr

    Everything it says it is. Great pillow!

  128. Steven Reinke


  129. Beverly G.

    This pillow is amazing. I have neck and back problems and sleeping has always been really hard for me. I spent some serious money on therapeutic pillows but none of them works as good as this one. I got this pillow and I couldn’t be any happier. Looking forward to good sleep and good drams.

  130. Garima Garg

    Soft and there are layers that you can adjust to your best liking height

  131. Rebecca

    Love this pillow!!!! Comfortable soft great for stomach sleepers. It’s worth the money

  132. Janet

    I bought this pillow for boyfriend, who had been having terrible neck and shoulder pain from sleeping on his old pillows. His pain and stiffness went away shortly after sleeping on the pillow. So I bought one for myself. Once the pillow fully inflates and obtains it’s full shape, it works great!

  133. Kobe

    This pillow is very comfortable and made with high quality products. Hope to get many years out of this.

  134. Stephen Grant

    Fabulous. Live the extra large size. Best sleep in a long time.

  135. dr11

    Firm yet soft and plush pillow. Exactly what I was looking for. Can adjust the firm level by taking foam out of the pillow. Will be buying more in the future

  136. Kym Chee Lee

    Good head support and good quality.

  137. Jennie

    Husband loves this pillow. Fits his head and neck perfectly

  138. Repairguy1971

    This product arrived just as described! It fit my king bed perfectly! I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend this seller and this product.

  139. Kristina

    Love this pillow. It forms around my neck and head. Its not too hard or too soft. I am a side sleeper so I can hug it as well as having my head on it.

  140. Martha

    A little too firm first nights but after that aaahhh!

  141. Nicholas Montalto III

    This is by far the best pillow I have ever purchased.

  142. Suzanne 🌸

    Beautiful, hold their fluffy shape.

  143. NamastayEveryDay

    Just wish they had a soft version of it. But it’s a great pillow

  144. VJFolsom

    Super luxe pillows- very well made- great quality. Very firm so be sure that’s what you want before buying these.

  145. Vanessa Xaudaro

    With this pillow I haven’t slept good in ages.

  146. geomen liu

    These are the best investment I could have made for my neck. I hoped for the best and I got it!! You need these.

  147. Sheznolady

    I just had neck surgery and needed a quality pillow to help my pain. This pillow is a life saver! It’s amazing! Thank you so much!

  148. athoma

    My wife loves it. Perfect support, and stays nice and cool throughout the night

  149. Melody

    I wish I had bought this sooner. My mattress is supposed to be cooling but this cover has done a better job than the mattress. It is soft, noiseless, and fits perfectly.

  150. Cody Romano

    Pillows are wonderful I sleep well on them and they are very comfortable and well made

  151. gyzmo954

    Like that you can adjust the firmness.

  152. Catalina

    Very heavy pillow and the memory has been excellent so far. I have been very impressed so far.

  153. Color me bad.

    I love this pillow today is my first day and I planning on buying them for my entire family I will recommend this pillow to everyone

  154. Soggynoise301


  155. Lorr Elias

    Love love love this pillow!

  156. CeilidhaChaos

    my daugher and son in law love it said it is very comfy. Was gift to them

  157. Cindy

    Flattens quickly overnight

  158. Melissa Davis

    Was looking for a new pillow because my current ones were starting to get too flat and causing me to have back pain. I have slept on these for 3 nights now, and I have had no pain! They are very comfortable and just the right amount of support to not be too hard.

  159. BankerChick

    Nice and firm

  160. dianne

    This pillow has plenty of supporting cushion. Some will want to remove a little, but I use it all. A very comfortable pillow.

  161. Vera

    I just got the pillow! Very fluffy after it sat for a few hours. Can’t wait to sleep with it tonight!

  162. Melissa Davis

    Finally!A pillow that supports!

  163. Ron

    Fabulous. Added just enough to our bed to make it luxurious. Well made. Super soft and squishy with down feathers. Stays in place while we sleep and covers king mattress well and full

  164. viperess

    Great pillow. Very comfortable. Soft as a cloud with support. Love it.

  165. Shane Coleman

    This is absolutely the best pillow to sleep with at night!!!! if you have back pain, shoulder pain, or even a crick in your neck I have never used such a more comfortable pillow in my life!!!!!

  166. Melissa Davis

    This pillow is exactly what I wanted. Firm, supportive, tall. I am a side sleeper and normally I have to roll over every 1-2 hours because of shoulder pain caused by lame pillows. This pillow lifts my neck up and supports my body so I sleep the whole night through without moving.

  167. Aryeh

    Support slides to the other end.. needed to take out a lot of foam in order to be ok.

  168. steve

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I actually love this pillow! Never thought I could say that without first touching one and ordering based on reviews. I REALLY LOVE being able to ‘adjust’ the fullness by removing some of the inner foam

  169. Angela M

    The first pillow I have found with enough support

  170. Melissa Davis

    It’s very soft yet has a lot of foam so it pads my legs well while sleeping on my side. My only complaint is that the foam fumes gives me a headache, but that happens to me with all new foam (I’m sensitive)

  171. Sarah K.

    I bought them because my husband destroyed previous pillows. These provide adjustable support and he can not squish it into oblivion!

  172. Stacey

    If you hate having droopy, slouchy pillows for your pillow shams this is the pillow for you. It’s nice and full but really soft. You can also remove some of the memory foam. Love it!

  173. T Loggy

    I have been looking for a firm pillow that’s still soft because I can’t lay flat. This one is perfect! It holds my head at the right level for a comfortable nights sleep.

  174. PILLI

    Whew when i say i search high and low for what i want i read review after review until i finally said ok this one sounds the best soooo glad i got it too💕💕💕

  175. Melissa Davis

    So far, it’s amazing. Hasn’t lost its shape at all.

  176. Francis

    Very soft and comfortable yet supportive. It gets a little hot but nothing that is unbearable.

  177. mckinnk

    very good quality and design it is very comfortable

  178. Kim

    The pillow is super comfy, it doesn’t go flat after 1 night sleep. It surely does support your neck. I had a trouble with my neck when i sleep at night and feel uncomfortable when i wake up but after i had this pillow, i really sleep well at night and waking up with no discomfort. Super recommended!

  179. Dee

    It is very nice good support

  180. Melissa Davis

    Upon receiving the packaging was absolutely beautiful the instructions clearly tell you what to do and after followed the results are amazing will definitely be purchasing these again for my entire home.

  181. Glam Queen

    Freakin love this thing. My wife bought me one and now she wants one !! I’m a back and side sleeper with cronic neck pain and sleeping problems and I’d say this has improved my sleep and neck pain.

  182. Dale

    Awesome beautifully made pillows. Forms to my neck and very comfortable.

  183. Melissa Davis

    The fact that you can take some foam off the pillow is genius! I use to hate memory foam pillows because they were all too hard and too bulky for me.

  184. Judd Nelson

    So far very happy with these quality product pillows.

  185. Jorge Gutierrez

    Hubby got this for our new bed. It’s soft and plush. Don’t know what he paid for it but I’m very pleased.

  186. jb_shakes

    Really helped keep my toddler in her bed, and from whacking her face on the floor anymore haha. It stays under the sheet really well and definitely recommend for anyone who doesn’t want their child barricaded in their bed, but rather nudged to keep at bay.

  187. Faithinuandkas

    These pillows are exactly what we needed. Better than My Pillow that ever ordered in the past. Firmer but comfortable- just what we needed! They exactly what the advirtise.

  188. Louis W. George

    I love the size and overall feed of the pillow. It hold its shape and was easy to unbox and fluff up.

  189. Sheri Clark

    I sleep great with this pillow. I have issues with neck pain and this seems to be helping with that.

  190. Alexis

    Great pillows

  191. RIO

    Very good and comfortable pillow. I fall asleep faster and it’s made with good quality. recieved item when I was supposed to and good customer service too

  192. Rachel G

    When I first unpackaged this pillow, it was so thin that I thought that I had made a mistake in ordering it. However, in no time at all, it “plumped up” to the perfect thickness. This pillow is super comfortable and supportive. Great quality for a great night’s sleep.

  193. Kenneth Hollis

    I have been looking for the perfect pillow for years. Bought over 10 different brands and this one is by far the best!! You can adjust it to you perfect fit

  194. Tri

    So far the quality seems good

  195. Melissa Davis

    I’m really not sure. Bought this for granddaughter at college. She hasn’t complained so I guess it’s good

  196. Laura G.

    Amazing pillow!! It came in the mail in a nice small bag, rolled up. I must say my son was also super excited for this pillow and wanted to use it! We all love this pillow and will be buying more!!

  197. Armando

    Pillow is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Firm, and stays firm

  198. John V

    Just watch I was looking for “comfortable “

  199. Meylee

    Purchased to use as a bath towel and blanket for my newly adopted 12 lb. mixed schnauzer…it is VERY SOFT…she loves it.

  200. Stephanie Larkins

    We’ve been sleeping on these pillows for about a week now. They are very comfortable.

  201. car

    They get better night after night after night. Highly recommended—and I’m a person who’s picky about pillows.

  202. Momma of 2

    I love this pillow it’s so comfortable

  203. E. Olson

    I love this pillow, it feels like a cloud. It is super soft but yet supportive. Highly recommend!

  204. Aliaswoman

    Cal king without the heavy, impossible to take off and put back on. This mattress pad is light weight and and sturdy.

  205. jberr

    Supports mine and my bfs neck at night. Have had these pillows for over 4 months and just won’t get enough of then I had to buy one more. Definetly worth the buy

  206. Mykal IRS RAM

    Love that can be altered to fit your sleeping style.

  207. DA

    Love this pillow!! Best decision to get it!

  208. SteelRep4JC

    This pillow has changed how I sleep! I am able to actually get a full nights sleep instead of waking up because my neck is hurting. I wake rested and without neck pain in the morning either. Would definitely recommend!!

  209. sergeheat

    This is the top of the line as far as pillows are concerned!

  210. Janet

    The material that covers the memory foam is very soft. The memory foam is adjustable so you can make the pillow less firm to suit your comfort level. It comes too firm for me so I removed some of the memory foam and it’s much softer now. It’s very comfortable now.

  211. Alexander

    Easy to add or take out filling to easily customize.

  212. S.votava

    Great design, the quality of the product is great. Haven’t slept on it yet… letting it breath, but will post again once I do.

  213. GLAMOUR

    Love these pillow covers I mistakenly thought the pillows came with them. You will have to purchase the pillow separately.

  214. Eduardo Osorio

    I love that you can adjust the height of the pillows.

  215. Geniece K.

    Nice pillow it was a gift and the recipient loves it.

  216. Somer Melendez

    Very nice

  217. Anthony

    It helped me with my neck pain, great pillow

  218. carol medina

    Great pillows–luxurious, spa feel and supportive at the same time!

  219. Kenneth


  220. cody

    Great quality! Nice and full, but you have the option to make it flatter.

  221. Frannie

    So far this is proving to be a good mattress pad cover though I haven’t wasted anything on it.

  222. Maria

    Really nice , I could tell that night how soft it was.

  223. Paul

    Great product! Bought one for my wife at Christmas. She has RA and had a lot of trouble getting/staying comfortable through the night. No More!! I have ordered one more for myself since she refuses to share 🙂 I have also ordered 2 more for elderly family members with pain issues and sent them as gifts (thanks Royal Therapy) this pillow is Amazing!

  224. bettina bowens-reddins


  225. Bob

    We bought these pillows for our guest bedroom and couldn’t be more impressed. Once we got them fluffed up, the gsined and maintained thir shape. Very comfortable. They feel very supportive and greatly improved our sleep quality!. Thank you so much!

  226. Willy & Rhea

    They form to your neck so comfy

  227. chris cornwell

    I love my pillow. I am giving them to my family and friends as xmas gifts.

  228. Melissa Davis

    Love these on first impression. Love the fact on how easy it is to take out the stuffings to adjust to our liking!

  229. Dean Pacino

    Product was just as advertised, it was shipped and received promptly. Pillow provides amazing comfort and while firm, it still offers just the right amount of softness.

  230. victor laudner

    Great pillow. remove some stuffing if your uncomfortable

  231. LStar

    There is much more support for me than my former pillow. I am very happy with this pillow. Give it a try.

  232. S. Brockelman

    Sleeping better than I have in years. Very comfortable. Takes some work to get the shreds of foam taken apart, but worth it. Way better than the other memory foam pillow I had. That one is for my cat now.

  233. Brianna Mellinger

    Great soft pillow. The pillowcase is also really soft. Has a good presentation comes in a cool looking bag. It was really clumpy from the bag but all I had to do was open it up and squish it around and good to go. Best pillow I’ve ever had

  234. Sarah Wise

    You can adjust thickness.

  235. Sarah

    This pillow feels like sleeping on a cloud

  236. Doc

    Love that you can manage the amount of filling you need for your best comfort.

  237. Todd Caulder

    I had to take some of the “stuff” out of the pillow so it was at my comfort level. It is so comfortable now. The insides are so soft and the case it’s in is so soft. Great buy! (and I’m really picky with pillows)

  238. Bella

    Love this pillow! I’m a side sleeper and it’s just the right amount of support.

  239. A lonely shopper

    I had neck pains for the last two months. My last pillow was great but around 6-7 years old. I ordered this pillow and the pain was gone the next morning. I slept like a log! Fantastic pillow. Worth every penny.

  240. Jason

    We ordered three different pillow covers from Royal Therapy. This set of three is very well made. It has much better material (thicker, softer) than the other two pillows we ordered. The colors are vibrant and true to the picture. We haven’t washed them yet, so I don’t know how they will last.I would buy these again.

  241. Boodanas

    Very comfortable and cover is easy to remove for washing.

  242. Rick

    Love it!

  243. Ellen calhoun

    This pillow is so comfortable and breathable! It is supportive and keeps its shape well throughout the night. Unlike other memory-foam pillows, this is comfortable overnight and doesn’t make my head sweat. Going to be getting more to replace the rest of my pillows!

  244. plant zombie

    These pillows are amazing…I work alternating shifts and find it hard to sleep and get comfortable, these pillows have made that virtually a non issue. I am very pleased!

  245. Eyeseemacro

    Just wanted to say this is a great pillow even my mom that it’s really picky she loved it how it feels. thank you

  246. J yerger

    This pillow not only supports my head and my neck through the night while I sleep but it also doesn’t go flat either. I would highly recommend this pillow to anyone who has neck and shoulder problems.

  247. Natalie Pantaleo

    Good quality product. My husband and I sleep through the night very restful.

  248. Paula

    Perfect. Don’t buy another pillow.

  249. Denise R.

    Very good pillow. Planning to order a second one. Came with nice pillow case to protect pillow itself. Live it.

  250. Tabatha Moore

    Great pillow! I stopped haven’t neck pain after I began using these pillows!

  251. Emily Graham

    Best pillow I had I years. Bet sleeping pillow, normally I’m up 3to 4 times a night. But with this pillow, I slept straight through. I’m disabled so that is very important to me.

  252. Leona Wright

    Definitely 5 stars! This pillow is amazing and the packaging comes in a cute reusable tote bag.

  253. Ashle speakes

    I was apprehensive trying the pillow but decided I had nothing to lose ! The best pillow I have ever had ! Side sleepers this is a must have – you will not be sorry .

  254. Francisco rodriguez

    Great support for an aching neck for a fraction of the cost of other pillows.

  255. Courtney moore

    As a person who goes through pillows regularly, I must say this was quite comfortable. I slept good and didn’t wake up with a headache or my neck hurting. Looking forward to more of those nights.

  256. Laura G

    Been thru alot of pillows this one is great

  257. john wilson

    Love this pillow.The first night I had the best sleep . Great support for my neck , shoulders.

  258. Diana Taylor

    Great quality, love the adjustable shredded memory foam

  259. Felicia M. Golden

    Best pillow I’ve ever owned

  260. Neicie

    Better than a bamboo pillow!! Very comfortable and doesn’t go flat.

  261. Melissa Davis

    Perfect pillows that are super comfortable. So glad I made this purchase!

  262. K.D. Samuel

    Very high quality, better than expected and easy to get use to for the first time.

  263. Padgett

    Excelente almohada muy cómoda totalmente recomendable al 100%

  264. phyllis mcdonald

    Vert comfortable pillow.

  265. Leigh S.

    The pillows are amazing, i received them quickly. Very comfortable

  266. Eric

    It’s like sleeping on marshmallows! It’s so easy to adjust them if they’re too full/fluffy.

  267. aaron

    This pillow supports my head and neck in all the different positions I sleep in. I’m a restless sleeper and sleep on both sides, my back and my stomach. It’s comfortable in all positions and supportive as well.

  268. Oliver Gonzalez

    Highly recommend to all my friends

  269. Melissa Davis

    We love them, they are perfect for our guest room.

  270. vjmoto

    Wanted something with stiffer support without sacrificing comfort. This is it. Finally found it. This thing got big and stayed that way. Not too hard though. Comfy without feeling like youre sinking into quicksand.

  271. Vonclair

    the best pillow that i have i sewer!!!!!!

  272. Jamie Simcoe

    The pillowcases were quite classy. I like the cool muted beige color and the fabric feels nice and soft. We have several old pillows and I didn’t have to spend a fortune for new pillows, just the pillowcase so that was a big plus. These complemented my beach themed covered patio. Love love love the design, much better than in pictures. Highly recommend!

  273. Christine Riggert

    It’s thick, dense and exactly what is needed for someone tall, limby, with broad shoulders and who sleeps predominantly on their side.

  274. Mike

    At first I was nervous buying a pillow online that i couldn’t feel but I’m happy i choose this one.

  275. Todd Flagler

    Firm support plus comfort & elegance. Finally, a full night’s sleep, awakening refreshed & with no neck/shoulder pain!Thank you!

  276. @toogieblossom

    So far, the best pillow I have ever had! And it really does not go flat! Very happy with this purchase!

  277. Michael J. Correale

    Love these pillows! Nice and firm. Fluffed right up when I took them out of the package. No smell. Very comfortable to sleep on.

  278. Melissa Davis

    thanks royal therapy for making a great pillow, i have tried water pillows, foam pillows, my pillow and more but my neck would still hurt, your pillow gave me a pain free nightalso you can easily adjust the pillow by removing some of the inner cushion .awesome product at a great price thank you

  279. MRichards

    The fabric is luxurious and the pillow is very supportive! I love the convenience of being able to adjust the amount of foam to suit my sleeping comfort! Great company to work with!!! Love my Royal pillow!!

  280. Jodie

    I have cervical arthritis, degenerative, bone spurs, and stenosis. I need support! This pillow has it. I absolutely love it.

  281. Lwarner

    I will be ordering more, this pillow is supportive and does not have the memory foam smell. I absolutely love it.

  282. Kathy R

    Bought for my 10 year old son, he says he loves it and he sleeps really well with his new pillow!

  283. Naomi Michele

    Great small pillow! Attractive, easy to wash cover too. I bought 6 of these, and use them a lot. They make it easy to get into a comfortable sleeping or sitting position. The pillows are firm but have “give” too. A hard to find quality in a pillow!

  284. Robert Sheets

    Comes VERY full but easy to remove some of the fill for your own comfort level. Overall happy with it

  285. Susan

    I am very happy with this purchase. Comfortable and nicely made.

  286. Susie Jane

    Very comfortable & just right on the support. Good quality product.

  287. Kyle Blandford

    I absolutely love this pillow. Although I did remove some of the filling which was easy to do. Worth every penny!

  288. Mr. N. B. Stevens

    Seriously one of the best pillows I have ever laid my head on. Love how you can adjust the toughness or softness of your pillow … I no longer get smacked for snoring at night lol!!

  289. CANDICE

    I like the comfort of the pillows. They fit to your desired position. Quality sleep since their arrival.

  290. JAHart

    Best pillows ever!!!!

  291. Jay R

    The pillow has relieved my neck and back pain and has allowed me to get a good nights sleep. Should have done it sooner. Would definitely recommend

  292. stccb

    The pillow arrived quickly and only took an hour or so to expand. The chemical smell is dissipating quickly and I like the firmness of the pillow. Overall, pretty happy with the purchase, especially for the price. I might buy a second pillow if I’m still happy after a few weeks.

  293. Edgar W. Scott

    Still have to this day. Makes my hair less frizzy. Never going back to cotton pillow sacks. Color as shown. I ordered the white color. Highly recommend. Fair price.

  294. M Honcoop

    I searched for a new pillow, read all the reviews and decided to give this pillow a try. SOO happy I did. Wow. What a difference a good pillow can make. I love it.

  295. Auxi Mazza


  296. cerry

    Awesome pillow! It takes a few days to get the firmness adjusted, but very comfortable afterwards.

  297. lupiejean

    Fluff it each night and regains shape! It’s fantastic! Inside is hundreds of littleMemory foam chunks that give support that lasts.

  298. Robyn B.

    I’m liking this pillow so far! I did have to take some of the foam out and put into another pillow as it was too stiff.

  299. Brenda

    Love the pillow and i was able to sleep on it the first night all night. No stiff neck or tossing ans turning the pillow

  300. Christine S.

    Such a great pillow and great price!!

  301. Milagros R.

    Very firm, but no more problems with my rotator cuff.

  302. Baby K

    I’ve been looking for a good comfortable pillow to help me sleep at night and so far this pillow honestly in the 2-3 days of me having it I’ve noticed a difference in my sleeping! I’ve been sleeping great thank God. Definitely great quality and worth every dime! Thanks for your amazing work !

  303. Nancy – Home

    This pillow is the perfect support for me. My stiff neck immediately improved.

  304. Brady

    Honestly can’t complain, this is exactly what I was looking for, Very full, heavy pillow with firm but molding support!!

  305. Patti D.

    I get tension headaches and needed a pillow that would give me a comfortable rest with support. Street many tries, this is the one that worked. Best pillow I’ve ever purchased!!

  306. Denise

    Looked comfortable but I bought it for my 70 year old mother and it wasn’t comfortable for her .fast shipment as well .

  307. WArmrstrong

    I have brought lots of pillows. But I think, I finally got the right one. It fits all my need.thank you

  308. Elizabeth staege

    Excited to use it. The quality is great

  309. HC

    I was having some bad tension in my neck as well as more frequent headaches than what I typically deal with, and switching to this pillow definitely helped. It is very soft and has a nice amount of support, and was definitely worth the buy.

  310. Toni C. James

    Memory foam pillows to match the memory foam mattress. Lethal combo for some quality sleep

  311. Jenn McAuliffe

    Good quality. Beautiful package. It got home soon. Love it. Now sleeping comfort.

  312. PianoMan

    Super soft and squishy! It seems pricey but honestly worth the quality. I bought it for a friend’s birthday and had a group of friends pitch in to pay for it and everyone who’s come to see it are all amazed by how soft it is. Honestly, might buy another one for myself after I give this one away haha.

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