King Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, Bamboo-Adjustable Odor-Free



  • TRUFOAM MEMORY FOAM PILLOW ELIMINATES PRESSURE POINTS – Royal Therapy largely considered to be the most versatile and comfortable pillows for sleeping you can buy. It’s filled with shredded memory foam that gently cradles your head and neck, relieving pressure that often leads to aches and pains. The shape of the contour pillow fills in the gap between your neck and the mattress, keeping your spine in proper alignment while you snooze.
  • BEST SPINAL ALIGNMENT – Our luxury cervical firm pillow gives greater resistance under the heaviest parts of the head and equally supports the lighter more pressure sensitive neck area. ROYAL THERAPY memory foam pillow helps reduce tossing turning and discomfort. It allows your muscles to relax properly offering natural spinal support to your body adjusting to your unique shape promoting a deep restful sleep.
  • HELPS WITH GOOD SLEEP – it is commonly believed that the spinal alignment also aligns the airways better allowing easier breathing at night. The lack of pressure points during sleeping with ROYAL THERAPY cervical pillow may also be a benefit to those with sleeping problems as there is less tossing and turning. This leads to sound restful sleep.
  • ODOR-FREE HYGIENIC AND HYPOALLERGENIC w /BAMBOO COVER– Our odor-free memory foam pillow is completely safe and nontoxic. Royal Therapy memory foam bed pillows are naturally hypoallergenic inhibiting the growth of bacteria mold fungus and dust mites. This is a great advantage for those with allergies to dust mites feathers or other natural pillow materials. Bamboo cover is constructed with heat dissipating technology that eliminates thermal build-up while you sleep.
  • EXTRA DURABLE AND AESTHETIC PILLOW – ROYAL THERAPY Memory Foam Pillow retains its shape so it will not go flat like traditional pillows. ROYAL THERAPY special foam conforms to fit the neck and head but as it is cooling it reverts to its original shape. Memory foam returns to its shape reliably again and again. It will outlast other high quality pillows simply by design.

Royal Therapy shredded odor-free memory foam pillow

Why you’ll love it: The Premium Shredded Odor-Free Memory Foam Pillow from Royal Therapy will have you sleeping like a baby with its perfect support and variable firmness.

  • ADJUSTABLE What makes the ROYAL THERAPY pillow particularly wonderful is that it’s adjustable. You can unzip the pillow cover to remove extra foam to make the pillow just the way you like it.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN – The Premium Shredded Memory Foam Pillow has a polyester/bamboo cover that is cool and comfortable for sleep, and it’s easily removed for washing.
  • CertiPUR-US certified ROYAL THERAPY’s memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it’s guaranteed to be free of chemicals and toxins you really don’t want to sleep with, such as formaldehyde, lead, mercury, ozone depleters, PBDEs, phthalates, and TCEP flame retardants.
  • HAPPY CLIENTS Hundreds of buyers call this the best pillow they’ve ever owned, praise its breathability and adjustability, and love the way it supports their neck and head.
  • SHREDDED MEMORY FOAM PILLOW- Inside ROYAL THERAPY pillow, you’ll find shredded visco elastic memory foam which you can add or remove depending on your needs. The pillow comes with plenty of foam, too, so even those who prefer really thick pillows should be fine with what the Royal Therapy memory foam pillow has to offer.
  • THE FIRM, YET MOLDABLE SUPPORT gently cradles your head and neck, relieving pressure that often leads to aches and pains. The shape of the contour pillow fills in the gap between your neck and the mattress, keeping your spine in proper alignment while you snooze. That’s why so many chiropractors recommend contour pillows to their patients.

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1319 reviews for King Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, Bamboo-Adjustable Odor-Free

  1. Stephanie Ortiz

    Amazing!!!!! The quality is much Better than I thought. It worth much beyond the price

  2. Denice C Hennessey

    I bought this. I use it. It good.

  3. Graham Paterson

    This beautiful cover arrived today. It has exceeded my expectations. I bought the cover as a gift for a very discerning friend who has an eye for beauty and excellent quality. I am ecstatic!Knowing my friend’s exquisite taste I am thrilled to be able to give her such a unique gift.I was a little concerned about the price, however this cover is the epitome of the saying “you get what you pay for!”. This cover is European quality par excellence.

  4. Charmmy

    Best sleep quality pillow I’ve ever owned. Absolutely the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever played my head on. Excellent support

  5. Melissa Davis

    Excellent product

  6. Sand Price

    I like that this product has warranty, that’s pretty nice!

  7. MiMi

    My husband loves his pillow!!!

  8. Kristen B.

    These pillows are awesome. The gel microfiber is way soft. I think far better than shredded memory foam. They feel as comfortable as goose down pillows but without the mess. I use these pillows for laying on and in between my knees. Since I’ve gotten these pillows I’ve been sleeping all night.

  9. JI


  10. Borg


  11. nicky

    Gave to my daughter she haven’t slept on it yet.

  12. Cynthia Macaskill

    Searching for perfect pillow?? This is it!!!

  13. 2222323

    Very nicely packaged. Seems like good quality. Comfortable.

  14. keri hytinen

    I will buy for everybody of my family.

  15. Littlejoe

    Love that it is firm yet not hard. It maintains its shape. Definitely recommend!

  16. schaeffie

    My friend has these pillows and I loved them the first time I tried them. Very comfortable and supportive, and she has had hers a long time so they are durable as well! Enjoying this product a lot

  17. raymond e winkeler

    I’ve been using this pillow for over a year now. It’s not bad at all. After all this time it still holds its shape. I do feel like there are probably better pillows out there, but this one is great.

  18. DLALq

    Love this pillow. I’ve had it for a few months now and love that you can adjust the firmness. My husband wanted a very firm pillow and he kept stealing mine so I bought him one for himself. He kept all the stuffing in it and says it’s perfect. He takes his pillow when he’s away from home. Great find.

  19. Jess

    Opening the package, I knew the product was going to be amazing because of the attention to detail the manufacturer took in preparing this order. The pillow was heavier than I expected, and all the seams and the finish was just impeccable.

  20. Compras

    Found these amazing pillows on Royal Therapy and decided to give them a try after seeing all the positive comments about them.I was a little skeptical when I first unpacked them. After following the instructions to shake them up and break up the foam lumps, they puffed up beautifully. My husband loves a firm pillow and these are perfect for him. They are very supportive and seem to help a lot with his snoring.

  21. Melissa Davis

    Pillow is very soft and comfortable

  22. rosa

    OMG!!!!!!!! Love it

  23. Lynn

    This product is full firm and appears to be of good quality.

  24. Melissa Davis

    Good comfortable pollow but i thought it would be more form fitting & softer as time goes on but no. I guess that’s a good thing too. One thing i don’t like about the pillow is that: if you sleep on one side too much, the other side would bulk up. I assume that is normal because that happens to cotton pillow too.I enjoyed it very much its feels like new even after months of use.I would like to try a more form fitting pillow that’s just right amount of soft and toughnessI wonder what the other higher price foam pillow feels like….This is my 1st foam pillow.

  25. Paul Baker

    I love the pillow!! It is very hard to keep fluffy though! I have to turn it several times. However, it is better than any pillow I have ever had!! I think I sleep some what better and my neck does not hurt as bad when I wake up!! Overall, I would recommend buying this pillow!!

  26. Jacki E. Wilson

    This is a great pillow but took some time to get used to it. It still gets hard and you have to work it out

  27. Melissa Davis

    These pillows are phenomenal. The memory foam stuffing can be refluffed if they get squished into a flat or weird shape. I use them as body pillows for when I’m laying on my side and they support my knees and hips perfectly.

  28. CBEE2007

    Wow!! This is the best pillow I’ve ever, ever slept on! Super soft, yet super supportive. Amazing quality!!!

  29. Melissa Davis

    The pool noodle wasn’t thick enough, and these are literally perfect. I love them! And my kiddo thought they were pretty cool. They aren’t the entire length of a toddler bed; but with the half rail, it’s exactly the size I needed.

  30. Christina

    Very comfy and easy to fall asleep with. Was to much at first, took some out and it was better however, after about a months of use more was needed to add back in.

  31. MS

    Luxury and quality for sleeping

  32. Kelci

    Gift for my parents – they love them!

  33. ple

    I absolutely love my pillow! It’s perfect for traveling, but the best part is the quality of the fabric and the pillow itself. It’s so nice! Definitely not your average pillow. This will be a fantastic edition to not only my travels, but my home decor as well. I can’t wait for more fabrics!

  34. Londonvoll

    This pillow is amazing! It was exactly what my husband needed after suffering many sleepless nights due to an arthritic arm and shoulder. Highly recommended if you are looking for the perfect blend of support and forgiveness in a pillow.

  35. Melissa Davis

    Been looking for good pillows for a side sleeper – ones that hold my head and keep from kinking my neck and hurting my shoulder. These pillows are amazing!! I highly recommend these pillows!!

  36. sara macone


  37. Las Vegas Mommy

    Very nice. Comfortable

  38. Cheryl J. Seifert

    Love it m! Had to order a 2nd for my husband because he was jealous of mine 🙂 packaging is awesome too!

  39. Nancy Link

    Well made and very attractive

  40. Marie

    Best pillows I’ve ever owned! So comfortable!

  41. RadioActiveUnicorn


  42. Melissa Davis

    It was very comfortable


    Great pillowcase! It’s soft and comfortable!

  44. Kareen

    I am a side sleeper and am most comfortable with a pillow in between my knees but I want it to come up high enough to also reach my shoulders to be able to pull it into my chest. This is a firm pillow so it helps with spinal support but not too hard that it hurts or is uncomfortable. Pillows tend to be expensive and this is a great price for the product. It comes in a little box and you let it expand over a day or so to get the full results.

  45. catherine s fisher

    I was sceptical about buying a pillow online because you never know. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. Super comfy!

  46. Deborah J

    My daughter loves this pillow

  47. Kindle Customer

    Nice autumn accessory.

  48. Lilia Palii

    Really wish the seller didn’t limit the pillow to one purchase.

  49. Connie Kelly

    Received as gift. It’s a bit softer than I expected, but has no smell and a very nice washable cover. Sleeps great.

  50. GSB

    This is a beautiful piece of linen….very high quality. The heart embellishment is understated and subtle. The silver did not work in my living room….if it had I would have kept them both.

  51. Randi Hawley

    I luv this product

  52. carolyn

    La mejor almohada que he podido comprar recomendada 1000%

  53. Christine R.

    Finally found a pillow with great neck support!

  54. Heather K.

    I was hesitant to order these, as with any pillow online, however the Royal Therapy pillows exceeded my expectations. They are very comfortable and have a decent amount of stiffness to squishness to them.

  55. JJJ


  56. Katy Emery

    My 4th try was the winner… this pillow is really awesome, I tested the top 3 of Royal Therapy list, none works as described, but this one fit whatever you want, like advertisedI’m really happy now

  57. Janice


  58. M. Widener

    It’s a light, soft and comfortable pillow for resting your back, but actually sleeping on it for two days gave me neck pain. (I’m a side-sleeper)You don’t sink into it as much as you’d hope and it sits very high. While it is possible to remove some of the foam, once you do, it’s no longer being held together well by the pillowcase, so you have to keep readjusting it and it’s very hard to keep it evenly distributed.As it is comfortable for other uses I’ll be keeping it, but will keep looking for a suitable sleep pillow.

  59. Susan S.

    Love it!!

  60. Melissa Davis

    Love it really cute nice quality fit over existing pillow perfecty!

  61. Melissa Davis

    I purchased this towel for a baby gift. It came in a really cute high quality box. There were so many towels on Royal Therapy, but I chose this one because it came with a wash cloth and 2 toys. I gave it to my friend who has a new baby. They already used it and they told me it was the softest towels they’ve ever used. They said the quality and thickness was good. They wanted to know where I got it so that they could get another one. I would recommend this towel for anyone who need a great baby shower gift!

  62. kitty1111

    The product came packaged professionally and when it had time to expand@20 second and it feels wonderful to lay on.

  63. Samantha

    I put this on my $1,300.00 mattress and it really looks and feels great

  64. SG

    Improved sleep quality and reduced neck pain

  65. Jenn Gooden

    This is a awesome pillow. After adjusting it a bit (taking some of the foam out) I sleep quite well.

  66. K. Drake

    I like the support the pillow provides. I slept better after buying this pillow.

  67. Cable

    I have been buying these types of pillows for over two years (holiday designs) and just love them. Quality is good and who can’t love the price.

  68. Cynthia Kirkpatrick

    The colors were bright and vibrant, the fit was perfect and it has a soft feel to it. It was perfect

  69. sharon c

    exactly as described. I love the pillow

  70. JS

    Such a great pillow

  71. Barbara T

    it’s soft, it’s cute + great price

  72. Nicole Essaidi

    Perfect for new beach house

  73. C.C.

    Awesome pillows!!!! Well worth the money to get a better nights sleep

  74. Tammy Johnson

    Bought four pillows

  75. Susie Brannon

    The pillows came very nicely packaged and fluffed up beautifully. It was great to be able to adjust them simply by removing some of the memory foam. My husband really likes his pillow too!

  76. azlady1968

    I love these satin pillowcases. They are wonderful to put my weary head and face on in the evening.And it is great to wake up in the morning feeling smooth skin on my face with less wrinkles!

  77. Customer

    Very soft, just what I wanted for my grandchild.

  78. Melissa Davis

    Beat sleep ever

  79. Melissa Davis

    Heavenly. Bought for husband with neck problems. He slept like a baby first time in years. I will get one also. Best pillow ever!!!

  80. Melissa Davis

    Very high quality, I was impressed. Girlfriend loves it.

  81. Mary M. Martin

    Just received these today, the packaging is very nice! There was also no awful odor like you get when purchasing most memory foam items. Will update later on comfort and support.

  82. Ellie


  83. Brian A. Henson

    It is soft yet sturdy

  84. Jeremy Frye

    So far so good

  85. Melissa Davis

    So Beautiful! Perfect accent to my beachy bedding! Could not be happier.

  86. lauren

    Best pillows ever

  87. TruthHurts

    Soft and firm love my pillow 😊

  88. Melissa Davis

    Picture was just like it show. Zippers are really cheap so just becareful with them.

  89. Melissa Davis

    So far its a great pillow. Packaged nice, a little difficult to unpack. Once I did it fluffed up nice and easy. Feels good so far. Haven’t used it for sleeping yet. Will update after I’ve used it for a bit.

  90. Lisa Drebushenko

    Pillow is very comfortable and supportive.

  91. Melissa Davis

    It’s nice and Comfortable

  92. LRG27

    Good quality good price.

  93. Adele DeWitt

    They are squishy and soft

  94. Chris O’Neill

    Beautiful workmanship and it WORKS. Feel better almost intantly.

  95. Laurie

    Great product, super comfortable.

  96. Donna Rudy

    Nice pillow

  97. Jim Newlin

    It’s sooo comfortable best purchase I’ve made

  98. greenthumb

    These are great for my daughter’s bed. She recently upgraded from a toddler bed to a twin sized bed and these make me worry less about her falling out of the bed. I find her some mornings hugging one, so she loves them too! They stay in place well.

  99. Melissa Davis

    Didn’t disappoint

  100. Lisa Eason

    This pillow does everything the description mentions. Extremely comfortable and a great size.

  101. Beatrice Rice

    Very happy with my purchase

  102. DORA

    Excellent quality

  103. Carol F

    Great pillow for people that have back issues. Support is great!

  104. Idrish V.

    These pillows were a huge improvement over our old standard memory foam pillows. The shredded foam really allows your to shape the pillow to suit you but still gives the comfort and support of memory foam. My wife needed to “adjust” hers quite a bit by taking a good bit of foam out. I find that I have to turn the pillows and fluff them often in order for them to retain their shape. Overall they are a good buy if you need better pillows but down want to spend a small fortune on them.

  105. Sonya

    Love the pillow! Super soft and cuddly, and the design is perfect. Only thing that i was a little disappointed in, was the fact that the item was titled (L) body pillow, and i imagined that a large body pillow would be the size of a persons body (also from the price), but it ended up being the size of a regular standard pillow. Kind of makes me wonder how big the medium and small pillows are. Guess i should have looked at the products dimensions. 🙁 but in the end, i will rate it 5 stars for being an awsome product.

  106. Hawaii Mermaid

    Though these are great pillows I thought they would be a little firmer. Still comfortable just not quite what I expected.

  107. Eric Petersen

    No Words. This thing is AWESOME! as soon as I put my head on it for the first time, the first words to escape my mouth were “Ahhhhhhhh.” Even my kid tried it and he loved it! this is the best designed and detailed pillow with quality cotton and superior texture. I recommend to everyone on earth! (Unless they’re allergic to its material.)

  108. K

    Nice and cushy

  109. AGW

    I have recently purchased this pillow and so far its everything everyone said on the reviews. Very pleased with it and considering a second purchase. You will not be disappointed. I would give this pillow 5 stars, but do not own it long enough to validate its as good as when I purchased it. Therefore, I will update my review at a later date of which if satisfied, I will be making another purchase.

  110. Catherine Anderson Author

    The quality of these pillows are surprisingly great. It’s made of a thick, sturdy material. I expected it to be thin because they’re decorative (I didn’t plan on using them to lay on) but they’re actually made for laying on. The colors and images are vibrant and they look great in my livingroom!

  111. Lois H.

    Slept on this pillow at an Airbnb I stayed at in Tennessee and immediately ordered one when I got home. Great support and comfort.

  112. Nancy Farmiloe

    Cute and good sized towel that arrived on time.

  113. Sable

    Quality pillow that meets and exceeds expectations. Provides firm support but not too firm where it doesn’t mold to you. Easy to adjust level of the pillow by removing filling as needed. Comes packed in a decent package which makes it easy to store any filling you remove from the pillow.

  114. Carmon

    This pillow is very comfortable

  115. elmofan

    Great pillow! Firm and heaven to sleep on!

  116. Onki

    I am so happy to have discovered this pillow. It’s so comfortable and super easy to adjust to your thickness preference. Easy to wash and extremely well made.

  117. Elicia Clinger

    Great presentation, first couple of sleeps have been great! Going to buy two more.

  118. Melissa Davis

    Great fit!Easy to use, comfy!!

  119. Richard

    It’s was such a good pillow I drooled on it

  120. slh

    These pillows are fantastic it’s some of the best night sleep that I’ve had in a while

  121. wendy cowan


  122. Chris

    I have a firm mattress in my guest room that I sleep there once in a while when I’m tired of my soft bed. My mother came to visit me last week and she hates the bed that firm so I got this cover for her. Very comfortable. She loves it

  123. Lisa Phillips-Nostrand

    Very comfortable.

  124. Lindsey

    Great pillowcase for the price. Arrived very wrinkly but I suppose that is to be expected. Very silky and keeps my long hair from knotting up at night. I would recommend to a friend.

  125. Joa22

    Finding it keeps me cool so far very comfortable

  126. Shannon

    Love the support to my head AND neck, based on 3 nights use.

  127. James McIntosh

    Great Quality and comfortable and supportive for my neck and shoulder.

  128. Kelly Peck

    After surgery, I spent many hours laying back in a recliner. I have very fine hair, and the tangles were terrible. This may not be the fanciest pillowcase, but it did exactly what it was supposed to do. My tangle problems were gone.

  129. Melissa Davis

    I love it, really deserve 5 stars

  130. Melissa Davis

    I love this pillow. My partner keeps attempting to steal it at night after mocking me for ordering yet another pillow looking for just the right fit. Ordering more and would order over and over again.

  131. Goldie253

    I’ve only had this pillow for a couple of nights, but so far, I like. It’s firm, yet soft. It’s supportive and doesn’t go flat like other pillows. I look forward to going to sleep at night!

  132. T. M. White

    I had no idea the right pillow could make that much difference. Once you get use to it’s size and dive in, it makes a world of difference. I used to wake up almost every day with neck pain and headache from sleeping on flat, worn out pillows. I tried this and after two nights, my neck pain and headaches are gone. You have to get used to sleeping on a much bigger pillow but it reduces in size to shape around your head, neck and shoulderblades perfectly once you sink into it. Totally worth the price.

  133. Doreen Morris

    So good, help me with my neck.

  134. Mare S

    Super cute and cheap…. Love it!

  135. Julie E. Swanberg

    Perfect fit and warming to my living space for the holiday.

  136. LaDana

    This pillow is great! Super supportive, very soft and I haven’t slept this well in forever. I would recommend this pillow a million times over.

  137. Kel H

    Dreamy. So soft and silky to sleep on. Does not make your face/head sweaty.

  138. ndidi

    Bought this for my husband due to his bad shoulder and migraines. He has woken up in less pain since he started using this pillow!

  139. Mama Price

    This pillow fluffed up beautifully. There’s a slight smell in the foam pieces, but was quickly dissipating as I separated the pieces. I don’t foresee this as a lasting issue. The outer case is in the wash right now. I haven’t given it a chance to sleep on but it is firm, just like I prefer. If you wish to control the firmness of your pillow, this one is it!

  140. Mary Sparacino

    I love how comfortable it feels

  141. Melissa Davis

    It’s got more stuffing than I’d expected. Great bang for the price!

  142. yolanda

    Ok, so I originally gave it three stars (on their site) and they asked me why. So, my pillow was yellow, like eewww… they explained it’s oxidation from the material used for the memory foam. What do I know? Ok. AND THEY OFFERED ME A NEW PILLOW, for free. And I don’t have to return the original pillow. 5star customer service. Will buy from them again!

  143. Annie

    I love these so much I’m buying another set! They are perfect for my outdoor furniture. I had them just in time for my 4th of July party and had tons of compliments!! They are a great quality. You will not be disappointed!

  144. Jon

    I received my pillow a day earlier which is really something during COVID. I have fluffed it up like the directions say. I will sleep on tonight. I will update review then. From first looks , it appears to be well made and. I love the quality.

  145. DAWN S. PAUL

    The only reason for not giving 5 stars is unpacking and seperating the foam. The come flat and rolled up very tight, when unrolled they are about 1 1/2 tall. The first one I fluffed and seperated by hand until my arms were sore. Then I thought our dryer has air only fluff mode. That worked great and we absoulutly love these pillows.

  146. AmyBrown

    Love how it feels

  147. Mt

    It’s was very soft and comfortable. I have been sleeping (on my side) very well ever since this pillow came in pora!

  148. Margaret D.

    Nice pillow

  149. kathy motley

    Awesome product. Came well packed and great attention to detail. Very well made and comfortable!

  150. Onszella

    Best firmness I’ve found.

  151. Melissa Davis

    Quality and firmness

  152. Joyce


  153. Katherine

    these are simply gorgeous. look great on the boat, very well made

  154. Casey L

    it’s adorable what can I say

  155. Sue Rdano

    This pillow is very firm, yet sinks a bit because of the memory foam. Still, it’s way too thick for my head (a good 5-6 inches in width WITH my head on it).That being said, I use it to support my back while sitting up in bed, and it works wonderfully for that purpose.So – bad for sleeping; great for back support.

  156. Shernks

    I have one for my house and one for my moms house, when I sleep there. It gives me so much comfort and relief. Great for side and back sleepers. I highly recommend .

  157. 53Driver

    I received this little guy as a gift for Christmas and I love him. He’s quite plump and squishy and super soft! He’s huggable and comforting to hold. He’s so comforting to hold that my brother somehow fell asleep with him on the couch and held on to him for 5 hours, lol. He denies it but I took pics – he’d be embarrassed to see them on here though. =p I can imagine that this guy would be great for a kid, or even adult, that has trouble winding down enough to sleep.Mine had tags that said “Nemu Nemu Premium Plush” and was bought from BuyJapan. When I was looking this guy up to review him I noticed some other sellers selling knockoffs cheaper with no tags and people saying in those reviews the quality wasn’t as good. The one I received was an original Nemu Nemu so just watch out for that. Just check the sellers before you commit to buying to make sure. They may seem a bit expensive but this is seriously the best stuffed animal I’ve ever owned. He’s actually more like a big pillow.

  158. Raynely

    Great seller communication. I am a side sleeper and this pillow is perfect. Wish I had found it years ago.

  159. Ken lovesit

    Great firm but comfortable pillow. So far it has held its form very well.

  160. Sky

    So soft. Fits great on our queen mattress

  161. Diane

    Legit best pillow ive ever owned.

  162. Genevieve C. Lenz

    I have tried many pillows & this one, by far, is the best in every way!!!

  163. WandaLovesMakeup

    Pillow was received promptly. Made such a difference that my neck didn’t hurt after sleeping on this pillow. Well worth it!

  164. oksana yusupova

    The pillows are very well made. Excellent quality and very comfortable.

  165. Melissa Davis

    So so comfy

  166. Stephanie Bartlett

    Pillows were a little too firm so I opened up the main zipper, removed about 1/4 of the memory foam, I kept the extra just in case I make it too soft , it’s perfect 🤩 seems like they put as much as they can inside , 🤷‍♂️

  167. Ayao

    I love this thing. I had to remove some of the filling from the pillow because it was a bit too thick but that was only a 1 minute time investment. It feels soft yet offers nice support for your noggin. Doesn’t heat up uncomfortably warm either. I’d really only recommend this If you sleep alone or have a king size bed because the pillow is rather wide and will encroach on your partners sleeping space.

  168. Pat C.

    Soft enough for comfort, firm enough for support. Great for side sleeping

  169. Chelsey McQuitty

    Very awesome pillow !! The gold embroidered R and stitching jus makes it look even better! And I love the fact that you can adjust how much foam is in it. At first it was to much but once I took some out. I was sleeping in the clouds

  170. Ken

    Happy with this purchased. I slept better from the first night, it made it even softer and more luxurious and will be great propection, my son spilled soda at it but didnt get to the matress. it is ultra comfort,nice product

  171. Julian

    Amazing quality!!! Looks very luxurious and very comfortable to sleep on

  172. Vt

    I use this for my neck and shoulders I’m actually able to sleep a lot better now that I have this pillow

  173. Gordan Freeman

    Most comfortable pillow I’ve ever owned!

  174. Kristin Martin

    Great support

  175. Lucy

    Love that it really support my neck and is a great quality.

  176. Melissa Davis

    I love this pillow, the look, and the packaging. It is good support for sitting but too bulky for headrest. The good thing is that I can remove some of the foam and adjust it. I haven’t done so yet, but hope in the end I could potentially have two good pillows out of one. It is hard to find the right pillow and I had hoped this would be it, so I can buy more and be all set. Really hoping I am pleased and can find the right fit once I remove some of the foam. Nonetheless, it is a good-priced pillow and it is worth it even if just for sitting support in bed or a couch.

  177. Settler

    I needed a birthday gift for a friend in another state and wanted something special with a wolf on it. I found this beautiful pillow, ordered it and it arrived quickly and my friend LOVED IT! Thank you!

  178. Onebadhoe

    Great quality for the value. Much better than my old one from Sam’s club, this one is very very comfy.It doesn’t generate lots of heat, just perfectly warm and comfy. I always get the right size, but others might be too small or too tight to put on bed, this one is slightly bigger, therefore it was very easy for me to put on the King bed.No regrets.

  179. Joan Voss

    Beautiful zipper and all!

  180. Lgreeves

    Beautiful pillow cover.. It is well made and easy to put your pillow in.

  181. Nancy Link

    My other mattress cover got a little destroyed in the dryer so I was on the hunt for a new one. Received it today and it’s so comfy and looks nice. It comes kind of vacuum sealed but it puffs right up once you wash and dry it. 🙂 10/10 would recommend honestly!!

  182. Summerbreeze

    Great product – slept like a baby.

  183. Pat in NC

    Great towel. Bigger than the baby towels and it feels soft

  184. Willy

    Short and simple, the pillow is simply beautiful. Luxurious design, high quality like a upscale hotel, easy to set up out the box and supportive. I’m going to love this product

  185. kimmie

    Great mattress pad. Made exceptionally well. Comes vacuum packed. Puffed up nicely when taken out of bag.

  186. robin schmidt

    I’ve only slept on it two nights, but it’s been great so far. The pillow is astonishingly hard, which seemed like it would be horrible to sleep on, but it actually seems just fine. I’ve removed some filling each night as I work towards getting it just right.

  187. Mike in VA

    This Royal Therapy is the best pillow. It doesn’t make my face sink in, and it is plush enough and supportive. I can sleep on my side on pillow’s flatter side and on my back on same side of the pillow. I have used polyester pillows and even expensive down, and they just sink down. You have to fluff up down pillows. I like this royal therapy pillow because it has good quality memory foam. Not cheap but for 8 hours a day for years on it, it’s really not expensive either. I would certainly recommend it for its great comfort! My head feels supported, it’s like sleeping on a cloud!

  188. Jakhongir

    This is the only pillow I use at night and I have gotten the best sleep of my life. Never using a different pillow again ever

  189. Christi McSpadden


  190. Kelley Lane

    Great pillowcase. First night used it I woke in the morning and my hair wasn’t a matted mess like it normally is!

  191. Nasus

    My wife loves this pillow. She says it’s the best she’s slept on. When I get the chance to try it out when she’s not using it, I’m more comfortable than I’ve been in ages.

  192. Tom

    Great pillow at great price! I got this for my 11 year old and he loves it

  193. Tigg1

    Amazing value

  194. GMAW

    I bought the king size. fits perfectly and great quality 🙂

  195. Alice Ceballos

    I have been trying to find a pillow that I can sleep with and not wake up with a stiff neck and feel like I have been ran over by a bus. This pillow is my answer. It is awesome. It is not too fluffy, too hard, too soft. It is perfect. I finally was able to get a decent night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

  196. alan campbell

    I was a bit hesitant to try this pillow when it puffed up but I gave it a go and it soon cradled my head like I needed it to.

  197. Chris Babcock

    LOVE!!! I have had neck pain for years and finally found a pillow that helps! My husband has a MyPillow and is now jealous of this one!

  198. Anita

    I bought a pair of hotel pillows and they are very comfortable. The hotel pillows are soft yet supportive. I also bought a memory foam pillow that is also very comfortable. I alternate between the two types of pillows.

  199. Kathleen B

    This pillow is so adorable and incredibly soft. One of my favorite purchases. I have had it for probably about a year and it’s still in perfect condition.

  200. Cai Yishan

    Pillow fluff ed out. I had to remove some material to make it comfortable. Love this

  201. MBaker

    Super comoda!!

  202. Maksym Shchurko

    GREAT PRODUCT!!! Best sleep I’ve had in years of trying to find the right pillow. In addition, this pillow has been very therapeutic as I have arthritis in my deck and some disc degeneration. I was elated to wake up with less stiffness and more flexibility in my neck. I plan to buy more to replace all of our other “pillows” bought at high-end stores and with the typical popular market brand names – but this pillow has been the best investment by far. Thanks.

  203. Jessica

    I go through pillows like underwear. Either I don’t pay enough money and they are flat in weeks, or I pay too much and they are overfilled, and are causing neck pain. These pillows nailed it. They have great support for side and back sleepers. If they start to mold one way you just flip them over and fresh pillow again.

  204. 254mama

    Great product as described …

  205. Shawn McGraw

    As promised

  206. Mand

    I’ve been sleeping amazing no neck pain! First pillows to help me definitely a repurchase!

  207. Patty in Redlands

    Watching it inflate was pretty cool, but giving it a squeeze after it fluffed up and I got my silk pillowcase on was even better! I’m excited to go to bed haha

  208. Melissa Davis

    love the option to easily remove the foam and adjust the support and comfort level. I’m a side sleeper and I like a soft, low support, so actually there is so much foam in the pillow that I successfully made two pillows out of one.

  209. Janice Lewis

    I had neck surgery 10 years ago, so at the end of the day my neck is tired. This pillow is just the perfect size, soft and cushy to use behind my head.. Also when watching TV at night my hip bothers me this is the perfect size to prop under my hip. I will be using this in the car to travel with. Thank you.

  210. Karen Berrio

    Adorable. Whiter than other Xmas covers but still blended. Vibrant colours overall and cute.

  211. Robyn

    This is a beautiful, high-quality pillow cover. Goes perfect in my teen daughter’s shabby chic, pink and gray bedroom. Both she and I love it!

  212. Stacy

    I love that you can put in or take out as much stuffing as you like and the pillows puff up very fast after opening

  213. Sheri M.

    Awesome pillow if you like a firm pillow! Perfect for me

  214. Melissa Davis

    Best pillow that I have ever purchased. Great neck support.

  215. Justin Marise

    I have a physically demanding job and have found it hard to sleep some night. I came across a ROYAL THERAPY ad about the pillow. I had t changed my pillow in a few years but thought I’d give it a shot after reading the reviews. The ROYAL THERAPY pillow lived up to all the hype. I immediately started seeing better sleep each night with the pillow. It combines the best support and comfort. I thought maybe it would be to soft or to firm but they really did get it right with this pillow. It was so great I bought the kids pillows as well. So now everyone in the house is sleeping on the royal therapy every night.

  216. Melissa Davis

    Just what I wanted. Soft. Cute.

  217. Hank Grassi

    I’ve had this pillow for a couple weeks now. It is more firm (which I personally like more than a fluffy pillow). It holds your head/neck up slightly more than a normal pillow and it has helped minimize snoring. If you enjoy a pillow that is soft yet firm I highly recommend this one.

  218. JlbDjb

    I have been experiencing shoulder pain for a few years. It has gradually gotten worse over the last few months. I kept changing my sleep position and nothing was working. I finally decided maybe I needed a new pillow, even though the pillow I had was only about 1 1/2 years old and I had bought at a sleep store spending over $100 on it. So I broke down and bought this pillow. When I first got it and took it out of the package I thought no way this will work, it was flat as a pancake. After about 5 minutes and shaking it, it popped into the size of a normal pillow. First night was a little awkward as it sleeps higher than my previous pillow and we have an adjustable bed that we sleep with it raised slightly for my husbands sleep apnea. So it felt a little odd to me, but I woke up and felt only a slight discomfort in my shoulder. Day 2 and I slept better than I have in a long time. Before I would constantly wake up in the night with pain and have to rub my shoulder to go back to sleep but not anymore. I woke up feeling only a little tightness, but it is nothing like the discomfort I had before. Hoping as time goes on it will only get better.

  219. Frank

    I suffer from chronic daily tension headaches associated with neck and shoulder pain. This was my first “expensive” good quality pillow. Day 1 of using this pillow and I was concerned. It expanded so high and made my neck pain worse! But I kept using it and after the second night I woke up with no pain! I havent had neck pain or tension headaches associated with sleeping since. I love this pillow. Im a back and side sleeper. It took me a few minutes to find the right position for the pillow as it is a little higher than Im used to but i think its for the best. As someone with a sleep disorder my quality of sleep has gotten so much better. After 3 months of use the height of the pillow has definitely gone down some but I think its even better now than before. So comfortable. Putting it in a regular size pillow case definitely helps the comfort level as it packs it down and keeps it firm yet soft still.

  220. Lrg Cat

    After first night of sleeping on it felt very comfortable.

  221. Rebeca Santana

    Sleeping great!!!

  222. Cindy Mulkey

    This pillow feels like I stole it from a high end hotel. A little pricey but it’s a great addition to the Royal Therapy memory foam pillows I bought with it

  223. John R. Hinton

    I love the way that you can adjust the firmness.

  224. Molly Franko

    These are exactly as pictured and are of beautiful quality. These will brighten my home through the summer days.

  225. Blackdog

    I love theses pillows. I had neck pain for years and one night of sleeping on these pillows it’s gone.

  226. Melissa Davis

    We’ve been looking for pillows to help my husband’s beck pain for months. We were wanting more of a molded memory pillow rather than a shredded one, however, with COVID there are not a lot of options for shopping in person so online we went. This was the first pillow that offered substantial support. We even took out 3 gallon sized bags worth of stuffing and have come to the appropriate firmness for him (and sometimes me when I borrow it). The quality of the memory form is superior to that of any other memory foam I’ve encountered so far. We are extremely happy with this purchase and I amticipate purchasing another one soon!

  227. Angela Green

    This pillow is exactly how it’s described! Feels fantastic and I love the material!I ended up ordering 2!

  228. Robert H.

    The quality is great. Love the feel, and the beauty. These pillows are so pretty

  229. laurin

    I always read the 1 to 3 star reviews and to give a honest feed back I absolutely love them I will be buy another two queen pillows next paycheck! Great buy for me I recommend to anyone. Firm comfortable amazing

  230. Sherry Holmes

    Stunning pillows. Pictures does not do the pillow covers justice

  231. sandra carter

    Amazing! Perfect neck support and good balance of soft and firm

  232. Polly Sherbeyn

    Thick great for thickness and fluffy

  233. Rania

    Mattress pad is very well made, and fits my thick mattress. Very comfortable. I would definitely buy it again

  234. Positivelypersistentteach

    My neck pain is gone and I sleep pretty well on it. Would recommend.

  235. NC BUYER

    My daughter loved the pillow. Very good construction, washable on gentle cycle looks like new.

  236. Margie

    Best pillow I’ve had in years, just make sure once the foam expands completely to customize to your preference. It is designed to allow that. You can create your own personal density level.

  237. Melissa Davis

    Better than pictured, love them

  238. Nate Gardner

    Great pillow

  239. Trinidad Rodriguez

    Absolutely the best pillow I’ve ever used because of the size, firmness, material, durability, comfort, and softness.

  240. Ann H.

    Enjoyed a great night’s sleep!!! Would buy these pillows again.

  241. Sandra

    Best pillow ever

  242. Happy Mom

    Really happy with this wonderful pillow. Will purchase again.

  243. Charlotte

    This is the best pillow I have ever had!!! I have spent $50 on a pillow that made my neck & shoulder discomfort worse. I no longer have those issues with this pillow. I love that I can lay on my back or side and still feel the same amount of comfort. The comfort doesn’t stop. It’s very consistant. I will be purchasing another in the near future.

  244. Lynn A. Metzger

    I used this over a used pillow I had and it fit perfectly. Of course I measured my pillow first to see if it was the right size. The material is very thick like canvas. I loved it!

  245. Natalie E.

    One night and I’m obsessed. I was a little wary when I received it because it’s rolled up pretty small, but once I opened it it took less than a minute to be perfect.I’ve been trying to support the curve in my neck and relieve headaches and waking up at night and last night was awesome and I woke up feeling refreshed.

  246. Mitty Mit

    Bought two and they are incredible. We sleep better, feel better. What a difference memory foam makes.

  247. Lori R. Townsend

    Really happy with my purchase and memory foam was very comfortable and I think it also helped with my husbands snoring 😴

  248. Diane

    Absolutely worth it!!! I love shredded memory foam!!! Perfect pillow

  249. Vincent

    Love this set!

  250. Sarah and Luca

    I have been having neck/shoulder pains for YEARS! (I am 39) At first I thought it was my mattress but I realized it wasnt and had to be my pillows. I did some research and for my budget I chose this one. I HAVE HAD NO NECK/SHOULDER/BACK PAIN SINCE I HAVE USED THIS PILLOW! You grt a confirmation email once it is delivered and another email with instructions on how to open, adjust and use the pillow. I highly recommend this product!

  251. emfl

    I have fibromyalgia and this pillow has saved me! No more waking up with back and neck pain. Best Buy of all time!

  252. Maryann B.

    better than expected!!!

  253. Sarah M. Kilpatrick

    Really nice quality product

  254. LSDP

    Pillow came in box roll in plastic and taped shut. It needs to lay flat at least 24 hours to poof back to its original form. I put a standard pillow case on mine but it does have it’s own case that can be removed and washed. This pillow helps my neck which is affected by neuropathy. Sometimes I stack it on top of a regular pillow other times not. But I’m weird so hey ya gotta do what works for your body. I enjoy mine and have been sleeping better. I would definitely give this pillow a try. It’s a reasonable price.

  255. Ashley A

    Necks better

  256. Bsunlite

    Great pillow, sleep very well with it.

  257. Alex

    First impression was great, love the logo and reviews. Will give more reviews once I actually sleep on it since I wanted to wait at least 24 hours before I used it to allow the adjust with the same and inflation.

  258. Jim H

    Pillow arrived quickly after ordering. Initially kind of hard to get it out of the cylindrical case it comes squished into but overall good and filled out nicely after some fluffing

  259. Khill

    Great pillow! Slept my best in months. Bought for the adjustable fill feature and love it so far!

  260. Lee

    I just got it and so far I’m liking it. I absolutely love that you can adjust the firmness simply by removing some of the memory foam! In the past that’s always been an issue for me with pillows – if only I could have adjusted them a bit more they’d be perfect. I can’t wait to try it out longer.

  261. chiara sipes

    Great pellow its definitely my style frim

  262. Natalie Nicole

    Absolutely love it. Comfortable, deep pockets and not too warm for people who like to sleep in cooler temps

  263. Megan

    Per doctors orders my infant needed to be slightly propped up at night to help her reflux. She recommended a crib wedge and we found this one. It gave just enough prop to the mattress without making it slope too much. My daughters night time reflux went away and everyone started sleeping much better.

  264. Debraquarles1974

    Where have you been all my life!!!! I never want to get out of bed! I sleep better then ever using this pillow! It’s fantastic

  265. Melek246

    I like how comfortable this pillow us. I usually have to sleep with 2-3 pillows and still have neck issues but this pillow us plush and sturdy enough to give great neck support. If you struggle with back or shoulder pain this seems like a good pillow for you.

  266. Melissa Davis

    I needed a new orthopedic pillow. I really like to “feel” my pillows before I buy them, but they aren’t selling them anymore in many stores near me. I looked on Royal Therapy and read the reviews for this pillow and decided to try it. This pillow is awesome. It is very comfortable and good for both back and side sleeping. I will be buying two more soon.

  267. Harley Smith

    Absolutely beautiful. I didn’t realize these were just covers but once I ordered the pillow and put them on the bed they looked perfect. I would but these again!

  268. Paula E

    Get pillow helps me fall asleep fast

  269. Sam1

    Great pillow for side sleepers!

  270. Margo

    This pillow is amazing comfortable!

  271. KaolinKuntry

    I have neck pain and must have a contoured pillow. I’ve had one I loved for years but needed a new one and when I ordered a replacement it wasn’t the same quality. So, I gave this one a try and I love it. It’s adjustable as well as having a thick side and a thin side. The foam is the perfect density for me. I am pretty much a back sleeper but it works great for side sleeping too.

  272. SJ

    I would give this pillow 10 stars if I could. I have tried so many pillows due to neck pain, and this one is perfect for me. The inside is shredded foam (good foam, not crappy “sponge” foam like some other pillows I’ve tried). The pillow is very thick but you can remove some of the shredded foam to get the right adjustment for your neck! I took out foam 2x the first week to find the right size for my neck and now it’s perfect. Saved the foam incase I need to add back in. I would recommend highly!!

  273. Andrew S. Reed

    I’ll be honest, I got this pillow as a bit of a novelty gift for my grandmother who’s obsessed with English royalty. The gold trim and that big Royal Therapy logo were basically tailor made to play to her inner princess. So the aesthetics which normally don’t matter were the primary selling point for me. Apart from that it actually is a very solid pillow, she says it’s quite comfortable and now that the fall nights are getting chillier she really likes how the pillow stays warm and keeps her head cozy.Before giving it to her I did inspect it to make sure it was a quality memory foam product and I was pleased to see it quickly regained it’s shape when deformed. She’s happy with it, and I could see myself getting one of these at some point myself.

  274. Blayke

    Love the pillow supports my neck very comfortable

  275. Farida P. Velasquez

    I was skeptical I will admit it. But I’m sick of my old pillows, and all the pillows in the past I pass to the kids because I hate them.This, is perfect. Far easier to sleep with when you have a cpap mask on as well, for what it is worth.

  276. Cora Bishop

    Very high quality pillow that never gets hot. Constantly cool so no sweating while sleeping.

  277. Em

    Product expanded almost immediately – which was surprising. I really appreciate that it has a removable cover, as well.

  278. Misalas

    I’ve been using this pillow for a couple months and it has really helped improve my sleep. At first, the pillow was too firm for me; after removing some of the memory foam from the middle, I now feel like the support is perfect. Highly recommend, great value.

  279. Mike Gray

    Sleep quality, comfort and support has been great, I would have been better suited for a queen rather than a king

  280. Dustin

    Great quality and great product!

  281. Joan Gift

    Just received and they are still fluffing. I am super excited. I am holding one pillow in my lap while it fluffs and it feel so soft, supportive, and comfy! I can’t wait to sleep on it tonight.

  282. Stacie

    Edit: after using the pillow a couple months I had to quit using it. I felt like for me it was too thick and too firm for what I need. I always ended up with my neck at a weird angle. I never tried taking out any of the stuffing so maybe that would make it better. I occasionally use it as a back support when I’m side sleeping and it’s ok for that.When I first got the pillow I opened it immediately to let it get it’s full shape. It didn’t take long but I wanted to give it enough time before I used it. It would have been fine to use after 2 or three hours.The first night I slept great and woke up feeling great and for the first week it was great. The following weekend I must have slept in a weird position and woke up with a pain in my neck. I don’t feel like it was the pillows fault, I am more of a side sleeper and often end up with my arm awkwardly under me or my neck bent weird. It took a few days to get over that and it seemed like the pillow actually helped me although I did end up sleeping without a pillow at all one evening because nothing was comfortable.What I like about this pillow: This pillow has a really soft cover that you could probably use without a case if you wanted to. It has a zipper opening and is removable so you can wash it. It’s very firm but soft at the same time. It almost feels like a feather pillow to me but it holds its shape and supports better. It might be too filled for some people but since it’s made so you can open it up you could take out some filling and adjust it how you want.What I don’t like: I really don’t know if there’s anything I don’t like. It’s very firm and that has taken some getting used to but that’s really because I usually have cheap pillows that don’t last or keep their firmness long.For the most part I really like this pillow. I would recommend it to a friend or family member and I will probably be ordering a second.

  283. Darby Rose

    Love it. It was worth the money to me.

  284. Jan L. Kauffman

    I am hoping it can help with my neck

  285. Melissa Davis

    After the 2nd night using this pillow, I definitely noticed a difference in sleep quality. Very well rested!

  286. We Luv Boba

    After 2 nights of sleeping with the pillow I would recommend to all my family and friends. I slept amazing well.

  287. kim taylor

    This is the right pillow for us. I’ve tried so many others but none like this. It stays cool and it supports your neck.

  288. Elizabeth M. Roddenberry

    I have neck and headache issues. This new pillow gives excellent support.

  289. Maggie A.

    Quality pillow with a comfy cover. The zippered openings let you take out foam to adjust to just the right cush. Still too firm. I need squish around my neck. So, I took the top cover off, and emptied the rest into the outer cover. Much better. I put my $5 fiberfill pillow into the empty cover and made it the perfect support pillow. Thank you!

  290. YadW

    At first I didn’t think it was poofy enough and then I slept on it a few times and had to take some out. I don’t often wake up now with a stiff shoulder neck area. No weird smells either. Fits a queen pillowcase.

  291. coastie

    You have to empty it a little bit if you find it too high.

  292. Cara Floyd

    Purchased for my mother, who couldn’t praise the covers highly enough. She says they look beautiful.

  293. Vinny

    I use this on our vacation rental properties and everyone loves them. Easy to launder and super comfy!

  294. Shannon Verissimo

    Bought a pair. Woke up with no neck or shoulder pain, spine feels relaxed. Just the right level of firmness!

  295. Viral

    This is the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever had. I’ve tried a ton of different pillows and this one is just perfect, supportive without being too “lofty” or overly firm. The shredded memory foam I think is what allows you to sink into it just enough so that it supports you where you need it to. I woke up with no neck pain for the first time in months after sleeping in this once!

  296. Allan Underwood

    Deep pockets fit my mattress perfectly. Very attractive and comfortable. Looks like it would be long wearing.

  297. Dubausu

    Great product!! Sleep so much better, no more neck pain.

  298. Goran Hodoba

    Great pillow for people who need neck support

  299. Lisa L

    Very cute and very good quality

  300. Rico

    A very comfortable, soft pillow. I normally buy down alternative pillows, but took a chance on this shredded memory foam pillow, and have now regrets.

  301. Adam

    Very well put together no strong odors like others I’ve purchased!

  302. Bootsy

    I have had this pillow for almost a year and I love it! It is a nice mix of firm and soft. It is very easy to reshape and has not gone flat. I bought two to try them out and will now replace every pillow I have with these. They are so much better than buying a new pillow every year.

  303. Shannah Antwi

    This pillow is very supportive and offers a pain-free day after sleeping on! I thought this pillow was too firm at first and made my neck hurt, but the next morning I had no neck or upper back soreness. The next night, no pain during the night. So I think my body was adjusting. Now overall I think this pillow helps to align my neck and spine better than what I had and reduces pain during the day!

  304. Misti

    Absolutely love this pillow! Was going to buy a more expensive temper pedic pillow but thought I’d try this one first. I’m buying a few more now.

  305. Gary Glenn

    Very comfortable, high quality pillow!

  306. Linda

    Great quality pillow! This has changed my sleep for the better. I highly recommend it!

  307. Eva Kay

    Best pillow I’ve slept on. Firm but comfortable. Everyone in my family wants my pillow!!! This pillow doesn’t go flat!!

  308. Melissa Davis

    I really like the packaging of this product. The material feels very soft to touch

  309. CHEVYS


  310. G.S. R.

    Works great

  311. Gary James

    One of the best pillows I have ever used.

  312. Shobha Mahabir

    Nice support for neck

  313. Ryan Arbuckle

    This is the best pillow I have ever purchased I have spent a lot of money on pillows but this is the best by far everything they said about this product is true thank you for the best sleep I’ve had in a long time God bless you guys thank you again

  314. Celena

    Very firm. But you can adjust the stuffing. There’s a zipper and you can take out stuffing to meet your desired firmness.

  315. Summer Hawk

    Amazing pillows, love that they say “Royal” on them

  316. Pearl

    AMAZING PILLOWS‼️ They are perfect for comfort for any type of sleeper!!

  317. Diane Evans

    Bought as a gift and the girlfriend was over the moon with how well she slept that night because of it.

  318. Kathy

    I’ve tried a LOT of pillows, but never have I been so impressed! This pillow looks and feels like I’m royalty. Love it!

  319. John E.

    Worth the price. Removed some memory foam to make it perfect!

  320. SuzyQ

    I love it. So much support

  321. EKGrammer

    This pillow is spectacular! It is worth the price. You don’t have to spend more than $100 to get a great pillow. But you also can’t cheap out on a $5 pillow – it is insufferable and bad for your spine. This pillow was about $50 and worth every penny. The thing I love most is how huge it is! It covers almost the entire bed. I love it! I’ve never had such a big pillow. 5 stars! No doubt. I recommend it. You’ll have a great night sleep!

  322. Donna

    Opened it was flat I watched it rise to a beautiful pill of memory foam. I laid on it and it embraced my neck with love. Love this pillow purchased 3.

  323. Burns

    very comfortable pillow good support.

  324. Robyn

    The pillow feels like quality and the firmness is on point. Might get one for myself

  325. Grigol Darjania

    Literally the best pillow I’ve found. I bought a stupid 70.00 pillow a 50.00 pillow and then I finally found this one. Awesome price and it’s so nice. I accidentally bought a king lmao and have a queen bed, but I don’t even care. I sleep side ways and I don’t have to constantly make adjustments to get comfortable finally.

  326. Sam Mabry

    As I expected from reading many reviews, the pillow was way to fat and fluffy when it arrived. I expected I would need to remove some filling. Still, I gave it a few nights to see if it would flatten out any. It didn’t. So that the shredded filling wouldn’t get everywhere, I spread out a sheet and put the pillow on it. I removed about half the filling and saved it in the plastic, zipper bag the pillow came in. Now, the pillow is the perfect flatness. It’s very well made and has a very nice quilted cover. I highly recommend this pillow.

  327. Dave

    The pillow is Heavy in weight, well worth the money. I will purchase a full set,!!!!

  328. Jules

    I’ll be honest, I am very picky when it comes to my pillows. Ive purchased top of the line $100+ memory foam pillows to the fad “My Pillow” — none come anywhere close to how great these are. I’d never heard of the brand before this but saw its stellar ratings on Royal Therapy. And no, I’m not getting paid/compensated in any way for this. I just love getting a quality product at a great price. If you want a soft, smushy pillow, this isn’t for you. But if you want some substance where you lay your head – look no further. I highly recommend!

  329. Alyssa Coveyou

    Very cute touch for our living room and extremely affordable!

  330. John V Strasky III

    What distinguishes this pillow from other memory foam pillows is the ability to adjust the foam contents to your needs. The pillow works well for side and back sleepers. It also provides great neck support. It took a couple of nights to get the foam just right for me, but then it was perfect. The foam equally distributed itself within the pillow so there were no lumps or bumps. The pillowcase was a nice surprise. It has a very soft feel that is great against your face.One thing to know is that the king size pillow is much larger than regular king size pillows in both length and width. You will not be able to use your own pillow case with this pillow, but as I noted, the Royal Therapy pillowcase is very comfortable.

  331. Sharon

    Amazing. So fluffy and comfortable

  332. Johnny Love

    Great product. Needed a new pillow, nice and comfortable.

  333. KekePouliot419

    I like the size of it, it’s soft,yet support I’ve.

  334. Jude Hanley

    Gives the perfect amount of support.

  335. kandy chavez

    Love this pillow! As a side sleeper I prefer a firmer pillow and this memory foam is perfect! It’s soft but firm and contours to my sleep position. Has a removable cover so it’s easy to wash too.

  336. P Johnson

    Don’t hesitate to order this pillow, if it’s to hard you can unzip and take some foam out for your comfort. I will order one more for my bed because the quality is wonderful.

  337. Hannah

    So far it is working well ,Made very well and breaks in fast

  338. Ron

    Great pillow, however a little too high for my shoulder height. (I’m 5’4)

  339. stanley winkelbaum

    Nice pad very large on sides

  340. Y. Dobiash

    Customized the fill, now it’s perfect and I could probably make a couple other pillows with the fill I removed. Very nice pillow with ultra soft case.

  341. T. Abshire

    These are really nice pillows. I would order again and definitely worth the money!

  342. Marrissa

    So comfortable and fluffy!!!

  343. Andrey

    Pillow fluffed up quickly. Great support.

  344. Melissa Davis

    I love everything about it.

  345. Artistarama

    This beautiful pillow is a great value for the price and very well made! I love it!! And am looking forward to adding more holiday pillow covers!

  346. Laura Quadi

    Fixed my neck and shoulder pain

  347. Nena

    Exactly what I was looking for in a firm pillow. Only with the pillow itself was bigger or”kind size”

  348. Melissa Davis


  349. Lana

    This pillow is fantastic. It has the right amount of support. I was waking up with neck pain before I had this pillow and I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after just one night with this pillow.

  350. Jackster

    Royal Therapy has changed my life. I have spent years trying to find a pillow that was at least near perfect. I buy at least 2 pillows a year and have never found one that is comfortable. With Royal Therapy I am getting a great nights sleep and feel rested the next day. I toss and turn at night. I woke up this morning and my bed spread was only messed up where I slept. This is my pillow now and I will be telling my family and friendsabout this great product. Thank you Royal Therapy.

  351. Cory Heilig

    Love this pillow! Was unsure at first seeing how tiny it was packed but once it puffed up and I gave it a shot, it was perfect! So comfortable to sleep on and doesn’t heat up, you stay nice and cool on it!

  352. Denise Martinez

    Shipped fastSo cuteLooks great on my couch

  353. K

    Welllll my husband kept complaining about his neck and back but as all men, he does nothing to help himself. So I read through 15 million reviews of 5000 pillows and picked this one. After one night he was in love. Has already thrown all his other pillows out. When you get it in the mail it’s very flat and doesn’t seem like it will be a hefty pillow, have no fear because shockingly it will grow into a heavy, thick, quality pillow. Would reccomend to people who like large firm pillows

  354. Rachelle M. Gidney

    I liked the fact that you can take out the foam to fit your comfort level.

  355. Daniel

    Super fluffy and very soft. Took no time to fluffy up and be ready for use. We love them!

  356. Michele

    Good pillows

  357. thomas helms

    So soft and comfortable, fits my deep corner king mattress perfectly, helps hold sheets in place.

  358. F. Williams

    The pill press exactly as described its super comfortable and provides great support! Highly recommend it I’ve already purchased Two worth the price I give it a five star*****.

  359. Sherri B. Hendrix

    Best pillow you will ever have! Great for a bad neck!

  360. d raye

    I followed the instructions and unpackaged the pillows accordingly. Minimal effort was needed and the pillows fluffed up perfectly.I love these pillows. They provide nice, firm support yet you just sink right into it and get so comfortable! I’m never buying another fiberfill pillow again. At the same time, if I buy more I will buy them from a better retailer with better customer support.

  361. Jeremy Crandall

    Sleep quality and support.

  362. calicoignition

    I like the fact you can remove some of the foam to adjust the pillow for your sleeping comfort.The pillows are very well made and attractive. I would buy these again.

  363. Bob Green

    It works as described. I’ve replaced all of my pillows with just this one pillow. I get good neck support at night and reduced neck pain. My husband has degenerative spinal issues and he says his neck pain is not better.

  364. Brad Hunter

    This pillow has an elegant design and will make you feel comfortable when you’re sleeping.

  365. Rose

    When the pillow arrived in its small tubular sack I was confused as to how it was a king size pillow with medium fill… was supposed to be fluffy and full. When I pulled it out of its tube it was in 3 square forms with gaps in between each square. I thought oh man I’m returning this and set it aside. Well about 5 hours later I looked at it and it grew, big and puffy. I was amazed. Been using it for 3 nights now and so far I love it. I suffer from neck pain and that’s why I bought it, it feels great on my neck even when I lay on my side. I recommend this pillow for anyone suffering from neck pain.( Also you can remove some of the fill if it is too puffy for you)

  366. Lynsey

    Neck support

  367. E. Bucci

    lo que esperaba

  368. Cecilia

    When I initially received and opened the product, it was flat. I assumed it would need a little bit to expand and “form shape” considering it came rolled up. I went to register my product and only gave 3 stars because it had the potential to be comfortable but it was flat. Customer service contacted me immediately and inquired about my satisfaction level. I told them I believed the pillow needed time to expand, and they messaged me a few hours later to confirm it had! The pillow obviously expanded and I was able to correct my 3 star review to a 5 star one. It’s super comfortable and just what I need to support my neck! 10/10 would recommend, not only due to comfort but also because customer service was amazing!

  369. LOLA

    Great pillow for the money

  370. Ron

    Good firm support for side sleeper.

  371. Kswa

    Very nice and comfortable Foam Pillow. Greatly recommended and will buy again. Thank you

  372. Melissa Davis

    Soft and cool

  373. Christopher

    High quality! If you are looking for a firm pillow, look NO further!!! I love this pillow.

  374. thomas

    Pillow is very supportive, but is just a little firm.

  375. Brandy ♡

    I’ve had the pillow a month and love it! Very comfortable and keeps my face cooler than a regular pillow.

  376. L L

    I had neck and head pain from arthritis and have found this pillow has eliminated it so far! It is a firmer pillow than I’ve used before but Ive had no problem getting used to it and like that I can remove some of the fill to adjust it if necessary.

  377. Taz

    This is a good pillow

  378. Peyton Waltz

    It came in a cute little carrying case! When I took it out, the first thing out of my mouth was “oh no, this is going back.” But within 4 minutes, the memory foam had begun to expand and became soft, dense, and full. The pillow went from about an inch thick to real fluffy. It conforms to whatever shape want. Theres a nice cover over the pillow and you can access the memory foam directly if you want to adjust the amount in the pillow. The only reason I dropped a point is the smell. Its not strong, but its there – especially when your face is shoved into it trying to sleep. It has been 2 nights and it’s almost completely gone. Hopefully it will subside completely in time.

  379. bob moore

    This thing was the ticket!! Know that you can empty out some of the filling to lessen its thickness if needed. It was quite thick to start but customizable. My other 9 pillows that I dislike can go to goodwill now! I haven’t had a kinked neck since this pillow arrived. I’m ordering 3 more for my girlfriend and the guest bedroom! Great price too for such quality!!!

  380. vdavis783

    I have been looking all over for a great pillow. I’m a side sleeper and always wake up sore. This pillow is soft, but not too soft. It’s supports my neck and I had a great night of sleep.

  381. A. Wilson

    Firm yet squishy! The perfect pillow for someone who likes being propped up and wants amazing comfort.

  382. Kelly P.

    Finally! A memory foam pillow with more foam! I’ve ordered memory foam pillows in the past that allow some foam to be removed for customized comfort levels, but then don’t show up with enough foam in the first place – but rather need extra foam! This pillow wasn’t that! 🙂 The RT pillow came with more than enough foam (I haven’t removed any yet, because I’m seeing how it adjusts over a few months) I’ll probably end up removing some, because it’s packed full. But I’d much rather get a more than needed than not enough. Very happy with my purchase.

  383. Darlene

    This pillow gives my neck great support! I love it!!

  384. Jim MacDowell


  385. Anupam Rao

    It relieved the problem with my sore neck. I really like it. Nice size pillow and comfy.

  386. Melissa Davis

    Liked so much bought 4

  387. James W.

    I have been looking for a pillow for years. This is the best pillow that I have ever bought this is a great pillow.

  388. Sandra Haws

    I have had the best sleep since I have been using these pillows, great comfort.

  389. Jillie K

    Great support, I use it as a back pillow when watching tv in bed. Only quips is that the zipper stuck the first time I opened it to “fluff” the foam stuff inside and I thought it was going to rip.

  390. bearsrfun

    Just WOW! I dont leave reviews on all items I buy and usually when it’s real good or real bad lol. I have a lot of back and neck issues requiring chiropractor. I was told I needed to stop sleeping on my tummy which was making my problems worse. The problem is sleeping on my back was causing as much pain because I was waking from a crick in my neck that would leave me pained when I woke up and exhausted from not sleeping well. I had purchased a gel foam hoping it would both keep me cooler and help support neck and spine for back sleeping. It only helps with the keeping me cooler part.I wasnt going to get my hopes up with this and was worried I would overheat more since this is not a gel pillow. I have had only 2 nights on it but I’m sold. Not only do I not overheat as this fabric is awesome and I havent woke with night sweats. And I have had two of the best nights sleep and felt rested. I’m sleeping comfortably on my back with no back and neck issues when I wake up.I’m hoping this is not a placebo affect due to how much I want this to work. If that changes, I will update this review.However, I’m so sold on this pillow so much so that I’m going to order one for my husband and see if it helps his back challenges as well.

  391. Salma g

    I LOVE this pillow!! It has plenty of cushioning and support for my head. So many other pillows are flimsy and unsubstantial. I have gotten the best night sleep in a long time – it is SOOO comfortable!!

  392. Melissa Davis

    Taking my old pillows to look new again was wonderful! The quality of the pillow cases were everything I wanted to complete my entryway bench! Don’t like the throw will change out to a blue throw. Beach living at its best!

  393. Peggy Branham

    I’ve never slept on a memory pillow before and, now, I don’t know if I could sleep on anything else.I love this pillow! It looks twice as full as my regular pillow so I was concerned about laying at an awkward angle. Oh no problem there. The memory foam allowed my head to rest just perfectly. And sleep…. You bet!I would like to recommend that everyone with any kind of sleep issue, albeit from pain or whatever the reason, get a this memory pillow. You won’t regret it.

  394. Brambo937

    Great pillow with great neck and shoulder support. Highly recommend to all!

  395. Jake Stoobs

    Finally got a chance to use this last night, and I have to say it was one of the best nights of sleep I have gotten in awhile. The pillow is extremely comfortable and it is a good height to sleep on. I have only had pretty cheap pillows before this one, and I have to say I’m extremely happy that I invested in a nice pillow. I am excited for more good nights of sleep.

  396. Melissa Davis

    Beautiful pillow. Will work great on our guest bed. I tried the pillow for myself a few nights and felt I would prefer a tad bit more softness. However I am currently having trouble with my neck so I suspect it is me and not the pillow. I may love it more once my neck is cleared up. Overall it is a comfortable pillow esp for side sleepers!

  397. Lizzybee

    I love my pillow and great amount of neck support. Never slept better.

  398. Nataliia

    I bought my first pillow and waited for it. I was hoping it was going to be as good as I expected. When it arrived I opened it and waited for it to puff up. Used it that night. The next morning I order another one for my wife. These are great pillows as they should be for the price. I will be ordering more!

  399. Anne Ayotte

    Slept like a baby, didn’t wake up with my neck hurting or a headache. Love it

  400. Vance

    The person who this was given to loved the cover. Softness, comfort and coolness.

  401. Kelly Mitchell

    Very comfortable and firm

  402. ronnie baird

    Really liked this pillow from night one

  403. Barbara

    I friend had it thought it looked comfy. I bought it and must say it’s more than comfy. I was able to sleep better compared to a regular pillow. All I have to say is that I’m getting one for my mom.

  404. Cassie

    Great pillow. Soft yet firm

  405. Warren

    My neck does not hurt when I wake up

  406. Aimee Salazar

    I am a side/stomach sleeper and I find that this pillow works really well with my type of sleep. It’s not too soft or firm and has a good amount of support.

  407. Meagan A.

    Just received but it seems great! Will update later

  408. Shin-Chiao Fang

    First time sleeping on a memory foam pillow and it feels so much better than my regular polyester filled pillows. I wanted a firm pillow that doesn’t flatten over time since the polyester ones don’t last long. That’s why I’m switching to memory foam. The firmness and thickness of this pillow is just right – it’s very comfortable and I think I sleep better with this pillow, due to the great neck support. Great quality and well worth the price.

  409. Casey Ives

    Love the color, the design and they are quality made

  410. Kerry Waggoner

    These are great pillows to sleep on. Didn’t want to pay an arm and leg but wanted good pillows. These were package like you are a King or Queen. Very impressed with them. I like that they help with my neck, Shoulders and back pain also.

  411. Shah Naqvi

    A little expensive but hopefully it’s worth it.

  412. Rodman

    Love the feel of this pillow even without a pillow case. Loved the fact it didn’t have a small and it was able to unroll and used in about an hour or so.When get the money will reorder anither one. The pillow was a great find. I have always had hard time finding a pillow that works with my sleep style and this one is perfect.I sleep in my back and somehow end up in my side but I didn’t wake up until the next day.I would recommend this pillow to any one having back or headache to try this pillow

  413. AnnMarie

    This product is very comfortable I have tried several pillows after leaving my favorite pillow at a hotel. I have frequent headaches and need a pillow that is supportive, but not to hard this I’ve fits the bill. It is very comfortable, while giving me support on my back or side. I have excellent quality sleep and wake up with fewer headaches.

  414. Eric

    It looks exactly like the pictures and it is super soft! But I thought it would be bigger tho. Not sure if the price is worth for its size but I don’t regret getting it

  415. Michael

    Fits great

  416. Ed

    Presently supervised how much I like this pillow

  417. FB

    I buy pillows very often and this pillow is very comfortable. I would recommend it to everyone.

  418. Melissa Davis

    Kept me very comfortable and well supported

  419. Melissa Davis

    We’ve been using this towel for a few months now and it’s our favorite one, or daughter loves it. It’s soft and big.

  420. Victoria

    I purchased the grey and was SO pleasantly surprised by the elegance, beauty and quality! They add just the right touch to my romantic-themed bed. I will definitely be purchasing more designs from this seller.

  421. Anne B

    I have a neck problem and it’s never been easy to shop for pillows. This pillow solved my problem. It’s very comfortable and now I wake up with no neck and back pain.

  422. Ryan T.

    So pretty. Great price and good quality.

  423. SG


  424. Trish B.

    I read a lot of reviews and thought I should give this pillow a try. I prefer sleeping on it without a different pillow case since it’s so soft, and the case it comes with is washable. I haven’t had to take out any stuffing. It’s really been a great pillow, and I gave it a few months before reviewing. Great pillow!❤

  425. BeeK

    This pillow is awesome. It’s a perfect combination of soft and firm and the outer fabric is nicely pleated. I’ll definitely use these on my bed and my guest bed.


    Absolutely beautiful!!!

  427. Shadow870

    So far so good

  428. John

    Amazing product right out of the box! Beautifully packaged and soft to the touch! I can’t wait to try this out and maybe even order another set!!

  429. OSK

    From the packaging, to the way it can be customized, this Pillow is worth every cent. You can see and feel that it is made of high quality. You can also remove some of the Foam, to adjust the Pillows firm or softness to your liking. I highly recommend this product.

  430. Drika

    soooooo darn cute. I am leaving them out all winter long. Easy to use and soft to lay your head on the pillow. Looks adorable for a winter decoration.

  431. Joanne

    We have been struggling to find the right pillow. This pillow was just what we needed, it is comfortable and provides a lot of support.

  432. Busymommyof5

    Nice and sturdy. It gives more support than I was expecting. 9/10 would recommend it!

  433. JC

    You cannot go wrong with these pillows! I bought two different sets a marshalls and bought the my pillow, they were all a bust and either had to much support or not enough. These are perfect! and everyone can adjust it to their FIRMENESS LEVEL.

  434. Bill a Customer

    This pillow is the best!1- helped my cervical spine pain substantially ( have spinal stenosis)2- doesn’t support the mypillow freakshow guy.I removed a couple handfuls of the shredded foam , saved them in gallon ziplock bags in case I need them later.Being able to do that is a game changer for me. In the past, I’ve bought so many different pillows that felt great for a night or month then lose their shape and that’s that.From now on, it’s these pillows only!

  435. Emma Canseco

    Unfortunately the highest score is 5-star. Else, I would rank this higher. I am recouping after a back surgery and needed proper pillow to support. I saw this in Royal Therapy and wanted to try one. I received it on time and it is beyond belief how well I slept that night and the nights after. The pillow case had some damage – but I typically use 2-cases on my pillows and it was unnoticeable. I reached out to the supplier by email. I got an answer within 30 minutes. They immediately agreed to replace the case. The item was shipped on the same day and they provided me with tracking number. In addition, they also reached out and checked that I received it. Excellent product support.I ordered two more pillows. This is an amazing product.Thank you. Again, I am at a loss to find the proper word or phrase to express how great this pillow is.

  436. Malvina

    Nice pilow

  437. Kathryn P.

    Very comfortable but has support

  438. Melissa Davis

    My new memory foam pillows arrived and I am definitely pleased with them. The quality is top notch and they’re amazing to sleep on.

  439. hagai

    This pillow is life changing for a side sleeper! I was hesitant when I took it out of packaging because it was flat but once you fluff up the insides, it’s super fluffy. It is supportive in the most soft and firm way possible for a side sleeper!

  440. Momma Monica

    What can I say, we are dog people. With several dogs too many, I guess I would say, we are in the dog house. Sits on our couch in the family room. Seem well made.

  441. NotYoOrdinaryPotatoSalad

    My wife Loves it, it’s exactly what she needed.

  442. JewelHellcat707

    Pillow seems to be of good quality and is working for my needs.

  443. emillie

    Very pleased with this purchase

  444. Un1queAngel

    Love this product, it’s such a great solution to buying a whole pillow for a few months and having to store, this pillow cover is big and very nice and fits my couch standard throw pillows perfectly! Can’t beat the price and easy to store once Halloween time is over.

  445. Donald I Pirches Jr.

    Very comfortable and adjustable to what you like

  446. Bob F.

    great quality, looks very classy, perfectly done

  447. pamela minnick

    Ordered for my dad who was complaining of neck pain. His pain is gone now and he loves it!

  448. Melissa Davis

    I initially thought that there was no way these pillows would be full, by how tightly the were rolled for delivery. Boy was I wrong! These pillows puffed up so big after fluffing I ended up removing a garbage bag size of memory fluff just to size them down comfortably. The pillows were still full, but comfortable. These are the most extravagant pillow purchase of my life and well worth the price!

  449. Albert Hull

    I was skeptical when I received the pillow, because even after fluffing it and pulling apart the foam, I didn’t feel like it was very firm. It has been two nights now, and it has stayed firm and I am no longer waking up with a sore neck.

  450. JL213

    This is a very nice pillow and even allows adjustments for comfort if it is too full or firm. I would recommend the pillow.

  451. Marie Scelfo

    This is a wonderful mattress pad, soft and comfy.

  452. Andrea Ford

    It can sleep well with this pillow. Nice quality

  453. City Girl

    Very happy with this. Love how quickly it arrived and fluffed up

  454. Susan Hogan

    It is so soft ! It amazed me when you take it out the bag it was so flat and within 5 secs it was all puffed up !!

  455. Peter G.

    I bought 2 of these pillows and use them both. I’m a side sleeper and it supports my neck as a side sleeper. I do switch sides of the pillow and flip directions to try to wear the pillow evenly. I sleep in queen size bed and use the whole bed. So that means I really do use both pillows. I love these pillows.

  456. Dustin Wallraven

    This is seriously the best pillow ever. I bought one to see if i would like it and it was great! Just bought 2 more

  457. Pankaj

    Bought this pillow for my 2 yo son, he loved it as soon as he saw it. It’s super soft and perfect for him to carry around with him and his blanky. its great for his naps and just laying around. It fits nicely in his bag to take go some with us.

  458. Christopher Kuhn

    i have 3 of these pillows 2 king and one queen best pillow i ever slept on better then 5 star hotel pillows

  459. Bgemesi

    Great quality! So soft!

  460. Chao

    Big, thick foam. Works just as intended. I like that it is in 2 pieces instead of 1 long one so it is more versatile as my son gets older. This would also work great for cosleeping. I purchased this item at a discount in exchange for my honest review, but the opinions are my own.

  461. Holly

    I love how the pillow is adjustable!! I have an issue with pillows that if they are not the correct support, my neck gets into a kink and I get a migraine. So, with me being able to adjust the support of this pillow is just perfect for me! And the pillow maintains this support all night long. I am a big fan of this pillow and have already recommended it to my daughter with the same neck issue

  462. GOT IT

    Great support

  463. Ashley and Brandon

    I’ve been struggling with sleep for months, and have experienced neck stiffness and discomfort, and finally decided to buy a new pillow to see if that was the root cause. Ever since getting this pillow, I have had the best uninterrupted sleep, and my neck pain has disappeared. It was well worth the purchase!I will say, however, that I don’t find the pillow to be comfortable; I find it too thick and stiff, but because I sleep so well, I put up with it, and somehow fall asleep just fine despite that. The instructions say you can remove some foam, but I won’t mess with it. I suppose I’ll get used to it soon.

  464. Melissa Davis

    I really like this pillow. It is firm and gives a lot of support. I have had much more expensive pillows that were not as comfortable. Note it is a hefty pillow — I sleep on my stomach and have had to break it in a bit as it has so much more “loft” than my previous one. But overall a great value and a great pillow.

  465. Sandy

    Doesn’t get hot, great neck support, love it

  466. Emmanuel Paredes

    Best pillow I have ever owned!!

  467. Clay Wingler

    The pillows is high-quality and truly looks like a pillows for royalty. The instructions for activating and adjusting the pillows were clear. I like that you can take out the foam. I haven’t used the pillow long enough to know the quality of sleep.

  468. Christy Rux

    My sleep quality has changed dramatically. I now sleep thru the night which hasn’t happened in years. Highly recommend.

  469. Tammy


  470. Carly

    Appearance and quality are both up for the name….. Royal. The way my wife embraced this pillow….. Wow!

  471. Asia

    Very nicely made!

  472. Rebecca A. Hamrick

    Came early love the pillow cover

  473. Reid

    This pillow is beyond my expectation. It was delivered with very compact packaging. After a while, it stretched to its full size and I have admit it was thick and high. But thankfully I could pour out some stuffing foams (they look good too) and adjust it to the proper size. Great support and flexible size.

  474. Kathleen Cummings

    Not much else to say.

  475. Cindy & Kim

    I got the king size pillow , it is really soft and comfortable straight out of the bag after you open the bag and fluff the pillow to activate the memory foam

  476. Traderal

    Super comfortable and some of the best sleep I’ve had in years. The pillow is firm but not hard and is great for both side sleepers and back ones

  477. M.Cotton

    I have been in severe neck and head pain with some other concerning symptoms for the last 8 weeks. I gave it a 4 only because you have a little work to do with this pillow because of it packing. When you do get it out of its neat little package- it takes some effort to get the foam bunches apart. Not fun when you are in pain. However it did expand to a fairly firm surface quickly. Too firm for me so I gave a few nights of use on it to let it settled down. It continued to be very firm but moldable-so I took some the foam out this morning and I think I may have a winner with this pillow. I ordered the king size which I highly recommend as it allows for a variety of sleeping positions with good support. I find myself sleeping longer and waking up in the same position I started which is extremely rare.

  478. Derice Washington

    As advertised, this pillow is very comfortable and firm.

  479. stuart

    I’ve been using this pillow for more than a month and I love it!The memory foam bits really help to keep its shape and support my head when i sleep!

  480. JP

    Never goes flat best pillow ever!

  481. Madison


  482. Bea :)

    Awesome pillow. I slept good with no neck pain. 👍👍👍. Bought my mom 2 hopefully she will like them.

  483. Monica

    Amazing comfort. Best pillow I’ve had in a long time. Good comfort and keeps its shape.

  484. Savannah

    Buy this pillow!!! We have been searching for a great pillow for a decade. Finally we look no further. You take out the stuffing so it is perfect. We have now started buying these as gifts. Everyone LOVES.

  485. Donna Kaderka

    Great pillows. My head doesn’t sink in and provides the support I need if I choose to lay down on my bed to watch television. No disruptions to my neck. Quality of material is great and fits to my posture when I sleep. A must have!!

  486. Jene Amundson

    Honestly, considered pulling out some stuffing when I first got it. It’s REALLY FIRM! However, it’s been about 6 months now and it’s really shaping up to be a great buy. Will be firm at first, but your head sinks into it after a few minutes with full support.I can’t see this pillow needing to be replaced anytime soon, but when that time comes I’ll be buying this exact same one! Best pillow I’ve ever owned!

  487. Amber B.

    Esta todo bien.

  488. DFrat

    I love it! Very good support on a neck and good size

  489. Elisabeth Lie

    I was looking for a larger towel for my growing baby that just turned 1 and this towel is the perfect size and super soft! Absolutely love the material!

  490. William J. Mangan Jr.

    Quality pillow that are exceptionally comfortable

  491. Chrystal Davis

    OMG!!!!! This pillow is amazing! It’s perfect! And it looks great. I dont know if a pillow case goes on it I also dont want to put one on it

  492. Anna Simons

    I have two bulging discs in my neck and this is by far the best pillow I have found to eliminate the pain. I like it so much I bought another. Very highly recommended. A++++++

  493. Shane C

    Baby loves it.

  494. Karen Possemato

    Comfortable, customizable.

  495. Adam

    Was packaged well and is comfortable. Gets a little messy with taking foam out but not horrible. Would purchase again

  496. julie c.

    Like sleeping in a cloud!This pillows are very confortable. My husband is very happy, he is sleeping much better ever since I got them.I originally ordered the wrong size., no problem returning them.Melissa was wonderful, best customer service I ever received from a vendor in Royal Therapy.

  497. Tyrone C.

    This one is very, very nice. It supports the head and neck really well and does not get too hot.

  498. That sleepy guy

    Personally, i actually liked this pillow so much im gonna get another when i have the money, it works amazing as a hug pillow for side sleepers too.

  499. Emily

    works for neck pain, but softer than I expected

  500. sam johnson

    Love this pillow

  501. Shoira

    This pillow was exactly what I was looking for. I am a side sleeper and have dealt with neck pain in the mornings for a very long time and have tried several different pillows but when none helped I assumed that wasn’t the issue. The first night I could tell this pillow made a huge difference. I am so thankful (as is my neck amd back) that I came across this great pillow.

  502. Victoria

    great pillows,very think. i love them

  503. kimberly bell

    I have only had this pillow for a week but I like the support and the coolness (temperature) of the pillow.

  504. prenston gale

    Amazing support and sleep quality is great.

  505. Vijay Mathura

    Best pillow I ever bought in my life! I have had serious neck pain for years. Tried dozens of pillows but all were the same. Not enough support or way too much. With this one you can adjust to get the perfect pillow for your sleeping needs and it feels amazing sleeping on the crushed up pieces of memory foam!!

  506. Paul

    Very comfortable pillow no more neck problems

  507. Jason B.

    Great foam support

  508. J. Johns

    It came right on time! It was rolled up in a box, which gave me pause, but it is the best neck pillow I have ever had!And it is cool. We are in a heat wave, and I sleep very comfortably. Highly recommend!

  509. Melissa Davis

    Quality pillow

  510. Stefania Schmidt

    Looks so luxurious!! Haven’t sleep in it yet.

  511. kortney cook

    I’ve only been using the pillow for 2 nights, but this pillow is wonderful. I have residual whiplash neck issues & finding firm, supporting pillows is tough. This one is great so far. Wish they had a standard size so I could get one for travel.

  512. Yella

    I find them very helpful. My husband thinks the pillow ‘sleeps’ a bit warm but he’s a very warm natured guy and I’m the exact opposite. I hope they hold up well. We’ve only had them for two days so time will tell.

  513. Bianka Cuellar Luallen

    Exactly as described.

  514. Lindsay Gappa

    Helped in alleviating neck and back pain

  515. Megan Buchko

    The company wanted a review before I could get the 5-year warranty. I have only slept on it once, but so far it is exactly what I wanted. I had not been able to find a firm King-sized pillow. The ones that said they were firm were nowhere near firm enough for a side sleeper and this one is. It appears to be a great quality. Assuming it does not flatten with time, I am very pleased and would buy another.

  516. Angie

    Well made. Super soft. Washes well. Love it.


    Great pillow !

  518. Eric Easterling

    Haven’t changed pillows in 7 years. It’s so hard to find good pillows. WE LOVE THEM.

  519. Vanessa Saffold

    Cute pillow cover for Halloween! It came with a nylon witch hat which I was not expecting!

  520. Lark Daniel

    Really like this pillow. It comes VERY stuffed, so taking a little bit of stuffing out was necessary, but that was easy to do. As the foam breaks down I am sure I will have to re-add some stuffing.

  521. Stephanie H

    These were larger than expected which turned out great. They are large enough to prevent my 5 year old from rolling out of the bed and don’t take up so much of the bed that she’s uncomfortable. It’s a great purchase to ease the transition to a big kid bed.

  522. Gopal

    Keeps cool and supports the neck

  523. T. Page

    Good quality and support from the seller.

  524. Melissa Davis

    My daughter loves this towel because its soft like her infant towels but is large enough to fit her. The little ears are also a bonus. The towel is very absorbent and great for kids passing between the infant and preschool ages.

  525. Elegant Rose

    I really like the look of the pillow. The extra cover for it was a nice bonus. It is about 6 inches shorter than my other king size pillows but so far I am pleased with the feel and comfort.

  526. Deeba

    I was having difficulty sleeping with store bought pillows, which go flat in a few months. So decided to order a memory foam pillow on Royal Therapy. This one does not disappoint, it has good breathability, is light and soft enough to sleep comfortably.

  527. S


  528. Alicia Erazo

    Love it. Good quality, beautiful colors but bit small so make sure its the exact size you’re looking for. I just shoved my filler into the case.

  529. Sandra Teagardin Thomas

    I love these pillow covers! So nice and exactly as pictured. I purchased them for a beach house and they look perfect. Great quality too – highly recommend.

  530. A.C.

    Perfect for baby! Very soft

  531. Lily C.

    When it was time to replace my pillows, I looked to Royal Therapy and stumbled across these. The other great reviews are accurate! I slept great with these. Just firm enough, and feel good quality. With a 5 year warranty how can you go wrong?

  532. jonathan

    A little too big for me, but once it flattens out , it works great

  533. Cristina B.

    Amazing healing pillow! When I took it out of the casing, I thought it was going to be just like the pillows I owned, flat and ineffective. However, once I followed the “activation” instructions, this pillow came to life! That night and all the nights so far are amazing! The pillow is firm enough to support the neck and back alleviating any nocturnal discomfort as to achieve a restful sleep and awaken to an amazing day! I recommend this pillow to all those with neck and back issues, as well as, those folks who have sleep issues. This pillow along with a sleep meditation will change anyones life! I highly recommend this company!

  534. Kyle

    This pillow has been great! I’m very sensitive with my pillows. Being able to remove and add the stuffing allows me to adjust the softness/firmness. Not to mention, it’s made for this, so to be able to do this while keeping the integrity of the item means a lot. There’s no cutting open and re-sewing. The zipper makes it easy and clean. It’s been a great pillow for me and I highly recommend it!

  535. Jamie

    This pillow came in a beautiful Royal Therapy container. You can adjust the amount of shredded memory foam in your pillow! Also, you can register for a 5 year warranty! Will buy again.

  536. Amanda

    I’ve gotten the best sleep of my life since getting this pillow. Highly recommend!

  537. Marilyn

    Good pillow, sleek design very firm good for back sleepers

  538. Mindy H.

    The most amazing pillow ever. So comfortable no matter the position you like to sleep.

  539. melodramatic1

    doesnt get really cool but very good support

  540. BW Allison

    Amazing pillows! They have helped us sleep so much better and they are the perfect thickness

  541. Katina

    Last king size pillows lost their support. Royal pillows arrived promptly and the support was much better! Sleeping much better at night now!

  542. Sal

    My wife loves this pillow, now I’m thinking of buying me one.Great Great Pillow.

  543. Sadreana

    its ok I don’t dislike it

  544. Stryper Dude

    This is the first pillow I’ve EVER had that I had to REMOVE filling from!I’ve been a stomach sleeper for 10+ years, but for the last 4 years I usually bought a new pillow every few months due to my old one going flat.I wish I would’ve started with this one!It rebounds perfectly. It can be formed to an extent. It’s not hot. It has a hypoallergenic zipper cover. The bag it comes in can be used for any extra fill you decide to remove. It doesn’t have a funny smell.The only con: Everyone in my house uses this pillow when I’m not home, so I may have to buy 4 more of these!

  545. Zyah


  546. ashley b.

    Very comfortable

  547. Natalie Roetzel

    Very firm. Has helped my neck pain!

  548. Armando V.

    I’m so happy my sleep quality is very excellent no problem

  549. Valerie Allen

    I been having neck and back pain from the normal pillow and trying various memory foam pillows and this one works and helped. This is really big enough as expected and too soft. Good quality

  550. Brad Lewellen

    By far THE MOST comfortable pillow I’ve ever owned. My neck stopped bothering me after the very first night.

  551. Celeste Rhone

    Great pillow. Seems very well so far. I’m ordering another

  552. Sharon L. Heath

    Also liked how much cooler this pillow feels.

  553. Dani F

    This pillow is exactly what I was looking for. Totally supportive, nice and firm, but a nice amount of squish. Best sleep I’ve had in years.

  554. Krystal Ladner

    its goood it feels good also

  555. Andrew brogdon

    Love it!! Cute characters, good quality, and very durable. A perfect fit for our toddler pillow, he loves it!! You pay for quality!! Shipping was fast, than you!

  556. Ken Dumovichh

    my grand son just loves his pillow case

  557. zerra

    Love it. Best pillow I’ve ever owned. Being able to take out stuffing to adjust is awesome. Helped with my shoulder pain by actually supporting my head and neckI’m a side sleeper so it’s perfect. Had go buy another one for my wife ..kept waking up to her on my pillow.

  558. Pam D. Schneider

    No rips, no stains….. just a nice cushion over a foam bed bridge. Very comfortable. Achieved what I wanted.

  559. bookworm

    Excellent product and beautifully made!

  560. Ellen T.

    So far so good I’ve only had it a few days.

  561. Ethan

    For the first time in a long time, I have found a pillow that doesn’t make my neck and shoulder hurt. This pillow doesn’t flatter out through the night! Great find

  562. Kayycee

    I just got my Royal Therapy today it was very big and firmer and beautiful I love it .Thank u very much,but I will let you know if it sleep good to night.well I can say it sleep very good

  563. Rosita McDonald

    This is crazy comfortable!

  564. Rancher

    Once I adjusted the stuffing it was perfect. I filled a gallon size ziplock bag with the stuffing and Olán on saving it in case I need to refill the pillow. Really the comfort of the pillow is in your hands! That’s what makes this pillow so great! Highly recommend.

  565. christina carreon

    The past 8 months I have had the worst neck pain, so I have decided to purchase a new pillow. So far so good with this one. I still have the pain, but my neck is not as stiff when I wake up.

  566. Eloika Ann Cebu

    I love this pillow. Perfect size for traveling or just propping me up when I read. Very well made and I like the fact that I can take the case off to wash it.

  567. Brian

    I have tried so many pillows over the years I cannot count. This one seems to be one of the better ones ive tried. Very good quality materials and stitching. No odor out of the bag. The shredded foam give the perfect mix of firm/soft for me. And I run very hot at night and this pillow stays pretty cool compared to other memory foam pillows I have tried. Good buy for the price.

  568. Customer

    Best sleep I’ve had in years! This is hands down the absolute best pillow ever!

  569. Lorena+Cade Sawyer

    Very nice pillow. Like the fact you can adjust the firmness. Sleep quality still in work.

  570. Aaron Danielson

    Very nice people to deal with. Quality product.

  571. Melissa Davis

    I have been suffering from neck pain for over 3 weeks, saw this pillow and decided to try it. When it came it i opened the package and let it fluff up for about 30mins. I tried the pillow and decided to remove some of the stuffing because it seemed too full for me. I LOVE THIS PILLOW! Have been pain free in my neck since I started using it. Will DEFINITELY order again.

  572. Sara Hayzlett

    I love my new pillows. They are awesome for my neck and help me sleep better than ever!

  573. Frank pena

    Omg I love these pillows,I now can sleep all through the night without having to move it around to find comfort.

  574. Raul Payan

    My husband’s favorite pillow. He sleeps on his back and says it supports his head perfectly -at the right height.

  575. Carl S.

    wonderful pillow

  576. chrishanxoxo

    Great King size pillow- it was so plush and full of material I could barely get it into my pillowcase. LolVery comfortable and supportive.Didn’t really notice any chemical smell.I had to remove some of the material and once I did that it was about perfect.Pretty cool that you can remove material and always add it back it for a customized pillow height etc

  577. Elisa

    Slept with no tossing and turning or neck pain! Great pillow to get good rest.

  578. Emasts

    It’s a great pillow! Very comfortable.

  579. Tina

    Really sharp looking!

  580. Zaida

    I give these pillows as presents, people love them.

  581. Kaitlyn N.

    If you like a good firm but soft pillow this is for you! I on the other hand took almost half of the stuffing out because it was just way to much for my liking but once removed……. I then loved it! I sleep with and use daily!

  582. Caleb

    Beautiful accents for my apartment

  583. Jennifer Loteckie

    I love my new pillow, it id exactly what I needed to get rid of my stiff neck, thank you for a great product

  584. Anita L Sandoval

    I sleep on my side, back, and stomach at times, all 3 layers on the 1st night was much, I removed the middle portion and it’s now perfect. If I sleep on my back the whole night I’ll use the thicker side, if side or stomach sleeping I use the thinnest side available.Pillow does have the chemical smell like most memory foam products.

  585. CLKMMW

    Alleviated my neck pain!

  586. Hunter

    Me encantó, es firme y suave a la vez, linda y de excelente calidad.Han pasado unas semanas y está aplastada, pero aún así sigue siendo buena almohada.

  587. Roadrunner

    I really like these pillows. They have good support but blare not overly firm and easily fluff back up after starting to compress/ flatten out and are just like new again.

  588. Melissa Davis

    Amazing love it

  589. Cory Mioc

    This pillow is the best most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on. It gives great support to my neck. There’s no need to buy any other brand.

  590. Jordan Root

    Super soft & comes with a matching wash cloth and 2 tub toys! Great value for the price!!

  591. Valerie

    Very comfy

  592. Melissa Davis

    Excellent product! I would certainly buy again!


    Just got the pillows and they’re asking to write a review. It was nicely packaged and I hope it works well.

  594. rebecca rakers

    Cheaper priced than any other store we found . Very pleased ..

  595. tryphena04

    Exactly like a wanted since a little girl my granddaddy had pillows like these and called them MOON PILLOWS they feel exactly how I remembered not Flat not hard or stiff they are perfect money well spent

  596. Melissa Matthews

    I bought this for my new mattress, it helps to protect and super soft!

  597. LTL

    Great gift for my daughter’s birthday. Good quality at a great price. I would buy again.

  598. Kelly

    Words will say more than a picture of these beautiful silk silky pillows rich looking n very soft n silky. Very neatly there’s a zipper hidden made with gold piping with a big R” Royal style believe I highly recommend this it’s different from the rest.

  599. TrumpsAjoke

    Very nice product

  600. RH

    Perfect pillow.I needed something between firm and soft and this pillow is exactly what I needed. Thanks guys.

  601. A Scholar from Egypt

    Full but soft.

  602. Maria Lawless

    Buen soporte

  603. Rinat Ismaev

    I love my new pillows. Within one sleep my neck pain is gone due to these very Lush pillows. They are very comfortable and they do work well for side sleepers like me.

  604. S. N. Anthony

    I liked it very much, the packaging was nice, it came on the same day I ordered, and tried right away. I felt comfortable, gave the support my neck needed.

  605. Reader

    I have been using my pillow for 1 week. I have not slept this well in a long time. I don’t wake up uncomfortable during the night, having to toss & turn.When I first opened it, it has a weird smell, but I washed the pillow cover and set the pillow outside to air out. It was fine after that.

  606. Melissa Davis

    They provide excellent support but are not hard.

  607. Christina S.

    Absolutely love these. We just got a new mattress and pillows were complimentary… but they were much larger than pillows I’ve had in the past. They were queen size, but were too big to fit any other previous pillow case we had. These feel GREAT, and fit our new large pillows perfectly. So happy!

  608. Chad Mass

    Perfectly paired for our new firm mattress

  609. MM1972

    I didn’t expect these pillows to be so firm. One I sleep with between my legs, so it’s perfect. The one for my head had me concerned because of the firmness. I had to give it a chance, as I was so used to sleeping on a much softer pillow. Well, now I can’t imagine not sleeping on this firm pillow. I’m a side sleeper and I love it!

  610. cami

    Love this product. I recommend this product for everyone

  611. JD

    I ordered 1 pillow and loved so much, I went back and ordered another within days. This pillow is amazing. Highly recommend!

  612. Kimberly

    Got this for my boyfriend for neck pain. He’s been sleeping so much better! He has no tenderness in the morning and wakes up in a better mood.

  613. Tina

    Did a lot of shopping around for pillows and bought these on a whim. They are amazing for back sleepers and the occasional side sleeper. Worth the money.

  614. Ashley Lauren

    Complete and upmost comfort. I wake up every morning in the exact position I fell asleep in!! This is the best!!!! I would give it more stars if able to!!

  615. Elizabeth&Chris

    This pillow is very big and soft! Very comfortable absolute must have for a good night sleep! I absolutely recommend for a soft yet firm memory form pillow it was my first one and I loved it!

  616. Corey Lawson

    Its good i had to get halft of the ptoduct because its big , u can move it how you like,Try it.

  617. Johnny L

    I have struggled with trying to find the best pillow for sleeping my entire adult life. This pillow is unbelievably perfect!!!! It can be snuggled but has the support that I so need!

  618. nicole wenzel


  619. Chara McDonald

    I thought I didn’t like these pillows so I was going to return them. Then I read the instructions a week later. Now I love them. I’m not sure how to let them know I don’t want to return them.

  620. Josh

    It comes packaged well, inflates quickly and feels relatively cool (room temp or slightly cooler) while sleeping. It’s dense enough that it doesn’t compress a ton while side sleeping and narrow enough that it applies more pressure around C1 (base of the skull) while sleeping on my back. For me this is kinda ideal for a standard pillow. I used to use a neck pillow (one of those with a dip in the middle) but couldn’t find a good one (which includes the Royal therapy neck pillow, not a fan). But this is pretty darn good, especially for the price. I’ve only had it for a week but I’m liking it so far. I’m thinking of buying a second one to put in between my legs while side sleeping. Will post an update later.P.S. – the way it’s worded when messaging them for the warranty it sounds like you’re trading an Royal Therapy review for the 5 year warranty. Not sure if that’s the case but it sure sounded like it. I feel comfortable posting this because I did like the product but it does seem sketchy.

  621. Queen B

    Now for reference, I’m a firm pillow kinda guy, and if that’s what you’re looking for, you are in luck my friend!!! While I say firm, this isn’t just a super dense mold. It gives the firm, all while containing the comfort and the freedom of a fluffier pillow. As you could probably tell, I’m a pillow guy. Love it!

  622. Melissa Davis

    Thanks to the pillow, both of my sleep and K/D in COD have improved

  623. Veronica Frias

    I bought this pillow case for my 2 year olds pillow and couldn’t be happier! He loves it and talks about the lions on it every morning! The material is soft and comfortable… So much so that when I put his old pillow case on he asks where his lions went?? We will definitely be repeat customers!

  624. Cindy D. Pitts

    My new favorite pillow

  625. Taylor Bailes

    This is by far the best pillow I’ve ever had, and I’ve been on the perfect pillow quest for a long time.

  626. Tranika Tucker

    needed new pillows. bought these. i sleep much better every night. less wake ups. wake up feeling great. dont have as much of the need to sleep more. my back has not hurt yet. always had back pain in the morning. no more. worth every penny

  627. Sue M

    These pillow covers are beautiful. Pics do not do them justice. Very pleased and look beautiful on my bed

  628. Rebecca E. Chandler

    Was nervous about this purchase. Pillow arrived in a tube packaging with the pillow packed tight inside. But after pulling it out and allowing the pillow to inflate with air, it was surprisingly thick and comfortable. Feels great.

  629. Jason G

    I haven’t slept on it yet so I can’t say much about that part yet, but after opening up the package, I’m in love! I don’t even want to put a pillow case on it. It’s so soft, cozy, and luxurious! There is the perfect amount of memory foam, and I love how it feels and conforms to my hand when I press down on it. I’ve been using MyPillow for a long time now (was the only thing that worked for me) but I’ve been wanting to buy a different brand with the shredded memory foam. I’m very happy with this and I can’t wait to sleep on it tonight!

  630. Correy Yoder

    This product was packaged very nicely!! And is extremely soft!! Can’t wait for it to finish filling out so I can sleep on it

  631. julius montgomery

    I love this pillow. It is so comfortable and I wake up without any neck issues. It is a large pillow but on a queen size bed it fits fine. A great buy!

  632. Sharon Shopper

    Could be a bit more firm for me but overall I’m pleased with purchase. Will definitely buy again.

  633. Heather Nicole Boyd

    This pillow arrived rolled up and once laid out, inflated to a comfy size. Large, king size pillow fits perfect across a twin size mattress, for those people who constantly are rolling back and forth in bed. Great purchase!

  634. Mordechay A.

    It keeps you cool while you sleep, and it conforms to your head and neck.

  635. EMSCVS

    The pillow is well made and super soft to the touch. I love it!I machine washed and dried on delicate cycle and it held up just fine.

  636. bigtexashonk

    Decent for the price

  637. Nadia

    My first night using this pillow I slept like a log! No neck pain, no headache. My husband now wants to try it. Thank you for making such a great pillow.

  638. Joshua vest

    Very good and excellent product.

  639. David

    This is a very nice pillow for the price also this is a comfy pillow coming from a heavy side sleeper

  640. Jhancarlos Mota

    It’s a good pillow for anyone. Great support for my head and shoulders.

  641. Gorgeous Concepts Salon

    Pillow is so comfortable. It’s like heaven.

  642. Isac Urbina

    Great pillow! Perfect balance of comfort and support

  643. Kern

    My wife and I are side sleepers. We needed something that was firm but not too solid. I tried gel pillows but they were too soft. Our cotton pillows kept flattening, too. So I bought these and tried them out. It took 1-2 nights to really feel good with these pillows, but after that, our necks felt so much better, and we hardly wake up with any neck pain.Important: have someone check to see your neck alignment so you can take out memory foam or add more if your neck doesn’t align properly. We had to adjust ours to get the right fit.

  644. reannasedai

    I was skeptical because of the price and I wanted a firm pillow. This was perfect. Easy to adjust by removing some foam and savings it in a ziplock bags if you want to add more later. I did end up removing some foam because it was a little too firm for me (which was surprising and good). Honestly best pillow I have ever used. Really great sleep.

  645. debra jordan

    Great support with awesome comfort. Vet well made and plush removable cover.

  646. Wonder Woman

    Pillow is so comfortable slept like a baby!

  647. Demos James

    They are Great

  648. Genesis Santana

    I bought this pillow to relieve neck pain and get a better, more restful nights sleep. It works as advertised and am very pleased with it. Thank you.

  649. Juli Severson

    Very comfortable. My neck doesn’t ache anymore.

  650. Jose Maldonado

    Best pillow I’ve owned! You can create the perfect amount of support for the best sleep

  651. Ryan Larsen

    I don’t have any diagnosed neck or back problems, just wanted something that would give good support. The only reason I didn’t give this pillow 5 stars is because it was WAY too thick initially. Gave me neck and back pain within minutes the first night. Once I removed some of the shredded memory foam, the pain went away, and I slept like a dream. Great quality pillow, you just may need to customize the height/thickness of pillow to get it to your liking.

  652. JFK

    Amazing quality pillows! Awesome!

  653. Britany ONeill

    Great firm pillows!

  654. Carl

    I have looked all my life for a pillow that when I wake up in the morning my neck wasn’t hurting. I just happen to be on the internet the other day and found this pillow so I thought you have tried a lot of pillows in my life why not try this one. When I received the pillow the first two nights I thought it was a little firm so I took some of the memory foam out and how I can be any happier. My neck does not hunt when I wake up in the morning and I have slept this good in years. If anyone wants a great pillow this is the one. OUTSTANDING Love It!!

  655. TwinMomma

    I had to play around with this for a few days to find the ideal amount of stuffing but I love it now. I do need to fluff it every couple days but it’s not a big deal.

  656. joey rhodes

    I suffer from insomnia and have constantly had an issue with finding amazing pillows for comfort for when I’m trying to fall asleep.I eventually decided to try out a memory foam pillow to see if I would have a change in my sleeping patterns and have something for better neck support. Let me tell you, this is a GAME CHANGER for me personally!I still suffer from sleeping issues but it’s not as bad it used to be when I would wake up with neck issues or felt like I didn’t get a good amount of sleep. This has improved my sleep, it is extremely comfortable as I wanted a great sturdy pillow and not something that I would just melt into and it gives my neck the support I need that I no longer have neck pains when I wake up.You want better sleep? Buy one of these!

  657. Customer

    As advertised. Confortable.

  658. Marty C.

    Really soft, great support. Night 1 best sleep from a pillow I’ve ever had!!

  659. Vincent hart

    Great firm ,yet squishy soft pillow.

  660. Richard Aguilar

    Absolutely loved this pillow ! It’s a high quality & comfortable pillow! I had a good nights sleep …

  661. Armando


  662. Jeannie

    This pillow is like a miracle. My husband, myself, and my son all have very different needs in our bed pillows but we’re all incredibly comfortable on these.I have pretty severe TMJ from dental implants that are not shaped quite right for my mouth and I’ve had to sleep on molded memory foam for years or I get terrible neck knots and migraines.My husband and I both needed some of the filling removed to get it where we wanted it but once we did…wow. We both loved them instantly and have been sleeping on ours for nearly a month now. I have no neck issues whatsoever and he sleeps great on his too. I also use a king sized one as a body pillow and my hips and back have felt much better because of how well the foam conforms and supports me.We actually had enough of the filling from what we took out of our pillows to make a queen sized one for our son and he loves his just as much as we love ours.I can’t recommend these pillows enough. You do have to adjust the filling to your own perfect height but it’s pretty easy to do and once you get it right? It’s just heaven to sleep on.Oh and I have asthma and am extremely sensitive to smells and my pillows needed to be aired out for two days before I could use it but the smell DOES go away completely.

  663. Danielle Burke

    Very comfortable pillow This is the first time that I have bought the same pillow for the whole family. First bought for my parents and then for my wife and me. And everyone is very comfortable.I haven’t found any drawbacks yet.

  664. Bushy Tail

    Helped neck pain from chronic pain plus physical exacerbation. It improved my sleep as well. I was on the fence for a few pillow and this is great! I fluff it every few days

  665. Melissa Davis

    Super thick

  666. Pegah

    Best sleep ever since I bought this!!!

  667. Alex

    For year’s I’ve been buying pillows for the comfort and support for head, neck, and shoulder. Wasted a lot $$, purchased the pillows that are advised on TV 🤪.After all this time I finally found the best of the best pillows for me, ROYAL THERAPY MEMORY PILLOW.👍

  668. Melissa Davis

    I fell in love with Bamboo pillows about 5 years ago and needed to replace the original that I’d been using ever since. This made me remember why I loved them so much. It was incredibly comfortable right out of the box.

  669. eddie j cooper

    I wasn’t looking for a firm pillow. But I ordered this pillow and it’s like an upgraded memory foam pillow. The firmness is perfect for my neck. The quality was better than expected. The package was great. It came with a small round bag. Love it. And I ordered another set for the guest room.

  670. Steven watson

    It’s very soft. For anyone who wants a pet, but isn’t allowed one, get’em.

  671. Maggie

    I was really excited to get this for a baby shower gift, the Royal Therapy bag it came in was fine but the box was damaged.

  672. keola

    Good product

  673. tori

    These Sea Side/sea shell pillow covers are AMAZING!!! They are the perfect size, are so well made, and what a great price! I have them on my bed and it just brings the beach and tranquility to my bedroom. I wasn’t totally sure if they would look good because I have a white comforter, but they are the perfect accent!! If you are debating buying them… just do it! I promise you won’t regret it!

  674. George Moore

    This product meet our expectations

  675. Lauren

    I absolutely love this

  676. Andre jackson

    Decent material and quality for price. The skeleton is a bit light, but seasonal decor, so it’s perfect and looks cute 🙂

  677. Georgia McBride

    This pillow case is spacious enough for me to over my favorite pillow with the old pillow case still on. I’ve noticed a difference in my hair already — the oil actually stays in my hair and isn’t “pulled out” through my satin SLAP by my cotton pillow case.If you have natural African-American hair, you need this satin pillow case!!!

  678. Lindsey M Blacharczyk

    Looks and feels premium

  679. daniel

    Great pillow. Looking forward to many nights of great sleep.

  680. Jeanne MacDonald

    Quality made product

  681. Christy W.

    This is an extremely high quality pillow. It comes vacuum packed in an adorable little roll shaped white and clear bag, that unzips on one end and also has handles. It has the brand name/initials embossed in gold on the bag. Once the you remove the pillow, it immediately starts to expand. It only took about 15 minutes for it to expand to its full size. There was only a really faint odor to the pillow…and even then, you really had to shove your nose into the pillow to even smell it. (I only did that because of other reviews I had read mentioned about an odor.) Once I placed a pillowcase on the pillow, there was no trace of the odor.This pillow comes with an extremely nice, heavy, quilted cover already on it that zips on the end. I also has the brand name/initials, and piping around the edges of the pillow in gold. This cover is great because not only is it super soft and provides even more plush “padding,” but it also will keep the pillow protected. The cover is completely removable and and can be washed.The way the pillow is constructed, it has solid layers of memory foam as the shell of the pillow, and it’s covered by a buttery soft white cotton (feels like a well loved t-shirt) case that zips on one end. Then, the inside of the pillow is filled with small shredded bits of super soft, fluffy, white memory foam. The pieces are all uniform in size.The pillow I ordered is a king size, so it is pretty large. As it comes, the pillow is also fairly thick and firm. But, I ordered the adjustable pillow. While my husband was laying on his back watching tv in bed, the pillow was perfect. However, sleeps on his side. And when it came time to go to sleep, he realized the pillow was too thick for him as it was and would have his neck all outta whack. So, he removed a gallon ziplock bag full (squished and the air removed) of memory foam pieces and tried it again. It was still too thick for how he sleeps. He ended up removing a total of 3 gallon sized ziplock bags (squished full and the air removed) of the memory foam pieces. Now, he says it’s “absolutely perfect!” He sleeps comfortably and says it’s the best pillow he’s ever had. He laughs and says that he’s got the perfect pillow…and he has enough stuffing left over to make another pillow lol. So, it’s definitely worth the price 🙂 The little roll shaped bag that the pillow came in is also perfect to store the extra filling for future use.While he was at work one day, I “borrowed” his pillow so I could sit up more comfortably in bed. I think I’m going to have to be making another purchase soon…a pillow for me…and now our teenage daughter wants one as well.Yeah, I thought the pillow was a little expensive when I ordered it. But once it arrived, I can definitely understand the price. And honestly, I now think it’s a very reasonably priced pillow. I know this pillow will hold up well for years to come (unlike most pillows that go flat after a year). My husband and I are very happy with this purchase.

  682. Melissa Davis

    It’s nice and fluffy, no weird smell. So far so good.

  683. Melissa

    Firm and high quality pillow.

  684. K. Chavers

    Loveeeee this pillow! I struggled for a while finding a pillow that suited my needs. This one is finally it. It is so comfortable while still being supportive. I did unzip it and remove a small amount of the stuffing and it works better for me.

  685. Kelly Anderson

    It’s a wonderful, large pillow!

  686. Leroy

    Very very firm pillows. If they are too firm for you it’s ver easy to shake some of the filling out. Great purchase

  687. Marc Mulkey

    Well…at least for me it was. Years ago…like probably 15 years ago… my wife and I bought some memory foam pillows and they have been fantastic. Best pillows we ever had.But, after 15 years we decided to get some new pillows…and that’s when I found these. Our old pillows were one big hunk of memory foam with a cover on them where it was soft on one side, and a little firmer on the other side. This new pillow is soft on both sides and much longer than our previous pillows.One great attribute of these pillows is that it’s not a solid pillow, it’s a bunch of memory foam pieces inside the pillow cover. I had some concerns about that at first, but it turns out that it’s pretty nice! You can easily fluff your pillow some and get it just like you like it. Or, as my wife chose to do, you can unzip the pillow and remove some of the memory foam pieces if you feel like the pillow is too thick, or it doesn’t keep your neck level.This is a pretty smart idea, because it gives the owner the ability to simply adjust the pillow to their liking, instead of having to purchase yet another pillow that may or may not work for them long term.I can highly recommend this pillow not only for its function and design, but also because of how comfortable they are.

  688. Martha Montejo

    I absolutely love these pillows 💕 you can add or remove foam to make a perfect pillow 🥰

  689. Kathy R.

    Like many people I spent hours and days going through hundreds of reviews to find the perfect pillow, wellllllll this is it! Offers great support but you can always adjust the foam if you want it softer. Originally got this because my fiance was waking up all night and now she sleeps straight through! It’s very comfortable and high quality, I noticed zero smell which people complain about. If you’re looking all over online for a pillow like I was just give this one a chance and try it out, you won’t regret it.

  690. A. Webster

    Took a couple days to get it to fit for me, now I love it!

  691. anredhead

    Like that we can take filling out to make the pillow more flat. It fluffs up A LOT so taking the filling out was necessary for both pillows we bought. The filling is tiny though and was hard to take out without making a mess. That’s our only complaint

  692. Melissa Davis

    Nice firm pillow

  693. Anthon Cruz

    Love this, fits great- deep pockets. So comfy!

  694. Sandra Gibson

    It helps with my back

  695. Frank V Voudy Jr

    Everything it says it is. Great pillow!

  696. Steven Reinke


  697. Diana


  698. mf

    I always bought cheap pillows that came in two packs from your typical home goods stores. They would turn into lumpy flat messes in about 6 months. I decided to invest in nicer foam pillows and these are wonderful! So soft but provide just the right amount of support. I did find that they were too full for me and after a couple of nights sleeping on them my neck ached because it was being help up at too high of an angle. The great thing about these pillows is you can just unzip them and take out the excess foam. I took out about 2 gallon zip lock bags full and now the pillow is perfect and elevates my head just the right amount. Love them!

  699. Melissa Davis

    I bought this pillow because the one I had before used to flatten during the night but since I purchased this one my sleep quality has improved a lot. It’s specially helpful the fact that you can modify the height removing pieces of the memory foam so you can adapt the pillow to your preferences.

  700. Jennifer Dias

    Doesn’t hurt my neck like other pillows have. It’s so comfortable and I love that it’s adjustable!

  701. Doug

    Good sleep but wish it where a tad bit firmer then it would be perfect

  702. Denny

    its too big for me to sleep on but its great for support under legs and beside me.

  703. Beverly G.

    This pillow is amazing. I have neck and back problems and sleeping has always been really hard for me. I spent some serious money on therapeutic pillows but none of them works as good as this one. I got this pillow and I couldn’t be any happier. Looking forward to good sleep and good drams.

  704. P. N. Sr

    Well made with zipper closure. Will use every year during Christmas .

  705. NymphadoraTonks

    Very firm needs a couple months to soften and can’t sleep on it through the night without neck pain but nice for sitting up in bed

  706. KC

    I LOVE these pillows they never go flat ,they brace your neck , We sleep so much better and if there to firm you can adjust them by removing some of the foam. I have a lot of neck and back problems My back is all fused with a rod and hook and screws and my neck has a curved spine as well but I can`t have surgery on it because It would make me un able to move with the rest of my back all ready fused . so my neck give me a lot of pain and it made it where I could hardly sleep until I got these pillows and now I sleep well. Thank you for making a great Pillow . I plan on getting some more for the rest of the beds

  707. Desoto


  708. Garima Garg

    Soft and there are layers that you can adjust to your best liking height

  709. Max

    Great product if you have time to wait

  710. Merle

    Extremely impressed with the pillow. You can remove or add as much filling as you would like. You can wash the outside fabric. The internal shredded material holds up well. The pillow does not get hot. The customer service could be improved

  711. Rebecca

    Love this pillow!!!! Comfortable soft great for stomach sleepers. It’s worth the money

  712. Janet

    I bought this pillow for boyfriend, who had been having terrible neck and shoulder pain from sleeping on his old pillows. His pain and stiffness went away shortly after sleeping on the pillow. So I bought one for myself. Once the pillow fully inflates and obtains it’s full shape, it works great!

  713. S. Johnson

    Nice comfy pillows. “Some assembly required” but sills to adjust the fill. Once you got it pulled apart give it a day to “reinflate” and you you have a really nice pillow!

  714. Melissa Davis

    This pillow is exactly what I want in a firm pillow. It is still soft but firm enough so that my head doesn’t sink in too deep.

  715. Josue

    Very good quality

  716. Kobe

    This pillow is very comfortable and made with high quality products. Hope to get many years out of this.

  717. Stephen Grant

    Fabulous. Live the extra large size. Best sleep in a long time.

  718. dr11

    Firm yet soft and plush pillow. Exactly what I was looking for. Can adjust the firm level by taking foam out of the pillow. Will be buying more in the future

  719. Rakesh Parasuraman

    I purchased 4 different pillows from Royal Therapy and this was the best one. It is not that cheap, but worth paying more. It is very comfortable if you are looking for a firmer pillow. It is not too firm but definitely not soft.

  720. Serena

    nice unfortunate don’t bring the pillow

  721. Audra Mac

    This pillow is amazing. After unrolling it and it fluffed out it was a really nice size. Very supportive for my bad neck. I woke up refreshed and not hurting.

  722. VamosIT

    I was trying find a pillow as a replacement for my girlfriend. After alot of research and trial and error decided on this one. She loves it and so do I. It is extremly soft and comfortable. It also comes with plenty of extra foam that you can take out to lower the pillow.

  723. peg walsh


  724. Caroline

    This pillow is so comfortable and gives me lots of support while I’m sleeping. My husband has complained of shoulder pain but since I bought this pillow, all I hear is snoring. He loves it as well.

  725. Vegannkel

    I ordered a pack of 2 King size pillows, even though my bed is Queen. They arrived in perfect packing condition, I followed the instructions to unpack them and everything turned out perfect. They are heavy pillows with plenty of padding, the pillow protector fabric is super soft and if you give the pillow a few strokes, it will settle. Confortable product.

  726. Kym Chee Lee

    Good head support and good quality.

  727. Galyna

    Amazing packaging! Can’t wait to use them

  728. Joyce Mohlin

    So this pillow is comfy ONCE you remove ALL the stuffing inside. The first night I was snoring so loud it woke me up lol, due to how much filling s inside.So once I removed about half of the stuffing in both pillows, my husband and I have slept wonderfully. I haven’t had any neck pains or snoring (well at least I haven’t… My husband is a different story for a different review LOL).There was a slight smell but it wasn’t anything that we couldn’t handle. Let it air out for a while and it’ll be gone before you know it.

  729. Alana DeMorris

    Absolutely life changing! These pillows are amazing! Best sleep I’ve ever had!

  730. GIR

    Update: I bought 2 more for myself and love it. I also bought 3 for my brother, his wife and sister in-law.Great pillow with plenty of stuffing. Had to pull some of it out to get it where it is comfortable to me. Definitely the best pillow that I’ve ever had. The pillow cover is quilted and has a zipper to open it up. It also came in a carrying bag. Was totally amazed that it fit. Will be buying a few more of these.

  731. Jennie

    Husband loves this pillow. Fits his head and neck perfectly

  732. Judy Waldkirch

    My sleep quality has increased significantly due to comfort, support of my neck, decreasing neck pain! I’m so grateful for these pillows!

  733. Repairguy1971

    This product arrived just as described! It fit my king bed perfectly! I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend this seller and this product.

  734. dana

    I had chronic neck pain before i got this pillow. Now i sleep much better, and I’ve purchased two more for my family.

  735. bart stormont

    Great quality and feels really amazing.

  736. Ashley

    The pillow surpassed my expectations. Out of the packaging, it will be flat! You have to knead it, punch it, fluff it, shake it and it WILL fluff up. So much so I had to take out lots of the memory foam pieces out to get it just right. This is a good thing. Very comfortable.

  737. Kristina

    Love this pillow. It forms around my neck and head. Its not too hard or too soft. I am a side sleeper so I can hug it as well as having my head on it.

  738. CamBam51

    Literally the best pillow ever! So comfortable, helped me sleep better.

  739. Batman

    I am still waiting for the pillows to fluff to their normal size but just by opening the packaging, the pillows feel soft and comfy. I can’t wait to try.

  740. Melissa Davis

    Love this pillow and the hat was a real bonus!!!!

  741. John K.

    This pillow is awesome! Definitely recommend

  742. siamak soufer

    Fits perfectly

  743. Martha

    A little too firm first nights but after that aaahhh!

  744. Nicholas Montalto III

    This is by far the best pillow I have ever purchased.

  745. Larry Hagedorn

    As a “side sleeper”, I like this pillow a lot! And, I am particular about my bed pillow!

  746. Sherbear

    I received this in the mail about a week ago and waited to write a review so I can be honest about it. And I’m so glad I did because I am in love with this pillow. I have always had a hard time finding the perfect pillow. I always would have neck & shoulder pain from not sleeping on the right pillow. And it’s been a week since I have noticed a big difference from using this pillow so has my husband. Not only is it soft but I haven’t had any neck or shoulder pain since I started to use this pillow. I would definitely recommend!

  747. Suzanne 🌸

    Beautiful, hold their fluffy shape.

  748. NamastayEveryDay

    Just wish they had a soft version of it. But it’s a great pillow

  749. VJFolsom

    Super luxe pillows- very well made- great quality. Very firm so be sure that’s what you want before buying these.

  750. That one guy

    Best sleep ever! Thank you!!

  751. Luis and Marlen Ojeda

    So far it seems to be of very good quality. It is expanding nicely.

  752. israel d.

    It’s very nice

  753. DLL

    These seem a little expensive for what you are getting but they seem like they’ve be effective once the sticker shock wears off. Even though the dimensions are on the page (I hate when people leave a review saying the product was really small when dimensions were posted and a ruler wasn’t referenced) I was guilty of not paying lots of attention to them so I had a preconceived notion in my head that they were much longer than they actually are. I may need three end to end for our son to stay in bed. That’s one of the reasons the rails you can buy and tuck under the mattress wouldn’t work was because they were too short. I will update once our son has slept in the bed a couple nights.I received a discount on this product in exchange for my honest review.

  754. Heather Harris

    This is the best mattress cover I’ve ever purchased! It really does fit tall mattresses very snuggly. It’s so soft and comfortable to sleep on-it’s like a mattress enhancer! I’m going to order it for all the beds in our house! And it was shipped to me in one day for free!!!!

  755. molly

    This plushy robe is the best out there. We received a few different types of baby towels at my baby shower but the quality of this surpasses the others. Extremely soft and fast absorbing. The perfect size for my 15 month old baby. Also, to my surprise, it was packaged with toys for the pool or bath and a luxurious wash cloth. I didn’t notice that when I purchased. A great baby gift idea for a client or friend! I will definitely purchase again.

  756. Stephen Gasche

    Pillow helped my neck and shoulder pain. Very comfortable

  757. Suresh Pasupula

    Finally have relief from my partner’s loud snoring. That is priceless. Will purchase extras for guests (the ones we like). Great night’s sleep for me despite suffering from insomnia. The first week I had uninterrupted quality sleep – the first of its kind in years. Fluff to your preference and enjoy quality sleep. Highly recommend.

  758. Rosemary Brown

    This pillow arrived in a tube-like package that at first glance did not look like a queen size pillow, BUT when I took it out and fluffed it up, it was great! I love the memory foam, it is a good size, its so comfortable to sleep on! I used to sleep with 3 or 4 pillows but now all I need is this one pillow! Highly recommend!

  759. Wendy Reynolds

    Absolutely amazing!!! I have really chronic neck and back pain from severe sculiosis. It’s usually really hard for me to call asleep because I’m so uncomfortable, but with this pillow I fell asleep in about 5 minutes. Only had an hour nap but was seriously well rested and my neck and back felt great!!!

  760. gelo

    Awesome pillow!! I was having problems with my neck and getting migraines ive been using it for a week and both feel much better!!

  761. Richard Miranda

    Was having trouble with my neck and headaches. These are perfect

  762. Angelica S.

    Keeps my hair nice overnight.

  763. Christina G.

    We received a similar towel for our baby shower and since it was so soft I had to order another one. I haven’t washed it many times thus far therefore cannot say how it will hold up.

  764. Vanessa Xaudaro

    With this pillow I haven’t slept good in ages.

  765. geomen liu

    These are the best investment I could have made for my neck. I hoped for the best and I got it!! You need these.

  766. Sheznolady

    I just had neck surgery and needed a quality pillow to help my pain. This pillow is a life saver! It’s amazing! Thank you so much!

  767. Kim J

    I am on my 8th – yes you read that right 8th – pillow purchase. I was ready to give up. I have bought every kind under the sun including some super expensive ones. Still my neck was killing me. So I saw these and thought what the heck. I slept like a freakin dream last night. Literally first time I’ve slept 8 hours in years. I have disc degenerative disease and nerve damage in my neck and finding a pillow is rough. Last night my neck finally felt supported and didn’t lock up on me during the night. This is now my new favorite thing in the house. I may have to save this over everything else in case of a fire! Seriously – it’s amazing.

  768. Wendy Gottsman

    I had neck surgery five months ago and I’ve had so many problems trying to sleep without things hurting that I was about to give up laying in bed. I saw this pillow and decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did. I sleep comfortable my neck is held stable and I wake up in the morning with no pain. Love this pillow, will order another one just to have here Incase someone wants to try it.


    They make you feel happy!

  770. Kelayda

    Beautiful pillow

  771. Erica m park

    This far I have been very satisfied. Relieved my neck pain. I did not have to adjust the full- but that is a nice feature if needed for individual comfort.

  772. Melissa Davis

    Great balance of softness versus firmness

  773. Gretchen Anderson

    Very happy with my wolf pillow. The color of the wolf is as pictured. No complaints! Thanknyou

  774. Garret C.

    The support is good. I no longer wake with a sore and stiff neck.

  775. athoma

    My wife loves it. Perfect support, and stays nice and cool throughout the night

  776. JC

    Very nice pillow! Comfortable, keeps its shape and fits in standard pillowcase without hanging out.Has a very classy looking, stitched, gold R on pillow.

  777. Dominick Pedone

    Excellent quality, loved the firmness and that it is adjustable.

  778. Melissa Davis

    Had my doubts but as soon as my head hit the pillow it was instant comfort.

  779. joseph

    Very happy with the product so far. Quick shipping, nice packaging and seems like good quality. Will update the review after I try the pillow!

  780. Melody

    I wish I had bought this sooner. My mattress is supposed to be cooling but this cover has done a better job than the mattress. It is soft, noiseless, and fits perfectly.

  781. Justyn Murray


  782. Kindle Customer

    This mattress pad stays lofty and soft. Between sheet changes, I usually fluff it a bit and let it air before putting fresh sheets over it. This seems to be a good thing to do! I bought it because my new, high quality, “bed in a box” mattress seemed to draw moisture while sleeping, even though the brochure and the salesman said it would not. The mattress pad has helped that problem.

  783. Cody Romano

    Pillows are wonderful I sleep well on them and they are very comfortable and well made

  784. Doomfood

    Finally! After years of searching and dozens of pillow purchases – I have found THE ONE. I have frequently woken up w neck pain in the past that led to headaches. I’m a very light sleeper and can never get comfortable. This is the first time since I was a kid that one pillow has been adequate instead of a combo of two pillows (I was previously dedicated to one flat plus one memory foam stacked up). Also – importantly- I’m a side sleeper and my nose doesn’t sink down where I can’t breathe. Glad I took the chance on this. And honestly have spend 2-3x the price on pillows that didn’t work.#winning

  785. Anonymous One

    I find it hard to get the support I need from a pillow BUT, this pillow is awesome, I sleep sound since I got it, I adjusted it a little until it was perfect going by the instructions which are very clear. I would recommend this pillow to anyone. Thank you very much.

  786. D’Niesha Hatton

    Nice firmness

  787. Paula M. Dibenedetto

    Love it!!! Its beautiful and quite large which is great for me since I move alot in my sleep and is so comfortable! I unfortunately wake up with a stiff neck often so I decided to try this pillow out…Definitely worth every penny!

  788. gyzmo954

    Like that you can adjust the firmness.

  789. Maulin Raval

    I love it so much.Not very soft, but very comfortable 🙂

  790. Brent Moyer

    This pillow is great. Super soft and comfortable with support. I recommend it.

  791. Christine E. Krentz

    Pillow has good support.

  792. Catalina

    Very heavy pillow and the memory has been excellent so far. I have been very impressed so far.

  793. luna


  794. Melissa Davis

    So I want to start by saying this is a very luxurious pillow. It had no smells, puffed up quickly and was very nice looking. It just puffed up a lot and makes me feel like I’m sleeping on a mountain.

  795. Carla Ebright

    Really nice pillow. Thick sturdy , firm but yet soft!! Worth every penny and more!!! Will be purchasing more for the rest of the family!!!

  796. John K

    Very well made. Fits well.

  797. Color me bad.

    I love this pillow today is my first day and I planning on buying them for my entire family I will recommend this pillow to everyone

  798. Soggynoise301


  799. Keith Stepniewski

    Loved the comfort justNeeds more fill!

  800. Graylady

    In looking for an extra firm pillow I have purchased four different pillows this year. None were able to give me the support I wanted. After browsing a more expensive brand, I came across Royal Therapy. I’d not tried a foam brand before. So glad I took a chance. It took one night to see what a difference the right pillow could make in comfort and support for my neck. I am a side sleeper and have been able to get comfortable and sleep thru the night without a lot of moving around. The pillow is not hot. I use a pillow case on my pillow. I am very happy with this purchase and would definitely purchase again

  801. Lorr Elias

    Love love love this pillow!

  802. Tiffany N. Thorne

    It’s adjustable so you can find the right comfort

  803. Melissa Davis

    This pillow is amazing!! And customer service is impeccable!! I slept better last night with this pillow than I have in months.. I would definitely recommend getting this, if you have trouble sleeping or need better support, or any other pillow related issues. This was a great purchase!!

  804. CeilidhaChaos

    my daugher and son in law love it said it is very comfy. Was gift to them

  805. Cathy

    I have a very bad shoulder and neck injury. This pillow was the last one I tried and th best one I tried. It gives good support for side sleepers and back sleepers. It’s kept its shape and i have had good rest since using. Good choice, good buy and quality made.

  806. Cindy

    Flattens quickly overnight

  807. Midgie

    Great pillow. Sleep well. Supports my neck well.

  808. Melissa Davis

    Cool packaging.

  809. Celia M Hansen

    Unique packaging. Very neck supportive.

  810. BETTY

    My husband is a picky pillow user, he has a hard time with just about every pillow I’ve bought. So far he has enjoyed this pillow and has slept better with it.

  811. Cydrago1976

    It was much needed relief and helped me to sleep through the night.

  812. Melissa Davis

    Was looking for a new pillow because my current ones were starting to get too flat and causing me to have back pain. I have slept on these for 3 nights now, and I have had no pain! They are very comfortable and just the right amount of support to not be too hard.

  813. hunter damm

    Best pillow I have ever owned love it

  814. Marcus

    This product is heavenly soft. Love love love it!

  815. Susan Whitlow

    I sleep on my back and this pillow has been the best pillow I’ve ever used. I love that I don’t feel clumps of the shredded foam like other brand pillows I’ve used. Like many, I’ve been searching for the right pillow for a long time and this one is it for me. No more neck pain. And it has the perfect support to be on my side for a little while.

  816. Charmbelle

    I got this because I have a bit of trouble sleeping. I wouldn’t say that it’s made it easier, but it’s definitely a comfortable pillow.

  817. CW

    Very nice and good quality

  818. Jason H.

    It is definitely on the firm side.

  819. pat

    It’s very comfortable. I’m a side sleeper, and found it great once I removed some of the foam material. It comes with a zipper, making it very easy to remove the filling material until it’s just right for you. I saved the extra foam in case I need it in the future.

  820. Steven M. Spinks

    Out of package it formed so much better then other pillows I purchased. I am really happy with purchase and plan on purchasing more. I ordered a second one I loved it so much. It’s only been out of package around 5 minutes.

  821. Brian E.

    This pillow is much firmer than other usual firm pillows. At first, it was like laying my head on a hard surface. But your head will then conform to the foam inside. Make sure your neck gets supported by the pillow, your head has to be higher up on the pillow. An unsupported neck will lead to other problems. Surprisingly, I slept real well, I was surprised. Again, give it time to get used to. Quality pillow. Comes in a cool plastic zip bag you can use for storage. Be sure to follow the instructions that are included. You have to “fix” the pillow before using it.

  822. BankerChick

    Nice and firm

  823. Richy Riach

    I’ve tested close to 20 of the top pillows on the market, and here’s what I’ll say about the Royal King Memory Pillow;- Extremely Comfortable- Allows for Custom Adjustment per use-case- Perfect for Side Sleepers that hug/gather pillow- Light & Breathable (no smell)- Cost-effective- INCREASED REM & SWS Sleep Stages; via tracking from Whoop strapSide note: I used the extra memory foam for my smaller leg/knee pillow which helps to align my hips/back.Love this pillow, and plan to buy several more.Thank you RT!

  824. Elise

    Had a little smell when started using it. After three weeks of using the pillow the smell disappeared.

  825. dianne

    This pillow has plenty of supporting cushion. Some will want to remove a little, but I use it all. A very comfortable pillow.

  826. Melissa Davis

    We were tired of always buying new pillows after they lose support in 2 months. These pillows have helped both of our quality of sleep greatly. Definitely worth the money. They have held up great ever since buying.

  827. abe brown

    Love everything about this pillow, excellent quality, great packaging, immeasurably comfortable.I purged a while back and got rid of some pillows.. so whenever my new guy started sleeping over I kept leaving him with one pillow. Purchased this so he’d be more comfortable but I stole it because it’s awesome.

  828. Adrian Mora

    adorable pillow cover-well made and cute as can be for the holidays!

  829. Terry Bacorn

    The comfort and pliability of the pillow is on point. I don’t foresee any problems.

  830. Cindy

    I wanted a firm pillow and this is it

  831. hyeoncheol gwak

    Not used yet

  832. Samantha

    Had for a little less than a month. It’s pretty good. I’m mostly pleased.

  833. Diane M. Marenkovic

    Very comfortable

  834. Melissa Davis

    I love this pillow when I first received it. My neck became sore (thicker than I was used to) so I took out some of the filling. I’m still trying to work on finding the perfect amount of filling. The pillow is awesome quality, very royal looks extremely expensive and doesn’t have weird chemical odors (thankfully) feels a little larger than standard which is an even more amazing value. Overall I’m very pleased with this pillow. We purchased 2. Wouldn’t hesitate to purchase other products from this company.

  835. I teach K

    This pillow is soft and comfortable. It isn’t fluffy, and I’m glad that it isn’t, as I wanted something to support my head while I slept – which it does quite well. It stays relatively cool throughout the night, and I’ve had some really good night sleeps lately. It appears to be very well made. If it lasts a year or 2, it will be well worth the money spent, easily.

  836. Joyryde

    Item was exactly as described, no issues whatsoever. These pillows are basically perfect for me, the foam is ground up so fine, it feels almost like one big piece!

  837. dan

    Oh my goodness, I’ll tell you what, this pillow is a complete pillow. All the corners are there, same with the top and bottom. And no added sides.Two pillow covers, adjustable insides, and a long tag with clear print. Plus a zipper to get to the inside, no guessing on that puzzle.It’s a firm pillow.

  838. Brandon Renteria

    Love it

  839. Sharon Weber

    So soft. I thought I was back in Europe.

  840. Stevie rattell


  841. Vera

    I just got the pillow! Very fluffy after it sat for a few hours. Can’t wait to sleep with it tonight!

  842. JJ

    I love this pillow comfor and support as described

  843. Jose

    We did not of research on these pillows before ordering. It paid off the first night. Such a difference in the morning. We slept the whole night through with zero need to reposition the pillow.

  844. Jose zuniga

    I tried this product for a week and I must say the pillow is absolutely comfortable and exactly what is needed for neck balance with sleeping.I am very happy with this product:-)

  845. Valerie W Heitman

    I have a neck injury and have always struggled finding a comfortable and firm pillow. This one exceeded my expectations, my neck pain in the morning is definitely lessened. My husband likes his, too.

  846. Melissa Davis

    Great pillows

  847. Melissa Davis

    Finally!A pillow that supports!

  848. Talitha

    Yes. Match well.

  849. Ron

    Fabulous. Added just enough to our bed to make it luxurious. Well made. Super soft and squishy with down feathers. Stays in place while we sleep and covers king mattress well and full

  850. viperess

    Great pillow. Very comfortable. Soft as a cloud with support. Love it.

  851. Shane Coleman

    This is absolutely the best pillow to sleep with at night!!!! if you have back pain, shoulder pain, or even a crick in your neck I have never used such a more comfortable pillow in my life!!!!!

  852. julia

    Great product, slept like a baby. Very supportive on the head.

  853. David Parra

    It was a great nights sleep!!

  854. BW

    I’ve been looking for a new pillow for a very long time and this is one of the better ones I’ve found. I didn’t give it a 5 star review because I still wake up with some stiffness in my neck, but it’s definitely better than before. I wish the pillow case was fluffier. The memory foam is supportive and I removed about a gallon-size worth of stuffing.

  855. CKS

    So far I’m pretty excited about this pillow! I have been having neck pain when waking in the morning or shoulder pain. The firmness of this pillow is exactly what I think I need. However, the thing I like most is, because it’s shredded foam if it’s too firm I’m able to adjust the firmness by taking some of the foam out! After sleeping on it a few nights I’ll update this post to give my feed back of how I like sleeping on it.

  856. N. Keith

    Arrived on time. O ly took minutes to take form once fluffed up. I’ve slept absolutely amazing since they have arrived. Very firm. I bought two and had option to either remove some foam and add to other or just leave the same or remove and keep for later. I like my pillows firm so I choose to leave the way they were. Fingers crossed they last at least a year! I’m tired of going through pillows after a couple months.

  857. Dean

    This pillow.. wow. I’m finally getting a full 8 hours or more of quality sleep per night. It is highly likely that you don’t know what you’re missing until you try this pillow!

  858. Melissa Davis

    This pillow is exactly what I wanted. Firm, supportive, tall. I am a side sleeper and normally I have to roll over every 1-2 hours because of shoulder pain caused by lame pillows. This pillow lifts my neck up and supports my body so I sleep the whole night through without moving.

  859. Aryeh

    Support slides to the other end.. needed to take out a lot of foam in order to be ok.

  860. Kassandra

    Very good support, very high quality.

  861. RAINH8R

    We struggle with firmness. I like how form the pillow is.

  862. J. Lopez

    Just started using it and so far no problems. It is a very firm pillow and comfortable.

  863. Marie

    I bought the pillow due to the good reviews I read. I am not disappointed! The pillow is firm, but it doesn’t make my head feel like it’s stuck in the foam. I have a lot of neck pain when I wake up in the mornings and after sleeping on the pillow, my neck doesn’t hurt as much as it normally does. The pillow came rolled up in a box and I unrolled it and fluffed it a little, then slept on it about 2 hours later. It was great! I really enjoyed it.

  864. CD Richardson

    Chiro recommended this pillow. My neck was a wreck constantly. This pillow has made an improvement w/it.

  865. steve

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I actually love this pillow! Never thought I could say that without first touching one and ordering based on reviews. I REALLY LOVE being able to ‘adjust’ the fullness by removing some of the inner foam

  866. bijan Khorsand

    Super cute.

  867. Melissa Davis

    I finally caved and bought a foam filled pillow instead of the generic store pillows that go flat in about a month. I am very pleased with the firmness of this pillow and am hopeful it will ease the neck pain I’ve been experiencing.

  868. Amy H.

    Works great for neck pain

  869. Ryan Porter

    I love this pillow! I’m so glad that I found it. It really helps me get a restful sleep. I used it for about 4-5 weeks and took off the case to wash it 3-4 times in cool water and hung to dry. The zipper broke and even though I have a warranty I can’t find any information about it because the warranty came as a text message. Disappointed.

  870. Austin P

    Great product!

  871. Anita

    This makes me smile every time I look at it.

  872. Dave

    These pillows are crazy heavy and firm. If you have a pillow fight with someone with these bad boys you may just knock them out.But seriously It takes a few nights to get used to but after that your neck will thank you. No neck pain or stiffness and very supportive. I love these pillows!

  873. FallonBritney

    When the pillow first arrived I was a little disappointed as there was little foam, The foam had nots of weird lumps and some areas in the pillow felt like there were steel rods there. But after getting my hands in there and mixing it up it was good. A couple minutes later it expanded a lot and was nice and dense. I had to remove a decent amount of foam and then it was perfect. If you need somewhere to put the foam, the pillow comes in this bag with a zipper.

  874. Angela M

    The first pillow I have found with enough support

  875. Melissa Davis

    It’s very soft yet has a lot of foam so it pads my legs well while sleeping on my side. My only complaint is that the foam fumes gives me a headache, but that happens to me with all new foam (I’m sensitive)

  876. marc doane

    Great product, helped with my neck issues, I think I’d definitely buy again!

  877. NDSCS94

    Great product! Love the memory foam feel. It did not have a strong smell when opening the package. Fluffed up quickly and used that night

  878. Sarah K.

    I bought them because my husband destroyed previous pillows. These provide adjustable support and he can not squish it into oblivion!

  879. Stacey

    If you hate having droopy, slouchy pillows for your pillow shams this is the pillow for you. It’s nice and full but really soft. You can also remove some of the memory foam. Love it!

  880. T Loggy

    I have been looking for a firm pillow that’s still soft because I can’t lay flat. This one is perfect! It holds my head at the right level for a comfortable nights sleep.

  881. Melissa Davis

    My husband wanted a shredded memory foam pillow. He purchased one that smelled so strongly I couldn’t take it and made him return it. I bought this one since the ad actually states odor free. Well my husband is happy it’s a very comfortable pillow and I’m happy that it isn’t stinking up my room full of chemicals. I don’t smell a thing.

  882. Daxton

    So beatiful

  883. Melissa Davis

    I bought the neck and shoulder pillow by Regal….I love the pillow!

  884. SuzetteSky

    I’m catching the BEST ZZZZzzzzz…my neck does NOT hurt any more and my headaches are NO MORE….A WONDERFUL BUY….I WILL BUY ANOTHER, WHEN THIS ONE WANTS TO RETIRE ☮️✌️😷🌈

  885. Michael Brennan

    This is a King size mattress pad. It’s very well made. Also the product is high quality which has a good sense of touch. Comfortable and easy to put on.I love it!

  886. Blake H

    Best bang for your buck for “good” memory foam pillow. 3 layer system is smart. I’ve tried a lot of memory foam pillows, this is your best OVERALL bet. I’d assume it works for all kinds of sleepers.

  887. Mookie

    My old pillow was starting to make my neck hurt, so I began researching pillows for my next one. I’ve had this one for a while now and I love it. It definitely feels fancy just opening the package! It’s very solid and comfortable; hard to describe it, but it’s soft and firm at the same time. I love that you can add or subtract some memory foam chunks if you want to change the density. It conforms to your head, but it doesn’t let your head sink to the bottom.Your best move is to follow the instructions that come with it for prepping it for the first time. I more or less beat the pillow pretty aggressively to even out the memories foam filling, and it worked out great. My neck hasn’t hurt since switching! Definitely recommended.

  888. PILLI

    Whew when i say i search high and low for what i want i read review after review until i finally said ok this one sounds the best soooo glad i got it too💕💕💕

  889. T-rev

    Love these pillows-they are so cute on my porch rocking chairs.

  890. Dakin Sibila

    Very nice quality. Great price!

  891. Ivan Nowosiadlo

    These pillows are wonderful. Very supportive. I bought the gel ones for both my parents and myself. The quality of these pillows is great. Soft yet not to soft that your head just lays flat on the mattress. With other pillows that’s what it felt like after a few days, it just got flat and wouldn’t fluff up again. These are comfy and the head feels cushioned. My parents love them as well. I asked them how they like their new pillow and my mums reply “it’s amazing. The minute I laid my head on the pillow I felt comfortable and restful. I woke up feeling great because I slept well”. My dad said it was great and he loved it.

  892. Rebecca

    This completely changed the game on my sleep pattern. amazing pillows

  893. R. Williams

    Liked it

  894. BeachPatty

    I was waking up with an aching neck so I figured that my 10-year-old pillows might need to be replaced. 🤔 I am naturally a restless sleeper as well as a night owl with asthma so I spent hours researching my options before choosing these hypoallergenic pillows. They do provide a lot of support and are very comfortable during all the positions that I occupy during the night. Mine don’t have any odor. I won’t say that they cured my insomnia but I no longer have morning neck aches. 🤗

  895. Ruth

    Arrived exactly as described. The foam has a texture that indicates it will stay in place. I look forward to testing it out. I received a discount in exchanges for an unbiased review.

  896. Melissa Davis

    So far, it’s amazing. Hasn’t lost its shape at all.

  897. Rodney J. De La Rosa

    Great pillow! Supportive and comfortable!

  898. Jeff R Jones

    This is a comfortable pillow

  899. Kms

    Very cute bought two, one fir myself and one for my daughter.

  900. Yael Neale

    Delivery came way before it said which is a huge plus to me. Pillow is firm and soft.

  901. Karyn Driggers