King Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, Bamboo-Adjustable Odor-Free



  • TRUFOAM MEMORY FOAM PILLOW ELIMINATES PRESSURE POINTS – Royal Therapy largely considered to be the most versatile and comfortable pillows for sleeping you can buy. It’s filled with shredded memory foam that gently cradles your head and neck, relieving pressure that often leads to aches and pains. The shape of the contour pillow fills in the gap between your neck and the mattress, keeping your spine in proper alignment while you snooze.
  • BEST SPINAL ALIGNMENT – Our luxury cervical firm pillow gives greater resistance under the heaviest parts of the head and equally supports the lighter more pressure sensitive neck area. ROYAL THERAPY memory foam pillow helps reduce tossing turning and discomfort. It allows your muscles to relax properly offering natural spinal support to your body adjusting to your unique shape promoting a deep restful sleep.
  • HELPS WITH GOOD SLEEP – it is commonly believed that the spinal alignment also aligns the airways better allowing easier breathing at night. The lack of pressure points during sleeping with ROYAL THERAPY cervical pillow may also be a benefit to those with sleeping problems as there is less tossing and turning. This leads to sound restful sleep.
  • ODOR-FREE HYGIENIC AND HYPOALLERGENIC w /BAMBOO COVER– Our odor-free memory foam pillow is completely safe and nontoxic. Royal Therapy memory foam bed pillows are naturally hypoallergenic inhibiting the growth of bacteria mold fungus and dust mites. This is a great advantage for those with allergies to dust mites feathers or other natural pillow materials. Bamboo cover is constructed with heat dissipating technology that eliminates thermal build-up while you sleep.
  • EXTRA DURABLE AND AESTHETIC PILLOW – ROYAL THERAPY Memory Foam Pillow retains its shape so it will not go flat like traditional pillows. ROYAL THERAPY special foam conforms to fit the neck and head but as it is cooling it reverts to its original shape. Memory foam returns to its shape reliably again and again. It will outlast other high quality pillows simply by design.

Royal Therapy shredded odor-free memory foam pillow

Why you’ll love it: The Premium Shredded Odor-Free Memory Foam Pillow from Royal Therapy will have you sleeping like a baby with its perfect support and variable firmness.

  • ADJUSTABLE What makes the ROYAL THERAPY pillow particularly wonderful is that it’s adjustable. You can unzip the pillow cover to remove extra foam to make the pillow just the way you like it.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN – The Premium Shredded Memory Foam Pillow has a polyester/bamboo cover that is cool and comfortable for sleep, and it’s easily removed for washing.
  • CertiPUR-US certified ROYAL THERAPY’s memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it’s guaranteed to be free of chemicals and toxins you really don’t want to sleep with, such as formaldehyde, lead, mercury, ozone depleters, PBDEs, phthalates, and TCEP flame retardants.
  • HAPPY CLIENTS Hundreds of buyers call this the best pillow they’ve ever owned, praise its breathability and adjustability, and love the way it supports their neck and head.
  • SHREDDED MEMORY FOAM PILLOW- Inside ROYAL THERAPY pillow, you’ll find shredded visco elastic memory foam which you can add or remove depending on your needs. The pillow comes with plenty of foam, too, so even those who prefer really thick pillows should be fine with what the Royal Therapy memory foam pillow has to offer.
  • THE FIRM, YET MOLDABLE SUPPORT gently cradles your head and neck, relieving pressure that often leads to aches and pains. The shape of the contour pillow fills in the gap between your neck and the mattress, keeping your spine in proper alignment while you snooze. That’s why so many chiropractors recommend contour pillows to their patients.

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379 reviews for King Shredded Memory Foam Pillow, Bamboo-Adjustable Odor-Free

  1. Elizabeth M. Roddenberry

    Great productGreat support with awesome comfort. Vet well made and plush removable cover.

  2. YadW

    Finally!!!!I finally found a pillow that I love. I have had this pillow for less than a week but It is amazing. I am everything but a back sleeper, mostly side sleeper and this pillow is amazing.

  3. Allan Underwood

    PerfectProduct was just as advertised, it was shipped and received promptly. Pillow provides amazing comfort and while firm, it still offers just the right amount of softness.

  4. Lisa L

    Great product!!My husband loves his pillow!!!

  5. Bootsy

    Thick, but comfyPillows are really good quality and very comfortable. Only reason for four stars is because they are very thick, and this can create a problem for stomach sleepers (lower back issues) and even side sleepers (neck issues) if you don’t position yourself properly.Overall though, the construction is really good, and the king-sized pillows make for good body pillows.

  6. Linda

    Great Pillow!Ordered one King pillow for my husband to try it was so good ordered 2 Queens for guest bedroom and wanted to reorder King for myself but sold out. But did contact me that should be back in stock soon and will contact me when in.

  7. Gary James

    Best pillow in every wayso many pillows claim to be above and beyond but they rarely are any different … this one changes everything. great for cuddling watching TV in bed and really great for sex because of the support it offers under the hips

  8. Ryan Arbuckle

    I should’ve bought this 5 years ago!This is the first pillow I’ve EVER had that I had to REMOVE filling from!I’ve been a stomach sleeper for 10+ years, but for the last 4 years I usually bought a new pillow every few months due to my old one going flat.I wish I would’ve started with this one!It rebounds perfectly. It can be formed to an extent. It’s not hot. It has a hypoallergenic zipper cover. The bag it comes in can be used for any extra fill you decide to remove. It doesn’t have a funny smell.The only con: Everyone in my house uses this pillow when I’m not home, so I may have to buy 4 more of these!

  9. John E.

    amazing pillowneeded new pillows. bought these. i sleep much better every night. less wake ups. wake up feeling great. dont have as much of the need to sleep more. my back has not hurt yet. always had back pain in the morning. no more. worth every penny

  10. SuzyQ

    PerfectThis pillow is fantastic. It has the right amount of support. I was waking up with neck pain before I had this pillow and I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after just one night with this pillow.

  11. Donna

    Love itOur original pillows where 15 years old and on most nights hubby and I would say we need to buy new pillows. We really wouldn’t think about buying pillows until it was time for bed and be mad we again forgot to purchase pillows. These pillows were purchased on the advice of my husband cardiologist. They are different than our 15 yr old pillows. But just as the seller mentioned they are perfect for every position a person sleeps. At first I felt I was sleeping on a mountain and knew in the morning I would have a stiff neck. But that wasn’t the case. I am a stomach sleeper and my lower back didn’t have a ache like I did with the flat 15 year old pillow when I woke up the next morning. The only thing I would say is they are heavy to lift. But they don’t slip around on the bed.

  12. Grigol Darjania

    Great for price?

  13. Sam Mabry

    Comfy, Adjustable Fill PillowAs I expected from reading many reviews, the pillow was way to fat and fluffy when it arrived. I expected I would need to remove some filling. Still, I gave it a few nights to see if it would flatten out any. It didn’t. So that the shredded filling wouldn’t get everywhere, I spread out a sheet and put the pillow on it. I removed about half the filling and saved it in the plastic, zipper bag the pillow came in. Now, the pillow is the perfect flatness. It’s very well made and has a very nice quilted cover. I highly recommend this pillow.

  14. Jules

    Best pillow I’ve ever purchased!I’ll be honest, I am very picky when it comes to my pillows. Ive purchased top of the line $100+ memory foam pillows to the fad “My Pillow” — none come anywhere close to how great these are. I’d never heard of the brand before this but saw its stellar ratings on Royal Therapy. And no, I’m not getting paid/compensated in any way for this. I just love getting a quality product at a great price. If you want a soft, smushy pillow, this isn’t for you. But if you want some substance where you lay your head – look no further. I highly recommend!

  15. P Johnson

    BEST Memory Foam Pillow EVERI’ve finally found a memory foam pillow that is perfect for me. I slept on it a couple of nights to get a feel for it before I removed some of the shredded foam to make it more comfortable for me. Now no more stuff necks and I sleep much better.

  16. Royal Therapy Customer

    Awesome pillowsLove, love, love these pillows!! My neck doesn’t hurt anymore when I wake up. They keep their shape & are super comfortable. My husband even loves them

  17. Kelley

    Great pillowWelllll my husband kept complaining about his neck and back but as all men, he does nothing to help himself. So I read through 15 million reviews of 5000 pillows and picked this one. After one night he was in love. Has already thrown all his other pillows out. When you get it in the mail it’s very flat and doesn’t seem like it will be a hefty pillow, have no fear because shockingly it will grow into a heavy, thick, quality pillow. Would reccomend to people who like large firm pillows

  18. Rachelle M. Gidney

    Very pleasedLove this pillow. It forms around my neck and head. Its not too hard or too soft. I am a side sleeper so I can hug it as well as having my head on it.

  19. thomas helms

    Amazing pillowAmazing comfort. Best pillow I’ve had in a long time. Good comfort and keeps its shape.

  20. d raye

    Luxurious pillows!I followed the instructions and unpackaged the pillows accordingly. Minimal effort was needed and the pillows fluffed up perfectly.I love these pillows. They provide nice, firm support yet you just sink right into it and get so comfortable! I’m never buying another fiberfill pillow again. At the same time, if I buy more I will buy them from a better retailer with better customer support.

  21. Jeremy Crandall

    FrimGreat pellow its definitely my style frim

  22. Rose

    Fabulous therapeutic pillowWhen the pillow arrived in its small tubular sack I was confused as to how it was a king size pillow with medium fill… was supposed to be fluffy and full. When I pulled it out of its tube it was in 3 square forms with gaps in between each square. I thought oh man I’m returning this and set it aside. Well about 5 hours later I looked at it and it grew, big and puffy. I was amazed. Been using it for 3 nights now and so far I love it. I suffer from neck pain and that’s why I bought it, it feels great on my neck even when I lay on my side. I recommend this pillow for anyone suffering from neck pain.( Also you can remove some of the fill if it is too puffy for you)

  23. LOLA

    Not expensiveThis is the right pillow for us. I’ve tried so many others but none like this. It stays cool and it supports your neck.

  24. Ron

    Cloud ComfortBy far THE MOST comfortable pillow I’ve ever owned. My neck stopped bothering me after the very first night.

  25. Christopher

    Very comfortableWas nervous about this purchase. Pillow arrived in a tube packaging with the pillow packed tight inside. But after pulling it out and allowing the pillow to inflate with air, it was surprisingly thick and comfortable. Feels great.

  26. L L

    Excellent pillowAwesome pillow. I slept good with no neck pain. ???. Bought my mom 2 hopefully she will like them.

  27. Taz

    Best nights sleep!Great product – slept like a baby.

  28. Kelly P.

    Best memory foam pillow I tried, yet!Finally! A memory foam pillow with more foam! I’ve ordered memory foam pillows in the past that allow some foam to be removed for customized comfort levels, but then don’t show up with enough foam in the first place – but rather need extra foam! This pillow wasn’t that! 🙂 The RT pillow came with more than enough foam (I haven’t removed any yet, because I’m seeing how it adjusts over a few months) I’ll probably end up removing some, because it’s packed full. But I’d much rather get a more than needed than not enough. Very happy with my purchase.

  29. Darlene

    Awesome bed pillowDon’t hesitate to order this pillow, if it’s to hard you can unzip and take some foam out for your comfort. I will order one more for my bed because the quality is wonderful.

  30. Royal Therapy Customer

    Love, love, love!I have fibromyalgia and this pillow has saved me! No more waking up with back and neck pain. Best Buy of all time!

  31. Brambo937

    Very nice pillowMy wife loves it. Perfect support, and stays nice and cool throughout the night

  32. Anne Ayotte

    A good night’s sleepMy first night using this pillow I slept like a log! No neck pain, no headache. My husband now wants to try it. Thank you for making such a great pillow.

  33. Vance

    Great PillowAt first I was nervous buying a pillow online that i couldn’t feel but I’m happy i choose this one.

  34. ronnie baird

    GREAT PILLOWI have been looking for a pillow for years. This is the best pillow that I have ever bought this is a great pillow.

  35. Warren

    Sold out for foam!!!Bought two and they are incredible. We sleep better, feel better. What a difference memory foam makes.

  36. Meagan A.

    Buy it lolLove it

  37. Ed

    Nice pillowsGreat support

  38. Royal Therapy Customer

    No, a good pillow really DOES make a difference.This one is very, very nice. It supports the head and neck really well and does not get too hot.

  39. Anne B

    A very big king size pillowWhen my son-in-law pulled this pillow out of the compressed container, it kept expanding until it fully covered the head of my Twin XL bed. It barely fit in a king size pillow case. It is very big, and I did have a little bit of trouble adjusting to the height the first night. After it adjusted to me, I have had several nights of very solid sleep. Definitely a keeper.

  40. BeeK

    So comfy!!Loveeeee this pillow! I struggled for a while finding a pillow that suited my needs. This one is finally it. It is so comfortable while still being supportive. I did unzip it and remove a small amount of the stuffing and it works better for me.


    Best pillow everI was sceptical about buying a pillow online because you never know. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. Super comfy!

  42. Drika

    Best pillow everLove that you can manage the amount of filling you need for your best comfort.

  43. Busymommyof5

    AmazingI love this pillow today is my first day and I planning on buying them for my entire family I will recommend this pillow to everyone

  44. Malvina

    Best pillowThis pillow does everything the description mentions. Extremely comfortable and a great size.

  45. NotYoOrdinaryPotatoSalad

    Helps with my pain!Where has this flipping wonderful pillow been my entire life? I have been searching for the that right pillow to help with my sever pain and scoliosis. I finally have some relief!

  46. JewelHellcat707

    Perfect!!Honestly can’t complain, this is exactly what I was looking for, Very full, heavy pillow with firm but molding support!!

  47. Albert Hull

    Was mostly happy with itLiked it

  48. JL213

    Super Luxe- Well Made- Very FirmSuper luxe pillows- very well made- great quality. Very firm so be sure that’s what you want before buying these.

  49. Andrea Ford

    Love itI use this for my neck and shoulders I’m actually able to sleep a lot better now that I have this pillow

  50. Peter G.

    Too large for a pillow caseGood product

  51. Christopher Kuhn

    Less back painIt helps with my back

  52. Chao

    Buy it!!!Amazing!!!!! The quality is much Better than I thought. It worth much beyond the price

  53. Sandy

    Firm pillow and true king sizeI wanted a firm pillow and this is it

  54. Clay Wingler

    Good pillow at a decent price.Pillow is very supportive, but is just a little firm.

  55. Christy Rux

    support and comfortPillow seems to be of good quality and is working for my needs.

  56. Carly

    Great SupportLove the support to my head AND neck, based on 3 nights use.

  57. Asia

    Fantastic PillowThis pillow is exactly how it’s described! Feels fantastic and I love the material!I ended up ordering 2!

  58. Reid

    Didn’t regretI was trying find a pillow as a replacement for my girlfriend. After alot of research and trial and error decided on this one. She loves it and so do I. It is extremly soft and comfortable. It also comes with plenty of extra foam that you can take out to lower the pillow.

  59. Kathleen Cummings

    Beautiful and ComfortableGreat pillows–luxurious, spa feel and supportive at the same time!

  60. Traderal

    Seems to work the very first night. Neck pain has subsided.Beautiful workmanship and it WORKS. Feel better almost intantly.

  61. M.Cotton

    Quality and comfort.Excellent quality, loved the firmness and that it is adjustable.

  62. Derice Washington

    Perfect for me!I have been looking for a firm pillow that’s still soft because I can’t lay flat. This one is perfect! It holds my head at the right level for a comfortable nights sleep.

  63. stuart

    Happy for the $40 I spentThe pillow arrived quickly and only took an hour or so to expand. The chemical smell is dissipating quickly and I like the firmness of the pillow. Overall, pretty happy with the purchase, especially for the price. I might buy a second pillow if I’m still happy after a few weeks.

  64. JP

    Best support pillowI have only had this pillow for a week but I like the support and the coolness (temperature) of the pillow.

  65. Madison

    ComfortableThis is a comfortable pillow

  66. Bea :)

    Finally the one!!!This pillow is spectacular! It is worth the price. You don’t have to spend more than $100 to get a great pillow. But you also can’t cheap out on a $5 pillow – it is insufferable and bad for your spine. This pillow was about $50 and worth every penny. The thing I love most is how huge it is! It covers almost the entire bed. I love it! I’ve never had such a big pillow. 5 stars! No doubt. I recommend it. You’ll have a great night sleep!

  67. Monica

    Loved itVery happy with this. Love how quickly it arrived and fluffed up

  68. Donna Kaderka


  69. Amber B.

    Super supportive!Very supportive and comfortable! My old pillow was too flat and I was getting tension headaches in the morning as a result along with a sore neck and shoulders. Now my neck feels fine and no more pain and stiffness in my shoulders! Great pillow, the cover is super soft too!

  70. DFrat

    Very comfortable pillows, good qualityLike sleeping in a cloud!This pillows are very confortable. My husband is very happy, he is sleeping much better ever since I got them.I originally ordered the wrong size., no problem returning them.Melissa was wonderful, best customer service I ever received from a vendor in Royal Therapy.

  71. Anna Simons

    Worth it!We did not of research on these pillows before ordering. It paid off the first night. Such a difference in the morning. We slept the whole night through with zero need to reposition the pillow.

  72. Shane C

    Perfect feelThis product was the perfect amount of firm and comfort. Best memory foam pillow I’ve ever had.

  73. Karen Possemato

    High quality!Great foam support

  74. Adam

    A little to puffyA little too big for me, but once it flattens out , it works great

  75. That sleepy guy

    PillowIt’s comfortable.

  76. Victoria

    Back pain goneWas looking for a new pillow because my current ones were starting to get too flat and causing me to have back pain. I have slept on these for 3 nights now, and I have had no pain! They are very comfortable and just the right amount of support to not be too hard.

  77. kimberly bell

    Comfortable!It is so soft ! It amazed me when you take it out the bag it was so flat and within 5 secs it was all puffed up !!

  78. Jason B.

    So ComfyFirm yet squishy! The perfect pillow for someone who likes being propped up and wants amazing comfort.

  79. Royal Therapy Customer

    Love!I absolutely love this pillow. Although I did remove some of the filling which was easy to do. Worth every penny!

  80. Stefania Schmidt

    Great pillowThis pillow is exactly what I was looking for. Totally supportive, nice and firm, but a nice amount of squish. Best sleep I’ve had in years.

  81. kortney cook

    Worth itVery soft but flatter than I imagined, it may still puff up from being packaged

  82. Yella

    Royal PillowPackaging/display was nice.

  83. Bianka Cuellar Luallen

    NiceVery nicely packaged. Seems like good quality. Comfortable.

  84. Lindsay Gappa

    Nice pillowNice firmness

  85. Megan Buchko

    Just bought excited to tryVery happy with the product so far. Quick shipping, nice packaging and seems like good quality. Will update the review after I try the pillow!


    Restful nights sleep.Good quality product. My husband and I sleep through the night very restful.

  87. Eric Easterling

    No more neck painBest pillow I ever bought in my life! I have had serious neck pain for years. Tried dozens of pillows but all were the same. Not enough support or way too much. With this one you can adjust to get the perfect pillow for your sleeping needs and it feels amazing sleeping on the crushed up pieces of memory foam!!

  88. Gopal

    Attention to detail!Awesome product. Came well packed and great attention to detail. Very well made and comfortable!

  89. T. Page

    FinallyBest pillow ever !!!

  90. Royal Therapy Customer

    Best of both worldsGreat balance of softness versus firmness

  91. Elegant Rose

    ???????First impression was great, love the logo and reviews. Will give more reviews once I actually sleep on it since I wanted to wait at least 24 hours before I used it to allow the adjust with the same and inflation.

  92. Deeba

    Great comfort & value for the moneyGreat King size pillow- it was so plush and full of material I could barely get it into my pillowcase. LolVery comfortable and supportive.Didn’t really notice any chemical smell.I had to remove some of the material and once I did that it was about perfect.Pretty cool that you can remove material and always add it back it for a customized pillow height etc

  93. S


  94. Alicia Erazo

    Love themWe love them, they are perfect for our guest room.

  95. Sandra Teagardin Thomas

    Huge soft amazing pillow!Very awesome pillow!

  96. A.C.

    Nice sleepsIt was a great nights sleep!!

  97. Lily C.

    Awesome firm pillowsGreat firm pillows!

  98. Cristina B.

    Firm, adjustable, healing pillow especially for those with back and neck issues.Amazing healing pillow! When I took it out of the casing, I thought it was going to be just like the pillows I owned, flat and ineffective. However, once I followed the “activation” instructions, this pillow came to life! That night and all the nights so far are amazing! The pillow is firm enough to support the neck and back alleviating any nocturnal discomfort as to achieve a restful sleep and awaken to an amazing day! I recommend this pillow to all those with neck and back issues, as well as, those folks who have sleep issues. This pillow along with a sleep meditation will change anyones life! I highly recommend this company!

  99. Kyle

    Affordable, EXCELLENT Pillow! A+++This pillow has been great! I’m very sensitive with my pillows. Being able to remove and add the stuffing allows me to adjust the softness/firmness. Not to mention, it’s made for this, so to be able to do this while keeping the integrity of the item means a lot. There’s no cutting open and re-sewing. The zipper makes it easy and clean. It’s been a great pillow for me and I highly recommend it!

  100. Jamie

    Easily adjusted to MY Comfort!I had to take some of the “stuff” out of the pillow so it was at my comfort level. It is so comfortable now. The insides are so soft and the case it’s in is so soft. Great buy! (and I’m really picky with pillows)

  101. Amanda

    Love these pillowsI love my new pillows. They are awesome for my neck and help me sleep better than ever!

  102. Marilyn

    ComfortReally happy with my purchase and memory foam was very comfortable and I think it also helped with my husbands snoring ?

  103. Mindy H.

    Great value!Great pillow! Supportive and comfortable!

  104. melodramatic1

    Excellent quality and comfortableThe pillows are very well made. Excellent quality and very comfortable.

  105. Sadreana

    Great side sleeping pillowSoft enough for comfort, firm enough for support. Great for side sleeping

  106. Stryper Dude

    It’s huge and very soft!!!Only complaint I have is it but too thick. But the both both covers are removable via the zipper on both covers. So if needed a bit of the shredded memory foam can be removed or even added to

  107. ashley b.

    Great for neck painLegit best pillow ive ever owned.

  108. Natalie Roetzel

    Sweet dreamsNice quality and an excellent night’s sleep.

  109. Armando V.

    great!!!!!Nice pilow

  110. Brad Lewellen

    Great quality memory foam pillowThis pillow is very comfortable and made with high quality products. Hope to get many years out of this.

  111. Celeste Rhone

    Best pillow everBest pillow I had I years. Bet sleeping pillow, normally I’m up 3to 4 times a night. But with this pillow, I slept straight through. I’m disabled so that is very important to me.

  112. Sharon L. Heath

    A great design.I like the fact you can remove some of the foam to adjust the pillow for your sleeping comfort.The pillows are very well made and attractive. I would buy these again.

  113. Krystal Ladner

    So comfortableI have been using my pillow for 1 week. I have not slept this well in a long time. I don’t wake up uncomfortable during the night, having to toss & turn.When I first opened it, it has a weird smell, but I washed the pillow cover and set the pillow outside to air out. It was fine after that.

  114. Ken Dumovichh

    Solid productThis product is full firm and appears to be of good quality.

  115. zerra

    Nice pillowI thought I didn’t like these pillows so I was going to return them. Then I read the instructions a week later. Now I love them. I’m not sure how to let them know I don’t want to return them.

  116. Pam D. Schneider

    Finally, A Great PillowGreat pillow. Very comfortable. Soft as a cloud with support. Love it.

  117. Rancher

    Great valueI really like this pillow. It is firm and gives a lot of support. I have had much more expensive pillows that were not as comfortable. Note it is a hefty pillow — I sleep on my stomach and have had to break it in a bit as it has so much more “loft” than my previous one. But overall a great value and a great pillow.

  118. Eloika Ann Cebu

    No more neck painBest sleep ever since I bought this!!!

  119. Lorena+Cade Sawyer

    Worth my moneyNice and sturdy. It gives more support than I was expecting. 9/10 would recommend it!

  120. Aaron Danielson

    FantasticI have been looking all over for a great pillow. I’m a side sleeper and always wake up sore. This pillow is soft, but not too soft. It’s supports my neck and I had a great night of sleep.

  121. Carl S.

    Awesome productIts only been a few days but I’m loving this pillow. Its awesome how its not to soft or too firm.

  122. chrishanxoxo

    The best King-size memory foam pillowI wasn’t looking for a firm pillow. But I ordered this pillow and it’s like an upgraded memory foam pillow. The firmness is perfect for my neck. The quality was better than expected. The package was great. It came with a small round bag. Love it. And I ordered another set for the guest room.

  123. Elisa

    ???Very well put together no strong odors like others I’ve purchased!

  124. Emasts

    Great night sleepThis pillow took me a night or two to get used to, but I wake up feeling refreshed.

  125. Jennifer Loteckie

    AmazingAmazing. So fluffy and comfortable

  126. Anita L Sandoval

    Very nice!My pillows are for a guest room

  127. CLKMMW

    Sleep support much better!Last king size pillows lost their support. Royal pillows arrived promptly and the support was much better! Sleeping much better at night now!

  128. Hunter

    44844So if u look at the comments that say it’s to stiff well they just don’t know what good memory foam is this is so fing Royal Therapy ive been using the last few days an omg this thing makes me happy to wake up no stiff neck no headaches nothing….. Btw it is huge an bulky but don’t worry cause you can always take a little foam out until it’s to your liking seriously guys I’m not a paid writing or anything I truly just love this pillow 10/10 ps. Don’t listen to those to stiff post it’s softer than my old memory foam pillow but stiff enough for the comfort u desire

  129. Roadrunner

    Perfect Choice But Zipper BreaksI love this pillow! I’m so glad that I found it. It really helps me get a restful sleep. I used it for about 4-5 weeks and took off the case to wash it 3-4 times in cool water and hung to dry. The zipper broke and even though I have a warranty I can’t find any information about it because the warranty came as a text message. Disappointed.

  130. Royal Therapy Customer

    Amazing!After 2 nights of sleeping with the pillow I would recommend to all my family and friends. I slept amazing well.

  131. Cory Mioc

    Amazing packagingAmazing packaging! Can’t wait to use them

  132. Jordan Root

    Great pillowGreat quality, love the adjustable shredded memory foam

  133. Valerie

    Good quality pillowGood pillow, sleek design very firm good for back sleepers

  134. rebecca rakers

    Would buy it againThis pillow is great. Its just like my temperpedic pillow. Great price as well.

  135. Melissa Matthews

    Great pain reliefBought this for my husband due to his bad shoulder and migraines. He has woken up in less pain since he started using this pillow!

  136. LTL

    So far, so goodI’ve only had this pillow for a couple of nights, but so far, I like. It’s firm, yet soft. It’s supportive and doesn’t go flat like other pillows. I look forward to going to sleep at night!

  137. TrumpsAjoke


  138. Chad Mass

    Much BetterThere is much more support for me than my former pillow. I am very happy with this pillow. Give it a try.

  139. Tina

    Important ImpressionsThese are the best investment I could have made for my neck. I hoped for the best and I got it!! You need these.

  140. Corey Lawson

    Quality pillowMy new memory foam pillows arrived and I am definitely pleased with them. The quality is top notch and they’re amazing to sleep on.

  141. Johnny L

    Firm pillow, good qualityNice firm pillow. Comes in a cylindrical tote package. Had a faint odor when first opened that dissipated before my first use later that evening. Firmness was exactly what I had hoped for – great sleep on night #1!

  142. Cindy D. Pitts

    Love LoveThese are really nice pillows. I would order again and definitely worth the money!

  143. Taylor Bailes

    Great pillowVery good support, very high quality.

  144. Rebecca E. Chandler

    Extra large—love this pillowFabulous. Live the extra large size. Best sleep in a long time.

  145. julius montgomery

    Everything they said about the pillow is true an excellent product well worth the priceThis is the best pillow I have ever purchased I have spent a lot of money on pillows but this is the best by far everything they said about this product is true thank you for the best sleep I’ve had in a long time God bless you guys thank you again

  146. EMSCVS

    Firm pillow!High quality! If you are looking for a firm pillow, look NO further!!! I love this pillow.

  147. bigtexashonk

    Great value and a great product.Best firmness I’ve found.

  148. Gorgeous Concepts Salon

    Hotel Quality At HomeCould be a bit more firm for me but overall I’m pleased with purchase. Will definitely buy again.

  149. debra jordan

    Big and beautifulI just got my Royal Therapy today it was very big and firmer and beautiful I love it .Thank u very much,but I will let you know if it sleep good to night.well I can say it sleep very good

  150. Ryan Larsen

    Amazing pillowI love this thing. I had to remove some of the filling from the pillow because it was a bit too thick but that was only a 1 minute time investment. It feels soft yet offers nice support for your noggin. Doesn’t heat up uncomfortably warm either. I’d really only recommend this If you sleep alone or have a king size bed because the pillow is rather wide and will encroach on your partners sleeping space.

  151. JFK

    The Perfect PillowI read reviews on at least a dozen pillows and I am so happy I chose this one. It’s soft and firm at the same time with amazing support. If you already know you like memory foam pillows, go for it.

  152. Britany ONeill

    Sleeps goodComfy!

  153. Carl

    pillowI have looked all my life for a pillow that when I wake up in the morning my neck wasn’t hurting. I just happen to be on the internet the other day and found this pillow so I thought you have tried a lot of pillows in my life why not try this one. When I received the pillow the first two nights I thought it was a little firm so I took some of the memory foam out and how I can be any happier. My neck does not hunt when I wake up in the morning and I have slept this good in years. If anyone wants a great pillow this is the one. OUTSTANDING Love It!!

  154. TwinMomma

    The answer is yes. Buy it.Instant hit in my house. Ordered the king size as my husband always sneaks his head into my pillow at night. Even with us both on it this pillow has been a major hit. I got this to replace my favorite latter pillow that had lost its fullness.This pillow is not too hot, didn’t have an odor the first night, and is soft but firm.Highly recommend you give it a try.I like softer pillows and love the option to make this softer but haven’t had to yet! It’s soft but supportive and I’ve been greatly impressed

  155. Vincent hart

    Easy to order from Royal TherapyIt was very comfortable

  156. Royal Therapy Customer

    Best pillow everThis is seriously the best pillow ever. I bought one to see if i would like it and it was great! Just bought 2 more

  157. eddie j cooper

    I sleep very well with thisIt’s very nice

  158. Steven watson

    Best pillow by farBest pillow I have ever owned love it

  159. Maggie

    FirmnessWe struggle with firmness. I like how form the pillow is.

  160. tori

    Excellent choice!Love everything about this pillow, excellent quality, great packaging, immeasurably comfortable.I purged a while back and got rid of some pillows.. so whenever my new guy started sleeping over I kept leaving him with one pillow. Purchased this so he’d be more comfortable but I stole it because it’s awesome.

  161. George Moore

    Good piilowGreat pillow. Seems very well so far. I’m ordering another

  162. Andre jackson

    Sooooo soft!!!!OMG!!!!!!!! Love it

  163. Georgia McBride

    Do yourself a favor, and get this pillow!!!Finally have relief from my partner’s loud snoring. That is priceless. Will purchase extras for guests (the ones we like). Great night’s sleep for me despite suffering from insomnia. The first week I had uninterrupted quality sleep – the first of its kind in years. Fluff to your preference and enjoy quality sleep. Highly recommend.

  164. Lindsey M Blacharczyk

    Best pillow I’ve ever had!LOVE!!! I have had neck pain for years and finally found a pillow that helps! My husband has a MyPillow and is now jealous of this one!

  165. daniel

    Good buyPresently supervised how much I like this pillow

  166. Christy W.

    Super comfy! Excellent quality! Very happy with the pillowThis is an extremely high quality pillow. It comes vacuum packed in an adorable little roll shaped white and clear bag, that unzips on one end and also has handles. It has the brand name/initials embossed in gold on the bag. Once the you remove the pillow, it immediately starts to expand. It only took about 15 minutes for it to expand to its full size. There was only a really faint odor to the pillow…and even then, you really had to shove your nose into the pillow to even smell it. (I only did that because of other reviews I had read mentioned about an odor.) Once I placed a pillowcase on the pillow, there was no trace of the odor.This pillow comes with an extremely nice, heavy, quilted cover already on it that zips on the end. I also has the brand name/initials, and piping around the edges of the pillow in gold. This cover is great because not only is it super soft and provides even more plush “padding,” but it also will keep the pillow protected. The cover is completely removable and and can be washed.The way the pillow is constructed, it has solid layers of memory foam as the shell of the pillow, and it’s covered by a buttery soft white cotton (feels like a well loved t-shirt) case that zips on one end. Then, the inside of the pillow is filled with small shredded bits of super soft, fluffy, white memory foam. The pieces are all uniform in size.The pillow I ordered is a king size, so it is pretty large. As it comes, the pillow is also fairly thick and firm. But, I ordered the adjustable pillow. While my husband was laying on his back watching tv in bed, the pillow was perfect. However, sleeps on his side. And when it came time to go to sleep, he realized the pillow was too thick for him as it was and would have his neck all outta whack. So, he removed a gallon ziplock bag full (squished and the air removed) of memory foam pieces and tried it again. It was still too thick for how he sleeps. He ended up removing a total of 3 gallon sized ziplock bags (squished full and the air removed) of the memory foam pieces. Now, he says it’s “absolutely perfect!” He sleeps comfortably and says it’s the best pillow he’s ever had. He laughs and says that he’s got the perfect pillow…and he has enough stuffing left over to make another pillow lol. So, it’s definitely worth the price ? The little roll shaped bag that the pillow came in is also perfect to store the extra filling for future use.While he was at work one day, I “borrowed” his pillow so I could sit up more comfortably in bed. I think I’m going to have to be making another purchase soon…a pillow for me…and now our teenage daughter wants one as well.Yeah, I thought the pillow was a little expensive when I ordered it. But once it arrived, I can definitely understand the price. And honestly, I now think it’s a very reasonably priced pillow. I know this pillow will hold up well for years to come (unlike most pillows that go flat after a year). My husband and I are very happy with this purchase.

  167. K. Chavers

    AMAZINGThis pillow is exactly what I wanted. Firm, supportive, tall. I am a side sleeper and normally I have to roll over every 1-2 hours because of shoulder pain caused by lame pillows. This pillow lifts my neck up and supports my body so I sleep the whole night through without moving.

  168. Leroy

    SleepAmazing !

  169. Marc Mulkey

    A new take on memory foam!Well…at least for me it was. Years ago…like probably 15 years ago… my wife and I bought some memory foam pillows and they have been fantastic. Best pillows we ever had.But, after 15 years we decided to get some new pillows…and that’s when I found these. Our old pillows were one big hunk of memory foam with a cover on them where it was soft on one side, and a little firmer on the other side. This new pillow is soft on both sides and much longer than our previous pillows.One great attribute of these pillows is that it’s not a solid pillow, it’s a bunch of memory foam pieces inside the pillow cover. I had some concerns about that at first, but it turns out that it’s pretty nice! You can easily fluff your pillow some and get it just like you like it. Or, as my wife chose to do, you can unzip the pillow and remove some of the memory foam pieces if you feel like the pillow is too thick, or it doesn’t keep your neck level.This is a pretty smart idea, because it gives the owner the ability to simply adjust the pillow to their liking, instead of having to purchase yet another pillow that may or may not work for them long term.I can highly recommend this pillow not only for its function and design, but also because of how comfortable they are.

  170. Anthon Cruz

    Money well spentMy wife Loves it, it’s exactly what she needed.

  171. Frank V Voudy Jr

    Best pillow I have ever had.I have purchased many pillows over the years. This is the best pillow I have ever purchased. It is very comfortable, and has good neck support. It does not flatten out like most pillows. It’s a best buy.

  172. Steven Reinke

    pillowsgreat pillows,very think. i love them

  173. Diana

    Comfortable. Like laying your head on a cloudGift for my parents – they love them!

  174. Doug

    ComfortableBest pillows ever

  175. Beverly G.

    support for neckLove this pillow.The first night I had the best sleep . Great support for my neck , shoulders.

  176. NymphadoraTonks

    Better than tempurpedic for half the priceWe have the tempur pedic pillow which is super high for my neck. It isn’t adjustable although the memory foam is great. Was looking to replace that and we ordered this and I am impressed that the height and fill is perfect for half the prize! It’s been a month since we got this and I don’t see myself going back to the tempurpedic one. Absolutely recommend it

  177. Desoto

    Best pillow ever.Good quality good price.

  178. Merle

    Great priceSize and comfort

  179. Rebecca

    ComfortableVery comfortable. My neck doesn’t ache anymore.

  180. S. Johnson

    Great for side sleepers… air it out before use.Let me start by saying this is the best pillow I’ve ever had. I was doubtful when it arrived for two reasons:1) The pillow arrived rolled up inside a round vinyl case. When I unrolled it, the pillow was fairly flat… but following the instructions that I received from the manufacturer via email, I pulled, kneaded, massaged, etc. the pillow to break up the memory foam pieces inside. After doing that for several minutes, it looked and felt more like what I expected.2) The pillow smells very, very bad at first. Most memory foam items do, but most aren’t things where you put your nose and mouth right next to them. The emailed instructions mentioned this would fade fairly quickly… I guess that’s relative. It took about 36 hours to fade enough that the pillow was usable (IMO.)All that said, I have had several great nights’ sleep at this point, and I’m very happy with it. I’m a big guy: 6’6”, 52” chest, broad shoulders, and a side sleeper. This is the best pillow ever. Being completely transparent, I always have 2 pillows… a very firm bottom for height and a softer top one for comfort. I still use the bottom flat, firm pillow under this one to get my desired height. That said, its both soft and supporting, not too squishy, and so far, retains its shape well.To air this thing out: take it out of the vinyl case, then unzip the outer pillowcase and remove the inner pillow. Don’t unzip the inner one… that’s what holds in the foam bits. Set the pillow somewhere well ventilated and let is sit overnight. I also hung up the outer case on a clothes hanger to let it air out overnight. The next morning, fluff the pillow again, flip it over so both sides have had a chance to air out, and let it sit another 12 hours before putting it back in the outer case and trying to sleep on it.

  181. Josue

    ComfortSo good, help me with my neck.

  182. Kobe

    HappyIt comes in a roll package and then you need to explains it and after that it’s pretty comfortable and have enjoyed it so far.

  183. Serena

    Great for people with neck problemsOrdered for my dad who was complaining of neck pain. His pain is gone now and he loves it!

  184. peg walsh

    Most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on!!I LOVE this pillow!! It has plenty of cushioning and support for my head. So many other pillows are flimsy and unsubstantial. I have gotten the best night sleep in a long time – it is SOOO comfortable!!

  185. Alana DeMorris

    Great quality!Quality and firmness

  186. Repairguy1971

    A nice pillowA very comfortable, soft pillow. I normally buy down alternative pillows, but took a chance on this shredded memory foam pillow, and have now regrets.

  187. dana

    side sleeper pillow for keesI am a side sleeper and am most comfortable with a pillow in between my knees but I want it to come up high enough to also reach my shoulders to be able to pull it into my chest. This is a firm pillow so it helps with spinal support but not too hard that it hurts or is uncomfortable. Pillows tend to be expensive and this is a great price for the product. It comes in a little box and you let it expand over a day or so to get the full results.

  188. bart stormont

    BADASS PILLOW WORTH EVERY CENTBest sleep quality pillow I’ve ever owned. Absolutely the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever played my head on. Excellent support

  189. CamBam51

    Great Quality!Great firm but comfortable pillow. So far it has held its form very well.

  190. VJFolsom

    Super supportive and comfortable.This pillow supports my head and neck in all the different positions I sleep in. I’m a restless sleeper and sleep on both sides, my back and my stomach. It’s comfortable in all positions and supportive as well.

  191. Luis and Marlen Ojeda

    ComfortLove that it is firm yet not hard. It maintains its shape. Definitely recommend!

  192. Heather Harris

    Best Pillow EverLove this pillow. I’ve had it for a few months now and love that you can adjust the firmness. My husband wanted a very firm pillow and he kept stealing mine so I bought him one for himself. He kept all the stuffing in it and says it’s perfect. He takes his pillow when he’s away from home. Great find.

  193. Stephen Gasche

    Awesome PillowVery comfortable

  194. Rosemary Brown

    These Pillow are GREAT!!!I LOVE these pillows they never go flat ,they brace your neck , We sleep so much better and if there to firm you can adjust them by removing some of the foam. I have a lot of neck and back problems My back is all fused with a rod and hook and screws and my neck has a curved spine as well but I can`t have surgery on it because It would make me un able to move with the rest of my back all ready fused . so my neck give me a lot of pain and it made it where I could hardly sleep until I got these pillows and now I sleep well. Thank you for making a great Pillow . I plan on getting some more for the rest of the beds

  195. Wendy Reynolds

    Super comfortableAbsolutely love this pillow. I sleep with a cpap, so finding something that works for a mask and still big and comfy is super hard. This pillow is awesome

  196. Richard Miranda

    Excellent pillow that provides support for sleep on back or side.This product is very comfortable I have tried several pillows after leaving my favorite pillow at a hotel. I have frequent headaches and need a pillow that is supportive, but not to hard this I’ve fits the bill. It is very comfortable, while giving me support on my back or side. I have excellent quality sleep and wake up with fewer headaches.

  197. Angelica S.

    Great qualityGreat quality and feels really amazing.

  198. geomen liu

    I said yes more people should to buy this pillowThis pillow is what I’m looking for for a long long time , hight enough support my neck and soften enough to rest of my head , I don’t have to worry about my nose plug at sleeping time I don’t have that anymore after I use this Pillow .

  199. Kim J

    FINALLY A GREAT PILLOWI am on my 8th – yes you read that right 8th – pillow purchase. I was ready to give up. I have bought every kind under the sun including some super expensive ones. Still my neck was killing me. So I saw these and thought what the heck. I slept like a freakin dream last night. Literally first time I’ve slept 8 hours in years. I have disc degenerative disease and nerve damage in my neck and finding a pillow is rough. Last night my neck finally felt supported and didn’t lock up on me during the night. This is now my new favorite thing in the house. I may have to save this over everything else in case of a fire! Seriously – it’s amazing.


    Luxurious comfort!The fabric is luxurious and the pillow is very supportive! I love the convenience of being able to adjust the amount of foam to suit my sleeping comfort! Great company to work with!!! Love my Royal pillow!!

  201. Kelayda

    Comfortable and good for multiple usesGreat pillow, I just bought a second one today

  202. Erica m park

    Favorite pillowLiterally the best pillow I’ve found. I bought a stupid 70.00 pillow a 50.00 pillow and then I finally found this one. Awesome price and it’s so nice. I accidentally bought a king lmao and have a queen bed, but I don’t even care. I sleep side ways and I don’t have to constantly make adjustments to get comfortable finally.

  203. Gretchen Anderson

    So far so goodSo far so good

  204. Garret C.

    Good qualityJust received but it seems great! Will update later

  205. Justyn Murray

    Better than anticipatedPersonally, i actually liked this pillow so much im gonna get another when i have the money, it works amazing as a hug pillow for side sleepers too.

  206. Kindle Customer

    pillow 5 stars cover 2 starsThe pillow is great and is just what my bad back needed, but the cover started to get strings appearing on it from day 1 and continued until I used another pillow case.

  207. Carla Ebright

    Great neck supportI’ve only been using the pillow for 2 nights, but this pillow is wonderful. I have residual whiplash neck issues & finding firm, supporting pillows is tough. This one is great so far. Wish they had a standard size so I could get one for travel.

  208. Royal Therapy Customer

    Worth the priceVery good quality

  209. Cindy

    FirmVery firm needs a couple months to soften and can’t sleep on it through the night without neck pain but nice for sitting up in bed

  210. Midgie

    It really helped support my head and neck.I have neck and headache issues. This new pillow gives excellent support.

  211. Cydrago1976

    Great firmnessGreat support

  212. Royal Therapy Customer

    Very nice!Love the pillow so far. I have neck issues so have been trying to find the perfect pillow. So far my neck doesn’t hurt as bad when waking up after sleeping with this pillow. Slept well!!

  213. hunter damm

    GoodIts adjustable

  214. CW

    Great pillowImproved sleep quality and reduced neck pain

  215. Brian E.

    TampaPillows were a little too firm so I opened up the main zipper, removed about 1/4 of the memory foam, I kept the extra just in case I make it too soft , it’s perfect ? seems like they put as much as they can inside , ????

  216. Richy Riach

    After Years of Searching- FINALLY!I’ve tested close to 20 of the top pillows on the market, and here’s what I’ll say about the Royal King Memory Pillow;- Extremely Comfortable- Allows for Custom Adjustment per use-case- Perfect for Side Sleepers that hug/gather pillow- Light & Breathable (no smell)- Cost-effective- INCREASED REM & SWS Sleep Stages; via tracking from Whoop strapSide note: I used the extra memory foam for my smaller leg/knee pillow which helps to align my hips/back.Love this pillow, and plan to buy several more.Thank you RT!

  217. Elise

    PillowsGreat presentation, first couple of sleeps have been great! Going to buy two more.

  218. Royal Therapy Customer

    We highly recommend these pillows!They provide excellent support but are not hard.

  219. Terry Bacorn

    It’s a big pillow.The pillow is exactly what I was looking for. It is very large and stays firm all night. No need to fluff it!

  220. Samantha

    Love it!Love it m! Had to order a 2nd for my husband because he was jealous of mine 🙂 packaging is awesome too!

  221. Joyryde

    So Far So GoodI’ve only slept on it two nights, but it’s been great so far. The pillow is astonishingly hard, which seemed like it would be horrible to sleep on, but it actually seems just fine. I’ve removed some filling each night as I work towards getting it just right.

  222. dan

    a lot bigger then i thoughtits too big for me to sleep on but its great for support under legs and beside me.

  223. Brandon Renteria

    AdjustableIt’s adjustable so you can find the right comfort

  224. Vera

    Comfortable SleepI love my pillow. I am giving them to my family and friends as xmas gifts.

  225. JJ

    Nice!!The comfort and pliability of the pillow is on point. I don’t foresee any problems.

  226. julia

    AwesomeComfy pillow

  227. N. Keith

    CutomizableI’ve finally found a pillow that I love! The very best feature of this pillow is that the inside cover has a zipper that allows you to reduce the amount of foam filler to the softness that suits every person. I like a somewhat softer pillow, so I reduced the filler by a third. The second feature that I love about this pillow is that in the future, when I want to wash the pillow, I can take all of the filler out and then gently wash the zippered cover and let it air dry. Thank you Royal Therapy!

  228. Dean

    Best pillow I’ve ever ownedHonestly, considered pulling out some stuffing when I first got it. It’s REALLY FIRM! However, it’s been about 6 months now and it’s really shaping up to be a great buy. Will be firm at first, but your head sinks into it after a few minutes with full support.I can’t see this pillow needing to be replaced anytime soon, but when that time comes I’ll be buying this exact same one! Best pillow I’ve ever owned!

  229. Marie

    Adjusts easily to conform to your sleep needsWhat distinguishes this pillow from other memory foam pillows is the ability to adjust the foam contents to your needs. The pillow works well for side and back sleepers. It also provides great neck support. It took a couple of nights to get the foam just right for me, but then it was perfect. The foam equally distributed itself within the pillow so there were no lumps or bumps. The pillowcase was a nice surprise. It has a very soft feel that is great against your face.One thing to know is that the king size pillow is much larger than regular king size pillows in both length and width. You will not be able to use your own pillow case with this pillow, but as I noted, the Royal Therapy pillowcase is very comfortable.

  230. CD Richardson

    So far ..GOODI received my pillow a day earlier which is really something during COVID. I have fluffed it up like the directions say. I will sleep on tonight. I will update review then. From first looks , it appears to be well made and. I love the quality.

  231. Amy H.

    Don’t think, just buy.This pillow is great! Super supportive, very soft and I haven’t slept this well in forever. I would recommend this pillow a million times over.

  232. Royal Therapy Customer

    Adjustable comfort!I just got it and so far I’m liking it. I absolutely love that you can adjust the firmness simply by removing some of the memory foam! In the past that’s always been an issue for me with pillows – if only I could have adjusted them a bit more they’d be perfect. I can’t wait to try it out longer.

  233. Stacey

    Amazing sleep!This pillow is the best one I have ever owned. I recommend it to any style sleeper. You can take out some of the fluff if it is too firm. For me however; with how it molds to you, I think it is the perfect amount of stuffing in it. On other pillows I do not sleep as good.

  234. Royal Therapy Customer

    FootlooseThe bestest pillow of my life on earth

  235. SuzetteSky

    Perfect blend of support and give in a pillowThis pillow is amazing! It was exactly what my husband needed after suffering many sleepless nights due to an arthritic arm and shoulder. Highly recommended if you are looking for the perfect blend of support and forgiveness in a pillow.

  236. Michael Brennan

    Nice pillowThis product meet our expectations

  237. Rebecca

    Very thickSo I want to start by saying this is a very luxurious pillow. It had no smells, puffed up quickly and was very nice looking. It just puffed up a lot and makes me feel like I’m sleeping on a mountain.

  238. R. Williams

    Great pillow!Very comfortable, high quality pillow!

  239. Jeff R Jones

    Perfect pillowSearching for perfect pillow?? This is it!!!

  240. Kms

    Quality itemQuality item, nice pillow

  241. Yael Neale

    Totally Worth ItPillow arrived quickly after ordering. Initially kind of hard to get it out of the cylindrical case it comes squished into but overall good and filled out nicely after some fluffing

  242. Valerie E. Barrera

    This pillow REALY works!The ROYAL THERAPY King Memory Foam Pillow is amazing! After the first night of using the pillow, my husband woke up in the morning without any neck pain! Before he tried the pillow, he had 2 weeks of neck pain. He has had a great sleep since he’s used his new pillow.

  243. Emil Marz

    Great CushionIt’s very soft yet has a lot of foam so it pads my legs well while sleeping on my side. My only complaint is that the foam fumes gives me a headache, but that happens to me with all new foam (I’m sensitive)

  244. EddieCA Customer

    Surprisingly amazingWe’ve been looking for pillows to help my husband’s beck pain for months. We were wanting more of a molded memory pillow rather than a shredded one, however, with COVID there are not a lot of options for shopping in person so online we went. This was the first pillow that offered substantial support. We even took out 3 gallon sized bags worth of stuffing and have come to the appropriate firmness for him (and sometimes me when I borrow it). The quality of the memory form is superior to that of any other memory foam I’ve encountered so far. We are extremely happy with this purchase and I amticipate purchasing another one soon!

  245. Jim Jeffers


  246. Tammy Wicker

    Best pillow I bought so farVery comfortable pillow no more neck problems

  247. Lisa Valadez

    Great pillow for the price!This pillow arrived rolled up and once laid out, inflated to a comfy size. Large, king size pillow fits perfect across a twin size mattress, for those people who constantly are rolling back and forth in bed. Great purchase!

  248. Glam Queen

    I’m in heaven!I rarely give five stars for any product. But, I’m in love with this pillow! It’s only been a couple of weeks, but it’s still very firm and supportive.

  249. Dale

    Wake up with Zero neck painI don’t toss and turn all night any more. I am in love with this pillow. My favorite Christmas present, it’s life changing!

  250. Royal Therapy Customer

    Best pillowThis is by far the best pillow I’ve ever had, and I’ve been on the perfect pillow quest for a long time.

  251. Michael McCarty

    V. fineDidn’t disappoint

  252. emily

    Good buyVery comfortable and just the right height to replace my old pillow that had flattened

  253. Judd Nelson

    AwesomeThis is a very nice pillow for the price also this is a comfy pillow coming from a heavy side sleeper

  254. Matt B

    Amazing customer serviceOk, so I originally gave it three stars (on their site) and they asked me why. So, my pillow was yellow, like eewww… they explained it’s oxidation from the material used for the memory foam. What do I know? Ok. AND THEY OFFERED ME A NEW PILLOW, for free. And I don’t have to return the original pillow. 5star customer service. Will buy from them again!

  255. Jorge Gutierrez

    Just what I was looking forFirm yet soft and plush pillow. Exactly what I was looking for. Can adjust the firm level by taking foam out of the pillow. Will be buying more in the future

  256. Melody Grace

    Buy the pillow!Great pillow! Firm and heaven to sleep on!

  257. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great pillowGreat product

  258. Wyndie Anglin

    Good pillowI was skeptical when I received the pillow, because even after fluffing it and pulling apart the foam, I didn’t feel like it was very firm. It has been two nights now, and it has stayed firm and I am no longer waking up with a sore neck.

  259. Terri G.

    It did wonders for Neck and Headache PainI had no idea the right pillow could make that much difference. Once you get use to it’s size and dive in, it makes a world of difference. I used to wake up almost every day with neck pain and headache from sleeping on flat, worn out pillows. I tried this and after two nights, my neck pain and headaches are gone. You have to get used to sleeping on a much bigger pillow but it reduces in size to shape around your head, neck and shoulderblades perfectly once you sink into it. Totally worth the price.

  260. Zach Dodson

    Comfy pillowVery comfy

  261. RIO

    ComfortableVery comfortable and cover is easy to remove for washing.

  262. Earl Lyon

    Big fluffy PILLOWS!!!Nice comfy pillows. “Some assembly required” but sills to adjust the fill. Once you got it pulled apart give it a day to “reinflate” and you you have a really nice pillow!

  263. Tri

    If you are looking for a really firm pillow, this is the one.I was skeptical because of the price and I wanted a firm pillow. This was perfect. Easy to adjust by removing some foam and savings it in a ziplock bags if you want to add more later. I did end up removing some foam because it was a little too firm for me (which was surprising and good). Honestly best pillow I have ever used. Really great sleep.

  264. Pamela Carson

    ComfortHad my doubts but as soon as my head hit the pillow it was instant comfort.

  265. Armando

    Firm pillowSo, I received this product a few days ago and I had my reservations. I mean, this isn’t my first rodeo buying a pillow. It is heavy, but I loved it. This pillow is firm and for side sleepers, it’s a “yes”. It keeps its shape and you don’t sink in to it. Great pillow!

  266. Cindy J

    It helps my neckIt’s nice and Comfortable

  267. Meylee

    This pillow is a game changer!This pillow has changed how I sleep! I am able to actually get a full nights sleep instead of waking up because my neck is hurting. I wake rested and without neck pain in the morning either. Would definitely recommend!!

  268. Esteban Ramirez

    Amazing pillowLove it sleep better

  269. Marci_12

    Comfy, Once Stuffing Removed…So this pillow is comfy ONCE you remove ALL the stuffing inside. The first night I was snoring so loud it woke me up lol, due to how much filling s inside.So once I removed about half of the stuffing in both pillows, my husband and I have slept wonderfully. I haven’t had any neck pains or snoring (well at least I haven’t… My husband is a different story for a different review LOL).There was a slight smell but it wasn’t anything that we couldn’t handle. Let it air out for a while and it’ll be gone before you know it.

  270. Stephanie Larkins

    Just buy it!The media could not be loaded.  The pillow is Heavy in weight, well worth the money. I will purchase a full set,!!!!

  271. Momma of 2

    Surprised!??Perfectly paired for our new firm mattress

  272. APrime Tower

    No more neck pain! Perfect for back sleepersI sleep on my back and this pillow has been the best pillow I’ve ever used. I love that I don’t feel clumps of the shredded foam like other brand pillows I’ve used. Like many, I’ve been searching for the right pillow for a long time and this one is it for me. No more neck pain. And it has the perfect support to be on my side for a little while.

  273. Raylon Aquiningoc

    Best quality memory foam pillowVery high quality pillow that never gets hot. Constantly cool so no sweating while sleeping.

  274. SteelRep4JC

    Excellent pillowVery heavy pillow and the memory has been excellent so far. I have been very impressed so far.

  275. sergeheat

    Looks and feels niceIt’s very comfortable. I’m a side sleeper, and found it great once I removed some of the foam material. It comes with a zipper, making it very easy to remove the filling material until it’s just right for you. I saved the extra foam in case I need it in the future.

  276. Royal Therapy Customer

    SleepSleep quality comfort support

  277. Terese Valeriano

    What I have learned in the first week of using this pillow.I have been in severe neck and head pain with some other concerning symptoms for the last 8 weeks. I gave it a 4 only because you have a little work to do with this pillow because of it packing. When you do get it out of its neat little package- it takes some effort to get the foam bunches apart. Not fun when you are in pain. However it did expand to a fairly firm surface quickly. Too firm for me so I gave a few nights of use on it to let it settled down. It continued to be very firm but moldable-so I took some the foam out this morning and I think I may have a winner with this pillow. I ordered the king size which I highly recommend as it allows for a variety of sleeping positions with good support. I find myself sleeping longer and waking up in the same position I started which is extremely rare.

  278. Abbs

    QualitySo far it seems to be of very good quality. It is expanding nicely.

  279. Martin A. Leeke

    Awesome pillow!Awesome pillow! It takes a few days to get the firmness adjusted, but very comfortable afterwards.

  280. William candela

    Size of comfortBeat sleep ever

  281. Ricardo1979

    Great Mornings Ahead.I bought this hoping It would help with my neck support. It has done that nicely. The pillow looks great, even has a soft cover that can be washed. I bought a King size, which is heavier than I expected. I would have given a perfect score, but as they said it is slightly firmer than I am used to. I will get used to it. The benefit outweighs the firm. This easily outperforms my previous *mypillow.*

  282. Geniece K.

    Holds my head rightJust watch I was looking for “comfortable “

  283. Royal Therapy Customer

    Sleeping happily!I bought my first pillow and waited for it. I was hoping it was going to be as good as I expected. When it arrived I opened it and waited for it to puff up. Used it that night. The next morning I order another one for my wife. These are great pillows as they should be for the price. I will be ordering more!

  284. Somer Melendez

    Pillow for Neck SupportI love my pillow and great amount of neck support. Never slept better.

  285. Shawn Hagewood

    Adjustable pillow with great loft for side sleepers!I’m a side sleeper and have been told I have a “huge pumpkin head”… Although I do not agree 100% with this, it would seem every pillow I have tried over the past 10 years has eventually flattened out and does not provide my neck, shoulders and head with the support needed to keep my spine aligned while side sleeping. My struggle has been finding a pillow that does this, while also feeling soft and comfortable and somewhat adjustable under and against my face and neck. Well my friends – the search is OVER!!! This pillow does all of those things and more. I especially love the quilted cover that can easily be zipped off and thrown in the wash. We all sweat, drool and other lovely bodily things sometimes make their way through our thin pillow case onto the actual pillow, so now you can wash the inner pillow case as well. And lastly the inner most pillow has a thin case that is also zippered. You can open it up and remove some of the shredded memory foam from within to make the pillow softer and lay flatter if you are a back or stomach sleeper or simply to adjust to your personal comfort level. My partner likes it flatter, so we saved the stuffing in a zip lock bag just in case we ever want to add more again. I cannot say enough good things about this pillow and I have bought some costing double and triple the price of these. I have been sleeping on mine for 2 weeks now and my quality of sleep is soo much better.

  286. Elizabeth Gomez

    Great pillowIf you like a good firm but soft pillow this is for you! I on the other hand took almost half of the stuffing out because it was just way to much for my liking but once removed……. I then loved it! I sleep with and use daily!

  287. Doris Dillon

    FirmVery firm. But you can adjust the stuffing. There’s a zipper and you can take out stuffing to meet your desired firmness.

  288. Kindle Customer

    Best pillow I’ve had in years!Best pillow I’ve had in years, just make sure once the foam expands completely to customize to your preference. It is designed to allow that. You can create your own personal density level.

  289. cody

    ComfortableGet pillow helps me fall asleep fast

  290. Maria

    Too much foamSupport slides to the other end.. needed to take out a lot of foam in order to be ok.

  291. bettina bowens-reddins

    Very niceBest pillow I’ve ever owned

  292. Omar Medina

    Happy wife happy lifeMy wife loves it

  293. Walt P.

    The king is bigger than you would need get the queenSleep quality, comfort and support has been great, I would have been better suited for a queen rather than a king

  294. Pat

    Love this pillow!!Very happy with this pillow. Comfortable and good quality. Good service from the seller, my outer case had pulled stitching and they gladly sent me a new outer case quickly. Love that I can adjust firmness, I wanted a more dense and firm pillow but this was too much. Took out some fill and made it perfect for me. Planning to buy another queen for the summer traveling.

  295. Bob

    Adjustable pillowVery high quality, better than expected and easy to get use to for the first time.

  296. Krish

    Best pillow everUnfortunately the highest score is 5-star. Else, I would rank this higher. I am recouping after a back surgery and needed proper pillow to support. I saw this in Royal Therapy and wanted to try one. I received it on time and it is beyond belief how well I slept that night and the nights after. The pillow case had some damage – but I typically use 2-cases on my pillows and it was unnoticeable. I reached out to the supplier by email. I got an answer within 30 minutes. They immediately agreed to replace the case. The item was shipped on the same day and they provided me with tracking number. In addition, they also reached out and checked that I received it. Excellent product support.I ordered two more pillows. This is an amazing product.Thank you. Again, I am at a loss to find the proper word or phrase to express how great this pillow is.

  297. Tanisha A. Pryor

    Sound sleep!Slept with no tossing and turning or neck pain! Great pillow to get good rest.

  298. Jennifer D

    Huge and supportiveLOVE this pillow. It’s huge and fluffy, I noticed no smell that others reviewed. It seems like it would be too big to sleep on, but the memory foam perfectly fits your head and offers great neck support.

  299. Willy & Rhea

    Returns to shapeI’m liking this pillow so far! I did have to take some of the foam out and put into another pillow as it was too stiff.

  300. chris cornwell

    Worth the moneyThis pillow is fantastic and definitely worth the money. Its a little difficult to get used at first but once you are then its fantastic.

  301. Bobbi

    My dream pillow!Wow!! This is the best pillow I’ve ever, ever slept on! Super soft, yet super supportive. Amazing quality!!!

  302. Thomas Cullen

    At last, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.I find it hard to get the support I need from a pillow BUT, this pillow is awesome, I sleep sound since I got it, I adjusted it a little until it was perfect going by the instructions which are very clear. I would recommend this pillow to anyone. Thank you very much.

  303. Royal Therapy Customer

    BeautifulLooks so luxurious!! Haven’t sleep in it yet.

  304. BLanders

    King pillowSuper thick

  305. Jason sumpter

    Good qualityGreat pillow for people who need neck support

  306. Doc

    Superior pillowFlattens quickly overnight

  307. Jon

    Very supportiveReally nice quality product

  308. Todd Caulder

    Support pillowThe pillow is firm. For me s little too thick, however I just removed some of the filling to flatten it out a bit.

  309. BC

    My neck doesn’t hurt anymore when waking upFirm and supportive

  310. John C Villalobos

    Great sleep and no more neck pain!I’ve been struggling with sleep for months, and have experienced neck stiffness and discomfort, and finally decided to buy a new pillow to see if that was the root cause. Ever since getting this pillow, I have had the best uninterrupted sleep, and my neck pain has disappeared. It was well worth the purchase!I will say, however, that I don’t find the pillow to be comfortable; I find it too thick and stiff, but because I sleep so well, I put up with it, and somehow fall asleep just fine despite that. The instructions say you can remove some foam, but I won’t mess with it. I suppose I’ll get used to it soon.

  311. Bella

    superlo que esperaba

  312. Royal Therapy Customer

    Best all around pillow!Love that can be altered to fit your sleeping style.

  313. Dan wescoat

    Extremely great, its soft and comfortableI got the king size pillow , it is really soft and comfortable straight out of the bag after you open the bag and fluff the pillow to activate the memory foam

  314. Jesse Weaver

    Very firmIt is definitely on the firm side.

  315. firstkhouli


  316. Yolanda

    Awesome pillowsOmg I love these pillows,I now can sleep all through the night without having to move it around to find comfort.

  317. Boodanas

    Great productWhere have you been all my life!!!! I never want to get out of bed! I sleep better then ever using this pillow! It’s fantastic

  318. Rick

    Best support for side sleepersThe first pillow I have found with enough support

  319. Miguel Madera

    The showThe show

  320. plant zombie

    Really BigIt has enough stuffing to make another pillow, which is exactly what I’m gonna do.

  321. Andrea Kuac

    Great pillowLove that it really support my neck and is a great quality.

  322. MommyTingz

    Worth it!Love this pillow!!!! Comfortable soft great for stomach sleepers. It’s worth the money

  323. J yerger

    Sleep so much better nowLike that we can take filling out to make the pillow more flat. It fluffs up A LOT so taking the filling out was necessary for both pillows we bought. The filling is tiny though and was hard to take out without making a mess. That’s our only complaint

  324. Sydney cook

    Good.I bought this. I use it. It good.

  325. Francisco rodriguez

    Comfort in the highest levelWith this pillow I haven’t slept good in ages.

  326. Courtney moore

    Great nights sleepI have had such great sleep these past few nights that I’ve had this. It’s not really firm so I was kind of worried it wouldn’t give enough support but it ended up molding to my head and neck perfectly.

  327. john wilson

    Great pillowBeen thru alot of pillows this one is great

  328. Ms Kindhearted

    Wish they were firmerThey’re perfect. I would’ve preferred them be a little firmer but overall great pillows. I got them in King. 1 inflated faster than the other but after 24hrs both were equal.I’ll recommend and keep them but still searching for firmer.

  329. Baleigh

    Great pillow!The pillow wasn’t too firm or too soft, just the right support! If you don’t like the firmness of your pillow you’re able to remove some of the inside or add more.

  330. Diana Taylor

    ComfortableI love how comfortable it feels

  331. K.D. Samuel

    Best pillow hands down!!Opened it was flat I watched it rise to a beautiful pill of memory foam. I laid on it and it embraced my neck with love. Love this pillow purchased 3.

  332. RCK

    Nice pillowThis is a great pillow but took some time to get used to it. It still gets hard and you have to work it out

  333. Brandy Welsh

    Very professional productYou can feel it puff up in your hands as you first open it. Looking forward to using this pillow.

  334. Leah

    Good qualityGreat quality! Nice and full, but you have the option to make it flatter.

  335. Royal Therapy Customer

    First impressionI just got the pillow! Very fluffy after it sat for a few hours. Can’t wait to sleep with it tonight!

  336. vjmoto

    Super supportEverything it says it is. Great pillow!

  337. Royal Therapy Customer

    Comfortable and firmJust started using it and so far no problems. It is a very firm pillow and comfortable.

  338. Jonathan

    fluffy n plushamazing

  339. Todd Flagler

    Excellent productPillows are wonderful I sleep well on them and they are very comfortable and well made

  340. Mo

    Best Pillow EverI am a side sleeper and I have spent a lot on pillows. This one is the best. No matter how I move it, fold it, twist it, it always regains it shape. The support for my neck is amazing, had neck pain till I got this pillow. I will be buying another one that is for sure.

  341. Siahris

    ComfyVery comfy and easy to fall asleep with. Was to much at first, took some out and it was better however, after about a months of use more was needed to add back in.

  342. Cheney Rutherford

    PillowIt’s a wonderful, large pillow!

  343. Jodie

    Super comfortable!!!!Definitely 5 stars! This pillow is amazing and the packaging comes in a cute reusable tote bag.

  344. carlos gomes

    Love itI love it, really deserve 5 stars

  345. Kathy R

    A great purchase.I love this pillow. It is so comfortable and I wake up without any neck issues. It is a large pillow but on a queen size bed it fits fine. A great buy!

  346. Susan

    Love these pillows!It’s like sleeping on marshmallows! It’s so easy to adjust them if they’re too full/fluffy.

  347. Susie Jane

    Product arrived early and is as described.Nice and firm

  348. Kyle Blandford

    Great Bamboo PillowI fell in love with Bamboo pillows about 5 years ago and needed to replace the original that I’d been using ever since. This made me remember why I loved them so much. It was incredibly comfortable right out of the box.

  349. Mr. N. B. Stevens

    High quality, dense, super-comfortable extra long pillow.It’s thick, dense and exactly what is needed for someone tall, limby, with broad shoulders and who sleeps predominantly on their side.


    Not for side sleepersIt’s a light, soft and comfortable pillow for resting your back, but actually sleeping on it for two days gave me neck pain. (I’m a side-sleeper)You don’t sink into it as much as you’d hope and it sits very high. While it is possible to remove some of the foam, once you do, it’s no longer being held together well by the pillowcase, so you have to keep readjusting it and it’s very hard to keep it evenly distributed.As it is comfortable for other uses I’ll be keeping it, but will keep looking for a suitable sleep pillow.

  351. KLCVA

    Great so farThe company wanted a review before I could get the 5-year warranty. I have only slept on it once, but so far it is exactly what I wanted. I had not been able to find a firm King-sized pillow. The ones that said they were firm were nowhere near firm enough for a side sleeper and this one is. It appears to be a great quality. Assuming it does not flatten with time, I am very pleased and would buy another.

  352. lydia b

    Buy it!I have had this pillow for almost a year and I love it! It is a nice mix of firm and soft. It is very easy to reshape and has not gone flat. I bought two to try them out and will now replace every pillow I have with these. They are so much better than buying a new pillow every year.

  353. JB

    So far so good!This pillow is soft and comfortable. It isn’t fluffy, and I’m glad that it isn’t, as I wanted something to support my head while I slept – which it does quite well. It stays relatively cool throughout the night, and I’ve had some really good night sleeps lately. It appears to be very well made. If it lasts a year or 2, it will be well worth the money spent, easily.

  354. stccb

    Best pillow I have owned…Worth the price. Removed some memory foam to make it perfect!

  355. cerry


  356. Austin

    Day 2. Full review. Sorry I am very tired but tried to cover everything.The media could not be loaded.  I’d also like to add that I smelled absolutely NO chemical smell whatsoever. The packaging had breathable sides so it airs out while being shipped. Sorry I didn’t show the packaging but it’s pretty nice and could probably be used to store towels for the pool or something (definitelya reusable factor with it.) Comes with a 5 year warranty as well. I’ll re update in a few months to really give it a fair review but I literally noticed decreased stress on my neck compared to using my 2 year old coop pillow.

  357. lupiejean

    Very comfortable pillowThis far I have been very satisfied. Relieved my neck pain. I did not have to adjust the full- but that is a nice feature if needed for individual comfort.

  358. Royal Therapy Customer

    Must buy !!!This pillow is life changing for a side sleeper! I was hesitant when I took it out of packaging because it was flat but once you fluff up the insides, it’s super fluffy. It is supportive in the most soft and firm way possible for a side sleeper!

  359. Robyn B.

    Very good for valueI love the way it forms to you. It is not to hard or to soft

  360. Elio & Angela Fae

    Great pillows!Love these on first impression. Love the fact on how easy it is to take out the stuffings to adjust to our liking!

  361. Royal Therapy Customer

    AwesomeBeautiful pillow

  362. Royal Therapy Customer

    Love this pillow!I have 2 of these pillows and absolutely love them. I am a side sleeper and it gives me the support that I need and so comfortable. I have literally spent thousands of $ on pillows and feel that I have finally found the one for me.

  363. Cj531

    Great productMy sleep quality has changed dramatically. I now sleep thru the night which hasn’t happened in years. Highly recommend.

  364. Nancy – Home

    Nice fluffy/full pillow that’s very soft! Great for pillow shams.If you hate having droopy, slouchy pillows for your pillow shams this is the pillow for you. It’s nice and full but really soft. You can also remove some of the memory foam. Love it!

  365. Megan

    Excellent nights sleepReally liked this pillow from night one

  366. HC

    You can take some of the foam out if it’s to fluffy. Add it back later.Love it!

  367. brut

    are you worried about the pillow not being thick enough?I read all of the reviews trying to get an idea of how thick this pillow would be. Some said it was thick, some said it was too thin and flimsy. At the time of buying this the pillow I was using had becoming too thin and I needed something that was going to give me some support. Every pillow I have bought in the past has been too thin for me. They may start out ok but after sleeping on them for even a few hours the support is gone. This pillow has been the exception! I sleep mainly on my side and it is great for that. When I sleep on my back it is ok but it is almost too thick for back sleepers and puts your head/neck at too sharp of an angle. But that is the great thing about this pillow…if your received it and found that to be the case you could simply remove some of the memory foam until it became perfect for you. I really don’t see a down side to it.

  368. roxie

    Soft plush pillowI was quite surprised how flat it was and compact when I took out of package till you let it rest 24 hours then it was huge. I Was shocked that I actually could sleep on it with how full it was . I was paranoid that I may get a neck ache so I did take out maybe a bag full of the fill in order for it to not be so full and still slept great. So weird that I was sleeping so sound and I am for sure 100% a side sleeper and love having an arm under the pillow then found that I could sleep with arm laying up on pillow. I don’t really have anything bad to say about this plush soft pillow . Only thing I wish was that all the sizes came with a travel bag since mine did not with the king only because I take everything with me when I road trip, pillows, sheets and blankets. The other thing I wish it came with was a zipper bag that you could store the excess filling you take out to store it. I highly recommend this pillow and would buy again …..

  369. Ginger Shapardon

    Great neck supportUnique packaging. Very neck supportive.

  370. Dan

    AWESOME PILLOWReally like this pillow. It comes VERY stuffed, so taking a little bit of stuffing out was necessary, but that was easy to do. As the foam breaks down I am sure I will have to re-add some stuffing.

  371. PianoMan

    Comfy with plenty of cushionThis pillow has plenty of supporting cushion. Some will want to remove a little, but I use it all. A very comfortable pillow.

  372. doxiemoms

    Memory foam is niceI needed to take a little foam out but it is comfortable now.

  373. Ralph E.

    Good pillowMy son really likes it and it seems to hold up well

  374. Royal Therapy Customer

    You can adjust the firmness of your pillow! Great quality and comfort??I use this to sleep at night. Comfort and quality is very good! I love to adjust the firmness of my pillow. Something I could never do in the past. Thanks

  375. Leah Murphy

    Great pillowLove this pillow!

  376. Saige

    Best pillows I’ve ever bought!We have had these pillows for a year now ! And they are by far the best! They still have there shape and have not gone flat like other pillows do within a couple months! I highly recommend these pillows!

  377. Nicolet

    Love itI love the softness ?

  378. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great neck supportThis pillow provided great neck support!

  379. Ayanna O.

    I sleep like a baby now. I love this pillow.Great quality pillow.

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