Royal Therapy 4-Layer Queen Memory Foam Pillow, Neck Pillow Bamboo Adjustable Side Sleeper Pillow



  • ULTRA-ADJUSTABLE QUEEN-SIZE MEMORY FOAM PILLOW – Royal Therapy snuggle bed pillows are designed to contour to the unique shape of the body to help support your head and neck. It provides even support for the neck and head. This bamboo pillow allows for uniform pressure on all areas of the head and neck. By removing the middle foam layer, its construction allows it to be perfect for all kinds of sleepers (side / back / stomach). Key Product Features
  • BEST SPINAL ALIGNMENT – Our luxury cervical firm pillow gives greater resistance under the heaviest parts of the head, and equally supports the lighter, more sensitive neck area. ROYAL THERAPY memory foam pillow helps reduce tossing, turning and discomfort. It allows your muscles to relax properly offering natural spinal support to your body, adjusting to your unique shape promoting a deep restful sleep.
  • HELPS WITH GOOD SLEEP – it is commonly believed that the spinal alignment also aligns the airways better allowing easier breathing at night. The lack of pressure during sleeping with ROYAL THERAPY memory foam may also be a benefit to those with sleeping problems, as there is less tossing and turning. This leads to sound, restful sleep.
  • HYGIENIC AND HYPOALLERGENIC w/ BAMBOO COVER– Our memory foam pillow is completely safe and nontoxic. Royal Therapy memory foam bed pillows are naturally hypoallergenic inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, fungus and dust mites. This is a great advantage for those with allergies to dust mites, feathers, or other natural pillow materials. Bamboo cover is constructed with heat dissipating technology that eliminates thermal build-up while you sleep.
  • EXTRA DURABLE AND AESTHETIC PILLOW – ROYAL THERAPY Memory Foam Pillows for sleeping retain its shape so it will not go flat like traditional pillows. ROYAL THERAPY special foam conforms to fit the neck and head, but as it is cooling, it reverts to its original shape. Memory foam returns to its shape reliably, again and again. It will outlast other high-quality pillows simply by design.

Royal Therapy adjustable memory foam pillow

Why you’ll love it: The Premium Adjustable Odor-Free Memory Foam Pillow from Royal Therapy will have you sleeping like a baby with its perfect support and variable firmness.

  • ADJUSTABLE – what makes the ROYAL THERAPY pillow particularly wonderful is that it’s adjustable. You can unzip the pillow cover to remove middle layer of foam to make the pillow just the way you like it.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN – our Premium Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow has a polyester/bamboo cover that is cool and comfortable for sleep, and it’s easily removed for washing.
  • CertiPUR-US certified – ROYAL THERAPY’s memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it’s guaranteed to be free of chemicals and toxins you really don’t want to sleep with, such as formaldehyde, lead, mercury, ozone depleters, PBDEs, phthalates, and TCEP flame retardants.
  • HAPPY CLIENTS – hundreds of buyers call this the best pillow they’ve ever owned, praise its breathability and adjustability, and love the way it supports their neck and head.
  • CONTOUR MEMORY FOAM PILLOW – ROYAL THERAPY Contour Memory Foam Pillow has two gentle slopes — one slightly higher than the other, so you can choose the side that best fits your neck — with a shallow valley in the center for your head.
  • THE FIRM, YET MOLDABLE SUPPORT – firm support gently cradles your head and neck, relieving pressure that often leads to aches and pains. The shape of the contour pillow fills in the gap between your neck and the mattress, keeping your spine in proper alignment while you snooze.

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363 reviews for Royal Therapy 4-Layer Queen Memory Foam Pillow, Neck Pillow Bamboo Adjustable Side Sleeper Pillow

  1. GABE C

    Met expectations exactly, so far. Hoping it lasts like it says it should.

  2. Skylar Hagin

    Comfortable and soft

  3. cat

    Love it

  4. MyrnaLee

    Pillow construction is high quality. The way it can be leveled is ingenious.

  5. Steven Perona

    Great nights sleep. So supportive but also soft.

  6. Caleb D.

    Most comfortable pillow ever owned!

  7. Gregory M. McKee

    Excellent. Slept great with this pillow!

  8. Kasey Christens

    The pillow is comfortable, provides good neck support, and the memory foam holds its shape well.

  9. Kala Thrower

    So far it performed well during my nap. Very soft

  10. Burnell Robinson

    Very comfortable

  11. draves67

    I had a disc cushion 13 years ago in my kneck. Over the years sleep has been a challenge, I bought this pillow after trying many it has been the best pillow for me yet

  12. Teresa C. Priest

    Pillows expanded very quickly. Started within minutes of opening and were fully expanded within thirty minutes. Product is well made.

  13. Melissa Robinson

    I really liked the removable pieces to make it shorter which helped offer the support I needed. I’m actually ordering another one for my husband! The only reason I gave 4 stars is the pillow is skinnier than an average pillow and being memory foam gets pretty warm laying on it. Overall excellent pillow!!

  14. Cliente Royal Therapy

    Very soft. Just received it the other day, so we will see how it feels in a couple days.

  15. Ran

    Adjustable and works great!

  16. M Peavley

    Love the size!! Amazing neck support!! Extremely comfortable!!

  17. DoubleDugan

    This pillow is very comfortable and works well for a side sleeper. There is a slight smell to the pillow which takes a few days to subside.

  18. jody

    So comfortable, since the first night it relief my back pain

  19. Alice

    This is the best pillow that I have purchased. I usually wake up with neck pain but not anymore since I have purchased this pillow.

  20. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great support and very comfortable.

  21. Leslie Marie

    Love this pillow helps with back pain and neck.

  22. Michael

    I am happy person now. I bought a best pillow.

  23. Eric

    I like it! I will buy more.

  24. ryan

    This pillow is supportive yet soft. What I like is that the memory foam shapes just enough to support my head and doesn’t take a long time to reshape when I move or reposition. That has been an issue for me with other memory foam items. This is not the best pillow for reading in bed, but that’s what decorative pillows are for. This purchase was worth it for me.

  25. Davina

    It’s my first night and I already really like it !

  26. John Kopcke

    The product arrived as promised and the quality and performance meets our expectations. We are very happy with this purchase.

  27. Walter Mayfield

    Very comfortable and supportive.

  28. Keisha

    Haven’t had this good of a sleep since I can even remember – this pillow is truly a God sent! I hope to get another for my husband!!

  29. Jesus R. Guadarrama

    Excellent pillow provides good support. So happy with my purchase good quality perfect size.

  30. Christina Hanes

    I recently had an ACDF surgery on my C5-6 and was struggling to find support for my neck while I was sleeping. I purchased other pillows not happy with them and then finally purchased this pillow. I have finally slept through the night with this pillow. Its the best pillow I have ever used and I plan on buying one for my husband and son. Thank you for this amazing pillow!

  31. Phyllis M.

    I’ve been using several different contour pillows over the past 30 years. This one cradles my head and neck with just the right support for comfort.

  32. Carmen Walker

    Helps me with my shoulder, neck, and head pain. I absolutely love it.

  33. Daniel Long

    Feels great and is a perfect fit.

  34. Bobert

    Everyone is different when it comes to pillows but for me this one has been the best one I have tried. I got the king size and it gives me the proper support. Others I have tried are too mushy and if you are a side sleeper they can have a tendency to block off air flow. I am not a stomach sleeper so I can not comment on that but it works for a side and back sleeper very well. I have been using it for awhile now and it seems to be holding its shape just fine. It ships compressed and after opening, it found its shape very quickly (within an hour). There appears to be no smell right out of the box. I would recommend this pillow if you like a firmer support as I do.

  35. Melanie

    Have had less pain and can sleep

  36. Mark Luebker

    It’s a very nice pillow, but I bought it to replace a 10-year-old Tempur-Pedic pillow that had gotten too soft over the years, and unfortunately this one is no firmer than that one. Navigating descriptions of how firm a particular memory foam pillow might be is a real chore, one I clearly have not mastered yet. Nevertheless, I’m keeping the pillow. When I have a pile of them behind me to sit up and watch TV, this one now goes on top. It provides great neck support while I’m in a sitting position.

  37. Christine Borsom

    It has been amazing! Already feeling less pain in my neck when I wake up. And they are so soft it is like sleeping on a cloud!

  38. gokhan

    Awesome pillow

  39. Alan Hein

    Best pillow for side sleeping.

  40. Maerr

    Hubby is soooo picky about his pillows! He LOVED this!

  41. Nikki

    Great pillow

  42. jamie hoover

    the pillow doesn’t put a hard pressure point on my head because it is a good memory foam pillow. I would buy more.

  43. Nathan Jones

    This product is very soft and comfortable. I like that it was available in a King size. My head stays in place well throughout the night.

  44. Ashley

    The best pillow I’ve owned to date. Beyond happy with this purchase!

  45. T. Jacob

    This is my first contoured memory foam pillow and it took a couple days of getting used to it but oh my goodness it is SOOOOOOO comfortable that now I cant imagine not having it. I sleep on my side and on my back and the support is perfect!

  46. J25

    Great for neck pain!

  47. David A Haugh

    Seems to help me have no neck pain after sleeping. Keeps it shape

  48. John Pinder

    Just got this and so far is great! Very soft and feels great on my neck!

  49. David Sloan

    Comfort and support, excellent quality

  50. Jill M

    I look forward to going to sleep every night because of these pillows!

  51. Luz B.

    Excelente comunicacion

  52. Ray

    My wife loved the new pillow. She suffers with spine problems and this aligned just right during her sleep. Product arrived on time and instructions were clear.

  53. Cam

    Its gel components and contour make this a great feeling pillow. I got this to replace my sleep number contour pillow, and I like this one better plus a good price.

  54. Jim C

    I used a similar shaped pillow years ago, and it was not comfortable. From the moment my wife unpacked these pillows, I could tell that I was going to be happy with them, and I am.

  55. pocohontas37

    This is a quality product. I have bought several memory foam items and I know the quality of the foam. I am pleased with the purchase. I am disappointed that they dropped the price by $9 after the purchase and prior to shipping. Other than that, I am pleased with the purchase.UPDATE: I LOVE this pillow!! I have had a chance to truly test it and can say, it is the BEST part of my sleep at night!!

  56. Anne

    So far so good. Only used one night but these pillows were what we’ve been looking for. We have hard our hold pillows for too many years and were afraid to try new ones bc we love them so much. We wanted king curved memory foam pillows. My only reason for taking one star off would be I wish they were a little thicker like our older ones. But they were comfortable last night! And they come with a warranty which is great. They also shipped extremely quickly.

  57. Royal Therapy Customer

    I like that the description was accurate. The memory foam performs as it should and it has improved my sleep as far as I can tell after one night

  58. Coshan76

    Should offer a cooling gel cover feature

  59. MaestroGentle


  60. Alissa

    Feels like my head is resting on the clouds of heaven.

  61. Kristina Peeva

    Perfect . Thank You

  62. Libby K.

    Great quality! Just opened it and from what I can tell it definitely can be supportive for different sleep positions like it states. It has the perfect amount of firmness and softness to it.

  63. EMac69

    This is the best pillow I’ve ever had! The support is amazing. I always wake up in the middle of the night due to neck pain and tossing and turning. I slept thru the night first night. It’s been great!

  64. Tracy

    Great pillow! Perfect for back or side sleepers!

  65. Lauren Ferguson

    Back pain is gone 💗

  66. Diana

    Product as described. Easy company to work with!

  67. AB

    I’ve been searching for a great pillow for a long time. I’ve purchased really expensive pillows, no luck. Thought I would give this pillow a try since the reviews were good…I am a side sleeper and love the pillow. No more neck and shoulder pain when I wake up!! Buy it! Great price.

  68. Courtney Cook

    This pillow has been great so far. I’ve had instant pain relief after using it each night—I noticed a difference on the first day after using it. It’s very comfortable and versatile, featuring two different heights (one on each side) to suit back, stomach or side sleeping (I do a mix of everything). It’s well made, with multiple layers of foam that fit perfectly together and a high-quality, thick pillowcase with a zipper in the back. I read the other reviews before purchasing, so I made sure to check for any cracks—there were none. The pillow also came a little bent, likely due to being rolled up in the box, but after a few hours it was ready to use. I’m very impressed with this pillow so far after trying many different types/styles of pillow.

  69. Christopher Miller

    Perfectly comfortable and great support both in value/customer service. I would definitely buy these pillows again.

  70. Royal Therapy Customer

    Very firm. It you want a pillow that keep you head up but very comfortable.

  71. Justin Tompkins

    Great pillow, just want i needed for supporting my neck.

  72. Kelly H

    This is a wonderful pillow that has just the right amount of softness as well as support. I also love that it comes in king size!! Not many companies carry the support pillows in king size. I would definitely recommend this pillow for anyone who wants a refreshing nights sleep!

  73. kellie frey

    I absolutely love this pillow! So comfortable and helps with my neck problems.Definitely recommend!

  74. Archana Rao


  75. Razy Cervantes

    despite having to fluff it out and expand the memory foam, I am pleased with its comfort and wake up with no neck pain thanks to this pillow.

  76. maya

    very very good 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻5 stars

  77. Kelly (Butler) Garno

    Very comfortable for my neck and can sleep on side too!

  78. James Wagner

    Pillows arrived today. The delivery was on time, the quality looks great and we can’t wait to try them out tonight!

  79. Royal Therapy Customer

    Lately I’ve been having neck problems and considering my pillows are pretty flat now I decided to look for a new pillow. This pillow is perfect because I sleep on my side and sometimes my back. Best sleep ever with this pillow 10/10

  80. Amanda Caccia

    I LOVE this pillow. I’m a side/stomach sleeper. My upper neck and back used to hurt so bad. This offers just the right amount of support without being too squishy or soft. I’m actually buying a second so my significant other will stop stealing mine because he is a back sleeper and this pillow is so comfy to him. Long story short, BUY IT. it’s definitely worth it.

  81. Paul Clutts

    Great pillow!

  82. Mustafa

    My mattress is very bad so I sleep on sofaDamn.its a sleep machine you lie on it & you doozin on a sofa o can imagine on a good mattress how helpful it will be also great for neck back pain & more rested sleepDef recommended

  83. LindaLarry

    I thought it was hopeless to find a supportive pillow. I’m so happy to stumble upon this AWESOME pillow!!!

  84. Royal Therapy Customer

    I used this product as a side sleeping pillow for neck support. I would give this product a 10 on a scale of 1-10 woth 10 being the best!! Thank you for an awesome product and awesome rest!!

  85. Ashley

    This is just AWESOME. Finally a pillow that offers comfort, support, and….promotes me sleeping thru the night.

  86. Michelle L.

    This pillow is by far one of the best I have ever used, it is so comfortable, and has great quality.

  87. Connecticut Royal Therapy Customer

    Excellent Pillow. The pillow is heavy, so it does not slide around the bed. The pillow is very firm, but also soft and responsive to touch. Other cervical pillows have been very slow to respond to pressure, leaving them flat. This pillow is wonderful so far. I like that the height is adjustable by removing a layer of foam, although the full height offers excellent support for my needs.

  88. S. Sumsion

    I only rated low because I felt this wasn’t the right fit for me. The pillow was too tall & the shape didn’t work for my neck. I returned it. I imagine this would be a great pillow for someone else, but just wasn’t right for me. I ordered the king size & really didn’t like how long it was. Again, nothing wrong with the pillow, just not right for me.

  89. Joe Velasquez

    I just received this pillow and love the look and feel right out of the box.

  90. Lauren M

    Fantastic pillow! There is no uncomfortable position. It conforms easily to my head but without being TOO soft. So it has support and conforms to me.

  91. JO A.

    This is a great pillow especially for those with chronic neck/upper back aches. It’s very comfortable. I have been using this for more than a week and it has greatly relieved my neck pain. It’s still there but barely noticeable when I wake up. Customer service is also very good! I had a little bit of problem with the quality of the pillow I received and Melissa replied promptly and resolved my concern. Thank you! The pillow smells like how memory pillows usually smell but 2 pillow cases covered it up.

  92. Elizabeth R.

    Purchased this pillow to alleviate neck pain and it works. Memory foam bounces back quickly to original shape. Pleased with my purchase!

  93. Royal Therapy Customer

    I love my new pillow – not too hard, not too soft and it’s adjustable!

  94. Royal Therapy Customer

    I love this pillow. I can add or takeaway layers. Very user friendly and a great-night-sleep inducer!

  95. Jackie

    This pillow is just what I needed.

  96. Royal Therapy Customer

    It’s the perfect pillow. Slept incredibly comfortable from night one. Quality is amazing!

  97. stacy

    Has good neck support, not hard like some. Can take out the middle section of foam to lower if too high. It’s awesome! Love it!!

  98. Benjamin Ramos

    So I’m picky with my pillows. This one is doing its job well so far. No complaints here!

  99. sheit

    I got a MyPillow and hated it. I think it was a waste of money. This was quite a bit cheaper. I was so pleased with the the comfort. It is the best pillow I have ever had. I recommend that you give it a shot.

  100. Eric

    So far, the pillows have provided great support and is not too firm that you feel like sleeping on a rock. Purchased a pair of king size ones and they fit great!

  101. Sue Hartman

    Awesome pillow with great adjustability! Best nights sleep in a long time!

  102. James Cupit, Jr

    great product, company emailed a few suggestions before pillow arrived. have slept on it for 3 nights and it’s great.

  103. Megan Kee

    I like how light weight it is, but still firm! We used to have pillows like these before, but they were so heavy. We tried regular pillows for a while, but we had to go back to this design. It helps my neck a lot! Totally recommend

  104. RJ

    It’s great!

  105. Royal Therapy Customer

    Very comfortable pillow with great neck support. Would recommend.

  106. Amy

    It’s comfortable and is just what I expected. After trying it out for a few nights, my neck feels pretty good.

  107. Nikki

    If you are looking for a memory foam pillow you can stop your search with this pillow. This pillow is awesome cause you can customize it to fit your head. It immediately filled to be the most amazing pillow ever. The cover is so soft and who wouldn’t love a five year warranty!!!

  108. Royal Therapy Customer

    Bought this for my husband, he has sleep apnea, he loves it

  109. Brenton

    Great pillow

  110. Elias

    Very nice, I’ve tried sooo many pillows and this one is by far the best. No neck and or shoulder pain.🤘

  111. Devin

    My husband and I have been using memory foam pillows for years to help alleviate neck pain. Not only do these pillows fit our king sized pillow cases perfectly, but I like that the middle insert can be removed if you require a slightly lower profiled pillow, such as child or shorter adult may need. The seller was awesome and communicated with us every step of the way, even sending unpacking instructions prior to the package arrival. The pillows arrived very neatly packaged and came to full size very quickly. There was a slight smell from the foam as expected; however, it was very slight and dissipated in less than 24 hours. Great buy, great value, will definitely purchase more for the other rooms in our home.

  112. Patricia Roberts

    Support and softness

  113. Happy

    I bought two of these memory foams for my parents in Feb. 2020, and waited today to write the review because I wanted to give much time for their experience. Guess what? They love it a lot, especially my mother who has neck problem for a while, she told me the support of this foam is so good, that her neck feels lot more better; my father also likes its flexible. Overall, this pillow is a great product that can use for years in come, highly recommend!

  114. Privacy is nice

    I bought the king size and almost got the thicker king sized one because I’m a tall person. I’m glad I didn’t. The regular height pillow is perfect. In fact I use the smaller end of the normal pillow. I normally toss and turn a lot at night and this had made a very significant improvement in that area. Well worth the premium price.

  115. Wendy Andreason

    Bought for my husband, he likes a flat thin pillow. He took the middle layer out and he LOVES this pillow. So glad I bought it.

  116. Bubba

    Good thing is you can remove the central layer if you find the profile too high.

  117. MP

    Best pillow ever!!! I’ve been shopping around for a while and my search is over

  118. Avida King

    Great pillow for neck support . Can’t use a regular pillow again!

  119. Tanja Stojkova

    Good quality can’t wait to sleep on it tonight

  120. Wyatt Scott

    Sofa King Nice !

  121. P

    Ideal Firmness

  122. P

    The best feature of this pillow is that the thickness can be adjusted by adding/removing one or more of the 4 layers. I am happy with this purchase!

  123. Heather K

    So far so good !! Very soft

  124. Juan

    Im very satisfated with the purchase. Very nice quality and my back pain its getting over.

  125. Cynthalania

    My cervical pain is gone!! This pillow is a miracle worker! I highly recommend this pillow!! Fast shipping and awesomely packaged! I got it in size king and it’s just amazing! Buy it and you’ll sleep like a baby!

  126. Andzia

    If you have any neck problems this is a pillow for you. I have a damaged nerve in my neck and was searching for a right pillow. This pillow is the best I ever had. It is worth every penny.

  127. Sara Acosta

    This is the best pillow I’ve ever used. It’s very firm and supports my neck whether I’m on my side or back.

  128. Ysis Molina

    Soft and feels good

  129. Ysis Molina

    I haven’t Yet However it seems well done and very soft. I will be posting another review as soon as I sleep in them

  130. JayB77

    Would buy again in a heartbeat – a MUST for side sleepers!It is cool to sleep on. There is no initial smell either, like lots of other foam pillows.

  131. Erica M. Rhodes

    Perfect for my husband

  132. Juan M. Navarro

    Looks awesome

  133. Erica M. Rhodes

    My husband likes a very thick, supportive pillow. We had a hard time finding a replacement for his much-too-old and well-loved pillow, but this one has been perfect for him! He even removed a layer because it was too thick at first. I went for this one because it was adjustable and I’m very glad that I did!The only issue he has is that our pillow cases don’t want to stay on … they slowly slide toward one end during the night. Who knows; it could be operator error! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  134. Juan M. Navarro

    I just received my pillow, and it looks good, Great packaging, I will review the performance once I sleep on it

  135. A. Bailey

    This is truly a king size pillow. Two of them would span almost the entire king mattress. The height is good. I was worried because I used to put a pillow under my old memory foam pillow. It’s soft and the neck roll portion has enough volume for good contour. I will probably buy a second one and pretend it’s for people, but it’s for my cat. That whole side of the bed is for my enormous cat.

  136. Katherine T.

    My husband love the King size pillow and how comfortable it is compared to cheaper brands.

  137. Rose

    This is my second purchase. My daughter stole my other pillow 😊. It’s the best. I tried others but there is no comparison. The pillow inflates immediately. There is a smell but it goes away after a few days. You won’t regret this purchase.

  138. Carol

    I’ve been sleeping on it for nearly a month and I’m not waking up stiff. Especially good sleeping after tough workouts.

  139. Omar

    Exactly what I needed!

  140. Omar

    Pillow fluffed right up after taking it out of the box. The pillow and case are of high quality construction and the pillow is just the right density to be supportive but not hard. This is my first day with it so I will update my review later if necessary, but it looks like a real winner after laying down on it for a couple of minutes. By the way I am an exclusively side sleeper. I recommend getting the premium for the extra layer.

  141. Esperanza G.

    So far so good.

  142. Royal Therapy Customer

    I was waking up daily with a sore neck, then resorting to using a rolled up towel to ease some of the pain. Then I did some research and read the reviews for the Royal Therapy foam pillow and thought I’d give it a try. I’ve been using it for almost a month now and the soreness in my neck has almost completely gone away. The material is soft and comfortable and fits the curve of my neck perfectly,. I would definitely recommend this product.

  143. D. Clarke

    I give this pillow 5 stars for one simple reason–it’s adjustable. I didn’t like it the first night because it felt too thick but this pillow is constructed of 3 layers (bottom, middle and top). I took the middle layer out after that first night so it was a bit thinner and haven’t looked back. The construction materials are top notch and, honestly, this might be the best pillow I’ve ever owned.Worth a try.

  144. Sasikumar Dasarathan

    After using this pillow my neck pain completely gone and they are doing excellent customer service

  145. Matthew

    I have neck problems so it’s difficult to get the support I need. This pillow is perfect for me! I got it because it can be adjusted, but I don’t need the adjustments as it’s perfect as is. I am more of a side sleeper and I’ve been getting much deeper sleep since using this. I don’t wake up with any pain in my neck or back. The pillow is soft but still very supportive! Keep in mind, It might take a few nights to find the best way to use this pillow for you. Love this pillow and just bought another for my husband. I may buy more as gifts too!

  146. Reisa Allick

    I am in love with my pillows. Enjoy my night rest.

  147. Kindle Customer

    good product!

  148. Royal Therapy Customer

    High quality foam and covering.

  149. Brittney

    I absolutely love this pillow

  150. Paul

    Surprisingly soft yet supportive.

  151. Mrs. Mae

    So far so good! Update*

  152. Mrs. Mae

    Soft yet very supportive. Most amazing feel I have ever experienced from memory foam. Will update more as I use it.*Update*Love it so much bought my husband one too!

  153. Bruce S.

    I’ve been looking for a firm size side sleeper pillow for a while. I was hesitant about spending $50 for a pillow but I seen free returns so I figured why not? I’m definitely happy with my purchase. It has three layers so if it’s too tall you can remove the center layer and it fits perfect for me.

  154. Lorena

    I like that I do not wake up with a stiff or sore neck.

  155. DesignerMom

    We bought a pair of these in king size. Love the way they feel under the neck when sleeping on our backs, but even better for side sleeping providing excellent head and neck support. The cover is embroidered with a capital R which helps to orient the pillow correctly when making the bed.

  156. Yooo

    Absolutely fantastic. Do you know what sets this pillow aside from its competitors? Its foam! Unlike the others which use foam that’s like foam, this one is kinda like latex. Thanks to that material, it provides more support and seems to hold its shape longer. I’ve used it for 2 weeks now and It’s going strong. I appreciate the fact that I can remove the middle layer to lower it too.

  157. Royal Therapy Customer

    Good pillow, quality material

  158. Judith

    Perfect for neck cervical pain

  159. Judith

    Perfect for neck, relieves neck pain. I started physical therapy for my neck, bought this pillow and it is fantastic. I can actually sleep all night. Works perfect for me. Happy I found this .

  160. Tamara Gapasin

    Liked the price!!

  161. A. Casey

    Great pillow and the fact that you can adjust its thickness is a huge bonus. Communication front the company was exceptional. Thank you Royal Therapy

  162. kathy

    The comfort is what it says. I think this pillow should come with a pillow case instead you have to purchase one separate. I can say my son who has insomnia says it is comfortable and he sleeps better with it. It is a good investment.

  163. Elizabeth R.

    Very comfortable and gives great alignment. I used to have a contour pillow from Target that I really liked but honestly this is a big improvement. I have a small head and was worried about the height being too tall and straining my neck but it’s just perfect without taking out any foam. I do use the shorter side, though. I put this in an additional pillow case and I think it lets my head breathe a little more than my old pillow.

  164. James Buckwalter

    Big Difference Maker!Slept better immediately!Perfect for my neck and shoulders!

  165. Gregory Santana

    Great price and comfortable sleep in the first night and waking up better mood also.

  166. Rachel

    Not as big or firm as I’d hoped. Seems like my neck still hurts. But it is better. Best if I put one additional pillow under this one for perfect alignment. Because my head sinks in. I wouldn’t buy again

  167. Dawne R.

    It’s still new but so far I love this pillow! Replacing an old tempurpedic neck pillow.

  168. Reiff

    I just open the box but it looks really good. I like the fact that it cam be thin for stomach sleepers like me…

  169. Sydney Harris

    I love this pillow. I bought a standard size but it was too short so I eventually got the king size one. It’s incredibly soft but sturdy and provides support for your neck. I am a side sleeper so it’s a blessing. I love the contour and it provides two options, a higher side or lower one. It’s amazing so far and hopefully stays like this for a long time. Definitely recommend if you’re looking for a new pillow

  170. Akasha S. Hiler

    My husband had to take out the middle insert and ever since he’s done that he loves the pillow.

  171. Royal Therapy Customer

    It will take away the pain from your neck and shoulders.

  172. GeorgiM

    I used it 20 mins after it came for a nap. It was fantastic. I am 6’2 and the pillow height was just perfect for me, no adjustment needed. It is the perfect firmness as well – not as hard as my old memory foam, not as soft as my girlfriends $100 down pillow.

  173. Dichologos

    I ordered this memory foam pillow over others specifically because I am a large guy (6’4″), and other memory foam pillows I could find mostly did not have the thickness that this one has. This particular model is split into three memory foam “sections” which can be adjusted if you wish, though I kept it as it was. It is somewhat firm, but still conforms more than well enough to spread out the pressure on my head. I got this alongside a good memory foam topper for my bed, and have had very good sleep since doing so with very few aches and pains upon waking up.I would recommend this pillow to anyone who is larger and wants a thicker memory foam pillow than some. If you are smaller of course, you can go for a smaller size or for another brand entirely. This one has helped me a lot.

  174. Tom Curley

    This is my favorite pillow I have ever slept on.

  175. KEN E

    Purchased this as recommended by orthopedic surgeon. I am very satisfied with the comfort and the price.

  176. jwittenberg

    Very comfortable and highly supportive.

  177. jwittenberg

    It was hard to find a pillow that had enough firmness/support and one that was thick enough. This pillow was both!

  178. Amanda decker

    So I just got this but I think I’m really going to like it. I just have one question. It says king pillow but its no where near the size of my other king pillows and my king pillow case just swallows this thing… hmmm

  179. Royal Therapy Customer

    I love the height of this pillow. It’s adjustable, but I like it full-height. I like mine so much that my husband got one, too, and he loves it.

  180. Mickey

    I like that this neck pillow is NOT the standard size, but a king size. I have cervical neuropathy, so a comfortable pillow is of utmost importance to me. It replaces the smaller standard version neck pillow I’ve been using for years, so it took some adjusting. I must admit that I’m sleeping better, without too much pain waking up in the morning. I really like this pillow and look forward to having my pain eliminated with proper posture while sleeping.

  181. Christy C

    Great support both my husband and usually have neck and shoulder pain from being side sleepers but after just the first night there was already a difference. Less pain in the morning, less tensions headaches and better range of motion. Already love the quilted cooling cover we have the same kind of cover on our mattress and know that it works great on hot summer nights.

  182. Dave & Sabrina

    I’m a side sleeper and kind of tall and it works great for me. Good night level on the taller side for side sleepers.

  183. Deisy Morales

    I suffer from neck pain and this pillow helps my neck. It’s not to soft or not to hard. It’s perfect! I highly recommend it!

  184. Kanwa NS

    It is very Comfort and soft . You can roll it up fix in box for travel.

  185. Daniel

    The best pillow I have ever had!

  186. Germundson family

    Just like my standard size one. I love it

  187. CR

    This pillow is so amazing. I’m a side sleeper and woke up one night 8 yrs ago with a locked jaw. I have known my jaw was out of place since that night. The second night using this pillow, I heard a loud pop in my jaw. It miraculously helped to move my jaw back in place. I am one happy customer!!

  188. Royal Therapy Customer

    By far the best pillow we ever had.

  189. Retro

    I love this pillow. I decided to go with the 4 layers and I love it. I particularly like the fact that I can remove layers and still feels very comfortable and firm. Most importantly, they have it in a king size. Most of the other vendors only offera standard size which is ridiculous. I made a great purchase.

  190. Regina

    Have slept on this pillow for 2 nights and have had the worst neck and shoulder pain. Adjusted by removing the middle piece of foam and it is much better.

  191. Waheed Bhatti

    Comfortable and adjustable.

  192. Lstansfield98

    I was regularly having neck pain from my cheap Walmart pillow. This pillow was perfect, is so comfy and soft. I haven’t had any neck pain since using it. I love it!

  193. Drew Black

    Love this pillow ! I had neck pain for years and I can Finally wake up and go to work pain free worth every penny !

  194. L. Jason

    This pillow is perfect! I ordered it because it’s high, but it’s also adjustable so if it wound up to be too high I could remove a section to make it a little lower. Well, it’s perfect the way it is. I’m a side sleeper, so I like a high pillow. I’ll probably order an extra just to have it.

  195. AM Thompson

    Great pillows!!!

  196. Savvy shopper

    So comfortable! I pulled out the middle section, and it was perfect. Great support.

  197. D. BRIGMAN

    Love it. No more neck pain. Perfect height for sleeping on my side and back.

  198. Royal Therapy Customer

    Good overall balance of feel and height

  199. Royal Therapy Customer

    I like my pillows thick and hard. This was a pleasant suprise. I took out one layer because of height but I’m assuming I will return it later as wear and tear causes it to loose height. This will hopefully extend the pillow a good while. I have had to get used to a much softer pillow. I wasn’t sure if it would work but am now enoying the softer side. It is amazing in that I don’t feel I am loosing the thickness or height. I have severe neck problems and see a chiropractor every 3 weeks so the pillow is a big deal in my world. I have to say my normal headache, that I sometimes get between adjustments and will last for several days off and on, has been much milder the more I have used the pillow. This pillow appears to meet, in a good middle spot, for probably a wide range of users. Hope they will continue to make it because I get frustrated a few years down the road when it’s time to buy a new one and they no longer make it.

  200. Daniel Fleeger

    Having neck and back issues, I was looking for a pillow that would help me sleep comfortably. The Royal King pillow is great. It is a well made pillow that is adjustable. The memory foam feels great. I am extremely pleased with this purchase.

  201. Rebekah

    Great king sized memory foam pillow. Love the ability to take out the center section if the pillow is too tall. The pillow is dense enough to be supportive and relieves my headaches.

  202. Brandon Brown


  203. Justine Trogdlen

    Great size, firmness and supportive. Will write a revised review once I have used the pillow for a significant period of time

  204. Todd C.

    Better sleep.

  205. Todd C.

    Nice pillow and very comfortable.

  206. erudene

    The pillow is great, it provides good support and is plenty thick, even with the adjustable portion out for me.

  207. A Adams

    Love this pillow. Perfect firmness and like that the height is adjustable

  208. Zachary E. Mannon

    Getting the right combination of pillow height and firmness/support was critical for me and this pillow is the one.

  209. Lenora Woods

    Great pillow for neck stiffness.

  210. S. smith

    I’ve been having neck issues for a while. Part of it is unrelated to sleeping and part seems to be as a result of my pillow, I researched a bit and this seemed to fit the bill. It gives me good neck support. But many pillows can do that. The unique thing about this pillow is inside the pillow case, there’s actually several layers of foam. If the pillow is to high, you can take out one or more layers. And that’s what I did. I took one layer out. Now it’s just right. My neck pain has definitely been reduced. And it’s better than the $100 pillow I bought when I got a new mattress.

  211. Jon Mojica

    Awesome product! Comfort is crazy good. It does have an odor to it initially but most memory foam products do.

  212. Dog person

    Very nice quality!


    I have been looking for king size memory foam pillows for a while and had not been able to find more than a single option in stores and they weren’t contoured, very thick and felt like a very bouncy rubber rather than a true memory foam. Very excited about these pillows

  214. Andrew Todd

    The look of the pillow is very appealing. The feel of the pillow is very soft and has a good support for my neck.

  215. Rick

    I have now used this pillow for about a month. You have 100 days to return it if not satisfied, therefore, I saved the box and shipping materials. This morning I threw those items in the trash. The pillow took a little time to get use to it. I have had some neck and shoulder pain for the past couple of years. After using the pillow for a week to ten days, all of my soreness in those areas is now gone. I sleep on by back 90% of the time and I use the lower of the two sides of the pillow. One side is about 4″ tall and the other is 5″. You can take the middle of the pillow out and try it, which I did, but after one night I went back to the original. If you sleep on your side, the pillow allows you to keep your nose and mouth out of the pillow without sinking down into it. It is firm but not overly firm. In short, after using “My Pillow” for the past 3-4 years and developing soreness in the neck and shoulder, this pillow has eliminated it. A great investment, not only from the aspect of eliminating the soreness, but it really does give a good night’s sleep! 5 Stars all the way!

  216. Lana T.

    Bought it for my daughter who loves it!

  217. Back

    This is my second purchase of a Royal Therapy pillow. I have one at my home and for frequent travel. These are well made, durable and extremely comfortable. I have had other pillows shaped like this but there is absolutely no comparison. Couple this with one of their weighted blankets and you’re guaranteed a great night sleep.

  218. Oscar

    La compañía me ha contactado y me ofrece el reembolso del costo de las almohadas, me parece que a pesar de todo la atención que promueven, espero cambiar a más estrellas una vez que tenga el reembolso.Buen producto, pero comenzó a despedazarse a los 6 meses de uso, intenté contactar a Royal Therapy para que me dieran una solución y ellos me dicen que no envían remplazos a México, que solicitara la devolución con Royal Therapy. He contactado a Royal Therapy hoy y ellos (con razón) me explican que el fabricante tiene que hacerse responsable porque los envíos internacionales tienen un año de garantía. Volví hoy a contactar a Royal Therapy, espero tener mejor suerte.

  219. Yalc

    no more neck pain

  220. Yalc

    Best pillow I have ever bought. Neck pain and headache gone in one single day. Slept through the night and woke up feeling rested and pain free. I bought a second one for my wife. She loves it just as much.

  221. Royal Therapy Customer

    I like the pillow it was even better then I hoped for.I’ll need to buy another now that I liked this one so much

  222. Joanne Gaines

    Wish it was thicker it’s thick but not thick enough

  223. Shopper

    I have had neck surgery many years ago and can’t find a pillow that helps with the pain. Your pillow has been the best one I have found in managing the discomfort in my neck and shoulders. Received it in 2 days and will be using it for years to come.

  224. Lee mungil


  225. Lee mungil


  226. David B. Green

    I worried it would be flimsy memory foam that slowly compresses to no-support over a few minutes. (I’ve had memory foam lumbar back support pillows for my car that would compress to nothing over a long drive). This one has been good so far (1 month+). I ordered the 4 layer version because I wanted to make sure the support for my neck was sufficient. It is more than sufficient. I ended up removing the extra layer (nice option to have) because the 3 layer version is plenty of support for me.

  227. Sean Meile

    I’m a side sleeper and this provides great support and is super comfortable. I’ll be buying a couple more for my other rooms.

  228. Royal Therapy Customer

    This is a great pillow! It is soft and supports your neck without being too firm. Great for neck pain and side sleeping. It is also nice to get one in a king size. I already bought another one for my mother.

  229. Michael E Ermshar

    The pillow is great. Very supportive…maybe slightly firmer than what I would consider perfect, but a very great value for the money

  230. Melinda Sawitsky

    After several hours I go back to my original pillow. It’s cooler.

  231. Victoria

    these pillows are comfy asf, i had some back/neck pains before getting them & they definitely helped 🙂 when you get them they do have a chemical like smell but if you let them air out in your room for a few hours you can’t tell afterwards so worth the $$$

  232. markb

    Glad to run into this pillow online

  233. markb

    I am glad I am not having to search around – I have neck pains- and I was looking for something that was not a gimmick that could help- this pillow can flip to a higher elevation- or a smaller- I like that it keeps its form – no hanging off the corner of the pillow in the morning- or flat pillow -Did purchase the King in this which I prefer better – I did not buy the multi-layer king- but the normal as the extra layer is way too much – you may want that extra height- but it is pretty tall – I have bought the queen and the king (standard) – satisfied- and glad I got this

  234. julie adams

    I have used a cervical pillow for many years and this is the best one I have had.Recently I woke up each morning because I was in so much discomfort and slept badly.Now with the royal therapy pillow I sleep through the night without waking up. When I wake up in the morning I feel refreshed and the first thing I am aware of is how comfortable my neck feels and how cosy the pillow is. It feels like the pillow is hugging me. So supportive.I have cervical disc compression and stenosis and this pillow has helped considerably

  235. Ang

    Stopped the neck pain I had been having for months. Very comfortable pillow.

  236. DR F.

    Love it! Firm as I wanted and the customizable height allows one to pick the best fit. Really happy about it.

  237. Zachary Ripley

    Is this more then a pillow?! No it’s a pillow

  238. Zachary Ripley

    This is a pillow, it supports your head while trying to sleep in a position that is what some would call normal. The pillow doesn’t smell bad. I would not recommend to use as any sort of safe device as it is a pillow. When accompanied with a blanket it’s pairs nicely with a mattress. If you possess a head, in which, is attached to a neck, thus being the upper most portion of your spinal column, I would advise the use of this or any pillow for that matter to prevent a “sore” neck. Royal Therapy recommends I use the following words; “comfort” “thickness” and “sleeping quality”. But I will just say this is a pillow.

  239. Michael B.

    Love the quality of the pillow. Very soft very well made. Hope to get many many sleeps out of it

  240. Barbara Kaylor


  241. Yvette Wasson

    If you like contour pillows, this is a great one at a decent price

  242. Royal Therapy Customer

    I’ve been on a search for a firm pillow that is actually firm but doesn’t feel like a brick. This pillow is amazing, it’s been months and it still has held up. It also has two levels of height so you can flip the pillow around based on your needs.

  243. Royal Therapy Customer

    This product is fantastic. I’ve been a stomach sleeper all my life and got use to waking up with all kinds of back and neck pain. I’m also a pretty big guy

  244. Royal Therapy Customer

    Best pillow ever

  245. Phillip Damone

    This pillow has great support yet is comfortable to my neck no matter if you sleep on your back or side. A must have,

  246. Heather

    Good pillow support

  247. Heather

    So far so good

  248. CB Lawrence

    Haven’t used it yet but slept on my friends and loved hers so just got mine and they feel soft and seem to be of great quality

  249. Tanya A Blasingame

    Love it! Great purchase’

  250. Bob

    Comfortable pillow!

  251. Bob

    Great comfort!

  252. DK

    This pillow is amazing especially for side sleeper! Only 4 stars due to first pillow received had a section that was smashed and wouldn’t puff up as compared to the rest of it. Instructions state can take up to 72 hours but it never fully puffed up. Submitted an exchange and got the replacement the next day. It puffed up within an hour, fuller and firmer then the first one. There was definitely something wrong with the first pillow. Buying a second one now for my husband who originally didn’t want one until he tried it.

  253. James M. Colby

    This is a great pillow offering just the right of firmness and support that I needed while still being soft and flexible.

  254. emanuell

    Great pillow

  255. Bill

    Great pillow.I recommend it.

  256. Brandi

    I have no neck pain

  257. Ed Layman

    Helped my neck issues a lot!!

  258. James Kocsis

    The pillow seems very good, as advertised. Thank You.

  259. LucyC

    Once received, it aired for three days, then washed the cover because it had a strong chemical smell. I’ve slept with it for three nights already and love the comfort and support, it is also soft to the touch. I paired it with a silk pillowcase and I’m in heaven. Very happy with this pillow purchase. I’, glad I read all the reviews before purchasing this pillow online.

  260. casey perry

    Love everything about it.

  261. Kcir Atomi

    This pillow is so comfortable for your neck and head, no matter if you sleep on your back or your side! I wish I’d had this pillow years ago!!

  262. bots491

    Pillow comes scrunched up and needs to be rested before using. The firmness is just right and the king size is perfect. So far this is the best pillow we’ve ever had.

  263. BuckF

    This pillow is very comfortable and supportive so far. It’s only been 5 days since I started using it. So far it’s not really helping that much with neck pain, but we’ll see as time goes on. I have really bad arthritis in my neck; so it’s really hard to find a good pillow. So far this is the most comfortable one I’ve had.

  264. C. Luisa

    The shape is good, and it reduces my neck pain. However, it is too soft and can’t support enough.

  265. Jason

    I passed right out

  266. Jason

    Loved it

  267. Steven Bui

    Solid soft firmness it’s a nice support

  268. Bill

    Great pillow, my neck pain has gone away.

  269. Rodney B.

    This was definitely worth the money. Thick, soft and extremely comfortable. My neck and head feels like a burden was lifted from all the flimsy pillows from the past. I found out about this pillow from a tech channel on YouTube called Front Page Tech and his name is Jon.

  270. Amber

    Nice pillow, but for me it gets to warm.

  271. Linda U.

    This is the Best Pillow I have ever owned. I am 61 years old and can’t tell you how many expensive pillows I’ve bought over the years trying to find the Best one! This is it for me! The length is perfect! The hight on the pillow on either side is perfect! It supports my neck and head in the right position all night long, weather I am lying on my back or my side. I no longer wake up with a ‘crick’ in my neck. No more waking up in the night trying to adjust my pillow for comfort, or fighting with my pillow.I love it so much!!! Thank You for making such a Fine Pillow!!! ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹

  272. eva

    Very good

  273. Heather M Smith

    I sleep in all positions mostly stomach and side. Here lately I have been having really bad neck and shoulder pain which is causing headaches. I started looking for a supportive pillow and I ran across this one. After looking at all the reviews I decided to purchase this one. My first impression was it is really great quality, very soft, and seems like it would do the job I need it to do. Highly recommend.

  274. eva

    Very good

  275. Dianna K

    Love the fact that this style comes in king size pillow

  276. Mrs Patterson

    I love this pillow so much!! It’s so soft and inviting. It helped with my neck issues. I’m a side sleeper.

  277. Good costmer

    like 5 stars

  278. Liz Kudirka

    Just opened it up. Will review after 30 days of use. First impressions are soft and comfortable.

  279. Patrick

    Thus far, this pillow hasn’t let me down. The presentation was great, the quality is amazing. I’ve never spent this much money on a pillow before, and it’s well worth it!

  280. crazymonk84

    This pillows are truly great. I was considering between this and the Casper pillow. This made more sense financially. They are comfortable and so far no neck pain.

  281. Mom of 4

    Love that it’s king size!

  282. Kimberly


  283. Mariely valentin

    I love my pillow

  284. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great neck support

  285. Royal Therapy Customer

    PERFECT pillow!

  286. Royal Therapy Customer

    Ok so my husband has a FIRM pillow on his christmas list each year. Each year we buy him pillows advertised as firm and within a few months it’s a pancake. I came across these and bought the one for side sleeping and back sleeping. I had no expectation and boy was i pleasantly surprised. These pillows come squished in a tight package and slowly opens up. It is EXACTLY what my poor husband has been looking for and finding hard to get. I’ve bought several and looking to buy more but have to wait until i get back to the US as the shipping/customs cost to canada was quite steep. You won’t regret buying this brand of pillows.

  287. Grandma Carol

    My pillow gives me as a side sleeper such great neck support.

  288. ROB – New Hampshire

    This pillow supports your neck and it feels very nice and cozy!

  289. Michelle

    Great except I wish it was thicker and wider. Chronic neck pain and it is helpful.

  290. Samantha Zyski

    This pillow is actually FIRM, but soft. I mean, it doesn’t squish down pancake flat with use, but it’s so comfy. It curves up into my neck exactly how I need it to, and I like that the thickness is customizable.

  291. Cornelia C.

    Supportive pillow

  292. People Person

    Really comfortable 10/10

  293. uneekfox

    Heaven! Took about a week to get used to and it was worth the adjustment, been using for 6 months and will never use another pillow for the rest of my gift-given days!

  294. Susan Harned

    Love this pillow

  295. Richard Moore

    I bought 2 king size one took 3 days to expand the other took 7 days to expand.

  296. Royal Therapy Customer

    Love love love this pillow. Love that I can change heights. I have major neck issues and I can never find a good pillow, I have tried so many.

  297. Landia Turley

    Have this pillow for few month now, no more sholder pain, no more stiff neck.

  298. X-MAN

    I love this pillow I am now sleeping 8 hours a night and waking up with no knock pain!!!!!!! This pillow is worth every penny!!!!

  299. Joslyn Evans

    Worth it!

  300. Joslyn Evans

    This was worth the money. I’m a side sleeper and this helps take weight off my shoulders.

  301. Brittney

    I love these pillows. They are so comfortable, supportive, and soft memory foam. Initially, I received A defective pillow and customer service sent a new one within a couple of days at no charge or return of the defective one. I’m impressed!

  302. wmartinez0776

    very comfortable

  303. Michael McMullen

    Excellent oroduct, excellent price.

  304. Sarah Parslow

    Good, but not as firm as it says. I’d say medium firmness. Good if that’s what you want, but I’m a side sleeper and wanted something with more support

  305. TruthIsKing

    Not bad! I have occipital neuralgia and this helped me not have flare-ups.

  306. Freya

    The thickness is really good but too thick for me, but it comes in 3 layers so you can remove a layer, but l do prefer temperpedic, its worth spending a little more for comfort.

  307. Nigel F

    adjustable which is good.

  308. Jill K.

    The pillow is extremely comfortable, supportive, and soft!!! We love this pillow and are sleeping much better because of this pillow!

  309. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great pillow to rest and no pain in your neck or shoulder!!I highly recommend it.Many years without sleeping well.Now I sleep all night.

  310. Amanda C

    I am very satisfied with this pillow. So comfortable and never looses shape.

  311. Royal Therapy Customer

    Feels nice!

  312. Royal Therapy Customer

    Haven’t slept on it yet but feels nice a d looks like good quality upon opening. A little bit of smell but aired it out for a day and ok.

  313. catherica

    Love the height. It’s firm and supportive but has enough give to cradle my head properly. Only wish you could adjust the height on one side without changing the other at the same time. Hope it lasts!

  314. Mark R.

    Firm, not too high. improves sleep. Actually allows comfortable back sleeping. My wife got one and I had to get one too. Very satisfied.

  315. Gary S Parker

    Super comfy

  316. Gary S Parker

    So comfortable my wife got jealous so I bought one for her too!

  317. BigM

    Comfortable could be a bit thicker for me

  318. Jonathan David Bass

    I really like this pillow because it’s not too firm like cheaper memory foam pillows it’s just right and very luxurious feeling

  319. ArtisESS

    I finally found a supportive pillow! It is a “king size” which means it is longer than the regular one. It is between a standard pillow and king in length, so it won’t fill up your king pillow case, if that is important to you. It is comfortable and allows me to sleep on my side without hurting my shoulder. I recommend this pillow!

  320. Edwin Aguilar


  321. Anderson

    I was a little leery buying this pillow online for the price however after searching several local stores for a king size contour pillow for my king I bit the bullet. This is way better than my old contour that I had and having the added benefit of being adjustable was a added bonus. I would definitely purchase another if they had a cooling version or even an option to swap out the top section of the pillow with a breathable memory foam. The downside is this pillow sleeps hot but then again I assume all memory foam pillows do which is why some have holes or a gel of some sort.

  322. Gregory

    Actually bought for my husband. He has a bed full of pillows imagine that. He really liked the softnes. Gives good neck support and comfortable

  323. Lori Wood

    I have arthritis of the neck and shoulders. Pillows are a nightmare for me. I ordered this, and felt the difference the first night. So comfortable, I use the lower side, the only thing, is the tag sticks out on the lower side and your holding it while you get comfortable. I will cut it off!!! This pillow is thumbs up, I highly suggest ordering it.

  324. mr.dealer310

    This is it my people. 4 layers. Soft but also firm. Its where you want it on firmness level if you got a steel brick for a head. To tall for your neck? Take a layer out. One side has a bit larger of a bump and it doesn’t work for you just turn to the other side. It’s really worth every penny. I think I paid 80 for the king and The queen was 60, I tried that. Not big enough nor enough layers. It had 3 vs 4. Big big difference. I had shoulder stiffness and pain in my neck for years. Few days after I started using this I noticed the pain is gone. I can go on for days. Its great and I think if you struggled like I did you should stop with the cheap stuff and get something that’s gonna extend your life.

  325. Royal Therapy Customer

    The pillow is okay, I still have neck pain

  326. Jennifer G

    Truthful Advertising

  327. Phil

    I am a side sleeper sothe Royal Therapy pillow is a good supportive shape & the only pillow I’ve found that is thick enough so that I don’t need to use two pillowsAlthough I made the mistake of getting a King pillow (I thought it referred to the thickness but actually its extra long) so now none of our pillow cases are big enough & I’ve had to purchase King sized cases which don’t match my wife’s sideIf I had realised I would have got the standard length but the extra thick

  328. Jennifer G

    Supportive, well made, soft fabric, better than most pillows I’ve tried!

  329. Alliteration

    I really like this pillow! As a side sleeper, I spent a lot of time tossing, turning, & trying to wedge my regular pillow between my ear & shoulder. It is a relief not to have to do that anymore. This pillow fits exactly where I want it to be. Has it relieved back & neck pain? Not sure. Maybe some. But I do think I am sleeping better because I am not waking up fidgeting with a regular pillow. Definitely recommend.

  330. Lynne S

    This pillow really supports your neck and head in the right places. Very cozy and comfortable.

  331. Maria M Martinez


  332. Maria M Martinez


  333. Demetrius

    I just opened the box and it was very nicely wrapped. I am currently waiting for it to expand. I am looking forward to sleeping on this pillow tomorrow.

  334. Woot City

    Awesome pillow and love the fact you can make it lower Incase it’s too high. The quality fit and finish is of millionaire bankroll standards. The price is right for what you get.

  335. Daryl

    Great adjustability

  336. Daryl

    Fantastic product

  337. Dana C. Alverson

    I love this pillow! I need a contour pillow because of my neck and I have orders several, only to put them in the closet. This pillow is so supportive and comfortable. It took no getting used to at all. I did not need one of its great features, it’s adjustable!! Such an innovative feature! Would highly recommend this pillow to anyone that loves a contour!!

  338. OceanIris

    I bought this to use as a knee/leg pillow. But after I found one I liked better for that, I tried this as my head pillow. And WOW! It is so comfortable! I don’t toss and turn my pillow around and around and side to side anymore. Back pain is relieved! I did not realize that my back pain could be related to “My Pillow”. But it’s so much better now, and nothing else has changed… The only thing I will change is to buy the thicker pillow. I am a side sleeper with broad shoulders, so I think that will be better for me. With Prime free returns, you can’t go wrong with trying this great pillow!

  339. Kelly

    I was in a severe car accident 10 years ago and I suffer from chronic neck & back pain. I’ve gone through so many pillows. I need something very firm to keep my neck in line while I sleep. The reviews here have been mixed, from ‘hard as a brick’ to ‘flat as a pancake’. I am happy to report it is NEITHER! I unpacked all 4 layers and let them de-gas & totally expand. When reassembled, I used the high end of the pillow and slept with no issues at all. It’s very support and very firm. If that’s what ur after, good choice!!

  340. Leonard

    Better than I had hoped

  341. Warren Parris

    This is a great product! The pillow is quite high and offers lots of support. As a large person this matters a lot to me and I am very happy with this purchase.

  342. Rick Giannetti

    I like everything about the product. It is the size advertised and is very comfortable!

  343. Frank S.

    This pillow relieves arthritis pain in my neck and the layers of foam are adjustable to fit your comfort level.

  344. Derek

    The one

  345. Derek

    Offers support that other expensive pillows did not

  346. Amanda Bryant

    Super comfortable. Only thing I would change is make it wider, its not the same width as my other king size pillows, but the length is correct.

  347. Megan Beam

    I suffered from neck pain after nursing my little one for so many months. I’m a physical therapist, so I’m keenly aware of the important of posture and good positioning. No matter how much I tried to maintain this during the day, I still had severe neck pain, which worsened overnight. I finally gave in and got this orthopedic pillow at the recommendation of a colleague specializing in orthopedics. It was instant relief in just one night! Highly recommend this.

  348. Jane Reiss

    Royal Therapy is the best

  349. Jane Reiss

    Well constructed and firm!

  350. LLL

    I love that this is a king size contour pillow. Also being able to adjust the height is a nice bonus

  351. Orville

    Great investment

  352. Huda a.

    I love the size and support of the king one

  353. Royal Therapy Customer

    This pillow is pretty and also very comfortable. Perfect the way it came!

  354. Charlie X

    I had an incredibly painful herniated disc. I’ve tried about 8 pillows, as I live in fear of a reoccurrence. I’ve had to sleep on my back, but with this pillow I can sleep on my side for the first time in years. As the amount of foam is adjustable, the pillow is even better. I can’t recommend it enough.

  355. W. Louisville Shopper

    Many times what consumers see is not what we get. This pillow looked plump, adjustable and luxurious in the online print advertisements. I purchased the Royal Therapy TIlde Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow in the King Size 4 layer configuration. This product truly delivers what was advertised and comes with a 5 year warranty.While Pharmonis USA LLC suggests letting it activate for up to 24 hours, my pillow came out of the box looking great. I can’t imagine how any improvement is possible.I will buy a second one for the other side of the bed.

  356. Henry O’Hara

    The pillow is a little bit too narrow

  357. Ernst

    Great product.

  358. Olivia H.

    I’ve been struggling with neck pain and chronic tension for the last couple years and I’ve tried other supportive neck pillows in the past but none of them were that great. I love the curve and neck support this gives and I slept sooo comfortably for the first time in a long time. I wish I bought it sooner

  359. Ernst

    Pain relief

  360. Mary


  361. Kristine

    Very supportive

  362. JustMe

    Finally found a pillow I love!

  363. J.T.

    I may purchase another one

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