Royal Therapy 3-Layer Queen Memory Foam Pillow, Neck Pillow Bamboo Adjustable Side Sleeper Pillow for Neck & Shoulder Pain



  • ULTRA-ADJUSTABLE QUEEN-SIZE MEMORY FOAM PILLOW – Royal Therapy snuggle bed pillows are designed to contour to the unique shape of the body to help support your head and neck. It provides even support for the neck and head. This bamboo pillow allows for uniform pressure on all areas of the head and neck. By removing the middle foam layer, its construction allows it to be perfect for all kinds of sleepers (side / back / stomach).
  • BEST SPINAL ALIGNMENT – Our luxury cervical firm pillow gives greater resistance under the heaviest parts of the head, and equally supports the lighter, more sensitive neck area. ROYAL THERAPY memory foam pillow helps reduce tossing, turning and discomfort. It allows your muscles to relax properly offering natural spinal support to your body, adjusting to your unique shape promoting a deep restful sleep.
  • HELPS WITH GOOD SLEEP – it is commonly believed that the spinal alignment also aligns the airways better allowing easier breathing at night. The lack of pressure during sleeping with ROYAL THERAPY memory foam may also be a benefit to those with sleeping problems, as there is less tossing and turning. This leads to sound, restful sleep.
  • HYGIENIC AND HYPOALLERGENIC w/BAMBOO COVER- Our memory foam pillow is completely safe and nontoxic. Royal Therapy memory foam bed pillows are naturally hypoallergenic inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, fungus and dust mites. This is a great advantage for those with allergies to dust mites, feathers, or other natural pillow materials. Bamboo cover is constructed with heat dissipating technology that eliminates thermal build-up while you sleep.
  • EXTRA DURABLE AND AESTHETIC PILLOW – ROYAL THERAPY Memory Foam Pillows for sleeping retain its shape so it will not go flat like traditional pillows. ROYAL THERAPY special foam conforms to fit the neck and head, but as it is cooling, it reverts to its original shape. Memory foam returns to its shape reliably, again and again. It will outlast other high-quality pillows simply by design.

Royal Therapy adjustable memory foam pillow

Why you’ll love it: The Premium Adjustable Odor-Free Memory Foam Pillow from Royal Therapy will have you sleeping like a baby with its perfect support and variable firmness.

  • ADJUSTABLE – what makes the ROYAL THERAPY pillow particularly wonderful is that it’s adjustable. You can unzip the pillow cover to remove middle layer of foam to make the pillow just the way you like it.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN – our Premium Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow has a polyester/bamboo cover that is cool and comfortable for sleep, and it’s easily removed for washing.
  • CertiPUR-US certified – ROYAL THERAPY’s memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it’s guaranteed to be free of chemicals and toxins you really don’t want to sleep with, such as formaldehyde, lead, mercury, ozone depleters, PBDEs, phthalates, and TCEP flame retardants.
  • HAPPY CLIENTS – hundreds of buyers call this the best pillow they’ve ever owned, praise its breathability and adjustability, and love the way it supports their neck and head.
  • CONTOUR MEMORY FOAM PILLOW – ROYAL THERAPY Contour Memory Foam Pillow has two gentle slopes — one slightly higher than the other, so you can choose the side that best fits your neck — with a shallow valley in the center for your head.
  • THE FIRM, YET MOLDABLE SUPPORT – firm support gently cradles your head and neck, relieving pressure that often leads to aches and pains. The shape of the contour pillow fills in the gap between your neck and the mattress, keeping your spine in proper alignment while you snooze.

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1510 reviews for Royal Therapy 3-Layer Queen Memory Foam Pillow, Neck Pillow Bamboo Adjustable Side Sleeper Pillow for Neck & Shoulder Pain

  1. Alice Ceballos

    This is a great pillow. it is comfortable, and really adjusts to your body. The only thing is you can’t wash it which can be a pain around kids. Granted it is my pillow but kids spill and drop things everywhere. I like that the pillow comes with a test guarantee meaning if you don’t like it for any reason for 100 days you can return it. That guarantee made me more comfortable purchasing it as it is a bit pricer then I am used to paying, but needed a decent pillow as I was having tremendous back and neck pain. This pillow has really helped.

  2. Drea

    I cannot believe how amazing this pillow is. I was having neck pains for a few weeks now and decided to spend the money on this one since the reviews were pretty convincing. And wow, I am so glad I got it. The very first night I slept with it, I woke up with my neck feeling soooo much better. I’m a side/back sleeper and it supported me regardless. So soft and cushiony but doesn’t go flat! Would 100% recommend! Great pillow and very happy with my purchase 🙂

  3. brad

    One of the most comfortable pillows i have ever found. I have been in multiple accidents and have neck, back and jaw issues and this pillow is amazing.

  4. William Roberts

    I’ve fekt zero neck stiffness Would highly recommend.I bought Royal Trerapy pillow for my husband (he has been through countless pillows). He is a back sleeper and always has a stiff neck and pain in the morning. After trying numerous pillows, ranging from cheap poly fill pillows and expensive down pillows, we found the pillow. He has been pain free since using this pillow! No stiff neck in the morning. No pain! He loves that he can adjust the amount layers of filling that is used. It took a couple nights to get the amount just right, but it has been so worth it for him. I hightly recommened Royal Therapy!

  5. Ganzia

    I sleep on my side/stomach and often had neck/upperback discomfort. This pillow helps keep my neck in much better condition and for me is vital to waking up without pain. It is a good height and maintains its shape well.

  6. Marilyn Curtis

    I bought this for my husband and he loves it!

  7. Maksym Shchurko

    This is the first time i’ve owned a memory foam pillow but the quality is pretty amazing. its firm, even after about 11 months of use. I use the slimmer side / the lower height side of the pillow (i’m a small person..100lbs) and place a small travel pillow above it to give it some cushion and i’ve had better posture sleeping. Will buy again if I ever need a new pillow!

  8. Gerardo Garcia

    Was indecisive because it was more pricey than other pillows i’ve bought but totally worth it! After barely the first night, my neck pain had lessened tremendously!

  9. girlonaboat

    This is the best pillow ever!!!! I love it so much and it doesn’t off-gas like Royal Therapy ones do. So so happy I got it!

  10. Brian C.

    Would buy again. Love the memory foam. Great for my neck.

  11. marina

    I love this pillow. Great for bed time.

  12. Royal Therapy Customer

    This review is not insensitivised: Have been using this pillow for a week now and have no complaints. The pillow really does resemble a supportive cloud. The pillow is definitely on the softer side of the spectrum, but for me provides a perfect amount of support with the bigger curve side. My husband used the pillow while I was out of town and asked me to order him one. I genuinely am excited to sleep every night because of how much better I’m sleeping with this pillow. If anything changes I will update this review, but as of now I HIGHLY recommend!!

  13. John Zhong

    just had my wisdom teeth remove and am in constant pain. Got blood all over my last pillow and decided to tried this one. It gave me a good night sleep despite the pain. Definitely better quality than the top seller/ cheaper ones

  14. Vito Andolini

    This pillow is great. I use it for side sleeping. The contour and memory foam provide a soft yet conforming and supportive pillow that is great. I put it in a regular pillow case because it does have a bit of a smell but it’s not bad at all. I will be taking it on all my trips.

  15. Marian Hogan

    I love this pillow. High density, nice cover, good configuration. I am completely satisfied!

  16. wisegal

    Love this pillow so far, however, have only had it a few days. Time will tell. However, it has kicked my Temperpedic and My Pillow brand pillows to the curb. Have slept better and woke up with no pain since it arrived.

  17. Royal Therapy Customer

    try it its very nice buy a silk pillowcase too

  18. R reader

    these pillows seem to be working . In just a couple of day we haven’t had as much neck pain . a little over priced but no pain is priceless

  19. Eisenband

    I love it!!!100% recomended

  20. Royal Therapy Customer

    It’s just enough

  21. Penny

    I purchased this to replace my 5 year old Tempur Pedic pillow that had worn out and to save a few $$. This pillow is cloud comfort and I was excited for fresh support. However after two neck surgeries, I need something more dense. I do believe that this is a good product for the many people looking for medium neck support and would recommend it.

  22. Shey

    When I saw the box I was surprised and thought the pillow was incorrectly sent. This is exactly as they say, it expanded in a few minutes to its permanent size. Love that you can make it smaller. My neck is already grateful.

  23. Lisa P

    I’ve looked everywhere for a pillow like this. I’ve had cervical surgery and this pillow is by far the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever used. It’s firm enough for support but it’s soft and cushiony. I also like the fact that it’s adjustable.

  24. jimmy

    Like it

  25. Cynthia Odom

    These pillows worked out well and I slept well on them

  26. Hildie

    I have used all different types of pillows and they’ve all been thrown out shortly thereafter. After having lower spine surgery, I wanted something that was going to support my entire spine and not flatten down after using it. This really is a great pillow. It got such good reviews, that I figured that I would try it out and see how it works. If you’re having issues with pillows, go with this one.

  27. Lori A. Mcdaniel

    LOVE this pillow. It supports your neck softly … yes it fills up the space between your head and shoulder if you sleep on your side! I tried Sealy, My Pillow, Nectar and more … they all sucked and were way overpriced.

  28. 5280

    I purchased this pillow because i’d wake up every morning with neck and shoulder pain (I’m mostly a side sleeper). I slept the first couple of nights with the ‘whole’ pillow but would still wake up sore so I removed the middle layer for comfort level and omg! I’ve been sleeping like a baby since. I wake up without the shoulder and neck pain. The price may be a bit high but waking up pain free is priceless.

  29. Skyler

    I was starting to get a sore neck from sleeping on my old pillow. I probably kept it for too long. That pain has gone away since switching to this pillow. I love it!

  30. phillip e crask

    I’m a side sleeper this works great for me.

  31. Kyle David

    I absolutely love this pillow, has great support and had my neck and back feeling much better. I am a side sleeper and this pillow works great for that.

  32. Benoit

    The very best bang for my buck when it comes for a pillow

  33. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great product!

  34. Kindle Customer

    I tried several different brands of pillows and found it to be a perfect fit for me.

  35. SLS

    I really like that you can adjust the support on this pillow. I don’t regret this purchase.

  36. J. Kay

    I like that it is comfortable and keeps my neck and head in a comfortable position so I don’twake up with neck pain. I removed one layer to make it fit comfortably.

  37. sophisticatdladi

    At this moment, the Royal Therapy Pillow is working well for me. I am dealing with a neck injury from a car accident and since using the pillow, I am able to sleep through the night without waking up. Very satisfied.

  38. Bertus Stiehler

    I love this pillow. Use to get neck pain. Not any more

  39. judy

    Great support. It is very warm at times.

  40. Julie R. Baysinger

    Great product!!

  41. seekerrm2233

    Soft, but not too soft. Gives good support. Helps my neck a lot.

  42. Royal Therapy Customer

    After beginning physical therapy, they recommended a side sleeper pillow. After reviewing several pillows, I went with this one. It has been great for my neck pain. It helps keep the spine aligned and and has greatly reduced my neck pain.

  43. Jake

    Before this, I had a cooling pillow with the same shape that was over $150. I loved the old one but this was a great replacement for the price. I tend to be a pillow fanatic and I like this one just fine I would definitely buy another. My other pillow was much heavier and I definitely liked it more but not enough to justify the difference in price. Would buy again was very happy with my purchase.

  44. Pam K

    Pillow did not work for me. Neck needs more support than this. Pillow was constructed of quality materials.

  45. Clark4Life

    It’s replacing an old tired contoured pillow. It’s a lot longer than my old pillow and I like that. It’s also a little bigger. I tried taking out the middle layer but that made it too small. I’ve gotten use to it now tho. Only complaint is it’s a bit warm.

  46. Carol’s pom

    Just what I needed

  47. Kristina

    Took a couple days to get use to (normal for a new pillow). It has a comfortable support for back and side sleeping. Not bulky/heavy like other memory foam pillows I’ve used in the past.

  48. CherrySoda

    Great neck pillow. Only complaint is that it has chemical smell. Smell did dissipate with time.

  49. BK

    Was struggling with getting a good night’s rest. Always had neck and shoulder pain. This pillow definitely helps with neck support that isn’t too firm. I am 5’1″ and it is the perfect height when the middle layer is removed.

  50. Steven Malander

    Perfect for back sleepers , super soft, and one of my favorite pillows!

  51. Sarah Youngren

    It helped with my neck pain a lot!

  52. Carolyn H

    I’ve been searching for a new pillow for the longest time and this is the best pillow for me, so far. I usually use two pillows to sleep, but they did not provide me with the neck support that I needed. I have trouble sleeping and I have not been getting any good night’s sleep for the longest time. I also wake up with neck and shoulder pain, which I need to massage because they are just so tense. My friend helped me find this pillow after listening to frustrations and complaints. Although I was hesitant with the amount of reviews this product have and the mixed reviews, I decided to buy it anyways. I am so glad I did! It’s been working well for my neck support and I have been sleeping well. I love it a lot. Also, note that the pillow do come with a smell after you take it out the package. I let it air out for the weekend (but that’s because I was gone), and it doesn’t smell at all.

  53. Lawrence from Hackensack

    The first and only pillow I have ever used that helps me sleep on my side with perfect support. I’ve been through a few, of every description, but never had one that gently cradles my head and improves sleep like this well made, aesthetically pleasing product.

  54. Patti S. Horne

    I have neck pain frequently and this pillow adjusts to my neck perfectly. Excellent seller and quick shipping!

  55. supreeth meka

    I bought Royal Therapy queen size memory foam pillow. This product works better than most of the others if you are a side & back sleeper. Especially if you change your style of sleeping in the middle of night multiple times. The little bulging on the edges of the pillow is helpful for better side sleep if you have neck pain.

  56. Mr. Monniker

    I never leave home for an extended period of time without it! I purchased this when j had repeated neck stiffness from sleeping. This pillow eliminated that and has helped me get some of the best sleep in recent memory.

  57. Michelle Cyr-GIllilan

    I LOVE my pillow and have to take it everywhere I travel.

  58. nmehta

    Super comfy and great for my neck and back

  59. Ronald Richard

    Very good quality

  60. Mitty Mit

    Nice people to deal with.

  61. wenger

    Lately, I’ve had neck pains whenever I wake up from my sleep so I decided to try this pillow. The first thing that caught my interest and attention are the reviews so I gave it a try! Lo and behold, it worked! My neck pain is gone. Its like a miracle 🙂 I love this pillow so much. I remove the middle layer because its too hight for me. Best price compared to the other memory foam, neck support pillows

  62. Royal Therapy Customer


  63. Roland

    ————I ordered it right before I went to bed and it was here for my evening nap the next day! Great pillow, what more could you ask?

  64. Eddie

    helped with my husbands back/neck pain this pillow is great quality, a little small but it works little costly for the size.. but its overall great

  65. AdamB

    Best pillow I’ve ever used. I have had neck pain on and off for years. I see a chiropractor weekly and they suggested trying a foam pillow that’s shaped like an “s”. I was debating between this one and the Royal Therapy but based on reviews opted to try this out. It’s the best pillow and I’ll never use anything else.

  66. Anna

    I got this to replace a $20 one I had gotten from walmart. That one lasted 5 years. So far this one is great. I hope it last as long as the other.

  67. Royal Therapy Customer

    My boyfriend and I both have back and neck pain and are extremely sensitive to the bed we use/pillows. These are AMAZING! GAME CHANGER we have been sleeping on them for 5 nights and not a single issue, in fact my neck pain is 75% better. We’ll see long term but its looking like these pillows were a great investment. Do yourself a favor and buy this pillow

  68. Eve Orr

    I used this to replace a contour pillow I used for years but could not find again. This one works just as well. It supports my head and prevents a sore neck. I like that you can make it smaller by taking out the middle, although mine is fine just as it.

  69. Pam

    I have chronic neck and shoulder pain due to a repetitive strain injury that is now a permanent disability. I had to request heavy medication from my doctor just to be able to sleep at night. There was no sleeping position that worked for me, as every and any way I slept – side, front, back; didn’t matter, I was in pain and could NOT sleep!I’m writing this review out of thanks and appreciation for this pillow. I wasn’t expecting it to be as soft as it is… the pillow is not firm at all, but apparently the memory foam is what does the trick somehow.Finally, I can sleep pain free! This pillow works!! Don’t let the softness fool you…If you’re having trouble sleeping due to neck or shoulder pain, try Royal Therapy Memory Foam Pillow!! Oh, and the packaging- everything so elegant, regal, and well made.

  70. Adam M

    Overall good quality. Soft, comfortable and adequate support. Only negative is that it says queen size pillow but is too small for for a queen pillow case. It’s actually about 3/4 the size of a normal queen pillow.

  71. Andre

    I had an issue with this order but the customer service handled it perfectly.The pillow is perfect.

  72. J. Sisk

    My neck has been sore the past couple weeks, using an assortment of standard pillows.I got this pillow yesterday, used it last night, and the pain is just a memory today.Not a shill. Not a sockpuppet. Real deal happy customer.Hope it’s not just in my head, but it’s for sure not in my neck.

  73. JRowe

    Pillow is as described. Comfortable and has relieved neck pain. This is the fourth pillow I’ve tried and I think I finally found the one. I recommend.

  74. David Heumann

    Such an excellent value buy. A bit more give than Royal Therapy, but so well worth the money. Wouldn’t even consider Royal Therapy after lying down and checking the bank statement on this.

  75. Dominique

    I opened my new pillow two days ago but still haven’t been able to use it because of it’s strong smell. Perhaps it still smells because I haven’t taken it apart. Will try that tomorrow. I like its appearance and the quality seems excellent. Can’t comment on the support yet, but am looking forward to trying it.

  76. Srinivas Reddy Kallam

    Have tried other memory foam pillows which were not comfortable for my neck, most of the time my neck was hurting with some of them , this one gave me comfortable sleep with it being not too soft or hard, perfect one

  77. Matt

    Highly recommend this pillow. Super comfortable and great support.

  78. T.

    This pillow has saved me massive migraines upon waking up in the morning.

  79. David Hernandez

    Really good pillow, no smell, very firm/soft, breathable.

  80. das369

    This memory foam pillow is like sleeping on a cloud, but gives perfect support for my neck. I don’t have the nagging pain in my neck every morning with my previous pillow.

  81. Conrad

    very happy

  82. Shopster

    Was very soft and had the right height for my neck. Very comfortable to sleep in. Highly recommended.

  83. Patty Ochs

    I’ve always had issues with neck pain after sleeping and this pillow is very nice. After a couple nights sleep, I’m pretty impressed with it. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t expand from its packaging but within a few minutes it looked exactly as pictured.

  84. Snakeman

    Sturdy. Molds as I move. Cradles neck.

  85. Vanessa Funk

    I have psoriatic arthritis & sometimes my neck gets inflamed so, I needed a little more support. I ordered this pillow to help & I’m so glad I did. It’s so comfortable! It molds to my neck & head & it’s very supportive.

  86. Laura Coelho

    I bought 2 of these pillows, as I was dragging one back and forth to my second home. I had 6 months of moderate neck pain that would not go away. I thought it was from looking down at screens and tried to correct to no avail. Then I tried this pillow. OMG.I can sleep much longer and pain is GONE. Worth every penny, cannot rave about this pillow enough.

  87. influence peddler

    My girlfriend has a really hard time sleeping and I’ve been experimenting with different things to help. Right now this is her favorite pillow. What sets this apart from the other memory foam pillows that are this shape, is the fact its adjustable in height. My girlfriend is very petite and right at five feet tall. Most pillows are pretty thick for her and she had been saying she wanted to find a thinner/flatter pillow. I picked up this one and one that was supposed to keep you cool (she has pcos and gets something akin to hot flashes). The fact that you can remove this one’s core to make it thinner won out in the end. She hasn’t reported it being warm either though, I think the cover on it is fairly breathable. So if you like memory foam and you want a thinner pillow, this one is a great choice because of its removable core which lowers its height by around an inch.

  88. Vickie Wilson

    I had neckpain for dayyyss until i got this amazing pilllow and its worked so well!!

  89. Em

    Bought this pillow for my 11 year old and he loves it!

  90. barb

    After many. too many year with my old pillow, I think I finally found the perfect pillow to replace my old pillow. At first I thought it was not going to work, a little to soft for my liking. But give it a little time and I think you will like it too! Happy with my purchase.

  91. Lucie

    Perfect pillow for side/ back even stomach sleeper! Never slept so good!

  92. Mike Gray

    I have a few medical issues in my neck and back. This pillow has eased my pain by supporting my neck properly allowing me to get better sleep than without it. Thanks

  93. Bakus D

    Wonderful pillow. Solved my problem for neck pain

  94. Stacie

    When I first got the pillow I opened it immediately to let it get it’s full shape. It didn’t take long but I wanted to give it enough time before I used it. It would have been fine to use after 2 or three hours.The first night I slept great and woke up feeling great and for the first week it was great. The following weekend I must have slept in a weird position and woke up with a pain in my neck. I don’t feel like it was the pillows fault, I am more of a side sleeper and often end up with my arm awkwardly under me or my neck bent weird. It took a few days to get over that and it seemed like the pillow actually helped me although I did end up sleeping without a pillow at all one evening because nothing was comfortable.What I like about this pillow: This pillow has a really soft cover that you could probably use without a case if you wanted to. It has a zipper opening and is removable so you can wash it. It’s very firm but soft at the same time. It almost feels like a feather pillow to me but it holds its shape and supports better. It might be too filled for some people but since it’s made so you can open it up you could take out some filling and adjust it how you want.What I don’t like: I really don’t know if there’s anything I don’t like. It’s very firm and that has taken some getting used to but that’s really because I usually have cheap pillows that don’t last or keep their firmness long.For the most part I really like this pillow. I would recommend it to a friend or family member and I will probably be ordering a second.

  95. Taelor Rye

    i’ve slept on this pillow the past two nights, and it’s honestly perfect. i used to sleep with two pillows stacked on top of each other because they’d flatten once i laid down on them, but this one is just firm enough to remain exactly how i want my head!

  96. Naturenetics Support

    My husband and I both now have this pillow and love it! My neck pain is gone and my husband says he sleeps like a baby with it! Buy it!

  97. Royal Therapy Customer

    Bought it for my husband who said it is very nice and comfortable it is assisting the neck pain.

  98. nancy leasia

    Great support for side sleepers

  99. Florian

    This is one of the best pillows I have ever used. It is so soft when I put my head on it. It is really comfortable, not too hard like some other memory foam pillow I used before. With two sides with different heights of the pillow, I can sometimes adjust to different height of the pillow to make me feel more comfortable. The pillow and its packaging box looks luxury, not cheap, it is good to make bed look good and it is great for gifting too.

  100. eShave

    I happen to faint when given a needle, not great and the last time my doctor, just thought it is psychological and left me alone in the room, so long story short, I fainted and fell off the doctors table damaging my two lower neck vertebrates for life. Since then I have spent a fortune on various support pillows and not the cheapest ones, without finding one that really worked for me until I found this one. OMG my life changed I now feel I am sleeping on a cloud of support. the best part is that it has 3 layers inside so it is adjustable. And i did, I remove the middle part and made it fit exactly to me FYI I am a small person. My husband kept it as is and it works perfect for him. I now get great support, with my neck perfectly aligned, a soft cushioning support and the softest flowy feeling. I am so happy I finally found a pillow that works for me. thank you guys for making such great products.

  101. Young Graduate

    This pillow is lovely! I had to take out the center insert because initially it sat a bit high for me, but after that it was great. The pain in my back and neck has definitely decreased since I’ve started using it.

  102. Anne Gadson

    Awesome pillow- got amazing sleep for the first time in awhile. Helps with neck/back pain and headaches

  103. Karleen Cyr

    This is the best pillow that I have ever used. Within 1 week my neck pain was gone. I highly reccomend this pillow.

  104. Debraquarles1974

    I’ve only had this pillow a few days but already in love with this pillow. It is a good buy. I got this pillow to use as a back up with the other pillow they offer can’t sa y which I love more. The pillow help me sleep through the night of day love it

  105. Ricky Moss

    Got this product because my pillows are really old and I can’t find any that are as comfortable as my old one. This one surpassed my expectations and I was able to sleep better than i did on my favorite pillow. would definitely recommend and will probably be replacing the rest of my old pillows soon!

  106. William L Scull Jr.

    I went through all the $5 to $15 pillows at Walmart. What I found is you get what you pay for. $40-plus seemed a little steep for a pillow, but my neck and upper back were begging me to reconsider. I did. What I can tell you is this pillow made the difference between waking up with neck pain and waking up feeling rested and with NO NECK PAIN. Hell, if that isn’t worth at least $40 to you, you’re not thinking clearly. I’m a 6 foot 240 lb 50-something guy and I normally don’t spring for for fancy, self-pampering kind of sleep gear, but I am SO GLAD I took the chance and bought this. Thank you, Royal Therapy.

  107. Iris nunez

    Love how comfortable it is , my old pillow use to give me stiff neck in the morning

  108. Faruh

    I bought for my wife she always complained she couldn’t sleep good but after I purchase this product she’s very happy. So I definitely recommend this product

  109. Carrie Pasquale

    Love this pillow! I was having shoulder pain and thought I would give this a try. So glad I did! I ended up removing one layer of foam. It has definitely improved my quality of sleep.

  110. Hannah

    Great pillow!!!

  111. olga Hayes

    Very comfortable. The company was very responsive when I had a problem with one of the pillows

  112. Royal Therapy Customer

    The pillow if a good size and shape, but the preform section does not hold it’s shape very well, it could be more firm.

  113. Craig9

    I have always been a restless sleeper, moving from back-to-side-to-back-to-other side-to back. Since I have been using this pillow, I find myself sleeping throughout the night. On my back. I haven’t used one for decades, but I must now set an alarm if I am to wake up on time for work. I am skeptical about advertising outstanding product claims, but this pillow actually works. If you have sleep apnea or have trouble sleeping, I highly recommend that you at least try this pillow.

  114. K. York

    This is the best pillow ever. I fall asleep quickly and sleep longer using it! I no longer need 2 pillows.

  115. Chief

    Ok- this pillow is amazing. We ordered one, and when it arrived we immediately ordered two more because everyone wanted one. Amazingly supportive and comfortable without being hard. It’s honesty shocking how comfortable it is. Highly recommend!!

  116. A A.

    I had to take out the middle foam and then it was perfect. I got another popular foam pillow as well and I prefer this one, it has good neck support.

  117. Emma H.

    HOLY COW. This pillow is amazing!! I thought it was too high the first night (I am pretty small), but then I read on the little sheet it came with that you can adjust the height! It was super easy and now it is literally perfect. I highly recommend!

  118. Mike

    Helps sleeping

  119. Thy ˆ=8 Vu

    This pillow is so comfortable! I have been having trouble sleeping at night, but since I got this pillow I been getting 8 hours of sleep every night. I am going to recommend this pillow to all my friends and family.

  120. Roxanne Hickmott

    Absolutely love this pillow!I had been using another well known memory foam pillow. I was constantly waking up throughout the night and always awoke with a headache. Since using this pillow, no headaches and I’ve been sleeping through the night. The pillow is soft but firm, offering lots of neck support. I finally have restful sound sleep!I would buy this product again.

  121. Richard Aizawa

    I LOVE THIS PILLOW SO MUCH! Much more comfY AND better than the My pillow any day.

  122. Chris

    I decided to give this memory foam pillow a try by Royal Therapy. My first experience in the past with a memory foam pillow from others, the foam material was either too thin or too soft, so I did not feel much physical support from resting on it. With this foam pillow, there is more foam material and the quality is much better. It provides just enough firmness to support your head and contours nicely with your neck as you rest on it. I am also conscious about the environment and chemicals/toxins. Royal Therapy made a great decision in ensuring their pillows are free from phthalates, flame retardants, and other chemicals which could also trigger allergies. I recommend this pillow.

  123. Amanda

    My hubby is super finicky with pillows and has not yet found that works until this one! He is finally sleeping better at night and having less pain. This pillow is fully customizable to the height you need.


    I’ve been using a support pillow for years now. I like a contoured pillow cause it gives me a great neck support whether sleeping on my back or side. I’ve bought several brands before I found the pillow I liked and this is comparable to what I have. It’s longer so I have more room to toss & turn. I bring it with me to hotels cause I can’t use any other pillow. Highly recommended.

  125. D. Ting

    Got this for my boyfriend, who has had neck pain everynight and snores. He slept on it yesterday and I noticed that he didn’t snore, which is great. He says he “can’t tell” if he slept better and/or whether his neck pain is better, but it’s only been one night.The company requires you to leave a review in order to enroll you in the warranty (w/in 7 days of purchase) which is the reason I have only one night’s data to report, so at this point all I can say is, so far so good!As an aside, I don’t love that I had to install FB messenger to lock off the enrollment process…Still, like I said, so far it seems to be working!

  126. Emma Schmidt

    Great pillow for the price!

  127. Michelle

    I bought this pillow for myself and loved it from the first time I lay on it! My husband loved it too so I purchased one for him. We are both sleeping better with this amazing pillow. Highly recommend!

  128. miles

    Admittedly, it supports my neck well. But my sleep quality does not improve and my neck still hurts. Maybe it should take a long time to go into effect and my sleep position is not good for neck.

  129. David Bennett

    Very well designed. Has helped me sleep more comfortably without all the tossing and turning that I was doing with a regular pillow. 10 days in and I’m pretty pleased. Highly recommend.

  130. *SS**N*NTV

    I bought this for a cousin of mine who works as a freelancer, so their schedule is never the same two days in a row. Their sleep schedule was thrown out of wack and this was gifted to them. They’ve gotten back to me saying that this has helped immensely, saying that this is great, especially for their neck which tends to cramp up throughout the day from driving, editing photos, being on the phone and so on. The shape of the pillow works great for the way they sleep as they tend to toss and turn during sleep, waking up in a different spot from where they put their head down initially. There’s been much less discomfort and no need to re-fluff or waking up restless with this pillow.

  131. Ashley Geiken

    Honestly one of the best pillows I have owned. I am currently pregnant and have ordered several pillows because nothing has been comfortable for me. This pillow finally is something I am super happy with. Great neck support and I really like that it is memory foam. I will be purchasing more of these in the future because nothing beats the comfort. Super satisfied.

  132. Steph

    I like that it supports my neck and I fall asleep faster than before. I’m very picky when it comes to pillows, but this one is definitely worth it. I recommend this pillow.

  133. Craig S. Coker

    Without a doubt, the most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on!

  134. Peter

    This pillow is much better than the ones I used to use. It is very comfortable and allows me to rest and fall asleep faster

  135. Sarai Arenas

    I was pleasantly surprised! Very comfortable pillow. I no longer have neck pains and my bf doesn’t snore as much. We love our pillows!

  136. sandra lugo

    Had it for two weeks it’s the best pillow I’ve owned. Tried Bamboo, my pillow etc. and this pillow is the most comfortable and very soft.

  137. Shannah Antwi

    Very comfortable pillow,helps me sleep better.

  138. Vera Burchett

    Omg! Simply amazing. The moment I laid my head upon this pillow I knew it was something special. Have never experienced anything like it. Everything advertised and more. Would have paid double the price. Will be purchasing more for family and gifts.

  139. Teresa Roberts

    I love this pillow! Very comfortable and helps me sleep much better!!

  140. Royal Therapy Customer

    Nice pillow. Using every night and better than the one I used before.

  141. Melvin L. Henney

    Fantastic pillow, it helps me get a good night’s sleep.

  142. Arcelia C

    I have purchased a lot of different pillows to help my neck and this one is the best one. I got the queen size and am going to purchase a larger one but this one is a good every day pillow.

  143. Alphadog

    Hurts my ears a bit but comfortable

  144. Royal Therapy Customer

    This pillow came as expected and fast. I have slept with it for just a few nights, but so far I love it. Firm enough to support my head, yet soft enough for all the comfort.

  145. sm

    This pillow is so comfortable and I sleep like a baby. I love it. thank you for making such outstanding products. Will definitely buy again.

  146. David Wukotich Jr.

    This product was very nice quality and takes away the neck pain associated with regular pillows.

  147. Lauren Renee Jones

    Very firm and comfy!

  148. rickyveljaec

    The packaging was nice and small. I got scared that my pillow was going to be very small because of the box that it came in. I am very very pleased with the support that it gave when I sleep on it. It has eased my discomfort when sleeping with my traditional pillows. It also smells great, you can really smell the bamboo or the charcoal that they infused it with and makes it smell very clean. Very very pleased with the pillow.

  149. lllbackspacelll

    An awesome comfortable pillow!!! Been looking for a memory pillow that won’t deform and adds support to the neck while sleeping… and this is it! Do recommend to try it out bc it will change your sleep.

  150. rad

    This pillow is great! Super high quality and classy for a pillow. Love the way it curves your neck right into the pillow providing amazing neck support. Good buy.

  151. Josh4mc

    We left our foam pillows at a hotel so needed replacements. We have bought simular pillows in the past that would not hold up to our standards, these do 100%. They are supportive but not hard.

  152. Leigh

    This product did not bother my neck like my other pillows. I like how it “cradles” your neck.

  153. Tonamission

    Love the professional quality


    Great product! Eased neck pain.

  155. Cap’n Jen

    I was having serious neck pain, to the point I wasnt able to chew properly! I thought I would need to see an orthopedic doctor, but I decided to replace my pillow as my last resort. I got this pillow and it fixed my problem! For a petite person like me, the ability to chnge the height of the pillow is a complete game changer. I recommend this to everyone!I have had insomnia for over a decade, and am very familiar with the tossing and turning and trying to get the pillow just right before falling back to sleep. But not with this pillow. It has fantastic support without being hard, cushion without being floppy, and whatever height you want. Its so easy to use and absolutely worth every penny.

  156. Ar

    First time I had a decent night’s sleep because of this pillow.. highly recommended for comfort & price is just right.

  157. Royal Therapy Customer

    The kink in my neck went away after 2 nights. I’m not sure why I had to leave a review to get the warranty


    Royal Therapy Memory Foam Pillow surprised me when I received it because unlike other ‘foam’ pillows, there was a hardly any chemical smell or odor at all upon opening it. After waiting 24 hours for it to fully puff up from its packing, there was no discernable odor at all.When sleeping on it for the 1st night, my initial reaction was good because this pillow gave support by not collapsing under my neck, but yet did not feel like I was sleeping on a brick. I really like that I can adjust the heght if I wish as well.Time will tell. Price is a bit steep, but if this pillow lasts for at least one year, it will have outlasted any other ‘support’ pillow I have ever purchased & I will gladly change to 5 stars at that time.

  159. TRUST

    Feels good

  160. Outinthecountry

    Very nice quality. Just too firm for me, even after adjusting the thickness.

  161. Royal Therapy Customer

    So far so good

  162. josh

    I love this pillow, the foam is just the right firmness. Some foams hurt my ears when have my head side ways, but this one doesn’t do that. I sleep great!

  163. matan segal

    The best pillow I had!It was a little too high at the beginning, but I figure out you can adjust the thickness of the pillow by removing a layer from its body. Now it is perfect! Thank you so much Royal Therapy!

  164. Kindle Customer

    Giving me an excellent nights sleep, extremely comfortable and the fit is great!

  165. Alex

    Hard to rate a pillow as it all comes down ton personal preferences. I think the pillow is great and very soft and the materrials are high quality. But After trying it for 6 months I moved back to my older pill,owwhich is less soft then than, and more comfortable for me personally.

  166. NicholeSchl

    Comfy but swishes pretty flat.

  167. Royal Therapy Customer

    Comfortable with good support; have slept great but the shape is awkward and doesn’t fit traditional pillow cases

  168. Rowena hubble

    I really enjoy this pillow very comfortableI really enjoy it so much different than regular pillows dont let the sizr of box fool you its good size pillow its great

  169. Kai Burkins

    A relief it has provided my neck. Bought several side pillows they didn’t work. Was skeptical but this one works. So thankful.

  170. Marc Fishman

    I have tried a few different neck-supporting pillows, and this is my favorite. For me, it’s just the right level of firm support and comfort. And the fact that it’s adjustable makes it even better.

  171. Stef Tovar

    I bought this pillow immediately after finding out that I had to degenerative disc’s in my neck. The pillow is perfect. I’ve had the best night sleep I’ve had in a while.

  172. geoffrey f. perrin

    Most comfortable Pillow I have ever bought.

  173. Taylor Bauman

    I have trouble sleeping and have never been able to find the right pillow. I tried soft and hard pillows but nothing ever felt right like this one! I love this pillow it never goes flat I don’t have to fluff it or fold it just to be comfy its already perfect and has been. It gives me a peaceful night sleep and I don’t wake up with neck or shoulder pain like I used to with my old pillow. Highly recommend this one!!

  174. Matthew

    I have used support pillows before. This one is very different. You can actually adjust it for your size I like that a lot. It’s has provided great support and so far no issues with my chronic neck pain.Very comfortable and getting good sleep.My husband has tried to steal it a few times. I maybe having to purchase another in the future.Highly recommended.

  175. Ashley

    I havent slept through the night in so long its the perfect blend of support and comfort

  176. Joyce

    The Royal Therapy Memory Foam Pillow has helped my neck and back pain. I can now sleep so much better. I love the way the Memory Foam moves as my head does. Thank you Royal Therapy.

  177. Tim Puchner

    Super comfy!

  178. Sherman Jovahn Long

    Love the way the pillow keeps my spine aligned.

  179. Lauren

    Love it! The reviews were right! It’s perfect and my neck feels so much better. Very fast shipping!

  180. Royal Therapy Customer


  181. Brian Merrifield

    I only got it today so I haven’t tried it for long but so far so good. I got it because I have snoring issues so I am hoping the contour of the pillow will help some with that.

  182. Debra Cardoza

    Have only used for a few nights so far. It had helped some. Hoping it helps more with use.

  183. Donald M. Martin

    Quality construction and nice options for sizing

  184. Nathan Evans

    For whatever reason I have started to wake up with neck pain. I have heard good things about memory foam pillows and finally decided to try one. I was referred to this one by a friend and I am very pleased with my experience. The contour of the pillow feels very comfortable on my neck and the memory foam is plush and comfortable. Once my head leaves the pillow, it returns to its resting shape very quickly. I am also a huge side sleeper and with this pillow I also feel like my neck and head are more aligned with my spine when I lay on my side. Very happy with this pillow.

  185. Royal Therapy Customer

    Good product so far. It’s very comfortable.

  186. Kindle Customer

    I have had issues with foam and Royal Therapy pillows going flat, so I gave this one a try. It’s a little too high for me, even on the low side, but it’s nearly perfect once I am on it for a little bit. I use the high side while I am reading or watching tv, and then switch to the low side to sleep. I had hoped the ‘layers’ would make it so I could adjust the height, but once I took one out it was insanely low. Very soft and doesn’t get too warm, although it is winter currently, so I will have to see in the spring.

  187. Royal Therapyaddict

    Buy one1

  188. Maureen F

    I’ve always liked the support of a contoured pillow. However, this one goes above and beyond for comfort and support! I’ve never had a better pillow. Love it!

  189. Sheila Gattis

    After letting it air out a couple of days it is super comfortable and supportive. Resolved my neck problems. Kinda paranoid I’m going to wake up one day with the royal R on the pillow cover imprinted on my face though, lol.

  190. BeeBonn

    It is a great pillow. Good firm support but not hard. Like that it’s customizable for each user. Been sleeping better since I got it.

  191. Timothy

    Bought this for my wife because she was having neck and shoulder pain after waking up. After using pillow her pain is gone and sleeps a lot better. Definitely recommend pillow! And would buy again.

  192. Miguel A. Ortiz Vega

    Is not firm. Too soft for me. Back pain

  193. heartofshepherd

    For this price point it delivers a decent value for reasonable neck support. But If you expecting something way beyond, then Tempur is the solution but you got to pay for 3x over.

  194. miranda.craig17

    I absolutely love this pillow it is so comfortable! I just ordered one but definitely want another for the other side of the bed. I usually wake up toss and turn and adjust pillows throughout the night but since I’ve been using this pillow I sleep all night.

  195. Cynthia Matmany

    I made a good purchase. Pillow has given me goodnight sleep.

  196. J. O.

    I was a bit concerned when I took the pillow out of the packaging because it was kind of puny, until I read the directions that said to give it time to expand. About 20 minutes later the pillow filled up the covering just fine. I like the fact that even though the pillow is memory foam, it’s not hard. It provides excellent support, but it still has a soft feeling. I also like the fact that you can take out the middle if you don’t want it quite so thick. I tried this pillow with and without the middle layer, and on both the bigger, and the smaller side. Personally I like it thinner, but on the bigger side, but that’s just me. An added benefit to this? It reduces my snoring. Not completely, but according to a snore measurement app I have on my phone, it reduced my time spent snoring about 15% and the volume about the same. Not tons, but still more effective than the anti-snoring products I have tried, all of which did absolutely nothing. I know that whether you like a pillow is a very individual thing, but I feel like the fact that this pillow has 4 different options will make it much more likely to work for people.

  197. Christy M.

    I have occipital neurologia and severe neck pain from a car accident. I have been trying to find a good pillow, so I figured I’d give this a try. It does offer good support for my neck, and I like that it can be adjusted to different levels. I still have pain, but I will always have it. The main thing I like about this is that it doesn’t take me too long to make the pillow comfortable for me. With the shredded memory foam pillows, I kept having to adjust the foam. So far, this one has been the best.

  198. Cora Bishop

    I have the most restful sleep with this pillow. My neck is almost always achy and this pillow helps a lot with that. I have nothing but good things to say about this pillow.

  199. Tino

    It provides great support. I wake up rested. It changed my sleep quality! I highly recommend! Do not even think twice- purchase it!

  200. Cam

    I have never tried a contour pillow and I was skeptical, but this pillow did not disappoint! It’s comfortable in all sleeping positions and has really made a difference in my sleep

  201. Josh B.

    Works as described

  202. Mohsin A Muhammad

    love this soft durable pillow helps neck to stay without pain and sleep through out tje night

  203. Duckwood

    Have only slept one night but love it. Very supportive and comfortable.Ships nicely packaged and good documentation.Note that the pillow is compacted when received and needs 72 hours to .”expand” to normal size (like those foam mattresses).. Recommended.

  204. Royal Therapy Customer

    Bought for my guest room… everyone loves this pillow!

  205. DC Buyer

    Good quality both pillow and cover

  206. Samson

    very nice

  207. KG

    Would buy again

  208. Rmh3170

    Works very well for a side sleeper of my size (5’8″ woman). The curve fits neck and head placement well. Not usable for stomach sleepers really.

  209. Paula E

    I can’t love this pillow enough! Great feature of being able to remove some of the foam. I also love that the contour is two different sizes. I’m not easily impressed by pillows, but this one did it! Highly recommend!

  210. Garth D.

    I’m snoring less

  211. MC

    I LOVE this pillow. I hurt my back and because I have to sleep on my side now, I was getting very bad neck cramps. Someone suggested I try a contour pillow so I researched many pillows and based on the good reviews this pillow received, I wanted to try it. It took a couple nights to get used to it but once my neck was accustomed, I no longer get the bad neck cramps. I actually stay asleep for longer than I did without it. It is amazing. It did take several hours to fully expand after I took it out of the box but it was ready to use that same night so just allow some time for that. It also had a little smell to it from the foam material (like many other memory foam products I have purchased) but that fades away over a few days. Just let it air out (unzip and leave out of any pillowcases) when not in use for a couple days and then the smell is unnoticeable/disappears. I am very happy with this pillow and it has eliminated my neck pain/cramps!

  212. Eszter H.

    A very comfortable pillow with great support at the right price point. After using it for a few weeks, I decided to purchase one as a gift as well.

  213. Lisa V Padol

    Had to use the lower end, but once I figured that out, SO much better!

  214. Nida Ahmed

    Love this contour pillow for my neck. Helps me sleep so well. Also has an adjustable height option!

  215. Krispy

    I loved it! It’s like sleeping on clouds so insanely soft!

  216. Katharine McCarthy

    So comfortable! Really helped my neck pain

  217. Steven Jakubowski

    Very comfortable, soft yet supportive

  218. Gargooch

    Nice quality product and it really works for me because my stiff neck issues from sleeping are gone!

  219. nancy gould

    Delivered 2 days after order. Not too large for queen size. Soft but still Provided much need neck support. Should have bought this a long time ago!

  220. mayubeautify

    This pillow is very comfortable it mimicked your neck perfectly. I really enjoy this pillow

  221. Leanne Gerber

    Super cozy AND supportive

  222. Sue C.

    I removed the middle layer easily and the pillow is a perfect contour to support my head and neck. It is lightweight and easier to maneuver than Royal Therapy pillows. The cover is of high quality and the fumes from the pillow evaporated in 48 hours. Very happy I decided to treat myself with this item!

  223. Stefanie Kennedy

    This is so much better than the other pillows I have used. I was afraid it might be too small but it works great. No more waking up in the morning with headaches. Good support.

  224. Merp

    Neck pain has lessened since using this pillow on the taller side. Will see if it gets rid of the pain completely after using it more consistently. Good product.

  225. Chenqiming

    It’s very comfortable to use, it’s smelling a bit big.

  226. Tim B.

    Worried at first because it wouldn’t take it shape. After fluffing it up, i was able to use it. It does have that plastic smell because it’s new. So far its been doing wonders.

  227. Casey

    Nice pillow. It could be more firm but that’s my personal preferance. I was scared when I openes the package and it was rolled up and so flat looking, but it puffed up to the measurements listed.

  228. T. Dy

    So far, so good. Fast shipping and comfortable pillow. Can’t wait for the long term test

  229. georgia

    Love this pillow. It is more supple than the others I’ve tried.

  230. Preetham

    This pillow helped me with my neck pain. I was able to sleep good with the support it gave to my neck.

  231. Dana Aker Baxley

    I have a pinched nerve in my spine/neck/shoulders…this is my 3rd pillow I’ve tried, and it has done the Trick…Works GREAT!!! I can’t say enough about it. I use to keep waking up all night, but now I sleep right through the night, and I wake with No Pain, Yayyy. You can’t go wrong with it.

  232. Ashley Clerge

    Very comfortable, true to packaging

  233. Cindy Hines

    Just the right height, instant relief for my neck and head.

  234. Kindle Customer

    I’ve only had this for a couple of nights but it is a great pillow. It is heavy but pliable and very very comfortable. It does have an odor but I assume that will dissipate within a couple of days.

  235. Anthony Ebron

    I was skeptical, but instant pain relief and neck support! Exactly what a pillow should feel like and it feels like some invisible person is holding up your head. My neck instantly feels 10x better!

  236. Yomster

    It’s super soft and it holds up against me when I side sleep. Should have bought it sooner. Air it out first for a day or 2 has a funky factory smell.

  237. Cricket Hackney

    I have had this pillow for about a week. Over the last 3 months, I have trained myself to sleep on my back. I have never used a memory foam pillow and so far I really like this one. I am sleeping better and waking up less often during the night. My previous pillow did not support my neck well enough. This one does, I did not have to make any adjustments. I hope it holds up well, I am enjoying it.

  238. Priya Mudunuri

    This is the pillow that I was looking for. Like many people, I haven’t had my perfect pillow till now. It came in nice packing. Initially, I felt it was big. I then tried removing the middle layer of the memory foam. It suited me then. I liked the feature where you can adjust the height and not just deal with the one you bought.

  239. Royal Therapy Customer

    Have been using these four years. This one seems to be the best one yet.

  240. Caitlin Mary Brinker

    Was getting terrible headaches. Felt better after 1st night and no more headaches after 3 nights. Its wonderful! I am a side sleepe and pregnant. Highly recommend!

  241. Gopa

    Good solid pillow for a reasonable price. Bought 4 after I tried one.

  242. Tootie

    Very supportive

  243. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great pillow and very comfortable, especially once you break it in a little! Had to buy another one for my wife!

  244. Star Taylor

    Looks and feels amazingI got more then I paid for

  245. Gregg

    Great comfort and support…help relieve neck pain also..made very nicely…will have a long time.

  246. goldenrudy

    I love this pillow for my neck discomfort. Prior to buying the Royal Therapy pillow, I was waking up with neck pain and could hardly move my head and neck. This pillow has helped tremendously. Definitely recommend this pillow.

  247. Joseph A. Stiglitz

    This pillow lives up to seller”s claims. For the first time in a while, I wake up with no back discomfort.

  248. Laurie Ann Natal

    Exactly as promised. A comfortable supportive pillow. My husband is sleeping better already

  249. ganeshrajam

    Tried few different pillows and finally decided to give this a try after reading the reviews. Was not disappointed. Has the perfect height and really comfertable.

  250. David Kim

    Great quality pillow. My husband likes it so far!

  251. D. Cook

    I love this pillow so much I bought 3! And I’ll probably buy more!There’s nothing about it I don’t like. It’s supportive, luxurious and super quality! I have had 3 spinal surgeries including my neck along with titanium pins, so if I love it imagine how much you will!

  252. dawn

    Neck support

  253. Huong Pham

    I love memory foam, this is my second memory foam pillow. Before I know about this type material, I used the normal pillow. However, it make my neck feel so bad because the height is too thick. If I choose something thinner, which suitable for my neck, it will become thinner quickly. When I buy this, I did not expect too much but after that I am not reject to buy it at all. It support my sleep a lot. I am absolutely love this so much.

  254. Samantha Paine

    LOVE!! My neck subluxes frequently, and finding the right pillow has been a lifetime quest. The search is over. My neck has never felt so good. I recommend this pillow to everyone. Well worth the price!

  255. Susu

    I really didn’t think this pillow was going To work because I have had no luck before but omg the comfort. Perfect pillow. Looks beautiful, feels Soft and snuggly. It does have that new plastic smell But once you air it out it goes away.

  256. Yee haw

    A little thinner than my previous Memory foam pillow. Although, I still loved this regardless! Comfy! Would definitely recommend!

  257. Kathy S

    Like the feel of the pillow, very soft finish. great neck support and comfort. Highly reccommend!

  258. E. Keith

    It is very soft and I like the cover. I am giving it as a gift for Christmas to my husband who always complains about the old pillows on the bed. I like that it’s adjustible for when I need to use it since I like a flatter pillow than he does.

  259. Linda

    My fiance loves this pillow. It’s so comfortable and supports his head very well. Would definitely buy again.

  260. Theresa C. Coffelt

    I never adjust my pillow during the night anymore. I may turn from side to side but that’s it.

  261. Back

    I’ve tried this shape pillow in the past, but this one really stands out! Great for neck pain, and its amazingly comfortable. Soft but supportive and maintains the purfect temperature. Definitely recommend!

  262. Dwight504

    It’s super soft and supportive at the same time. The cover is very nice. I’m really pleased. I tried one for 1/2 the price and the foam was too firm and wasn’t supple.

  263. Merlin

    This pillow will literally change your life. I’ve slept on it for a week now and from the first morning, I woke up neck and back pain-free. I also don’t twist and turn around all night or wake up and am so much more well-rested. It truly supports your neck and also on any side you turn, you get support. Not too soft or firm, just right. It’s worth investing in your health with good sleep. The pillow also came well-packaged and with a mini user guide.

  264. Kevin

    I’ve only used it for a few nights, but I’ve woken up pain free so far. It seems much nicer then my old memory foam pillow. It’s a bit softer then expected, but seems supportive enough.

  265. Claire

    This one is softer than the memory foam pillows I tried out in the past, and I like the softer feel! It’s less pressuring on my head and neck for sure. It feels really nice at night. Highly recommended!

  266. Syed Imran Farid

    Don’t hesitate to buy this product. Works very good for neck, shoulder pain relief.

  267. Royal Therapy Customer


  268. Mirza M Baig

    The queen pillow is the standard size and quite adequate for a medium-build person. It feels firm to the touch, but there is a little bit of ‘give’ so its not for those who would prefer an extra-firm pillow. The shape is designed to provide support to the neck and allow the person to sleep in the optimal position for relief from neck and shoulder pain. I can say that the pillow does provide good support and is helping with my neck pain. I would think I will get accustomed to the pillow’s shape and feel over the next few days or couple of weeks, but already I do feel a bit refreshed after a night’s sleep. The pain I would have in the mornings is lessening gradually, so I am hopeful the pain will eventually go away.I do recommend this pillow for all those who prefer a firm pillow and would want relief from neck and/or shoulder pain. The shape takes some getting used to but overall the pillow is a high quality product, accurately advertised for both its form as well as function.

  269. Momof2

    Huge relief of neck pain for both myself and my husband! Well worth the money

  270. siranush tulumdzhyan

    Amazing product!!

  271. Jorge Narino

    This pillow had a taller neck support, which made all the difference for me.

  272. D. D. Avey

    This pillow is amazing! I recently became a back sleeper when I started using a weighted blanket. I tried numerous pillows and finally decided to take the plunge on this one. I am so glad I did. It takes some getting used to as it is not the fluffy pillow we are all used to but is so comfy! Great buy! Now my hubby wants one.

  273. Saint Pepsi

    This was a pillow specifically requested from my wife. As a person that believes in happy wife, happy life I made sure to get her what she wanted. Let’s just say she is sleeping better and when she’s not around I use the pillow myself as we are both side sleepers.

  274. Manny Tega

    I chose this pillow for my wife because of her stuff neck and shoulders caused by her desk job. Se loves this pillow and sleeps like a baby! Best pillow purchase ever!

  275. Shaunna Lee

    This pillow has been great! It provides me support and is soft and comfortable. I wake up and don’t feel as stiff which is always the best way to wake up!

  276. Rick

    The quality feels really great! It’s very comfortable and doesn’t have strong chemical smells after unrolling. It’s great you can adjust the height of it.

  277. Mich

    I’ve paid my share of money for expensive down pillows, but they never provided the support I needed. I decided to try something different and ended up deciding on this awesome pillow. It helps to support my head whether I’m sleeping on my side, back, or stomach. They are great pillows and I’ve ordered 3 so far.

  278. Colleen

    We wanted more pillows for our kids’ new bed and this one looked fantastic. However the memory foam is too thick for kids and will strain their neck but the pillow is perfect for adults and is luxurious. The gold trim on the pillow is really nice!

  279. SJ

    Great pillow! Good support and quality.

  280. Anne G

    Double cased to cover the scent, I haven’t slept this well for years! Not only is it allowing my spondylitis neck full supportive relaxation, it has eliminated 80% of my husband’s snoring. The obnoxious loud 80% LOL. We could not be happier!

  281. Kindle Customer

    The pillow seems to be holding up well – have had it 5 months. It did not have as pronounced curve as the previous pillow but it is very comfortable and my neck pain has not returned.

  282. T. O.

    Very comfortable.

  283. Dave Haslam

    High quality, well designed. Sleep very well!

  284. The Cranky Consumer

    A good pillow for support of the neck and cervical spine. The cover and foam are of high quality. Overall I tried 3 other pillows, some more expensive and this was the best find. It’s size adjustable too by removing layers of memory foam. There is a five year warranty but it is contingent on writing this review. While I would have written anyway, the warranty should not be held hostage.

  285. Atiya Perkins

    Very soft

  286. Pen Name

    Risky trying a pillow on here. Glad I did. This pillow already made my neck feel better.

  287. dundee

    I’ve been looking for a comfortable pillow. I had surgery on my neck last year and have bought lots of pillows. This didn’t look comfortable but figured I’ve tried all the rest, might as well. Best, best pillow ever.

  288. Taja West

    This pillow is awesome. It works for any type of sleep position and really helps to conform your head and neck into the right position all night. I finally woke-up today after months of neck aches and felt amazing. Can stretch my neck without any pain.

  289. SKhanal

    I am having a good night sleep after I got this pillow. And my neck is not paining anymore..

  290. Reeti Choudhury

    My neck started hurting when i was sleeping on the regular pillows. This pillow is so soft and amazing. I have great sleep now with now neck pain.

  291. Royal Therapy Customer

    Very comfortable! Love it

  292. Marjorie Padron

    Very comfortable

  293. Dachsifan

    I got this pillow as a gift. So far I am very happy with it. It’s extremely comfortable. I can recommend this pillow.

  294. Sharanya

    This is great. I used the regular pillows prior to getting this memory foam pillow and it took a couple of days to get used to the extra elevation compared to the traditional ones, but it is so helpful for someone who sleeps on the side considering the neck position. The pillow cover looks classy and the memory foam seems to be pretty comfortable as well.

  295. TorieT

    A really excellent, well made pillow that is a great combination of comfort and support. Thank you!

  296. Taz

    I love this pillow. My arm isn’t stiff and in pain from laying on it. I sleep all night for the 1st time in forever instead of waking up thru the night to reposition a dead limb.

  297. W. Murdoch

    The pillow has a lower and higher side, which works for back and side sleepers. Very comfortable. I’ll never go back to a regular pillow.

  298. SJB

    I sleep every night on this pillow. The only thing that might improve it would be the zipper as you can feel the foot of the zipper if you put your hand under your head. This is not a huge issue.

  299. JT

    I was having a lot of neck pain due to my pillows not giving me the right elevation at night. My results with this pillow were instant! My neck pain is gone!

  300. Shayna

    This is the best pillow I’ve ever had!! No more waking up with neck pain!

  301. phil


  302. Darryl

    I LOVE this pillow!! I bought it to help alleviate the head & neck tension that was happening with regular pillows.It has definitely made my sleep quality better & my head & neck are so well supported that I am waking up feeling great compared to when using a regular pillow!!The design allows gentle support to the neck (the raised edge/ridge on the top & bottom) while your head is resting in the “valley” (middle) of the pillow.I recommend this pillow for anyone looking for a better night’s sleep!

  303. Felix R.

    Perfect neck support! Decreased neck pin after one night of use

  304. Bellacookie

    With just one night of use, I felt the difference. Amazing, no neck pain, shoulder soreness and actually slept through the note. Definitely recommend.

  305. FMM

    Bought for wife. She absolutely loves it. Supports perfectly and is just the right height.

  306. Yinabelle Liang

    What I really like about this pillow is how the height can be adjustable, I get up with no neck pain with this pillow

  307. S. Abraham

    Great comfort when sleeping at night!

  308. KJV

    Great neck support in any sleeping position

  309. It helps

    I started having neck painn I was looking for a similar pillow I had years ago. I read the reviews before I brought this pillow. When the pillow arrived, the packaging was very nice. I used it the same night did not feel comfortable than I removed the middle to make it lower et Voila.

  310. TrishaChristine

    I actually like it! I’ve tried memory foam pillows in the past, they end up being too firm and hard or so squishy they offer no support. This pillow is neither! It offers me the support I need and the squish I love!

  311. Sboakland

    Wow. Just has my first night on this pillow and it feels amazing! I’m a side sleeper and I can’t believe how well this supported me. I’ve usually been waking up with more pain in my neck but this morning I woke up with less! And it feels comfortable lying in multiple positions—side and back. So thankful for the relief I’m experiencing.

  312. joseph ketaner

    This is a good quality pillow that provides great support!

  313. Amanda

    For the past couple of months I have had trouble sleeping, I couldn’t get comfortable and figured it was from having a baby. One night, I realized a new pillow might help with my sleep. I decided to try this memory foam pillow. Follow the instructions and allow 72 hours for the pillow to ‘fluff’ up and air out. The first night using this pillow, I slept so deeply! I really like the contour of the pillow, it gives my neck and head a really comfortable alignment I didn’t realize I was missing before with my last pillow. I find this pillow comfortable when I sleep on my back or side. The only downside is there is still a slight crease in the pillow 2 weeks after fluffing, but it is on the top where I don’t rest my head, so it doesn’t affect my use. Overall, I’m happy I gave this pillow a try!

  314. ami shah

    Like the pillow a lot, pillow is soft yet supports my neck well. Great for side sleeping and works with sleeping on back as well. Not for people who need/like firmer support.

  315. Shenanigans

    Thus far I’m pretty happy with the purchase. I bought it to try to help my back pain. It’s not totally gone but it does help a lot more than I anticipated.

  316. fredbkaminsky

    Soft and head forming. Relieves neck pain.

  317. Terri T.

    Just received, can’t wait to sleep on it. It expanded out of the package to it’s perfect shape in just minutes.

  318. Sara Dwyer

    I had horrible neck pain and my arm would go numb. I haven’t had those problem since using this pillow!


    This pillow helps with neck pain from sleeping on my side!

  320. Sara

    The pillow is very comfortable and since I started using it my neck has been doing better. I also like that when I sleep on my back it also helps even though I normally sleep on my side.

  321. Dana Hainsey

    It provides perfect support and comfort.

  322. Alec

    I was doubtful that this would help me. Years of Chiropractors, new mattresses, and neck exercises have not kept me from waking up with a migraine nearly every other day. This pillow gave me one of the best nights of sleep I’ve ever experienced. The only reason I gave it 1 star is due to the strong smell it releases for a while once you take it out of the packaging. I fixed it by sprinkling baking soda directly on the foam and letting it sit for a few hours, both sides. Vacuum off. I also put a fresh dryer sheet in the pillowcase. to freshen it up and mask any other smells. All in all a great purchase, have already recommended to many coworkers!

  323. Camogirl309

    Material makes it hot and sweaty to sleep at night. Felt like it provided pain relief for my neck pain for the first two weeks, after that it didn’t seem to prevent the pain. However, it still provides neck support and has for the past two weeks

  324. kstorm727

    Love this pillow. It is soft and plush for a memory foam pillow. I love it.

  325. Donna

    I had a beautiful nights sleep.

  326. Amina

    Feels really good and helped me with my neck pain

  327. la Professora

    The Royal Therapy is the perfect pillow for side sleepers like me. My neck is completely supported and aligned with my head and spine-amazing! I sleep all night now! I bought one for my son and he loves it too! I cannot say enough about the many benefits of the Royal Therapy pillow. I will use this pillow exclusively from now on-Thank you

  328. Mystery Buff

    The pillow is very nice looking and firm. I have had neck pain for some time and have been to the chiropractor many times. I keep reinjuring it just from simple tasks. So far, with this pillow, the pain is slowly going away. There’s a noticeable difference each day and I fully expect to be pain-free soon! I didn’t want to have to keep returning to the doc. This pillow has been the answer for me. Yes, I will be recommending it to my friends.

  329. vinoisthebest

    I really like the contour, the comfort, and the quality material that is used in this product. I would recommend this product.

  330. Bellabugs41

    It felt so good I couldnt wait to go to bed. Mom put it right on the floor and said head placement is perfect. You can adjust the level but for her was perfect.

  331. sandy

    Its soft and conforms nicely. Was easy to inflate out of the package. Would have liked more firmness.

  332. Debbie

    I have bought so many pillows in the last year for an ongoing neck issue. Some came from Royal Therapy website and I had to send them back, but this one is wonderful. Before I slept on it I was having severe TMJ headaches during the night, sore shoulders and painful neck. After sleeping on this pillow, I have not had any more problems. After the first night I was better. I would definitely recommend this pillow to anyone who is having pain.

  333. Daniel Stebbens

    Amazing Pillow. Love everything about it.

  334. Berna

    As expected!

  335. Elizabee Chime

    I bought this for a relative who has some neck issues. He said he thought it would help alleviate the pain he gets in his neck, but he hasn’t used it long enough to know. It does look comfortable!

  336. Crystal

    Great product.

  337. David Balderas

    Best pillow I have EVER slept on! My wife even enjoys the pillow and she hasn’t used one in years!

  338. Donna

    The pillow came perfectly packaged. I like the fact that it is adjustable for thickness. I have only had it for 2 days but I find it very soft and comfortable. I purchased it for pain relief and It seems to be helpful. Time will tell.

  339. Royal Therapy Customer

    I love that pillow is adjustable. Can decrease amount of support

  340. Veronica Pickell

    This was a replacement for an older same type pillow. It was great to get a good nights sleep without waking up with neck pain.

  341. Jairo Zapata

    Excellent product. It is the second time to buy this product. Has been and excellent choice.

  342. Kristina T

    I have been on the search for a new pillow for quite some time. I bought one of those bamboo shredded memory foam pillows and it was okay for a while but it was not compatible at all with our new Royal Therapy mattress. I bought a different memory foam contour pillow that had a lot of support but was very firm. I figured they were probably all like that until I bought this one. and I was doomed for a life of hard pillows or stiff necks. I love the contour and how it’s different on either side, I’m a side sleeper so by recommendation I use the higher side. I did take the middle layer out and try it like that, I found this too flat for me but think it is a wonderful feature to customize the pillow even more. The pillow fluffed right up after about 1-2 hours out of the sealed packaging and the pillowcase is soft and high quality. This pillow is the two things I thought I would never get at the same time, soft AND supportive.

  343. Jone

    OMG I never thought this pillow would be so great! It’s soft but very supportive. And it’s oh so comfortable. I feel a lot less stress in my shoulders already. I thought I was sleeping on good pillows, they are nothing compared to this one. It did take 72 hours for the pillow to reach full size so don’t panic. Leave it alone and let it do its thing. It is so worth it! Best pillow I’ve ever owned! You made some pretty big claims, thank you for exceeding my expectations!

  344. sylviaoped

    I took some time to test out this pillow before writing a review. I have an extremely stiff neck so the fact that i could take a layer out was great. The standard height of a pillow would have been to hard for me. I love this pillow. So soft, comfy and supportive. The smell goes away after just a few hours of airing it out. And I don’t find it to get hot at all. I’m having fewer headaches in the morning. Just ordered two more for my kids.

  345. Tina

    I’ve been using the same pillows I’ve had growing up or bought during college (5 years ago), and I didn’t realize you eventually have to upgrade your pillows. I thought I was just doomed to have flat pillows even the”newer” ones I bought in college at Target or Walmart.Glad I took the time to research and buy this pillow cause now I know what it feels like my actually have my neck supported when I sleep on my sides and not wake up with a stiff neck. Neat packaging, concise instructions, and the pillow feels great so far.

  346. shawna

    I love this pillow! I use to wake up with crazy head aches from neck pain and I’d get so depressed at the thought that this was gonna be the rest of my life. This pillow is so amazing, I barely wake up with neck pain anymore. Sometimes I will still get it but it’s definitely not as often as it was before this pillow.

  347. Tim D

    Pillow came on time. Packaging was nice, and all components were there. Pillow inflated to its normal size within an hour and I was able to use it that evening to sleep. No smell. Keeps generally cool, not warm. And so far I’ve been getting great sleep with it. Would highly recommend. Softer than some memory foam pillows I’ve had in the past, but still very firm and keeps its shape during and after sleeping on it. Thanks!

  348. Janeth O.

    I bought this pillow and my sleep has improved greatly. I used to wake up with neck and back pain due to the pillow I had before but when I started using the Royal Therapy pillow all that stopped. It is firm and offers great neck and head support but it is also nice and soft.

  349. mixtifori

    Absolutely love these pillows!

  350. roseman

    Very very comfortable.Love queen size (longer than standard)… Love the feel.Have been using contoured memory foam pillows for decades, and these are as nice as I have ever used.Their logo even looks nice (though you never see it again once it’s inside a pillowcase).Very comfortable.

  351. Andrew Norton

    My first few nights I woke up with no neck stiffness or pain. This hasn’t happened for me in almost 10 years. Highly recommend

  352. Starting

    My wife liked it! Thank you.

  353. Gabriel

    Excellent pillow! My girlfriend was delighted, very comfortable and comfortable to sleep like a baby. 100% recommended Be very happy and satisfied with this product.

  354. Saai Sudharsan

    It has a good comfort and very helpful for neck resting..

  355. Shannon Hendricks

    I bought this after reading numerous positive reviews ! It helped improve my sleep and reduced neck and back pain I had been experiencing with my old pillow.

  356. L

    Got this pillow 3 nights ago. I mainly purchased it because it was a non-toxic, reasonably priced pillow, has a 100 night guarantee, and 5 year warranty. Its also CertiPUR-US which I gather means It is free from many chemicals you’d find in other pillows. So far I am enjoying the pillow, I hope it holds up over time because I do think I’m sleeping a bit better, and I can’t find anything else priced this good with these benefits.

  357. Noreen T.

    Very comfortable! I’m not sure if the center is supposed to stay indented though, or if mine just has never filled out fully after taking it out of the packaging. Mine has never looked like the picture. Still it is soft. I have chronic pain with disc issues and bone spurs so I can’t really say if a pillow can really help those things because I’m always in pain. However it is still a comfy pillow regardless.

  358. Aaron

    I used this pillow on the first night when I received, and now it has been 3 nights since I received it, I really like it, it’s very comfortable pillow, I usually flip around when i sleep and with a bad sleeping quality, but these 3 nights, I felt my sleeping quality has get lot better, the support to my neck and shoulder are very comfortable and strong no matter I sleep on the side or on my back, I am happy for the quality of this pillow for this price.

  359. Clairity

    It is the right thickness, height and softness for my neck (I am a side/stomach sleeper). I was waking up with a stiff neck and, tho it’s only been one night, my neck felt better this morning.

  360. Yasmin N.

    Great Ergonomic design for neck. It fits to your comfort position sooner and great reliever of stress and pain. I love to have it.

  361. Ben

    Great pillow. Great price

  362. MaStA

    Excellent support. Woke up without neck pain.

  363. EZ4U

    I like the height of this pillow and also that is not too hard but still supportive.

  364. Kindle Customer

    It took me three days to get used to it, but once that hurdle was crossed it was fine. It offers good support under the neck. I ordered another for my husband…The outside construction is well done–even pretty. Inside are three removable layers of soft foam (memory foam?) if the height needs to be adjusted. Pricey, but it relieves neck discomfort.

  365. Jose alves

    Very good

  366. Merelucia

    Excellent product!!! I’m sleeping very well with this pillow, great investment. Thank you!

  367. Brookfield

    It’s great and very comfortable pillow.

  368. Richard

    Very comfortable pillow.

  369. Kimmy Tang

    This pillow is awesome! Very soft, comfortable and lightweight.I try to lay on my head, feel like helping my neck and my shoulder better pain. I have big problems is pain my neck . Hope they help me sleep betterI just got it today , really happy , will start used it tonightIf anything changes I will update thuc reviewBNow I recommend this product . Helping old people better at bedtimeThanks for product company

  370. Brian R

    My new favorite pillow after trying 3 different pillows from several big box stores. This replaced my old chriopratic pillow that wore out and got too flat. I am a side sleeper and I generally like a flat pillow but need some neck support. This offers neck support, does not seem to crush down, seems to stay cool enough, and is a great value. It took a couple days to get used to.

  371. C. C.

    I finally found the pillow of my dreams! Adjustable! Yes! Creamy soft yet perfect support for my neck. I can sleep on my side without my arm and shoulders hurting. I don’t get a head ache from my neck being linked on a top soft or too firm pillow.

  372. teach her

    fits into the crook of the neck perfectly!

  373. Linh

    Product arrived safely and lived up to my expectations. Extremely comfortable, best pillow I’ve ever owned!

  374. robin

    Good quality pillow first full night sleep I’ve had in forever.

  375. hard to please

    This pillow is fantastic. It’s probably one of the best pillows I’ve ever had. I just place my head on the pillow and fall asleep. I don’t have to fold my pillow or adjust it until I find a comfortable position. I’m going to buy 2 more!

  376. Angie

    Thank you. It has worked with alleviating my neck issues.

  377. Lily

    I love love love this pillow! It has helped me with my migraines when I wake up in the morning, and also helps me fall asleep faster. Not too soft and not too hard, just right memory foam material.

  378. Royal Therapy Customer

    Sleep very well

  379. darlene meyer

    oh my just live this pillow the first 2 night been amazing for me. it’s very good support for my head and neck area. I like it how it just melts your head and like sleep on a cloud. 8 have tried other pillows you get at walmart and no support at all. This pillow has the support. I just live how it cradle your head. now I’m going to rest all my pillows with this and for my camper.

  380. cristy972001

    Oh Wow! This pillow is perfection! I am a strictly side sleeper so I’ve been using this type of sculpted pillow for years. But I’ve had trouble finding the right level of firmness. They are usually either so squishy they don’t provide the needed support or they are so firm that they are hard and uncomfortable. This pillow however is really soft but perfectly supportive. Love it!

  381. Alison H.

    I love this pillow. I got the best night sleep for the first time in years.

  382. bertbizz

    Super comfy and soft! I searched forever for a pillow like this! Recommended!

  383. Cody Hampton

    Amazing pillow and half the price of temperpedic.

  384. compassion101

    Super comfy for a side sleeper!

  385. Harwood

    My neck and shoulder pain has definitely improved since switching to this pillow. Very satisfied!

  386. J. E. Steventon

    It has helped to relieve my nack pain and help me be more comfortable!

  387. Yankeegurl

    I absolutely loved this Royal memory foam pillow ! I received it yesterday & I used it last nite. I slept well, for me that’s Great because I haven’t in quite a while. I was NOT the least bit skeptical about this pillow — I have a memory foam bed & I love it !! If you are contemplating buying this product – What R U Waiting For ?

  388. Debra Hassinger

    Love this pillow. It aligns my neck and spine and has greatly improved my sleep. Would definitely recommend. Plus it has a 5 year warranty.

  389. lam

    Very comfortable pillow, will recommend

  390. spiritangel

    I have tried ALL kinds of pillows over YEARS, and they all made my neck issue worseThis pillow, at first, was uncomfortable since I was using the high side, but, when I turned it around to the lower side, perfect for me and I have been dealing with this for 20 years

  391. Lex99

    Amazing pillow, 1st night had to get used to the right way of sleeping, 2nd night perfect sleep with no neck pain. NO NECK PAIN!

  392. Tobe

    Love it

  393. Jesse Wyckoff

    Very comfortable and kept me cool at night.

  394. Chelsea

    I’ve spent a lot of money on pillows in the past, but nothing compares to the quality of this pillow. It’s the perfect balance of soft and firm, and gives amazing neck support while I sleep. Before you spend hundreds of dollars trying to find the perfect pillow, try this one out! Love the affordable price point and the 5-year warranty.

  395. Nicole Goodwin

    Oh my gosh I’m never leaving my bed again. I love it so much!

  396. Michelle

    Works great!

  397. Royal Therapy Customer

    Good quality and comfortNo cons really

  398. Qun Liu

    My sleep is much better with this pillow. It seemed that My rear neck pain went away

  399. Pradeepkumar Patel

    This is great pillow with good price. perfect size and comfy.

  400. shelia smith

    The pillow is quite an eye pleaser . It’s very soft but a little heavier than I thought it would be . I liked the fact that you could turn it to fit your sleep needs . As an example, if you want to sleep on your back , you can read the booklet and choose the proper position of the pillow . If you change sleeping positions, just change the position of the pillow. I really like those features. The pillow is extremely well made and very comfortable. If your struggling with finding the right pillow , this Royal Therapy pillow, might be the one for you .

  401. carthgar

    I’ve tried pillows similar to this (but more expensive) but I would always wake up after several hours with a crushed ear. After weeks of neck pain I decided to try this one. It is perfect! No neck pain and no crushed ear. I chose it because of the 100 day guarantee but after 1 night I threw the box away as I know I will not be returning it.

  402. ConfessionsOfaShopahlic

    I don’t usually like to write reviews but the pillow is amazing. I’ve been struggling with neck pain for a long time and have spent a lot of money looking for relief. I would high suggest buying this pillow!

  403. David L. Lawley

    This pillow is well made, of good quality, comfortable to sleep on, soft but supportive. I highly recommend it, after rejecting several others, this gave me a good night’s sleep.

  404. stephen

    good support nice cover felt good the first night.

  405. Sam

    Very comfortable

  406. Sai

    It’s great!

  407. Grackal

    I wish I’d bought this pillow when I first started having neck and shoulder pain! Although I still need muscle relaxers and physical therapy, this pillow has made a huge improvement after just the first night of sleep, and every day the pain relief is a little better than the day before. Slept much better than with regular pillow or other cervical pillow. It does have a funny chemical smell at first, not overwhelming, but this airs out quickly and it’s not hazardous. The fit and support are perfect for me. I purchased a queen size, and the width from the base of my neck to the edge of my shoulder is 4.9 inches. I’ve had other cervical support pillows, but this is the best by far. Had to fight the cat for it, she thinks it’s purrfect for her!

  408. Royal Therapy Customer

    Very comfortable and adapts to the shape of my body.

  409. Clarence Norman

    Comfortable. We purchased 2 and we Slept soundly the first night!

  410. Stephano

    Great product so far, only one night sleep, time will tell how long foam will hold up? Great feel: supportive but soft!

  411. sarah panton

    Very cozy pillow. Matches my memory foam bed and better than a regular pillow that needs adjusted all night.

  412. Esse

    I really like this memory foam pillow. Its is nice and squishy. Its not too firm or thick like some pillows that put a strain on your neck because they are so thick. It has a nice removable cover that seems like it will hold up in the wash. Nicely packaged also if one wanted to order as gifts.

  413. Jules

    This product has helped to alleviate back and neck pain. The pillow provides support, but is still soft and comfortable. Definitely recommend it!

  414. Leigh Dodd

    First pillow i have owned that I actually do not have a sore neck in am.

  415. Royal Therapy Customer

    I was having neck pain with my old pillow. Since starting using my new pillow last week my neck pain is gone.

  416. Kindle Customer

    Very comfortable

  417. jodi

    Good neck support

  418. katrina rodriguez

    I love the feel. I’m pretty picky on pillows and have a ton of trouble with sleeping so this was a great investment! Worth the buy !

  419. Kayla D

    Excellent product! I recieved this a couple days ago and have already noticed a difference in my sleep. I sleep better and no longer wake up with neck pain.

  420. Jack

    Loft adjustability and height of this pillow are great! Been seeking a true side-sleeper pillow for a while, and this seems to fit the bill.

  421. Francis D.

    Great quality for the price! I bought this as a present for my pregnant wife, and she loves it. Would definitely recommend!

  422. Diana J Aguilar

    This is the best pillow! It’s really changed my sleep quality!

  423. Kev A

    This pillow is very supportive and not overly firm, the ability to remove the middle section to adjust the height/thickness is great and the zip off cover is very soft.

  424. Danielle mayfield

    I am extremely pleased with this it gave me the support I needed an the sleep I so desperately have been longing for it came nicely packaged would highly recommend

  425. murray15

    I have tried lots of pillows including 2 other memory foam pillows and have never gotten the desired result. Recieved the royal therapy pillowcase week and fell in love the minute my head hit the pillow. Seriously, it’s unbelievably comfortable and provides just the right amount support. You wont regret purchasing this pillow!

  426. Ashley C.M.

    Love this pillow! As a side sleeper it offers great neck support, I did not wake up with a neck ache. Will be purchasing another!

  427. Amber

    So I got this originally because I was having pain in the left side of my neck and back. I honestly didn’t think that I would use it too terribly long. I always thought memory foam was going to be hard. Wow boy did this change my mind. I have been sleeping so comfortably. My head stinks and right where it’s supposed to but it also completely supports my neck. I sleep on my back but I often put my head left or right during the night and I feel supported. I plan on using this pillow all the time. I’m in love!

  428. L.F.

    I’ve used this pillow for a couple of days. When it arrives it’s in a very tight package and it can take up to 72 hours to return to it’s shape! There is a slight packaging odor that is dissipating but I sprayed it with fabric refresher to help. My pillow was slightly crooked after expanding but there is a zipper on the back where you can take out the layers and adjust them. Like all things memory foam the layers stick together pretty good so peeling them apart is doable but an effort. Overall it supports my head well and I haven’t had any discomfort from using the pillow. Plus using it doesn’t distort the shape like what would happen with a traditional pillow. Just be sure to keep that standard pillow around for layering if you like to read in bed. This pillow is not meant for lounging in bed.

  429. Sara

    This memory foam pillow is quite nice! It comes compact so I opened and let it “breathe” over the day. It is not one of those firm memory foam pillows, its quite squishy over all. I have slept with it a few nights now and found it is more comfortable than some with the neck indentation because I can use any side/area of the pillow vs feeling like I need to be in one spot

  430. Shawn Cooley

    Better than I thought. I don’t like the Royal Therapy pillows and looking at this one I just thought it was a clone. It’s more firm which is what i like. I’d recommend it.

  431. Marcy Vevang

    I got this pillow for my son. He’s really enjoying sleeping with it. My son says it’s comfortable and takes a night or two to get use to it. (He hasn’t had a new pillow in a while).

  432. Mehmet C Ugur

    I really like this foam pillow. One amazing quality is that you can adjust the height by removing middle layer. It feels really comfortable and giving great support. I took a picture to compare to my old foam pillow. This one is longer and a little narrower.

  433. Jessica

    Been sleeping on this pillow for 3 nights. I was surprised that it had more “give” and was softer than other memory foam pillows which are more firm. I slept well on it. Recommend this pillow!

  434. Janine anbinder

    I really love this pillow, it helps me sleep a lot better. I totally recommend it.

  435. Mike

    Its a very comfortable pillow, and itSupports my head just right for being a side sleeper. I wake up in less pain.

  436. Dianna Strink

    100 dayreturn policy and 5 year guarantee

  437. Lori Messner

    This is an amazing pillow. A little pricey, but so worth it. I suffer from severe pain in my neck and since using this pillow, my neck has not been hurting as bad. I think with continued use, my pain will really stop. I like the design of the pillow, it conforms to the head and neck perfect. I would definitely recommend this pillow.

  438. Mikelle Carr

    It’s a pillow … for sleep. It supports my neck as a side sleeper, and I lessened it’s height following the manufacturer’s instructions. VERY comfortable.

  439. Bryce Martin

    Very comfortable. It improved the quality of my sleep.

  440. Kelly H

    This pilliow is very comfortable so far. My neck pain seems to be less.

  441. Samuel Chan

    This pillow is awesome, I tried for a few minutes and already want to fall asleep

  442. diana plunkett


  443. Frank

    Exactly as described! Wonderful

  444. Amanda

    Perfect pillow for neck support and cooling!

  445. Marina Muss


  446. Royal Therapy Customer

    Works well, support is good but not too hard, and height adjustment useful

  447. Nefertari Weis

    This pillow has truly helped me sleep better at night! I haven’t had neck pain since and my back pain has reduced significantly!

  448. Melrose

    Good quality pillow!! I really enjoyed it! I will see this pillow can help my neck and shoulder pains!

  449. Duc Diep

    Great memory foam pillow! it takes a bit time to inflate when just opened the box. Otherwise, it’s a great pillow.

  450. Andrea

    I sweat a bit on it but other than that great pillow

  451. He Ren

    Good buy!

  452. jjbb

    I have slept on the pillow for only five nights. The first morning after sleeping on this pillow, I stood in my kitchen completely surprised/shocked that I did not have a morning headache. After years of waking up with horrible headaches & neck pain, the last five mornings I woke up feeling good!

  453. david r.

    Very good pillow, a good memory foam pillow is harder to find then I thought it would be, search finally over

  454. Duc Tran

    The pillow is soft and comfy. It helps me improve my nap because of the neck support shape.

  455. Anthony

    Arrived really quick, I haven’t slept with it yet but it feels very nice

  456. Rebecca

    Just what I needed to relieve my neck pain. Also pleased when it arrived it looks elegant and inviting.

  457. susan gilmore

    Best pillow ever!!!!!

  458. Aurora Garcia-Tunon

    Very comfortable. A bit smaller size would be great.

  459. Mike Huggenberger

    Well made. Instructions are simple to follow. Comfortable to use. Getting immediate relief of neck pain. Excited about the potential

  460. JEH

    Very comfortable.

  461. Dewfu55

    I love this pillow! I have neck issues and after a week of using the pillow I feel great. Definitely hugs your curves perfect and is the perfect level of support. If you were on the edge, I say go for it!

  462. Klondike Barrrrs

    Looks and feels quite good

  463. Nightwing897

    I was having neck pain which my previous pillow and my head would slip off. Thanks to the Royal Therapy pillow I can finally get a good night’s sleep.

  464. WistfulDreamer

    My last pillow ended up giving me severe neck and back pain. Now it’s gone, thanks to this pillow!

  465. lolak21

    This pillow has been great so far. I have only used it a few nights but so far it’s very comfortable to sleep on. Excellent neck support!

  466. D. Hinz

    Replaced a memory foam pillow, had to adjust, but much better support.

  467. holly D

    Just opened it the softness! I cannot wait to sleep tonightupdate —– i slept through the whole entire night and fell asleep so fast i forgot to set an alarm! i was late but that sleep was worth it

  468. Jackeline Correa

    It’s cloud like feeling yet firm enough to support your neck and head without you having to support it.

  469. TONY G


  470. HappyCouple

    Still getting used to the pillow, but overall seems like I am going to enjoy it for a long time.

  471. Yaroslav Martsenyuk

    Love this pillow. Been trying to find the perfect pillow for awhile now. This one is the perfect one


    Finally, a good night’s sleep!

  473. Royal Therapy Customer

    So far so good

  474. holly

    I’m a side sleeper. This pillow supports my neck and head in a natural position. I bought via a lightening deal and am extremely happy with it.

  475. Nathan

    Very comfortable, adjustable, washable cover.

  476. outdoor lover

    Very comfortable and I really like the support this pillow gives.

  477. Kristen Crenshaw

    Product is nice.

  478. RH

    Very soft pillow.

  479. Jose M. Rivera

    So far I like the quality, how it was packaged and user instructions. I can’t wait to use it but it must sit for 72 hours.

  480. Jeri L. VanEck

    This is the softest and most comfortable pillow I have ever used. I am a total side sleeper and look forward to using it every night. I would recommend it to everyone.

  481. Wherewereyouin62

    My wife ended up removing the center layer, and it’s perfect for her.

  482. Royal Therapy Customer

    My absolute fav pillow!!

  483. Melissa

    I’m always looking for the latest gadget or treatment to help in reducing my neck/back pain and discomfort, which might just result in better sleep, so gave this a try.This is a very comfortable pillow, with a cushy, luxury “hotel-ish” quality and feel to it. Shockingly, it did NOT have the stank smell that so many bedding items do, it seems, so that was a plus. Wanted to replace my last one (from chiropractor at double this price), and this is an improved, softer feel, is a true Queen size, so wider than my last one which always seemed just a bit too short.The outside is a removable, washable cover which is a must-have. I can squish this in a bag to travel with, but unfolds and retains it shape well.I have many neck/back/sleep issues, and certainly wouldn’t expect a pillow alone to cure me, but a supportive, comfortable pillow certainly can help, and so far this is a win.

  484. Ashley Aiken

    I’m really enjoying the pillow, its going to take a lil time to get used to since all of my life I have used a regular pillow. But its definitely worth the money.

  485. Royal Therapy Customer

    I bought this after a car wreck. Gave it to my husband because the doctor told me to use a cervical pillow shaped like a cylinder instead after a bad car wreck. The cervical pillow was a live saver, but I think my muscles are loosened up enough for this one again and I’m constantly stealing it back from my husband. So I’m about to buy another one for me because my husband says he’s never had better sleep than with using this pillow.Very happy with my purchase.

  486. Royal Therapy Customer

    I could sleep on my side and on my back (I’ve had this pillow for 2 days).

  487. Lucas Olszewski

    Very comfy pillow and great bang for your buck!!

  488. ClC

    I did not like the smell. It needed some airing out.I love the support to my neck. It has reduced my neck pain.

  489. Royal Therapy Customer

    After having tight shoulders and neck, it supports my neck and head so there is no more tightness.

  490. hannah

    Great for neck and headaches! Buy this pillow

  491. Mike B

    very comfortable, best sleep i’ve had in a while

  492. hilda

    In the past 6 months I spent so much money in pillow and finally Royal therapy pillow arrived in the perfect time . I am sleeping so good at night.

  493. Elizabeth Gray

    I have only been sleeping on the pillow for a few weeks, but so far very pleased

  494. Sandra Sutton

    As expected when ordered

  495. SimpleSimon

    I have bought and tried so many pillows. This is a nice mixture of soft yet very supportive. If you like a really hard pillow Royal Therapy might be more for you. I will buy more of these. I would wake up on Royal Therapy with nexk and finger pain, this pillow after 1 night for me completely gone. Pillows are a personal thing but this one honestly for me is best I have ever used.

  496. curlygirl

    Best pillow ever!

  497. Rgg

    Not as firm as I thought it would be! Says extra firm! Just not it

  498. David L Carlson

    For one who struggles with pillows this one is quickly becoming my favorite! Thanks!

  499. Ning96

    So far it is good.

  500. Micki Jacobs

    This pillow is a dream!

  501. Shirley Stilwell


  502. Marc

    I purchased this on a whim since I have a hard time finding a good quality pillow for an inexpensive price. I like the quality of this pillow and the comfort and I have yet to have it go flat on me, but it normally takes about 3 months for pillows to lose form on me. I have only had this pillow about 2.5 weeks but I like it already.

  503. Cindy

    I pulled out the pillow from the box and it was rolled/folded up. So I was already thinking that its just going to stay like that. You just need to give it time, separate the 3 layers for a bit, let them expand on their own. It took a while for them to expand but they will expand. Once it was ready to go, I laid my head on it. It was so comfortable. I usually like firm pillows but this is good enough and it feels so nice. I noticed that I fall asleep a bit faster too. I really like this pillow. Its a good investment.

  504. Eric De Leon

    I use it every night. Maintains shape and support. Very comfortable. Great for neck support.

  505. Rick Fernandez

    Still early but last night was okay

  506. Tangerine

    Best pillow! I have tried plenty of pillows and this is the best one. I have always had neck problems from pillow. Now, I don’t have them anymore!

  507. Selena

    SUPER COMFY! Great neck support and it keep the shape! I’ve been sleeping on it for about a month or so and I love it!! I switch from sleeping on my back to my side and it’s comfy both ways!

  508. Stephanie

    Was having shoulder pain from sleeping on my side, bought this pillow for neck support and i no longer have pain in my shoulders!

  509. Royal Therapy Customer

    I like the material a lot and the first day I got it I had a good sleep that night!

  510. BBNB

    This pillow has excellent support. Perfect for back and side sleeping. Supportive while also soft and cushioning. Perfect pillow for me!

  511. Royal Therapy Customer

    Finally happy about a pillow!! It’s a lifesaver and much needed for someone who has gone through 18 different pillows to find my one!

  512. Royal Therapy Customer

    Finally I got to lay down and fall asleep without discomfort or pain. Highly recommend it.

  513. J. Ho

    This pillow is very comfortable. Note that I did not buy this pillow to alleviate any pain; I was just looking for a more comfortable and supportive pillow, and this is just that! For me, the higher contour side is perfect for both side sleeping and back sleeping, but I do like that I have the option of using the lower contour side as well. The included pillow case is super soft and luxurious, but I do use my own case over it.

  514. Eduardo serra

    Support is great, my neck doesn’t hurt like it used to

  515. Bob OConnor

    I have tried other pillows that support my neck but this one is by far the best! I recommended it to my cousin and she ordered one and loves it!!

  516. David Kilpatrick

    There’s nothing to dislike. The pillow is great. Time will tell by how good it holds up, but zfte64 months of use it is still like new.

  517. Darrin Bower

    I love this pillow first night i slept on it no neck pain so happy and its so easy to fall asleep no more restless sleeps.

  518. gloria page

    Only had pillow for less than a week, so far its ok. I find that the pillow with the middle piece was to high, once I removed it, better,but but now a tinge to low. Overall, I am getting a more comfortable sleep.

  519. H


  520. Royal Therapy Customer

    Just what I expected! Supports my neck and at the same time is really soft!

  521. Royal Therapy Customer

    Bought this for my partner as a gift, she liked the packaging and first appearance quality of the pillow. Description was right with a weird smell upon opening but didn’t stop her from using it the first night. Kind of a hassle that you have to fill out a review to get the 5-yr warranty but fair enough I guess.

  522. Rosa Munoz

    Es menos comoda de lo que imaginaba

  523. Carol Theodorou

    This pillow gave me an excellent night’s sleep. It is comfortable, soft enough and yet hard enough to give me good support.

  524. Katie goodman

    You need to massage the pillow when you first get it to make it the right shape, but it’s really easy and it’s so comfortable to sleep with! Amazing neck support!!

  525. Royal Therapy Customer

    Softer than I expected or wanted but seems to be doing the trick. I have neck issues and was sleeping with a memory foam pillow that did not contour and I’m glad I made the switch to this one. My neck has not been feeling strained now that I’m using this pillow.

  526. Royal Therapy Customer

    I have neck issues and this is helpful. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t plump up right away! It took mine 2 day’s! Love it and how peacefully I sleep !!


    Great quality and soft

  528. Bill

    I’ve always used “normal” pillows to sleep on, so I was nervous about trying a memory foam pillow with a bizarre shape to it. Well, it turns out it’s really well designed! I’m a side sleeper so it’s been perfect for me. The inside has a removable section for people who find the pillow too tall, but I actually preferred the default height to the shorter version.Would recommend!

  529. N. Ade

    Gives good support. I definitely will buy again!!

  530. Speed

    I have been having bad neck pain for a while now. I used this pillow and on the first night, I woke up neck pain free.

  531. Chris

    Looks comfortable, good packaging

  532. Heather

    I have a straight neck and spine. After a few nights of sleeping on this I am now sleeping longer thru the night and not waking up when I turn. It came clean and packaged neatly. After letting it sit out a couple of hours it came to shape and the very small smell it had I’m sure from packaging was gone. Highly satisfied! Thank you!

  533. Steve O

    I’ve had no issues with quality so far. Expanded very quickly upon opening. Supports my neck very well during sleep, and I haven’t slept this well in a while.

  534. Royal Therapy Customer

    The pillow was great, really comfortable to sleep on!

  535. Sangphil Lim

    It gives really good support and no smell at all. Highly recommended.

  536. Michelle Mora

    Perfect presentation & might be one of the best pillows I’ve ever owned. Extremely comfortable coming from a person who has sleeping problems an neck pains, have tried some other “orthopedic” pillows and so far this is the best one.

  537. jonathan


  538. Jay A. Met

    Comfortable pillow with good support

  539. Kimberly Martin

    This pillow is amazing! I have severe neck pain, like I can barely roll over at night without waking up in agony. I slept like a champ with this pillow! It is not too soft, not too hard. It did have a little bit of an odor but I let it air out and expand a few hours and it was fine.

  540. Arantza Duarte

    It’s amazing. The only thing for me, is that it was too high even after taking the middle part out, so I took the bottom out too and now it feels perfect. I guess I’ll add the bottom back after I’ve broken it in.

  541. Ron

    Great pillow overall

  542. mccowboyus

    Just recieved so will review later

  543. Emily

    Now that I’ve had a chance to use this pillow I wanted to update my review. This pillow is super comfortable to sleep on and it really does help my neck feel better. I haven’t had nearly as much pain in my neck and my lower back is even starting to feel better. I’m very glad I bought this.One thing I am very skeptical about is that I had to post a review here before being eligible for the warranty. That makes no sense to me.

  544. TJosey

    So comfortable! It did have a bit of a smell. Let it air out for a few days.

  545. Aaron

    Great pillow

  546. Daniel McKinlay

    Just received it and I am excited to try it out. I previously purchased the co-op home goods pillow because it got such good reviews but I honestly prefer a contour pillow like this one. Also nice that it’s customizable with being able to remove the inner memory foam pad.

  547. kimberly lents

    I was doubtful when I got this pillow. It was wadded up in a small box, but the more time out of the box the more it formed it’s shape and kept it.

  548. Sally L Rosiek

    Haven’t used it yet but looks nice

  549. Neddy Fookes

    Good afternoon Royal Therapy website, and many thanks for the fantastic neck pillow. I have problem with the cervical for several years. I have been using a neck pillow for a while, but this week I had a severe muscle contraction on my neck, and I decided to look for a new pillow. After searching in Royal Therapy website and in Kohls Store, I decided to buy the Royal pillow based on the reviews. The result are amazing and now I sleep like a baby and the pain has diminished. Many thanks again for the amazing product.

  550. Christopher

    I bought this pillow hoping it will help me sleep better and it does I get better sleep most days using this pillow. And it is easy to clean just in case you mess stain in I have personally tried it after spilling juice on the pillow came right out. This is a great pillow if you are looking for a new one.

  551. Kindle Customer

    It’s soft and pliable yet gives firm support. I had neck surgery in December and needed something to help support my neck and rid myself of discomfort while sleeping. This has helped greatly. It does take some setting used to.

  552. Cassandra

    Love this pillow!!! It’s been helping my neck pain allot. I have been using the temper pedic neck pillow for years but lately it’s just not helping my neck has been killing me so I researched and decided you try this one. The first night I didn’t wake up one time and the next morning my neck felt so good!

  553. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great! Like heaven for my constantly jacked up neck. No longer wake up with neck ache from sleeping unsupported. Highly recommend

  554. Elizabeth A. Thomey

    The pillow smells bad upon un-boxing, but I let it air out outside for 24 hours and that problem was resolved. Pillow appears well-made, cover is soft, and I slept really well the first night I used it.

  555. Dent91

    Great memory foam pillow. You can take a layer off, to adjust to your preferred height. The cover feels nice and is a great quality. My first night of sleep on it was great. I like it.

  556. Khalid M

    Pretty ok this is my first foam pillow as or now I will buy it again

  557. Charmane

    Very comfortable

  558. Jessica’s Totally Over The Top Book Obsession

    I have been having issues with pillows for about 3 years now. I suffer from migraines and I’m a side sleeper. So I need a pillow that is firm at my neck, but soft so it doesn’t put pressure on my head and trigger migraines. I have bought at least 20 different pillows in the last 3 years and some were okay for a few weeks and then went flat and some just didn’t work at all. I have had this pillow for 3 day now and so far I am loving it. Great support for my neck and no pressure on my head. I laid down and fell right to sleep. And for the first time in 3 years I slept all night and didn’t toss or turn. I will update in a few weeks to see if this pillow holds up to the test of time!

  559. AY

    I was searching for a replacement of my feather pillow from Ikea and wanted to try a foam pillow instead.I chose Royal Therapy because of the good reviews, reasonable price and return policy.But I was quite disappointed when I got my first pillow from them – there were few cracks on the foam layers, and the size of the pillowcase was bigger than queen sized pillow itself.I contacted the customer service and provided them with photos and they sent me the replacement pillow.The new pillow has correct measurements and has no cracks on it (see the last photo).I have been using this pillow for a several month now. I can’t say that quality of my sleep improved, but at least I don’t have neck pain after sleeping on it. Overall the foam layers definitely provide support for the neck and head better than a feather pillow.Follow instructions to unbox it properly and let it sit for a while so it can fully expand.

  560. Shawksyy

    Me and my wife had terrible neck pain for the last 1 month due to lack of support from our ordinary pillows. But, just aftwr the 1st night of sleeping on these Royal pillow, we both woke up in the morning woth no pain at all! Even my sleep apnea got better according to my wife. It also gives you uninterrupted sleep. We highly reccomend this for better support to the neck and backbone.

  561. Mario Young

    Love the firmness

  562. Aylessa M.

    Its our second one and we absolutely love it. So comfortable and conforms to your neck.

  563. Jolene S.

    I’m a side sleeper and my mattress is firm. With this pillow, I noticed that my shoulder isn’t so compressed when sleeping and my neck is now in less pain. I now feel a general soreness but probably will get better with time.

  564. mel

    Really good supportive pillow better than other one I had. I like that I can change height level and its actually full size pillow.

  565. Shelley Blake

    Better night”s sleep, less neck pain

  566. Cirrissa Sturdevant

    I have a medical condition that causes constant neck and shoulder pain, this is the best pillow I’ve ever used. I can get a good nights sleep without pain.

  567. Royal Therapy Customer

    Recieved this yesterday and used it last night. Put my head down and I slept like a baby for once! I woke up this morning and didn’t have the neck pain! I’m so happy, I slept through the night. Ive been through many pillows.

  568. karen summers

    Hubby and I bought these to replace our worn out pillows. My husband had some pains before that are now gone with the new pillow! They feel very supportive but very soft, very comfortable.

  569. Royal Therapy Customer

    These pillows are so supportive but at the same time are soft and giving as you lay your head down. Perfect comfort!! Makes you look forward to going to bed and waking up feeling renewed!

  570. Diana

    So far so good! I had trouble sleeping at night because my pillows were way too flat and I was waking up with aches in my neck and back in the mornings, not anymore!

  571. Rusty

    Ordered this for my husband who snores. Arrived compressed in a relatively small box but once out, it expanded within an hour to the correct size without any defects. No chemical odor that sometimes accompanies memory foam products. It arrived at 8pm and he was able to use it that night. Was not expecting a significant difference in snoring was just hoping something would help, well folks he has used it for two nights so far and his snoring went from nearly unbearable to non existent. I am not kidding and I am not being paid for this review. You can check my profile, I review basically everything I purchase on Royal Therapy website and can be quite critical. This is a superb product. So very impressed. It is soft but supportive and tilts his head back to the perfect angle so his airway is totally unrestricted. I would give this a million stars if I could, this is BY FAR the best purchase I have every made on Royal Therapy website.

  572. Jessie

    Very comfy; glad I bought it

  573. Elliott

    I was hoping this would help with neck pain and ear pain. It is great for sleeping on my back– very comfortable. However, I still have ear pain when sleeping on my side. It is not as substantial as with other pillows, but it still wakes me up. It is also helping with my post-nasal drip due to the angle and height of the edge of the pillow. Overall, I’d recommend it, but not if you can only sleep on your side and get ear pain.

  574. Gogo

    This pillow rocks! First let me say I was skeptical after reading the negative reviews but I’m glad I purchased it. It’s amazing. When I got it I took each separate memory foam piece out of the cover and patted them until they fluffed up. This pillow looks small and not thick but it delivers major support!! Definitely a worthwhile buy I’d recommend for anyone

  575. nichrissha

    I have been having terrible sleep lately and its because I need a new pillow. I decided to buy the Royal Therapy pillow and I love it. It is such a supportive pillow and is stable. I have been sleeping much better and my neck pain is gone. I am really pleased with this pillow and it is a good quality as well.

  576. Royal Therapy Customer

    I bought a My Pillow grew months back. Was experiencing shoulder pain.It did ok but shoulder and neck discomfort continued. Second night after using Roal pillow.. felt huge difference.Good price for the quality.

  577. Ardnael

    It’s a little awkward at first. But I love that one side is lower than the other, and that I could take a layer out. Hit the right level and it stopped my neck pain. (I work on a computer so it strains my neck after years of it) It’s soft enough I can still side sleep with my arm on it and bunch it up some. I’ve tried others shaped this way they were all too hard and too high for my neck but this one I’m really happy with. Will definitely buy again in the future.

  578. Kindle Customer

    Surprised at how quickly I got the pillow, was kind of skeptical, at what they said, when I received my pillow I opened it up laid it out on my bed, and I allowed it to fluff up about 3 hours. Before I went to sleep I read the instructions on the care of the pillow, and how to get the best use. And I was amazed and how well I slept. When I turn from my side to my back, I wasn’t trying to fluff my pillow, and my pillow didn’t go flat during the night. Would definitely recommend this pillow.

  579. Kenneth Perkins

    So far so good. This is a good pillow for the price. It is firm enough to support but not too firm to cause discomfort. I would recommend it.

  580. Randy Matthews

    Was looking for a replacement since my current pillow was discontinued. Met previous pillows dimensions and I had a great sleep.

  581. Lovely S. Vakauta-Martinez

    Supported my neck and it was an instant relief. My sleep quality has improved and I never have to adjust my pillow because this pillow does it for me!

  582. Cassandra Morrow

    My husband bought this pillow for me to hopefully help with my migraines. I was reticent after trying so many things that didn’t work, but this one does! I wake in the morning and I’m not crying from pain, I love it! I honestly cannot remember the last time that happened. The only thing I disliked was the first few nights there was a strong smell from the pillow, I assume from the packaging and foam etc, but it has faded and I don’t see me going another night without this pillow. Thank you to my husband for ordering this pillow and to you for producing it!

  583. Kate

    Pillow is very soft. Love how you can remove middle layer to adjust for how you sleep and what makes you more comfortable especially for side sleepers. I sleep so much better and have not woken up with any headaches since using this.

  584. Maureen Toomire

    Very comfortable I’m a side sleeper and this pillow supports my neck well.

  585. R and C McMillin

    First, I want to say I like this pillow and plan on keeping it. However, I almost returned it when I first got it. The foam was all wrinkled and twisted up and did not fill out the pillow case at all. I let it expand for two days and it never took a proper shape and never filled out the beautiful pillow case it came in. So, I took the foam out, pulled apart all three layers of it, stretched them and flexed them to let them expand out as much as I could. I put them back in and it still didn’t quite fill out to the full size of the pillow case it came with. But, after a couple nights of using it, it did seem to mostly fill out and definitely took a proper contour shape.It is comfortable, and I like it enough to keep it, but it is much smaller than another queen sized contour memory foam pillow that I bought prior to this one. As a matter of fact, this pillow will fit almost exactly in a standard sized pillow case, even with the pillow case still on the pillow. It is actually a little short on the width filling out the standard pillow case but the length is spot on. You can see a big difference between the two pillows I have from the pictures I have provided. The other brand is about 3 inches longer, and 1.5 or so inches wider. I put these in silk cases to keep bed hair to a minimum.The dimensions listed here are pretty close to what I have measured, so no false advertising there, but I don’t know how these can be considered queen sized when they clearly fit a standard sized pillow case (at least on length) and are swallowed up in a queen sized pillow case. This is my only complaint, once it finally reach proper shape and size. Otherwise it is a gorgeous pillow (case) and quite comfortable. If you don’t mind a smaller than expected size, I would recommend.

  586. Dean D

    Best pillow I’ve ever owned!It has given me a perfect nights sleep!Some feedback for sure, 1: it’s a bit softer than most pillows like this, not a bad thing but just wasn’t expected. If you like a firmer pillow, this one isn’t for you. 2: have you ever put your ear to a wall or door? That sound is the sound you’ll hear if you’re a side sleeper and have a fan or other sounds in your room. It echoes in your ear because the material it’s made out of. Strange discovery but doesn’t keep you awake.Overall a great product and worth the money!

  587. enrique

    Softness and comfort, Now I just sleep with this type of pillows and really help me to improve my spine and neck alignment sleeping

  588. TerryFox

    The best pillow it .im buying one for my daughter.

  589. jilliand07

    I like this pillow a lot! I took out the middle layer and thought it was still a little tall but I slept great and felt great waking up! You can just leave your pillow in one position as you move around at night. I’m encouraging my husband to get one as well!

  590. Kathryn Mary Satullo

    I love this pillow. I’ve been using it for almost a month and I can feel the difference in my neck and my back doesn’t hurt as much.

  591. joe

    I like it all

  592. jn1

    I bought this pillow to help with nasal congestion. I can now sleep on my back better. It is also excellent for side sleeping when you turn the pillow around. Great buy!

  593. Imbrium

    I’ve been stalling for ages on coughing up for a new memory foam pillow because mine had aged so much over the years but we’re on a very tight budget. I picked this one mostly for the shape – like my old one, it’s higher in the neck section, which I like.The first thing I noticed with this one was how squishy it was – I really expected it to not be firm enough for my liking even after I gave it time to expand/fluff up. I was very pleasantly surprised when I finally laid down on it – it’s yielding yet perfectly supportive. I asked my husband to try it out and he liked it enough that I’ve ordered a second one for him.

  594. Drianna7

    My BF and I both have back/neck issues, and had taken to sleeping apart, in positions that made us comfortable. The first night we had this pillow, we woke up well rested, and curled up snuggled in a movie style way we hadn’t since we started dating. A++, would buy again. And again.

  595. shane brady

    highly recommend

  596. Tye Shabazz

    Exceeded expectations, love this pillow !!!

  597. Royal Therapy Customer

    I needed a new pillow for neck support. My old pillows weren’t cutting it but this pillow did! I love this pillow I let my parents try it and now I have to order two more for them! 10/10

  598. Chance

    It’s a pillow

  599. ty

    So soft

  600. April Ruane

    Bought this for my mom. She has severe neck pain from breast cancer and this helped her immensely the first night. Very glad I bought this.

  601. Chris

    As a side sleeper that has a slew of neck issues (caused from trauma not from side sleeping), I’ve struggled to get the support my neck needs while keeping my head level with my spine. This pillow does exactly that, supports my neck, cradles my head, and appears to have helped my spine remain straighter while sleeping. Woke up the very first day with a noticeable difference to my normal morning pain levels. My chiropractor will not appreciate this purchase, as it means I’ll be seeing less of him.


    I really appreciated how quickly the pillow came. I like that the pillow has a cover that can be removed easily for washing. The pillow is soft enough to be comfortable yet supportive enough for comfort.

  603. L. Streitman

    Very comfortable, Thanks for prompt service!

  604. Regina

    I ordered this for my daughter a she loves it!

  605. igl1964

    Very comfortable pillow , helps with my headaches ! Thx

  606. Jim H

    Had developed bad tendinitis in my shoulders. I’m a side sleeper. Cause was likely due to an old pillow. Bought the Royal Therapy pillow as a possible solution. Amazingly, significant pain reduction after the first night! Even better after the second night.A great value for the money. Highly recommended.

  607. Jessica

    Has helped me sleep. Great softness/fitness ratio. I also really like how it stays cool and doesn’t trap heat.

  608. Kira

    Really comfortable ! Not too stiff !

  609. Karen Andrusco

    Very comfortable. I have tried so many different pillows and this one by far is the most comfortable. I no longer wake up with neck pain or headaches. Will be purchasing another one shortly to have as an extra…well worth the money.

  610. Royal Therapy Customer

    I’d been having severe neck pain for weeks. It built slowly and I did not initially think it was related to my long favorite pillow. My wife convinced me to seek out a new pillow. Once again she steered me right. After letting the pillow rest and air out for 24 hours, I played around with the different height adjustments and found what I felt right. From that first night until now, six nights, I have been sleeping and living completely of the neck pain. Wow!!!!! Thank you!!!

  611. Miss Kendra

    Good for side sleepers.

  612. M. Pousson

    Both my wife and I decided to give these a try. We both find them very comfortable and are both very pleased. Well worth the money.

  613. Greg mercado

    I bought this product this product because my old pillows were not doing the job anymore my first night of sleep was the best sleep I’ve ever had.

  614. Xavier Arias

    Beautiful pillow! Easy to set up according to your body needs and I’ve slept very comfortably since.

  615. Camila

    This is a very comfortable pillow. i love it

  616. M

    I absolutely love this pillow. It’s one piece memory foam and super comfortable. The pillow is literally adjustable and very high quality.

  617. Royal Therapy Customer

    This seems like a quality people for a reasonable price. So far enjoying it

  618. Martina

    Loved it. Ever since I bought one for myself and my husband we have not had any back pain at all! Totally recommend it

  619. Sharon

    My Pillow had a musty odor when opening the plastic bag it was in for several days. which cause some breathing problems do to allergies.

  620. Rose

    Wonderful neck support! I was amazed after the first night of using! No neck pain in the morning! After a couple of nights, my upper back pain was minimal,also. I absolutely love it. I am 78 years old and have been plagued with neck and back discomfort for the past 3 years. My mornings are much more comfortable with this new pillow. There was absolutely no odor and I was able to use it the same day that it arrived.

  621. Pamela Brisebois

    Very satisfied with this pillow.


    very nice and comfortable

  623. Jennifer R. Parks

    Bought this for my best friend and he seems to like it. I had bought him a different brand before which he loved, but it was due to be replaced. They were not in stock so I checked out this brand and it seems to be doing the job.

  624. Genevieve

    I love sleeping on two pillows, but it is absolutely terrible for my neck. I bought this pillow mostly for the contour shape, but I love the memory foam. The pillow is heavy and a little on the firm side (perfect for me), and stays in place the entire night (doesn’t slide up the headboard like many of my other pillows), this helps with my neck pain! Ive noticed the past few nights I have slept entirely through the night, and I really think its the pillow! Highly recommended and the price is really not that bad!

  625. Diane

    I just received this pillow today and I tried it straight out of the box and wow! So comfortable, it feels perfect and my neck pain is relieved a little already. I like it so much I just ordered another. I didn’t need to adjust the layers inside it’s perfect as is for me. But it, you won’t regret it!

  626. casakeller

    Like the adjustable feature, got it just right, seems to hold up well so far.

  627. Nida A.

    Great pillow! Works out of the box as advertised.

  628. Lisa B.

    Good quality, well packed.

  629. Royal Therapy Customer

    The pillow arrived very quickly and came to shape after several hours. The fact that you can adjust it to the height you need is great! Thank you for no neck pain and better sleep!

  630. P. Kershner

    Don’t let the state in which this pillow arrives fool you. Once it’s unrolled, it fluffs up quite nicely. My first nights sleep with it wasn’t the best so I removed the insert. The second night was much better! Lots of support while still being comfy. And you can’t lose with a 5 year guarantee!

  631. nicole eddens

    We received the pillows when we got a new mattress and haven’t had any complaints since. I will admit that it has kind of alleviated my boyfriend snoring a bit.

  632. Ryan Anderson

    Very comfortable pillow

  633. Kimberly Keeth

    Luxurious cover and adjustable thickness is unique. Have not slept on it yet. Will update once I have

  634. Royal Therapy Customer

    Different contour heights really helps with sleeping patterns!

  635. Royal Therapy Customer

    Super soft and comfy. Loved the feel and packing of the product.

  636. Moniqur

    Bought this pillow to help with my neck pain and post rotator cuff surgery.

  637. Ilayna day

    Just received my pillow. First impression was awesome! Best pillow I’ve ever slept on. No pain n the morning!

  638. theshenrys

    This pillow has helped my neck pain. I would wake up in so much pain. I only use the smaller side for back and side sleeping. It’s very supportive but not too hard.

  639. AlleyCat

    Love the pillow. Unfortunately so does my cat so be careful where you leave it. Very comfortable, and I’m still adjusting to my fit. Easy to remove or add baffles. Would like to see a full size body pillow version

  640. Leonna

    I love it!!!!! Goodbye to my neck and back pain!!!! So happy I purchased this.

  641. Addis Eniyew

    This product is amazing my sleep has never been better

  642. Kyle B.

    Just received today. Very well-packaged. Hoping it will eliminate neck pain!

  643. bbiggio

    I first posted a 3 star review because I was waking up with a sore neck every morning because of how thick the pillow was. But, then I realized the pillow is adjustable and so I unzipped the cover and removed the middle insert thereby making the pillow thinner. After doing this it was perfect. I slept great and finally my neck pain was gone. It is a great high quality pillow and the fact that you can adjust the thickness of it made it a winner for me.

  644. Astrid

    I did try laying on the pillow it I never slept in it. The support seemed fine to me as a side sleeper so I simply laid on my side and tried it out.I did end up returning this item only because in the end I chose to opt for a more organic pillow. It does have a strong smell when you first open it but the maker warns you about this already so it’s old news. If you’re fine with using memory foam this is absolutely a must try. It came in perfect condition. It looked a little deformed when I first unpacked it cuz the layers inside the pillow cover shifted around. If it looks that way to you just open the case and readjust the layers.If it comes to you shrunken or damaged it was most likely exposed to the sun or heat which it warns NOT to do with this material.

  645. Heejin

    Super lightweight!

  646. Michelle Myers

    Best memory foam pillow ever! My neck and body are so happy!

  647. chuck yeung

    Good soct pillow

  648. Alexa

    Great support and no more neck and shoulder pain. I sleep great!



  650. JoAnne

    I have had neck pain for months, I now wake up without any neck pain. I have taken out the middle layer, this works for me, I will try it with the middle layer in later on, I am sure it will be just as great. I am so glad I finally found a neck relief pillow that works. My fiance wants to try it out as well, maybe I will let him lol. Thank you Royal Therapy.


    A little on the Soft side but the perfect pillow.

  652. ReinaA

    I love this pillow. It offers just the right amount of support for my neck. I like that it has a washable cover & adjustable foam levels. When I received it I let it expand for a full day & it was ready to use. It has a light smell but it vanished after 3 days. I recommend it.

  653. Leonardo Tinoco

    i’m not one for reviews but this pillow is a game changer, no more pain and it’s truly the best thing i’ve bought on Royal Therapy website lol

  654. Nikole C.

    I’m finally getting restful sleep with no pain! I’m a side sleeper and was developing horrible neck and shoulder pain. It was so difficult to sleep starting around 2 or 3 in the morning. The first night I tried the pillow it was too high, so the next night I removed the middle portion (it is in 3 sections in the pillow case). I was concerned that it wouldn’t be tall enough. I simply used the taller side and it worked perfectly. It took about 3 nights before I realized I woke up with no pain! I slept right to my alarm clock set time. It’s even more comfortable to sleep on my back now, which I’ve heard is better for your spine. I’m so happy with this pillow! I am going to get one for my kids too!

  655. Paola

    I bought this because I suffer from neck pains. Every morning when I wake up, I wake up with a stiff neck;I wasn’t able to move my head without feeling as if my neck was going to break. Last night I slept with this pillow and I woke up this morning with no neck pain. It’s really comfortable. When you open up the pillow, you have to fluff it out a little to get the shape.

  656. Rommel Quintero

    The memory foam of the product feels great. I like the fact that it can be adjusted, I did remove the middle layer cause I don’t like bulky pillows. I needed support for my neck due to a minor injury and this one works great, I felt well rested and less tense when I woke up.

  657. Michelle Marlar

    Was a gift for my mom and she loves it!!

  658. Toni Vannelli

    This pillow is great for my side sleeping needs. Very supportive. Soft to the touch and not too hot like some memory type products are.

  659. Jay

    Great product

  660. Ramiz

    Its good

  661. Lee Anderson

    Within 3 days mt mech stopped hurting for the first time in years. I love this pillow so much I bought one for my wife, partly spo she’d stop stealing mine.

  662. mustang

    I have herniated disc in my neck and this pillow is awesome for relieving tension when I lay down Love it

  663. Julie McKnight

    I really can sleep good with this pillow. No more neck pain or tight muscles, it’s wonderful!

  664. Jose Vivanco

    This product is comfortable and works well.

  665. Alex Trister

    Solid pillow for the price. Let’s see how it holds up

  666. Peiman Ahadsamadi

    Great pain reliever and good support

  667. Miriam Bautista

    Muy buena

  668. Big Jim

    Great support and pain relief ! Wife says it’s the best ever

  669. Gina

    Very nice memory foam. Dense but with a lot of give to it.

  670. JD

    A must buy if you suffer from neck pain. On the first night alone I felt relief. I’m a very picky shopper when it comes to pillows because a good night’s rest can make or break you. I enjoyed it. If you suffer from aches and pains you have to get one. It’s great better than alot of the really pricey other options as I’ve tried a variety of pillows before finding this one.

  671. Kathryn W.

    Great night’s sleep. My neck thanks you, Royal Therapy!!

  672. Nikki Moore

    Helps with my shoulder pain, but the memory foam isn’t as firm as expected

  673. Mary W

    I bought this for my husband who needs something to straighten his spine while side sleeping. He liked it so much I tried it. I am a side sleeper using a full face CPAC. This pillow is so much better than anything else I have tried including pillows specifically for CPAP. It is not as hard as other foam pillows. It has varying height possibilities and a cover. I put the pillow with its cover on in a silk pillowcase as the CPAC harness musses my hair. I use it with the length almost parallel to myself instead of the more normal parallel to the headboard. The pillow supports my neck so that it holds the mask slightly above the lower area of the pillow. I am so happy to have found this. No more nose and ear pain from being smushed by the face mask and other harder pillows. So, I ordered one for myself today and he can have his back.

  674. ispimyltli66

    I’m finally able to sleep through the night! I have gone far to long in neck & shoulder pain that resulted in very poor sleep. Not now. What a relief! That’s a big five star rating!

  675. Nikki Schlenvogt

    Very comfortable. Exactly what I was looking for.

  676. dpower3

    I like this pillow upon my first impression. I look forward to sleeping tonight!!

  677. Royal Therapy Customer

    Excited to sleep on this pillow!

  678. Rebekah

    I just got the pillow, haven’t slept on it, but I’m hopeful because it was rated the #2 pillow in 2020. I have a bad upper back and from what I’ve read is this pillow will help. And just unpacking it and feeling it, I’m very excited. It seems so comfortable! It has a 5 year warranty and a 100 night guarantee. I’m having to write this review already though to get the warranty. I could’ve waited a week to try it out, but I’m getting this over with lol

  679. Shane

    The seller wanted a review right away. I wanted to use the pillow for a few days to be sure of how I feel about it. The pillow is fantastic. I have problems sleeping soundly. Haven’t had a good night’s sleep in two decades due to various physical problems and health conditions. This pillow is fantastic. I’m sleeping better. Have only woken up to go to the bathroom versus waking up with bad neck pain and shoulder pain. I love this thing.

  680. Shelley G

    Only used one night so far and have experienced a more restful sleep. Looking forward to a few more of my aches and pains to be lessened thanks to this pillow.

  681. Julia R

    I love this pillow. It is so comfortable and helped tremendously with my neck pain

  682. Joey Babin

    Great pillow

  683. damaris santiago

    Great product, no more neck pain, fast delivery, product as described.

  684. Paul harris

    Great experience. Arrived very quickly. Has saved my sleep life

  685. Johanna Christian

    My husband loves this pillow. He’s no longer waking up with headaches. I ended up buying a second one.

  686. Lynda

    no more neck pain. receive quick

  687. Norry

    At first I wasn’t sure. I kept thinking this thing can’t be enough to sleep better on. After a few nights I adjusted to it better, and though I still wonder about it, I still wake up without having a stiff neck or pains that go with that. The whole reason I bought it was for some relief. I got that, though as a big & tall person I wasn’t sure it would suit me.

  688. Heidi

    Didn’t have strong smell and cover is nice and thick. Memory foam is good

  689. RJ

    It’ soft.

  690. Amber F

    It hurt my soul a little to pay this much for a pillow. That being said I would absolutely pay that again for this pillow if I needed to. It is FABULOUS. I ordered this after having a crook in my neck for over a week and barely being able to move. Put this bad boy in my old dumpy pillow’s place and its been sound sleeping ever since. No more neck pain when I get up in the morning. I did find that I personally had to take out the center layer to have the perfect fit, but my husband likes it as is with all three layers. Soft but firm. I use both the side sleeping side and the back sleeping side.

  691. TStix

    My wife got me this pillow for Father’s Day.. She mentioned how she’s been dreaming more vividly because she’s been able to get into a deeper sleep since using it. I’ve been using it a little over a week now, and from night #2, I’ve been experiencing the same thing. After the first night I was a little sore, but now waking up less sore in the back, etc. Figured I’d pass this along in case you are still looking for something that works.

  692. Renee M

    I was unsure how it would be, but this is a good pillow for neck support and keeping your spine straight. It’s working for me sleeping on my side or on my back. I wasn’t sure about the height…I took out the middle layer and tried that for a day, then put the middle layer back in. I’m finding myself gravitating toward that pillow at night (I have 3 different special pillows on my bed lol).

  693. chan630kim


  694. Amy H.K.

    I got such a great night’s sleep with this pillow, I’ve been using it for three days now and I highly recommend it. I bought this to replace my 4-year-old Sleep Number pillow, which cost five times the amount this one did, so I wasn’t sure if it would truly be as good, but I’d say it’s even better than my old one. No headache, no neck pain, no squished ear pain (I’m a side sleeper and often wake up with my ear hurting from the pillow). Love this pillow and highly recommend it.

  695. Ashlyn Llerandi

    I was always skeptical of buying a pillow without trying it out, and I’ve struck out a couple of times in the past. I’ve always had neck problems, and I consider myself to be a pillow snob!This pillow is soft but has substance and is perfectly supportive. I love that you can change the height to fit your needs. My head sinks in just enough!I really never make it a point to write reviews but I felt inclined to for this one – I am so happy to have a pillow that eliminates my neck pain!

  696. Stephanie Miller

    Definitely love this pillow! Went back and bought another for my partner!

  697. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great quality! The shape fits right under my neck and provides enough support

  698. Royal Therapy Customer

    Just received started out flat but then it puffed out and molded into a beautiful expensive looking pillow. It definitely molds to your body. I will update after my first nights sleep with itUpdate*** this people puts me in a deep sleep and I dream vividly I never was able to really dream before but this pillow definitely had me dreaming. To be honest this pillow is so good I woke up a little drowsy but it’s still soooo good!

  699. Me

    I am very much surprised when opened the Box, there was no Pillow inside, only found as per attached picture , kindly check

  700. Royal Therapy Customer

    No more more neck pain

  701. Kiwigirl

    As a side/back sleeper, its great to finally find a pillow that’s able to align my head and neck with the rest of my body while I’m sleeping. Woke up after just one night with virtually no neck or shoulder pain. Definitely recommend!

  702. Royal Therapy Customer

    I am new to the memory foam family. I bought this contoured pillow after originally buying a regular memory foam pillow. This pillow makes such a difference! This pillow provides neck support, adjustability, and comfort. I am pleased.

  703. Brandon Booker

    Received this pillow as a gift for my birthday and it’s the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever used. I have terrible neck pain from poor supportive pillows and this has really helped just in the week I’ve used it.

  704. Angela Aubihl

    Perfect firmness. I love that’s the thickness is adjustable. Great pillow

  705. 4lor

    Shoulder and neck pain seemed to be part of me for sooo long. Sleeping is the best time to rest your mind and body and i hadn’t had that sound sleep for a long time, .PRIOR to this, I had had 4 diffrent pillows and electric neck warmer/heating pad …NOTHING had worked until i found ROYAL THERAPY FOAM PILLOW. AMAZINGLY I FOUND THE ONE!!! The item on the picture is SHREDDED ORIGINAL BAMBOO PILLOW. I adjusted it ,and used it. My 1st morning using this was like happy but doubtful ..” i think i slept” ? then…2nd morning , my husband complimented the pillow! I am now sleeping and waking up with no pain. SOOO HAPPY for this purchase.I also would like to give a very good review to the customer service on messenger /chat ,who was very polite and helpful. I HIGHLY Recommend this pillow !!!!

  706. Bkaips

    I’ve been searching for a replacement support pillow to replace my old one for years, seriously, my old one was awesome but falling apart because I hadn’t found one comparable. Have to say I’ve finally found a comparable in this one. Not too hard, not too soft, just the right amount of support and doesn’t loose shape. Thank God because I was beginning to lose hope Lol

  707. Maria

    I love this pillow! It helps sleeping with my CPAP hose much easier. I don’t have to struggle as my head and hose no longer get in the way of my sleep.

  708. kirk and larysa Runton

    Nice product….fast ship

  709. M.D.

    10/10 This is a miracle pillow. I’ve had recurring neck pain to the point of immobility. After purchasing this months ago, in a few weeks of use I stopped having neck pain. Seriously, at this price there’s no excuse not to give it a try- help yourself out and buy this NOW.

  710. Reese

    Love it! Best investment ever!

  711. Nickolas Lymberopoulos

    I’ve been looking for awhile and very happy with it!

  712. AJ

    Amazing packaging! Came in quicker than expected. Package was Very secure, but not hard to open. When opening it I laid the pillow out and “Fluffed” a little just for good measure. I walked back into the room a few minutes later and it had regained it’s form completely! The pillow case is VERY Soft and nice. The pillow itself feels just right to the touch Not too soft or hard. I LOVE that I can take a layer out if needed as well! It’s Super easy to remove; the zipper goes the length of the pillow.*Pillow provides Amazing support while sleeping on side or back!*Worth every penny!!!

  713. Royal Therapy Customer

    Very comfortable and didn’t like it with a sore neck

  714. Arleth

    The best thing I have bought in this 2020.

  715. Ray Of Sunshine

    Update: the pillow did get too soft and lost its capability to hold my neck firmly. needed at least 3 weeks before I could write my review to be fair.The pillow was really more than I hoped for. It holds my neck perfectly. It’s not too firm, it’s not too soft. It’s just right. I no longer wake up with a back or neck pain.

  716. Sarah G.

    This has helped with my neck and shoulder pain. I’m so glad I found a pillow with this much support for a side sleeper

  717. Dana

    It took me a little while to get used to it, but now it’s the best pillow I’ve ever owned! I ended up taking the middle piece out and that made a huge difference! I was having awful neck and shoulder pain from a pinched nerve. This helped so much!

  718. JADE

    Love this pillow to give me enough support to the neck. I don’t experience neck pain since then. Bought one which was too firm, retuned and get another which is perfect!

  719. Adam mast

    Great pillow

  720. Jack Cain

    I liked this product all around. I waited too long to replace my previous ergonomic pillow and recently started to have issues with my neck and eventually noticed a degrade in my sleep quality. I bought this pillow and another option on Royal Therapy website to compare quality and see which one I provided the most comfort and stability for my neck sleep comfort. I mostly sleep on my back but sometimes alternate sleeping on my left or right side, and the royal therapy pillow what’s the best of the two. I especially liked how I could control the thickness of the pillow, since the amount of curve in the pillow had proven problematic in the past situations. After my first night of sleeping with this pillow, I removed the middle layer, (there are 3 layers that make up the complete pillow) which was very simple and easy to do. That nights sleep was definitely more comfortable just as providing the support I needed. I did have the concern that over time, The two layers I’m sleeping on might lose its firmness, so I just decided to save the middle layer that I removed by putting it in a plastic bag for the day I might need more thickness/bigger curve in my pillow. I also enjoyed how easy it was to register on Facebook messenger for my 5-year warranty. I could tell that they really put effort into their customer service interface, which I greatly appreciate, especially during these very troubling times that we’re all experiencing.

  721. Tanya Venturelli

    Absolutely amazing pillow! Not too soft. Not too firm. First night I haven’t had to sleep with a soft neck brace in so long for my cervical disc herniations. I slept so much better. I’m buying another one for back up. Fantastic! I’m so thrilled with this pillow!

  722. Kindle Customer

    Quality is good. I will use it tonight.

  723. Christine

    So much more comfortable than any pillow I e purchased! Packaging was impeccable as well!

  724. fretchick

    When I got it I was surprised at the quality of it. I thought it would go flat and be very squishy but it’s firm and well made. It looks to be a product that will last me for a few years and that makes me happy as I hate to waste money on something that will not last. The cover is so beautiful and a Classy touch to the point that I hate to cover it with a case. It’s a good buy to be sure.

  725. Robyn Norrell

    This pillow supports my neck like no other pillow. I am so glad I made this purchase! Hopefully my neck pain will go away!

  726. Jayden Washington

    Great product! My neck pain is gone!

  727. Barnabas Isaac

    She said she loved it so therefore, I love it too.

  728. April

    Great Neck Support

  729. mshunt13

    I seem to toss and turn at night from my back to my side and this pillow gives me that flexibility. It’s always cool and never hot or warm feeling! I think and feel this pillow is a great buy for anyone that sleeps in these positions!

  730. OhmyVeronica

    I sleep so much better! Helped with back and neck pain and I sleep so soundly. Highly recommend!

  731. Dilan M.

    This pillow works so well and makes my sleep so much more comfortable I bought some for the guest bedroom. I use to toss and turn but now once I fall asleep, that position is how I wake up. This pillow is well worth the money! I’m sure I’ll be buying a few more.

  732. Zina B

    Foam pillow is so plush and comfortable. I had to remove an inside to adjust with my neck, shoulders and it’s just right. Happy with purchase. The odd smell goes away in a few days

  733. Royal Therapy Customer

    Shockingly supportive for being so pillowy

  734. Cavell

    Im always buying pillows to help me sleep as I have a pinched nerve in my neck. This is both firm and soft. It elevates my head without causing pressure on the neck. I am now able to go to sleep on my left side without the pain/discomfort I was having. Also good for my GERD and asthma.

  735. Kesa

    I like that I was able to take the middle layer out to shorten the height. This made the pillow just right for me. Loving it so far!

  736. Rebecca D

    I have chronic neck stiffness issues, especially right after getting out of bed. This pillow has virtually eliminated it. Excellent neck support and my sleep quality has improved dramatically. Highly recommend!

  737. Victoria Pettygrove

    It has helped me sleep better and has given me relief from some of my neck pain

  738. DZ

    Great pillow, super comfortable!

  739. Andrew Knightsrest

    I have had a lot of neck pain through the years. So far the new pillow has been great, no neck pain.

  740. Rose

    I purchased this pillow in hopes it would help my neck pain. My old pillow seemed to make me have a stiff neck in the morning. It took a week or so to get used to it, but I did see an improvement with my neck. I wake up refreshed and no problems with my neck.I wish I had ordered the king size vs standard but still might. I feel like I don’t have quite enough pillow.

  741. Henrique Ellrich


  742. Derrell

    Great memory foam pillow. Being able to adjust the height by removing the middle section turned out to be a very nice feature.

  743. lee ann

    Has helped with my pain a lot I would buy again

  744. Royal Therapy Customer

    The ebst I ever used!

  745. Sadie W.

    I love this pillow. I bought the the tempurapedic pillow in the past for about $70 but I don’t have it with me right now. I bought this one to replace and the reviews are correct, so comfortable and adapts to the shape of your neck

  746. Summer

    Changed my sleep life for the better. Incredible pillow. I can now fall asleep on my back and stay in the same position the entire night. Particularly heavenly after a Chiropractic adjustment and fantastic for the cervical curve in our neck. Could not recommend this pillow more!

  747. Unmodo_Com

    I can say it does support neck from back and sides for sure…you just have to make sure you stay relaxed.

  748. Manuel A.

    Great product

  749. Alexandra Likakis

    So immediately after un packaging the product i was excited to feel how soft the pillow was. Let it sit for 20 or so minutes to let the pillow take its shape. I absolutely love how it’s not too hard or not too soft, it’s the perfect combination of the 2 and honestly probably the best pillow I’ve bought and I’ve gone through a lot of pillow because of my neck.

  750. Mister

    The soft, easy to remove and wash cover, is great! The contour for neck support is great for all types of sleepers (back, belly or side).

  751. PJWJAW

    This pillow has it all. Perfect, and no need to look further.

  752. Lyrica

    So it has a smell. But just take it out the case to let it air out. Smell is gone. Feels comfy.

  753. Livia

    Very supportive of my head and neckEliminated my neck pain I was having!Would definitely reccomend this pillow to anyone

  754. Caroline

    It took shape so quickly as soon as I removed it from the packaging. I received an email from the company as to how to best use my pillow. Amazing customer service and a quality product!

  755. Donna Nolen

    I needed to replace an old memory foam pillow because after years of use, it was needing it. I found this pillow and loved what I read in the reviews. It had a slight smell when I opened it up but leaving it out in the open for a couple of days solved that outgassing issue. At first it was just too firm but thankfully I had read a review that the center section of the pillow could be removed. After I did that, it was perfect. My neck is happy and I get very comfortable and fall asleep quickly and THAT is the best part of it all!! Well worth the cost IMHO!

  756. Eric Steward

    It has only been two nights with my new pillow, the first night learned I needed to take out the removable middle section, second night i slept the best I have in about 5 months and woke with no pain in my neck. I’m looking forward to sleep again. Thank you Royal Therapy

  757. Tia M Long

    So far so good! Beautiful and quickly inflates!!! Has not been 24 hours yet of inflation time, but, it looks like it will be amazing!!!

  758. David

    These provide a perfect nights sleep. I am a side sleeper and I was replacing pillows that had served me well. These are a great replacement. The contour shape is just what I was looking for,

  759. Tammy S.

    The pillow supports my neck and head. Washable cover that is easy to remove.

  760. Adolfo garcia

    Muy buena calidad

  761. Peres

    Great product. The purchase was worth it.

  762. Christopher A

    I have two memory foam pillows from Sleep Number that I bought with my bed. I thought I’d never find something as comfortable as them. I was way wrong.I bought this as a pillow for a guest bed. I can’t believe how comfortable this pillow is. It was one of the best priced ones on Royal Therapy website too! My frugality paid off on this one. The guests can sleep in the Sleep Number pillow now.It was so good, that I bought a second. If you want a softer style pillow that hugs your face, head, and neck with loving goodness and support, I highly recommend this pillow.

  763. cmlusco

    Very well made. Contours perfectly to your neck. Best pillow I’ve found so far to relieve my neck pain.

  764. william breland

    Love the product!

  765. David Schmitt

    The adjustable height is amazing. Extremely comfortable! I use this as a side sleeper without the middle portion and as a 5’11” male at 165 lbs it’s perfect!

  766. Jenny H

    Got a different popular brand half the price and it had a bad smell that didn’t go away even airing it out for days. I’m worried it’s toxic foam. I appreciate this is certified safe. And, I like the height is adjustable! Also, much bigger pillow than the cheaper ones. This is a normal sized pillow. The others seem more like travel so I’m sticking with this.

  767. C. Christensen

    Upon receiving I am very impressed with this pillow. After removing it from its packaging and it increased to the size it is supposed to be the firmness, softness of the cover and the ability to adjust the height are all 5 stars so far. Will be using it for the first nights sleep tonight can’t wait

  768. B.Brad

    I love this pillow. I have neck issues and need a pillow that supports my neck. I have tried contour pillows in the past and they have been to tall making my neck hurt and keeping me from sleeping. This one is adjustable making the perfect height. I ended up taking out the middle layer of foam. The pillow is supportive but also soft. It does not feel like you are sleeping on a rock. Is a great pillow.

  769. Kevin D. Jones

    I have a pinched nerve in my neck. My doctor recommended me to purchase a contour pillow. This pillow is awesome. I would recommend this pillow to anyone who is experiencing the same painful problem.

  770. Z

    Feel like I could do better and have more range with four $3 pillows

  771. Dr. K. Keith Megilligan

    The pillow provides great neck/shoulder support and distinction. If you sleep flat on your back, it’s an excellent product. If you sleep on your side, the comfort level is not quite as good. Overall, still a great product.

  772. Tim L.

    We just bought it. Appears to he good quality. Will write a more extensive review once I’ve used it for a while.

  773. Royal Therapy Customer

    haven’t slept on it yet, but can already tell its perfect for what i wanted

  774. A. Weaver

    I have struggled with insomnia and neck pain for years. I’ve bought a new bed, tried sleeping in recliner chairs, bought fluffier pillows, but nothing worked until I tried this pillow. Even my fitbit has started rating my sleep as “excellent,” whereas previously it only rated my sleep as “fair.”Years ago, I had bought a cheap pillow that looked like this, but it felt like sleeping on a brick so I thought that all of this style of pillows would feel like that. Royal Therapy has proved me wrong!!!The pillow is a good size. It fills up a standard size pillow case.

  775. Kindle Customer

    I always sleep with a neck pillow.. have had everything from Walmart to temprapedic. This is in the middle. Good value for sure! I like that it is adjustable

  776. Royal Therapy Customer

    I’ve been having neck and upper back pain, walking frequently throughout the night, tossing and turning, and waking up stiff and sore. This pillow has been amazing support, and each day I wake up a little less sore than I did the day before. I’ve been able to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer without my neck hurting so bad in the morning. Last night, I let my husband use it to see if it would help him as well, and I had a horrible night’s sleep on my other pillow. I ordered him his own this morning because it helped him as well. It’s seriously been a life saver and I definitely recommend it to others.

  777. PJ

    This pillow is bliss. I have always been a side sleeper and with traditional pillows I’ve had to adjust several times a night. With this one I seem to sleep right through, probably due to the great support it gives to the neck. It comes with a cover that is easy to wash and the whole thing fits into a regular pillow case so it looks like a normal pillow on the bed.

  778. Caryn M

    This contour pillow is great. Arrived perfectly packaged and almost ready to use. As per instructions, I laid it on a flat surface to fully take form. There was no odor. I was able to use that evening and have slept better every night!

  779. Brandon Buchanan

    I knew my sleep suffered but I didn’t know just how bad it was until I got this pillow as a birthday gift. This pillow has transformed my sleep in the best way possible. I am finally sleeping through the night without waking up in pain or discomfort. Highly highly recommend this product!!

  780. Royal Therapy Customer

    I have sleep apnea, back surgery and pain, and neck pain. I just couldn’t sleep even with sleeping pills and Melatonin. Having the CPAP was just more than enough to keep me awake. I just kept fighting with my pillows which were fluffy but as soon as your head hit them they became flat!!! I needed to sleep and have neck support at least. This pillow is a miracle!!! I am sleeping every night! You might feel it is too soft when you receive it, but it is AMAZING! Enough neck support that makes you just dive into sleep. I’ve tried many pillows and none have gotten close to this one. I recommend it!

  781. ecgeorgia

    True queen size, great thickness and pretty good support. Could be a bit more firm but overall the best pillow I’ve purchased

  782. Leah Marshall

    I adore this pillow. It helps open my airway without kinking my neck. It’s super comfortable.

  783. Sara

    Very nice and fancy looking and comfortable

  784. Solfamily

    Good deal. Good pillow


    I have been looking for a good pillow, and I saw this was on sale. It had great reviews, so I decided to give it a try. It’s really soft and the shape gives it a great support for your neck. I have been dealing with my shoulder and neck soreness after getting involved in a car accident, but this has resolved some of that pain. I am very satisfied with this pillow. I recommended this to my family and friends, and will do the same to you too.

  786. Elsie

    I love this pillow. I sleep great with it and have no headaches from it like some other pillows I’ve tried.

  787. Raymond Y.

    This pillow adds all the right support. you can use either end depending on the height you want or remove the center layer (created like a triple lego layer piece) to make it lower. Firm and supportive and do not feel it capturing heat. I wake up refreshed and great replacement to my contour pillow

  788. Daniel J. Haentzler

    My neck.

  789. Alex Childs

    Super comfortable! It helped get rid of my neck and shoulder pain.

  790. Muddy boots

    I have bought many pillows. But this pillow helps me tremendously since I suffer from neck pain. Its the best since I sleep on my side mostly

  791. Emmie

    Fixed issues I was having with my neck hurting

  792. Melanie

    This pillow works great!

  793. P.K

    Exceed my expectations. Very comfortable pillow. High quality materials. Love it.

  794. Kendrick Gibson

    Works better than advertised

  795. Jennifer W.

    The pillow I had prior to this one always flattened under my head overnight. The filling always seemed to shift to the top of the pillow above my head gradually through the night. I bought this pillow in an attempt to get one that would help better align my spine, and i love it! First of all, it has a removable inner core, in case it is too thick, so it’s adjustable to your needs. I slept on it as is the first night, and liked it, but I decided it might be a little too thick, so i removed the inner core for the second night, and it was perfect. I’ve been sleeping on it like that ever since. What I like about it most is that it feels exactly the same in the morning as when I first laid on it the night before. The first time I laid my head on it, it seemed a little firm for my tastes, but I quickly found out this was exactly what I needed. Great product!

  796. Tiffany M.

    It was great at first helped my occipital neuralgia. It’s now flat and I had to buy another since the first purchase in December.

  797. George Harris

    Good pillow but they hold the warranty hostage until you complete a review

  798. Dominique Davis

    Just opened my new pillow and right out the box it feels amazing. I love how soft it is but yet still firm to provide that extra support.

  799. Brent & Victoria

    Great Sleep first night!

  800. Mary

    I’ve bought so many pillows in the last couple of months and I am happy to say that I’ve finally found the right one. I have always been a side sleeper and the height is very important for me as well as the neck support and softness and this pillow provides all of these things! I have a tear on my rotator cuff on my right shoulder and I have to sleep mostly on my left side due to the pain, but now with this pillow I am able to sleep on the right side longer without pain. Thank you for the Royal Therapy pillow!!!!

  801. Luis Quijano

    For me this pillow is exactly what I was looking for. I have been struggling from intensive neck pain for so many years now and my chiropractic recommended me to get a memory foam neck pillow. I always slept with firm pillows so I was kinda skeptical but the high side of this pillow plus the good reviews convinced me. I’m in love with this pillow I always had trouble falling asleep but with this one it feels so good to lay in bed I am never going back to a regular one. Buy one, you wont regret it!

  802. Mello

    Well made and help with my shoulder pain. Quality, well made and worth the price for the comfort

  803. DebBoz

    This pillow is great! Perfect amount of cushion and support. I’m no longer sleeping with neck pain.

  804. cheryl o.

    Good product so far!

  805. ALC

    Really glad I bought this pillow. I have bad neck damage from a car wreck. This has made a difference in how much pain I’m always in. I love that I was able to take the middle piece out. It’s the perfect height for my neck. I bought a different brand, and it was just way too high and hurt my neck worse. I highly recommend this pillow. The cover is also really soft. I bought a silk pillow case for it, to go over the one it comes with.

  806. Justine Goll

    Finally got a good nights sleep! Well worth the money!

  807. Lynn Andrews

    Great pillow for neck support

  808. yee777

    Awesome pillow !!

  809. Royal Therapy Customer

    I’ve only had the pillow for a couple of days

  810. Kayla Castro

    This pillow has really exceeded my expectations. I have been searching for a pillow to help with my neck pain and I’m so glad I decided to buy this one.

  811. Irina

    A M A Z I N G!

  812. Maru Buehler

    It looks good quality. I tried it on right when I received it and so far it feels very comfortable, I haven’t slept on it but I really hope improves my sleeping! If it doesn’t I will be updating my review.

  813. MarkTGT

    This is my second pillow. Helped/cured lower back problem.

  814. Molly

    Used it for about three months, still firm.The size is larger than the other one I bought before. Recommend

  815. Kyle

    I just got this pillow in the mail and am so excited to try it out! It seems amazing just within the first few minutes. I love the fact that it is non toxic and hypo allergenic as well!!

  816. Bruno J.

    After a few months of restless sleep decided to try a foam pillow. As a side sleeper with occasional neck pain, this does the trick. After a few weeks of using this pillow, my sleep has improved greatly.

  817. Michelle Maynard

    Comfortable, Adjustable Pillow

  818. Dylan

    Great quality

  819. Laura Braden

    Just what I needed.

  820. Courtney

    Overall, I absolutely love this pillow. I’ve currently only used it with all of the memory foam pieces, but it’s very comfortable. I’m not constantly tossing and turning or shoving the pillow one way or the other to get to fold in a way that’s almost enough support for me. I can’t say much about sleep quality or pain relief, as I’m blessed with a double combo of insomnia and chronic pain, but I wake up with a little less neck and back *stiffness* than before.My only real issue or complaint with this pillow is the case itself, which pills very easily and quickly, and (for your first few attempts) is pretty difficult to get off and on the pillow. But overall, I love the pillow and won’t stop using it anytime soon.

  821. AUByrd

    The pillow is exactly as advertised. It replaced a very old and worn out memory foam pillow. So far, I really like this pillow.

  822. Rickey

    Pillow was as advertised. Good quality and arrived quickly. I have used the pillow for about 4 nights and so far I am pleased will it. I am a side sleeper so I use the lower height side. The pillow has very good support for head and neck. I seem to sleep better with this pillow compared to my old one. I would recommend this pillow to everyone. Good price, good quality, good sleep!

  823. roger

    I have a bad neck with a bulging disc and neuropathy in both arms. I have to say this pillow is amazing to say the least. I slept great last night for the first time in a while. It provides enough pressure to my neck and head so my vertebrae aren’t pitching the nerves.

  824. Royal Therapy Customer

    Great support and comfort

  825. Bryan Kevin

    The pillow is made of high quality materials and it hugs the neck and head comfortably.

  826. Royal Therapy Customer

    Opened to full size in a short time. No odor like other products. Not firm. Just right amount of support

  827. Vanessa

    Great quality, have been sleeping more peacefully

  828. A. Renae

    As firm as expected

  829. Lori M. Genetti

    I purchased this pillow 7 months ago and have been sleeping better on my back and sides after years of chronic neck pain. I loved it so much that I brought it on a car trip but I left it in a hotel room – – I couldn’t wait to get home to buy a replacement, as I really noticed the difference!

  830. Jasmine

    Very comfortable.

  831. annie

    So far this pillow has been great. I have been dealing with a pain in my upper/mid back for awhile now and I always contributed to sleeping on side. It’s only been a week since I got this pillow but I have not had that pain since. I love that there are different levels so if the higher one was too high I could go to lower one. And for the price, I am very pleased with this pillow.