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Bruadair ADJUSTABLE BASE (Head Up, Foot Up, Wireless)

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  •  Head and foot up/down positions
  • 5 button wireless remote control
  •  Pre-programmed flat position
  • Six legs with customizable heights
  • Undercarriage is made with reinforced steel components for strength and durability
  • Emergency backup battery box
  •  Mattress foot retainer bar
  • Simple Assembly
  • No Tools Required
  • If you want to get a great night of sleep for a comfortable and restful experience, you can choose to elevate your head, your feet, or both with just a click of a wireless remote control.
  • Foot retainer bar keeps your bed firmly in place
  • Patented screw-in adjustable legs; heights at 6”, 9”, or 12”
  • Limited 10-year warranty

Fully Adjustable

Designed for Better Sleep

Perfect Balance of Comfort

Premium Materials


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  • Maximize your comfort by choosing a sleep position that alleviates your body pains and minimizes snoring. A wireless remote will adjust your mattress to support you in a variety of upright positions that can help you in various activities, from working on a laptop to watching TV. You can also have the option to raise your feet above your heart in a zero-gravity position, giving you health benefits such as reduced soreness and increased blood circulation.
  • The Sync Cable allows for functionality on the independent side or both sides. This feature can be especially useful for solid King and Cal King mattresses.


  • Head up
  • Foot up
  • Flat


  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Sync Cable

Fully Adjustable

Maximize your comfort by choosing a sleep position that alleviates your body pains and minimizes snoring.

Make sure that your bed frame is compatible* with the adjustable base and you’re good to go.
Foot retainer bar keeps your bed firmly in place

Our reviews

  1. dana joanette

    just love this adjustable bed frame

  2. Elsie Benavidez

    I like that all features mentioned, are available.

  3. CJ

    We replaced our bed with this one. We absolutely love it. Although, we went from a king size to 2 twcontinue reading

  4. Julie R

    This is a very nice product, easy to assemble, so far, absolutely love it!

  5. Melissa Michele Bishop

    Would recommend to buy

  6. Sadie Thompson

    No bed, until this, has been able to give my daughter pain relief and sound sleep until this one!!! continue reading

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